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The speaker discusses the concept of the thirteenth century Christian faith based on the Bible. They explain that the thirteenth century Christian faith is a Christian faith based on the thirteenth century Christian faith. The concept of the thirteenth century Christian faith is to encourage individuals to be mindful of the deeper meaning behind the word "imaging."

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From page seven from I'm sorry, seven to is 17 is the wrongdoer, the evildoer? wrongdoer, evildoer, disbelievers, what will they get? Interesting. And this is something I want one of you, all of you, but I want you to write it for me right now. from Isaiah

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18. Okay, to the end of the surah, which is either 36. So from I 18 to is 36, which is about 18. So we had one to six, explaining the concept of top three, the fraud, the fraud, the unjust, one to six, and then from seven to 17. So that's 10. ayat, it's the those who are the de fraud and not only the D followed with actually transgressors, wrongdoer. So 10 is about the wrongdoer. 1818 is about the righteous, see how was palitana treat us in the concept of grief.

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In even in his book, in the concept of grief, when it comes to the punishment and feel, and what is going to happen for those wrongdoers, it's 1010 is five flights. But when it comes to the good news, to the generosity of Allah, what we will get 18 it's almost it's almost half of this page. And when I that's that's a hidden concept, hidden clue how we how generous is Allah, generosity is against pottery. So you all have Now remember, anytime you do an act of generosity,

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even if the person in front of you is generous, and you responded with generosity, then you are safe from this stuff. So here you go. Look at the generosity of Allah. So the first thing I'm going to say when a lot talks about the the righteous people, when Allah talks about the righteous people, the first thing he is reminding me and you that the first thing he is reminding me and you that generosity, generosity is what is Allah subhanho wa Taala No, showing it to me, no concept of thought, faith in even the numbers of the if something hidden, this is something subtle, but you always again, when Allah Subhana Allah make you read and read and read again, sha Allah, then you're

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going to start, Allah will open doors. And if you remember,

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some of you may not or if you want to listen to it, it's actually out there when we said why don't I understand the Quran. And the first concept of why I don't understand the Quran, I need to learn and remind myself that the Quran is an ocean.

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And every time I go one layer deeper, I will see more. And the beauty is in every level. So the first beauty is when I see an ocean and I am standing there on the shore, I'll see the beauty and I say Subhanallah then if I'm going to go snorkeling one, just a little bit, but I'm going to see beauty and I'm going to come out and tell the person who's on the shore you didn't see anything. This is just external. Then if someone goes diving a little bit deeper, comes out until the person who did snorkeling you did see just the just the basics of beauty go down and see. And the person who goes deep diving will say the same to the person with a superficial diving snorkeling and

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standing on the shore you guys saw nothing real beauty is the the more deeper I indulge in the hole and indulge I'm use the word indulge purposefully indulge, give it more time. It's more of it I think more of it asked a lot to give you more you will see more. So the first thing is, is the number of the IR here is a sign of generosity much more. Two, very common concept in the Quran. All of us hamdulillah here in sha Allah is the pier is

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the pier. Theory nothing or the I'm sorry, not theory, the pier principle meaning almost always a lot when he talks about Jeannette there is not when he talks about paradise, there is going to be hellfire. When he talks about the righteous, there's got to be the wrong doors, sometimes longer, sometimes shorter. Sometimes one is sometimes just one word. But this concept of zoom are the two groups and in His creation, there's a Shams or comma, there is the sun there is the moon, there is a lay the night there is the day, this group because this is my life. My life is almost always and Allah created us in pairs. So here you go when he starts talking about number one

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The wrongdoers another point you pay attention because sometimes, I mean, a lot of times now it's coming to my mind he actually talks about about all the righteous people first or he talks about john Jenna paradise first in our motto for fame because the emphasis on unjust although it is hidden. The first thing when you're reading the IRA, you will read about the wrongdoer and their punishment, then comes into female Aurora laughing