Zakir Naik – Is there Brotherhood in Hinduism and Christianity

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of Islam and universal brotherhood in society, citing examples from Bible and Parables. He emphasizes the need for people to not drop their beliefs and to practice the law of their op ed. He also mentions the need for people to renounce their positions and avoid monasticism.
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You are differentiated into Islam, Islamic and Christianity. In all three religions, there are good things for brotherhood. You have not explained Brotherhood in Hinduism, Brotherhood in Christianity.

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The brother said that I've spoken good things about Islam, universal brotherhood. I haven't spoken good things about Hinduism and Christianity.

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I did speak certain good things

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and speak everything about Brotherhood in Hinduism and Christianity, because people may not be able digested here.

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They see what i'm saying people can digest,

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have to be patient. I know Christianity after read the Bible, after it the Hindu scriptures, if I speak on that, I'm not here to create a rift, what I'm here to talk about the commonalities. So what is coming as Pope Hinduism says, Don't drop Christianity fail? Don't drop don't? Don't they find other things on brotherhood.

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Do you know just a sample I'm giving you?

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Jesus Christ peace be upon him said. It's mentioned the Gospel of Matthew, chapter number 10 was number five to six. It says I'm quoting Chapman was quoting, there is no doubt about it. He told the apostles that going not into the will of the Gentiles, but rather go to the lost sheep of the house of Israel. Who are the Gentiles, the non Jews, the Hindus, the Christian, we are the Gentiles. Don't throw pearls before pigs. He calls it the things I'm going to speak about that.

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Jesus Christ says in the Gospel of Matthew chapter number 15, was the man 24. He says that I have not been sent but to the Lordship of the house of Israel I

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am quoting jack number was number. So this means that that religion is only meant for the Jews, not for the whole universe.

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In other religions, they believe in monasticism and monasticism. If you have to come closer to God, you have to renounce the world. You have to renounce the world, most of the major religions. Hinduism says that Christianity says that to come closer to God, you have renounced the world. Quran says in Surah Hadith, Chapter 57 was number 27. That it's against monasticism. monasticism is not allowed in Islam. Our beloved Prophet said that no minister Islam is mentioned say Buhari won number seven, and the book of Nehemiah chapter number 300. Number four, all young people will have the means to get married should get married. How nice is that? If I agree that if you round the world,

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you come closer to Almighty God. And if every human being denounces the world today, then within a span of 100 250 years, there will not be a single human being alive in this world. If everyone practices this law throughout the world, where is the university better? Therefore better? I'm only come to talk about the good points. Unless you want to have knowledge about other religions. It's my job I have to speak the truth. Quran says Raisa chapter number 17 verse number one local jobs

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in Karnataka,

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for sure, parishes for forced is by its nature bound to perish

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