Ask Shaykh YQ – Episode 21 – Can I Work in A Restaurant That Serves Haram

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And this is again a common problem. Our brother says, I'm assuming this is a young brother, that he is saying, I cannot find a job and I'm not able to pay for my livelihood. I'm forced by circumstance to work at a restaurant that serves how long what is the verdict on this one?

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In Florida, he

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flew to LA.

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So the brother was unclear, he says serves how long so I'm going to give a generic response. Based upon this first and foremost realize our profits a little bit centum said Hadeeth is liable hottie in the law to either either have Rama Shea and how Rama Femina who, whenever Allah makes something, how long he makes its price how long as well. This Hadith isn't a Buddha would memorize this as a principle of Islam. If it is, how long for you to use, it is how long for you to do what

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to sell. Okay, if it's how long to use it, how long to sell, if it's how long for you to eat or drink it is how long to make financial benefit off of this and the Hadith in Sahih Muslim job but even Abdullah said that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in the la junta either how Rama baierl comedy will meet at Walton Zd while snap for things are mentioned. Allah has made it how to buy and sell alcohol and buy and sell dead animals that animals means an animal you find on the side of the road, right? The opposite of Joe Hillier they didn't do the opposite of Giardia. If an animal died naturally they would eat it. Right and this is maita it is disgusting. Allah says it is fiscal

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leave it they would eat and they would sell the animal maita number three lgnz we all know hinzu and number four are snom idols. Now the Prophet system is speaking to Muslims, no Muslim eats.

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What is the Hadees saying? Allah has forbidden what they are the buying and selling of kunzea of idols. I was really hurt when I went to Jerusalem to see our Muslim Brothers selling

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icons of other faiths icons of other faith traditions, amulets, you know, you know, sleeves like this, they're selling this, this is not allowed in our religion. It's not allowed to make money by selling mini idols, let's say, right, if a person is living in a land where there's idols, and the Muslim says I'm not gonna worship the idol, I'm just gonna carve it and sell it. No, you cannot and this is the worst selling out of all of this to sell an item. Now this is the Hadith. Somebody said Yasuda Allah yada Salalah can we sell the fact of the dead animal? At least let us sell the fat of the dead animal because this fat we use it to basically the the the ships we put it on there to

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protect it from the water right? So what's the word in English? I forgot but the paraffin or something you put it on. Okay, so

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sealant is a type of sealant. Okay, so this fat yeah rasulillah Can we sell this fat? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Oh tell Allahu Allah who may Allah azza wa jal curse this group of people why? Because in the law, Allah Maha Rama Shu, Huma, Huma, the Maharaja aroma, Omaha, Jamila Oussama Baraka, colusa Malibu, when Allah forbade them to utilize dead animals, they converted these animals into a type of salty solution. They decomposed it partially they did whatever they wanted to then they sold that nudges and then they benefited from that profit. Because of that, Allah's curse is on them this is a Muslim. So this is an explicit Hadith that even if you do not benefit from the

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how long you cannot sell the how long and we have the Hadith in Sahih Muslim as well. All it is your evidence is that you should know and be aware of that. When Allah revealed that comet is how long so the Prophet system sent the commandment everybody. Pour your Hummer into the streets as you know the famous incident. And on site he came and said the out of Sula law, I am in charge of two orphans and their father left a treasure of wine.

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Their father left many gallons, you know many caskets of wine, and they are my whatever nephews or whatever you want to call them, these my distant relatives, but they're orphans. This is their money. This is the risk. I mean, this is a fortune for them and they're orphans. Can I sell now who would he sell this to?

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huh? No, Medina is multicultural society. Can I sell these caskets and then give them the money? Now before I answer and you all know the answer by the way, why this hadith is so important. Can anybody tell me

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orphan orphans? The money of orphans is the highest category of sanctity. In the Latina, Karuna, Amalia Tamar volman in Namibia, Karuna, Phoebe Tony him na anybody who devours the property of orphans Varun, Allah is saying you are eating the fire of hell into your belly are with the bill at the highest level of sanctity in the Sharia, when it comes to money is the money of orphans, you are not allowed to touch it. Unless you have to because you're dying or starving. You have to get a little bit to feed the kids. Otherwise it must be remain untouched until the orphans come of age. You all know this, right? If there were to be any exception, it would be for the orphans. So our

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, No.

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spill all of it out. And he did not allow an exception for the and Subhanallah also, this money was held one day ago before the prohibition. So if there would have been an exception, somebody could have said Okay, you know what the Sherry I just came down, the father died and Joe Hillier, the most of the young kids are now Muslim, you know, they're orphan. If there could have been an exception, it would have been for them. But what did our process was a no, get rid of it. Whenever Allah has forbidden, something has forbidden, it's Buying and selling. So based upon all of this, we say the default is that it is how long to buy and sell that which is how long for you to consume. Now, that

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having been said, as we said many times, there are levels of how long selling an idol is definitely the worst thing we can possibly sell. There's nothing worse than selling an idol. selling a shot off is something Allah has cursed. It is something that Ilana is upon. Selling and zeal is something that our process of expressly forbade Allah has forbidden the selling of kunzea, but they're not at the same level.

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More chymical idolatry is much higher. frenzied is definitely bad. And shut up is middle. It's like a lineup. For example, selling nonsevere Hamid, for example, this would not come under this hadith because non xebia ham meat that has been slaughtered. We said this is a controversy between the shaft freeze and the hand ifis. So if somebody is working in a restaurant that has non zabiha meat, in this case, in sha Allah that the heading does not apply, because when even if you don't eat as I said, I personally would not eat that meat. But in this case, the shot for a mother who was allowed and considers it to be halal. So once the *tier has come with this, we say now that having been

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I'm JD American Muslim jurists Association has released a very detailed photo about this issue. And they've basically taken into account that sometimes a person does not have an alternative. And it might be a type of borrower. Ah, so amateur has given a fatwa. And I'm reading the fatwa directly from them, that it is not permissible for a Muslim not to work at any grocery store or restaurant where prohibited items are sold, if this work would entail direct involvement with serving alcohol or pork products. So this is the generic then they said, however, cases of exigent need means borrower a dire need should be taken into account. Each one is judged in accordance with its

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personal extent. Now, somebody comes and says, I don't have any job, I cannot pay rent, I'm going to sleep on the streets. And the only job I'm getting is that a subway, let's say, and I'm working 40 hours a week at the subway, and sometimes I have to use the the pork over there. Okay, so we say this is a bura. And the fatwa says, if that type of doodle is there, then in your heart, you don't like what you are doing. And you actively seek alternative employment. You don't just become comfortable. You actively seek alternative but for that duration if you're going to get kicked on the streets, this is a type of loader so we say the one who wants to earn supplemental income the

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teenager who's living at home and he's looking for a secondary job just to get some what are the games we are is that we all did I don't know ps4? I don't know. You know, whatever it is right. What is it ps4 is outdated, too, huh? What is latest game? Hmm, xbox three or 10? I don't know what it is right. So whatever. So the teenager you want to put some some, you know, stability on him say go get a job. Excellent. He should get a job, but he doesn't need the money to pay rent. So this person, you cannot allow him to get a job where he's asked to fry pork products.

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He has to do this is the supplemental income, the standard is going to be higher, you understand? Now a person has come, you know, from a foreign land. And you know, at that stage, they're sending resumes everywhere their sources of resources are dwindling. And at that stage, generally speaking, most of the work is going to be a type of manual labor that might have a little bit of how long we say choose the least amount of how long so for example, a restaurant that serves lots of non xebia meat, and a little bit of pork is infinitely better than a restaurant that serves Shut up. Right, so you will choose the one that has because selling pork is how long selling alcohol is. Lana, there's

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a much worse level than this. Right. So we say, as the maximum of Falco's abode or to other Bukhari ha, that every exceptional situation we look at in terms of its exceptional situation, how difficult it is, the more laxity there's a principle in Shetty, the more difficult the situation, the easier it is, the more difficult the situation, the easier the shehryar becomes. And the more easier the person is, the more stricter the *tier will come. And therefore, to conclude this point, that we say the person who is forced by circumstance to work how long and there's no alternative should find the least harm level because there are levels of how long and if he is forced, his heart must hate

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it must actively search for employment. The final point,

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the one whose income is derived from this, and it is a necessity is forgiven, but the one whose income is derived and it is not a necessity. And this is a common question. My friend owns a store that sells alcohol, can I go eat at his house? My cousin, my brother in law owns a home store. And he's invited me for dinner. Or in the masjid the board committee. Somebody might be very rich, but they own maybe shut up stores. And he writes a check for $50,000 to the masjid.

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Actually, it would happen in the previous cities, I was at that stuff for the last Africa, some of our own brother Naruto, Billa Billa. They run liquor stores, I don't know if you're aware of this or not. But across this country, there is the stereotype which is partially true of some of our Muslim brethren. Making an easy buck in particular neighborhoods of the city by opening liquor stores. And they get rich because because people are gonna buy liquor, right? And they want to give to the masjid and they give big checks to the masjid. And same goes, can we go to their house or whatnot. And the response to this is, is as follows.

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That money, technically, is how long and the more was the how long involved, the more how long the money is, right? If the guy owns a liquor store, this is much more how long than if he owns a generic restaurant that has liquor on the menu, right? Which is more home than if he owns a gas station, which has lots of halal things than the majority of the income is from the gas and whatnot, then he has one beer that's being sold as well, that's so there's levels now, technically speaking, transferring of ownership transfers the token, meaning, if you own a store, somebody walks in, do you have to quiz the person when he buys where'd you get that money from? Where'd you get that money

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from? When the ownership is transferred, the token is transferred. So from a purely ficky perspective,

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technically speaking, it is hella hard for anyone to engage with the money after the person has taken it. But there's something else it is called a dip. It is called taqwa. Should you engage in this with this person's money. And this is a case by case basis. If it's your brother in law, your cousin, he owns a liquor store, you should send the message I don't want to eat at your house. Even if technically it might be valid, but you need to send the message. I'm not happy at what you're doing. You own a liquor store, how can I go and eat at your house? You that's there's a dub and there's two filters one thing, technically speaking, it's how long is between him and allows origin.

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When he comes to you? He wants to purchase your car, he writes you a check. It's not your business where he got the money from that check is held for you to take right. And the same goes if it gives you something technically it is halal. But should you that's now a case by case basis. And if you choose to do that, you will not be sinful. And if you choose to send the message, I'm not happy, you will be rewarded. It's not a matter of taqwa that you are being extra strict and pious and there is no question that this is a level of ersan and taqwa that you should avoid money that is haram. Even if it's not how long for you, you get

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My point here that you know this money is how long now as for the massage that the fatawa has come from many many odema and bodies that when somebody like this gives donations we should not use that money for the masala area but we may use it for the parking lot we may use it for Reconstruction and the toilets okay. But the masala area itself it has a level of sanctity that we don't want to even corrupt even if technically the money is halal, but we should try our best to not use that money for something that is so sacred and actually our scholars have mentioned this if somebody gives out on money for the publication of must haves should not be done. Even though technically it might be

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halal, but you want to protect the most have, you know for the construction of the actual Masjid, we say no do something else, not the actual masala where the Salah takes place. And this is again not fatwah effect as much as it is a dub of taqwa and of respecting the signs of a lot of witness inshallah we come to the conclusion of today.

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Enough in doing so Santa

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