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So you've been welcomed into your new home in Jannah, by Allah by the angels, and by all of the Creation paradise. What does that new home look like? I've already told the Lord salah, and he said that we said to the Prophet slicin, Amiata Sol, Allah, when we see you, our hearts are so soft, and we feel like we're people of the hereafter. But then once we leave from you, we get involved in this dunya. And we get busy with our spouses and our children. And we feel like our hearts are hardened a bit. And the prophets I said, um, said, if you were to remain on the same condition on which you are with me, the angels would shake hands with you and visit you in your homes. And if you were to not

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commit sins, Allah subhanaw taala would replace you with others who will commit sins, and then they'll seek his forgiveness. And he can forgive them, meaning you're not supposed to be perfect yet, that's in Jannah. And the angels would greet you in every direction, like they would in Jannah if you were to be perfect in this life, but keep on striving, and keep on going and wait for that moment where you enter into Jannah and actually live that reality.

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And on that note, the Companions they responded to the profit slice on them and they said, you also tell us about gender and its structure and the profit slice and I'm said loving attunement, football, while Ebina tune in the hub. Let me la to hell myschool FL what hutzpah Oh hello, well, yeah, quote, what Toba? Two has a foreign he said sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that its structure is one brick of gold. One brick of silver. It's plaster is musk. It's gravel is Pearl and Ruby and its soil is saffron. So again, these palaces are from bricks of gold and silver. The plaster is musk. The gravel is Pearl and Ruby, and the soil is saffron. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said

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manda Ghana Mo was a wire flood while I am ot la tabla theorbo home what a tough national Bible. He said whoever enters into it will be pleased and will not grieve will enjoy eternity without death. Their clothes will never fade, and their youth will never expire. But now I am Rahim Allah He gives you the scene he says you enter into a lofty house. And the distance between the ground and the roof is 100 cubits so it's super high ceilings. And he said it's built on a waterfall of Perl and Ruby having red green and yellow pads. And none of the pathways in Jannah are the same as the other so there's differentiation throughout and he said the water flows throughout the homes and this is the

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case of all of the homes of Jenna that you have water flowing throughout one messa quinoa, you betta feed Jannati and beautiful mansions and gardens of everlasting bliss Subhan Allah notice that Allah Subhana Allah says, Messiah, quinoa, yerba, he says mansions so it's not just one mansion, mansions, and he said, by yerba, they're beautiful, and they're pure, and they don't require any maintenance. You know, sometimes people worry that a big house means big trouble. And by the way, there's no kitchen agenda because what would you need the kitchen for anyway, you don't need to wash dishes, you don't need to vacuum you don't need to clean anything of these houses. That's all taken care of.

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And Allah Subhana Allah says it's not just houses but it is all sorts of property. So Allah mentions Butte homes. Allah mentions por su which are palaces. Allah mentions a lot of the special apartments, the special rooms and Allah mentions PM, the guest houses and the pavilions that reside on the outside of these gardens and Allah subhanaw taala says, What either at a thumb model eight and our iman, when will you can Kabira everywhere you look around, you just see indescribable blessing. And that's reflected on your face, tidy fulfill will drew him not to name, you look at the faces of the believers and you just see that they're so happy that they're full of so much bliss as

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they look around. While Moodle can carry over and a vast kingdom. It's not just one construction, but all sorts of constructions that belong to you. So what are these look like? Where the prophets I send them you know, talks about this particular palace that he says he saw that belong to a model of the Allahu Taala and he said it was a palace of gold and he might hustle and bustle Rahim Allah he comments on this because again their degrees in Jana. He says a palace of pure gold is only for a prophet, a Sadiq, a martyr or a just ruler. And these are of course very similar to the same categories that are shaded under Allah's throne because remember the virtues of the Day of Judgment

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carry over into agenda No. So you have a rank of palaces of pure gold and agenda carats of course not in worldly cares. And that belongs to

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The highest level of its occupants. And then it will claim Rahim Allah said, there are palaces and paradise of gold, and then you have some of silver. And then some of Pearl and some of Ruby and some of crystal and obey do not remember the law of town and who says, the lowest person in Paradise will have a home of one single pearl with its multiple rooms and gates. So the highest level is actually funnily enough the word in the Quran that sometimes gets translated as apartments. But it's not what it may seem to people because apartments can seem lower in this dunya. in Jannah, they're actually describing something higher, something that belongs only to the side beholden to the foreigners, and

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that's the word off. So the rooms are the apartments. And these are what the prophets lie some described as constructions that are made of crystal and they sparkle in the horizon of Jannah. So they're like these glimmering chalets in the sky, that look like stars to the rest of Jana, and he said, sallAllahu wasallam, the rest of the people of Jana, they see the residents of the huruf as you would see a long gone star in the horizon. And Allah subhanaw taala describes the qualities of these huruf and the people that get them Allah Subhana Allah says lacking Alladhina TECHO Robert home lehle more often men Toki have often map near to integer even title and how that for those who

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are conscious of their Lord, they have these rooms, and above those rooms, there are other rooms and they have been built, with rivers flowing beneath them. Why the law and this is the Promise of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, and he does not fill in his promise. So first, taqwa the first quality here is taqwa people that are God conscious. Alladhina Turco, and people of Taqwa gave up the sins that spoke to their lower selves. So now they get the higher rewards of the huruf then Allah Subhana Allah says Ilam an AMA No, I mean those Lonnie halfa Allah, Allah Hamza Allah if he Bhima I may do well home filofax it um, you know, alas parents, Allah says that it's those who do good deeds, those

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who believe and do good deeds that have multiplied rewards with us for all that they did. And they live in safety and these vooraf these lofty dwellings of paradise. So basically, now you have those who had lofty deeds, and now they have lofty dwellings with Allah subhanaw taala. And finally, Allah subhanaw taala says, particularly after mentioning a bad dog with the servants of the Most Merciful, who tread the earth lightly, and when they are harshly addressed, they respond with Salam. And Allah subhanaw taala goes on to mention all of these lofty qualities, the qualities of the people who are most beloved to him, and they're not easy qualities to maintain. And Allah says after the

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description of the battle Rama and the servants of the Most Merciful hula, it can use zonal warfare to be man Sadhguru, they will be rewarded with high apartments because of their patients, for their patients have harsh addresses from the ignorant towards them, when they responded with Saddam. And now, Allah subhanho wa Taala is responding to them with Salam, and the way that they would forego certain things in this world. And now Allah Subhana Allah is giving them dwellings that they could not have imagined in the hereafter. So these dwellings have to do with taking the higher road. And so now they occupy the higher room. And that's why rcit has Salam gets this high dwelling in Dhaka

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with you, because she bored the abuse, not just if someone that was insulting, she bored, the abusive fit her own, and she took the high road. So now she has a room and the highest rank with Allah Subhana. Let's add, also the profit slice. And I mentioned homes for those who leave off arguments even when they're right. So they don't engage in lower manners. And they leave off foolish joking. So they don't engage in lowliness with their humor to impress anybody. And they have good character. So they have high standards that other people don't necessarily abide by. And also lustleigh Selim said, there are rooms and Paradise, the inner of which is seen from the outside, and

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the outside seen from the inside. And you might be thinking, well, where's the privacy? Well, you don't have to worry about privacy because of the expanse and the elevation, no one can see you in these rooms. So these transparent homes, and we said the auto sola Who are these four? And he said Allah Subhana Allah Allah has prepared them for the one who feeds the poor, and then who fast consistently, and who prays at night when other people are sleeping. So you can have multiple homes in paradise, but you have to commit to multiple deeds, and strive to have golden qualities befitting of the Golden palaces that we so desire.

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