Simple Method of Doing Da’wah to Non-Muslims

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But the Muslims we have many excuses for not doing our job. Many Muslims come and tell me because our care, our knowledge is very weak. Inshallah one day when we get enough knowledge we start doing Dawa.

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People want to wait till they want to become like Sheikh Ahmed Deedat and then they start doing Dawa. That time will never come. Our Beloved Prophet mamas Allah Salam said, it's mentioned February, volume number four Hadith number 3461 Balu, annual aiya propagate, even if no one was about Islam, even if you know one verse about Islam, our beloved Prophet Muhammad, Salah salem said, You propagated

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whatever you know properly, as long as you know it correctly, it's your duty, you have to convey that message to the others.

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Every Muslim, at least he knows the Shahada. There's no God but Allah and Prophet Muhammad peace be with Messenger of Allah, at least go and tell a non Muslim friends that there is one Allah, there is one God.

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If he asked me, What is the proof? If you don't know, you come back and do your homework.

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In this age of science and technology, everything is on your fingertips.

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You have got internet, you have got DVDs, video cassettes, audio cassettes, books, literature, and I've given a talk on is the Quran God's Word where I've proved scientifically the existence of Allah subhanaw taala see that DVD?

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Memorize it, go and give the answer. Now, you are the master of one answer.

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That there is one God and you have proven scientifically don't tell him why don't you believe in last and final messenger? The non Muslim will tell you

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that why should I believe in him? I don't know the answer come back.

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I've given the talk. And the The book also available. Muhammad Salah Salem in the Virgin scriptures

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is mentioned my name is prophesied in the Jewish Scriptures, Christian scriptures, Hindu scriptures Parsi scripture, but the scriptures

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hear it, memorize it. Go and give the answer now. You are the master of two answers.

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Continue Why don't you have a Salah Why should offer come back into your homework. I've given a talk on salah the program into righteousness slowly, slowly to keep on getting knowledge. Don't wait till you become lecture at least open your mouth. And the moment you open your mouth,

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Allah helps you.

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And the best example is a person standing in front of you.

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If you know my background,

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I was a stammer from childhood.

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If you would have asked me

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maybe 20 years back, what is the name or is that my name is Arthur.

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That was me.

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I would have dreamt of becoming the best doctor or surgeon in the world. In your dreams you can dream of anything.

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I would have dreamt of becoming the best surgeon in the world. But I could not have dreamt of speaking in front of 25 people.

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Martial arts inspired by Shama de da

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Bologna, La Jolla. And I started my Baliga Nivola via I haven't gone to dollar room.

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I haven't gone to an Islamic school.

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person from medical background started. When I realized when I started speaking to the Christian missionaries, the priests the fathers, when asked to speak with them, my stammering used to manage

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whenever I speak with a Muslim again, so stammering

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and it went on. I came on the stage by default.

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It was a friend who got cold feet. I was forced to come, it clicked.

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And now Bella's grace. speaking audience of 10s of 1000s of people hundreds of 1000 largest audience is 1 million people life

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just on the saying of Sheikh Hamad the dad who repeated the thing of a prophet nama Salah Salem balego, annual Isaiah propagate even even one verse what I heard from shake deedat one cassette immediately started and in mid 200 cassettes

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started and along the Lilla the more you repeat, the more legacy haven't gone to $1 room and imagine now Mashallah.

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The audience is live audiences 10s of 1000s hundreds of 1000 a million is the largest audience on the satellite 100 million people watching Mashallah.

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We never did this to get fame we read for last one Oh Allah, is Allah subhanho wa Taala who Masha

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opens up the pathway