Is there any mention of ‘the seven day’ weekly cycle-order of creation in the Quran

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Good evening Doctor sir.

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I am Raja working as executive coming from Chennai.

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Before putting my question I will tell you an example. Then I will put a question

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scientist invented a lot of instruments

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for human beings. For example, Alexander Graham Bell invented telephone. But at the time of Alexander Graham Bell,

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a phone is different model. But in our modern 21st century,

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we are using mobile, we are sending emails, internet clippings, pictures all over the globe. What I am telling is, whichever the man made,

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some person can change.

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But one thing

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I understand,

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do I am a spiritual person.

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Now, weekly cycle that is the seven days of the week,

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it's uniformly followed all over the globe, whether it is India or Afghanistan, or you say our Germany or Europe, Middle East Africa, whatever it is

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60 billion people following the weekly cycle, that is seven days, Sunday to Saturday.

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I think,

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Dr. G, this Sunday's weekly cycle is not created by a human being.

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I understood

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the weekly cycle is created by the Almighty Creator.

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My question is not why I'm putting these seven days cycle is returned in Al Kitab.

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Island. And the sub question is, is there is any order of creation mentioned in Al Quran? That's all

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right, that's the question.

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That normally when we invent human reinvents give the example of Alexander Graham Bell, who invented telephone but as time keeps on passing, it keeps on changing. And now we have mobile phone which is different, but these are human creations.

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But the weekly cycles that we have throughout the world is a creation of Almighty God.

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It's made by Almighty God, therefore, it is followed throughout the world. He wants to know that about this creation of the world isn't mentioned in the Quran is mentioned al Kitab brother admittedly one thing that I do agree with you, human beings, when they do something, they invent, it keeps on evolving, keeps on improving.

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Unlike God, God is perfect. He creates something he can make it perfect or he may reveal in stages because

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to the creation which is created formula understand. For example,

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He said many messages.

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The first message was Adam peace be upon him

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and kept on sending messengers 124,000 messengers, the last prophet Muhammad peace be upon he revealed many messages,

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many books, some of the beloved books I mentioned the Quran, the torah, there's a Buddha, the Injeel and the final one is the Quran. Not that Almighty God did not know about the Quran, that time the human Miss could not grasp the message. So depending upon the level of the human being, he kept on sending a revelation when he found they could grasp it. He sent the last and final revelation and send the last and final messenger Prophet Muhammad peace be upon me. Now coming to your question of the weekly cycle, seven days followed same throughout the world, you set from Sunday to Saturday, the seventh weekly cycle is there throughout the world, but it's not identical.

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If you go to a Muslim country, Sunday is not a holiday Friday is a holiday. So it is not from Sunday to Saturday, it is Friday to Thursday,

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but seven days are there.

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But seven days cycle is the same. But the days may differ, which is the day for holiday etc. And similarly if you read the Bible, the Bible to speaks about seven days about the creation. Even the Jewish Scriptures speak about that. Even the Quran speaks about that. Even the Hadith speaks about that. Quran mentions in several places

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that Almighty God He created the world in six days.

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In six epochs, what is mentioned the Quran

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and there are the scriptures on the face of it it's the same

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but if you go into details the the world of a difference. The way Quran speaks is more scientific.

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What does Scripture speak? It may not be their scientific. For example,

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the Bible to speaks about the creation of the universe. It says Almighty God created the world in six days and rested on the seventh day.

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That means God requires the rest. Quran also says Almighty God created the world in six days, but doesn't say God tested on seven days. Why? Because Quran says in Surah Baqarah Chapter number two, verse no 255 in AYATUL kursi Hola. Hola. Hola. How you look? Are you lotta husen Tawana? No lo maphis Amato Orfila. That is

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he's all powerful. He was one.

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No slumber can see them not as required rest. So Almighty God does not require sleep. He does not require rest. So where's the question of him resting? So a lot of the portions match but not everything. If we say God requires rest, Missoula, you and me human, we require that Almighty God does not require rest. So yeah, we differ. What is mentioned in the Bible, it talks about 624 hour periods, six days of 24 hours, we scientists say the universe could not have been made in six days of 24 hours. So scientists disagree with the narration mentioned in the Old Testament, in the Bible. As far as the Quran, the Quran doesn't mention any way that Almighty God created in 624 days. The

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Arabic word Yom

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the plural is a yam mentioned the Quran has got two meanings. One meaning of your means normal 24 day, like how we have and the other meaning is a period

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and can be of any length like an epoch.

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And scientist I had no problem accepting that the universe was created in six epochs and six long periods, maybe million years or millions of years, there's no problem. So you have a differ as far as the creation.

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The Quran has got hundreds of verses, which talk about creation. I can give a talk on that. Time does not permit me. I'll just mention a few samples that said, What does Quran speak about creation? It speaks umpteen number of things. But most of the things that Quran has mentioned, we did not know at that time when the Quran was revealed. When the Quran was revealed 14 years ago, these things were unknown.

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For example,

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today when we ask a scientist, he will tell you,

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when we asked him How did our universe come into existence, so he will tell you that initially there was a primary nebula.

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Then, there was a secondary separation, a Big Bang, which gave rise to galaxies, the stars, the planets, the sun, after the earth on which we live. This was discovered by a couple of scientists about 35 to 40 years before

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and this they call as the Big Bang. Now what was discovered 40 years ago with the scientists today call us Big Bang is mentioned the Quran more than 14 years ago in Saudi Arabia chapter 21 was committed TV says that our la mera la scenographer do not the unbeliever see, and the Samajwadi will Arda Karnataka attacked Norma, that the heavens and the earth were joined together and we closed them asunder. Here the Quran speaks about the creation of the universe in nutshell, that the heavens and the earth were joined together and we closed them asunder. Today what the scientists speak about the creation and calling it the Big Bang is already mentioned the Quran 14 years ago.

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Previously, we thought that the earth on which we live

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was flat.

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Just about few 100 years back, we came to know when Sir Francis Drake in 1577 when he failed around the Earth, he proved that the Earth was spherical. Quran mentioned this 14 years ago

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and FreeNAS yard chapter 79 was somewhat happy while other brothers Alika the HA and thereafter we have made the earth X shape. That is what the haha one of its meanings and extents, and the autism expanse. The other meaning is derived from the Arabic word do ya, which means an egg. It does not refer to a normal egg. It specifically refers to the egg of an ostrich. And we know that the world is not completely round like a ball, it is flattened from the pole. And if we analyze the shape of an egg of an ostrich that too is just ridiculous shape imagine the Quran speaks about the God spherical shape of the earth 14 years ago.

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Previously, we thought the light of the moon was its own light.

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Recently, we came to know in science 100 years back 20 years back that the light of the moon is not its own light, but it's a reflected light.

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Quran mentions this foot and years ago initially for Khan, chapter number 25 was 261 that all

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God has created the constellations in the sky, and placed there in a lamp, the sun having its own light, and the moon, having reflected light aboard light, the Arabic word used for the moonlight is Mooney or nude, which means borrowed light or effected light. But for the sun light, it's called as, watch Suraj via meaning a torch, a blazing lamp, a shining glory, indicating the light of the sun is its own light.

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In this way, there are many verses in the Quran, which talk about the creation, talk about astronomy. When I was in school, I had learned

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that the sun did revolve. It did not rotate about its own axis. It was stationary. What I mentioned in Umbria chapter number 21 was number 33. Who will love the color Calella one Mahara, it's allow us to created the night and the day was shumsa welcomer, the sun and the moon.

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Kowloon FIFA like Yes moon, each one traveling in orbit with its own motion, the Quran says the sun and the moon. Besides evolving, they also rotate about don't access. And today, after science the advanced has come to know that we can have the image of the sun on the table top and we find that the sun has got black spots, and it takes about 25 days for these black spots to complete one rotation indicating that sun takes approximately 25 days to complete one rotation.

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In this way Quran speaks about

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the sky at the ceiling in Saudi Arabia, chapter number 21 was committed to the Quran speaks about the full state of matter that is plasma. The Quran says in Surah Daria chapter number 51 was 47 days we have created the vastness the expanding universe which became known recently. So in this way, the Quran speaks about creation in several places. But the point to be noted is that unlike other scriptures, even the other scriptures, the way does the Bible, there is a scripture they do speak about creation. Now many of the verses what they speak about creation, the match was signed, but many of the verses also go against established science. But as far as the Quran is concerned,

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the Quran contains more than 6000 verses otter which more than 1000 speak about science. And not a single verse of the Quran goes against established science. The difference between the Quran and the other scripture is that not a single verse of the Quran goes against established science. It may go against scientific hypothesis which take you turns, but not a single verse goes against established science that there is in the Quran is a unique book, and we say it is the only revelation of Almighty God, the only religious scripture which has been maintained in its pure form and if uncorrupted that there isn't even if you apply the test of science to all the religious scriptures,

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all of them fail the test accept the Quran. Quran is the only religious scripture on the face of the earth which will pass the test of science of their submission