Zaid Shakir – Time For A Moral Vision

Zaid Shakir
AI: Summary © The success of Islam as a source of pride and praise is highlighted, along with the importance of having a diverse group of followers. A gymnastic career leads to violence and criminal behavior, but is also used as a means of prophetic guidance. The importance of shay unawareness is emphasized, and human immunity is emphasized as a way to protect against potential consequences of mass murder. A strategic vision to prevent mass murder is also discussed, along with the physical differences between Islam and the laws of the United States.
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of praise is due to Allah the Lord of all the words of praise is due to Allah Who has guided us to this way and who would not have been able to guide ourselves had not Allah and His infinite grace and mercy chosen to guide us all praises due to Allah the Lord of the Worlds Alhamdulillah Allah subhanho wa Taala has blessed us

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with this salon

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which the Baku Romana Jaya Allah, Allah compete Dean in an homage he has chosen you. If you're Muslim, said understand you've been chosen.

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We say there are 1.7 1.9 2 billion Muslims on Earth Hamdulillah. That's a lot of Muslims.

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But there are 9 billion people which mean Muslims are small majority minority relatively speaking, 2 billion out of 9 billion.

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So why do we say this? We say this to say

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again, if we are Muslim, if you are Muslim, you've been chosen from those 9 billion. Not everyone is chosen. The majority is not chosen.

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So it's a minority.

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So it's a very special and select Group. We've been blessed we've been blessed with this lamb. When the majority of people on this planet have not been blessed with this Deen because we've been blessed with Islam we've been blessed with the Koran.

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Because we've been blessed with the Quran we've been blessed with a moral vision.

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But that vision

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is not always clear.

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The angels had a vision for humanity.

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So when Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions in the Quran, with Karla Abu Khalil mela Ekati in the Jaya fill out the Khalifa

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Palu Tegile Luffy have a UFC to see how well you speak with Dina when they sat behind behind the car one of the solar

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color in the momella Carla Moon And when your Lord said to the angels verily, I'm placing advice German in the earth.

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They said we placed there in

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one who will work corruption. Attention Alfie has made UFC to fear and will shed blood well yes he could demand

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while we sing your praises we're national news set behind behind the camera and we exalt stone and glorify you

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glorify Your Holiness want to have this tonight.

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And Allah Tala responded to them. In the animal mela Tyler Moon, I know what you do not know.

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So the angels are looking at their experience with the gin

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uglies let his rebellious forces of the gin

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and wars, most

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destructive wars. So the angels are thinking this human is going to be like the jinn.

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Because the jinn have freewill. These humans have free will they will shed they will choose the shed blood

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will stick with demand.

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And to a certain extent

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that pessimism

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or it's expressed in a rhetorical question

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was accurate.

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Because as we see, even in our day and time

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what's happening in Palestine?

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The bloodshed

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the One Two murder

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women children

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being indiscriminately slaughtered

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by machines of war

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bombs, per se

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When guided bombs provided by a country

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was not just the Zionist

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who engage in wanton murder,

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when the crisis was first developing and

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around around the shake GRR genre region,

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some people who might be affiliated with this lab

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they put bombs in a goal school.

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More than 85 goals,

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no demonstration for those girls.

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Very few headlines

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murdered in cold blood

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evoking the question that Allah mentions in the Quran, were either more than 240 Let me add them to that.

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And when they go, who has been buried alive?

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They're there a bird in the sand, here in Gaza, the bird in the rubble of the blown up buildings. When they're asked for what crime was she killed the eighth anvil Portilla.

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So this is what we see happening in our world. This is what we see happening historically.

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Well, that is not every human being.

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Either as victims, or as perpetrators, there are minority

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the minority and so in a law said subhanaw taala. In the animal mela talamona, I know the potential of this human creature.

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His potential is peace.

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His potential is brotherhood and sisterhood.

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So you see, the overwhelming majority of people aren't murdering anyone.

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They're not killing anyone. They're not shedding blood.

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And many of them engage in actions to prevent such atrocities.

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So there's another vision for humanity.

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And it also involves the angels. So here the angels

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are questioning

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about placing this human creature in the earth

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with Apollo Raghu, Khalil Mela,

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to the angels, there is another vision of humanity. And their vision was demonstrated during Ramadan.

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When the overwhelming majority of Muslims,

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even those who might not be very observant in the practice, were fasting for the sake of Allah, based on the order in the commandment of Allah.

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So hundreds of millions of human beings,

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fasting, hundreds of millions of human beings praying

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in the masajid, praying the tarawih prayers,

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even in countries where normally most of the women don't go to the masjid, places like Turkey,

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all the women coming for taraweeh

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praying to the Lord,

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culminating with the night of power

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when the masajid are filled, and people are praying

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and besieging the Lord, and reading and listening to the Quran, and this great display of worship.

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And again, what occurs on that night. So Allah says to the angels, I'm going to create this human creature

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and place this creature in the earth

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and the angels has attention who fear where you place they're in fear you see to fear what a word corruption But on this night, the angels are set down in Zelner who feed Leila to the other when there are candelilla Takada learning how to be a hiring official panizza

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Lunella it could

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be happy it Nirach be humming Cooley, Mr. Salamone here have matava in touch.

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So the angels is sit down.

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And it said his Allah saying to be when he sends them down.

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You question this human creature. And you said they would shed blood, they work corruption, but look at them now.

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They can and filling up the masajid. Look at them praying to the Lord. Look at them, listening to your scripture to my Scripture, the Quran, to my words, listen to them praying on to me, and beseeching me and asking me to fulfill the various need versus potential of the human being.

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This is the potential of the human being. And our responsibility as Muslims

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is to bring this vision of humanity to the world.

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Our mission as Muslims is,

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this vision can only be fulfilled

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when we submit ourselves to prophetic guidance.

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What is Ramadan Ramadan, total submission to prophetic guidance,

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will will refrain from eating and drinking what we normally eat and drink. Why because our Lord via his prophet has instructed us to do so

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we'll eat until a certain hour then stop will return to eating and drinking at a certain hour. Why because of the commandment of our Lord.

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This vision of humanity, as a teacher does dedicating themselves to the worship of their Lord, that's betting dedicating themselves to a vision of peace. Solomon here had more pleasure while they engaged in worship during this night. They're not perpetrating bloodshed. They're not working corruption in the earth.

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But this night has to become the day and the one day has to become 365 days and 356 days based on the solar lunar calendar to bring this vision to humanity, what the brain again the power of prophetic guidance to humanity. It hasn't been reflected in us.

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And we have to see this as a mission.

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Symbol inside of a youth worker Sudha do humans think they're left with no purpose purpose just endlessly wandering? Like a stray camel in the desert? This is not what humans were created for. Well, no, hello, Jin.

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Lee, I will do I've only Jen in humans for worship meet and then to instruct their fellow human beings and call their fellow human beings to worship me when I sing or call them women that Illa Well, I'm an Asana. Hi.

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Any minute Mr. Bean, who is better in speech, they know who calls to Allah,

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So now we've embraced this vision. And we've embraced prophetic guidance as the primary motivation and then source of instruction and direction in our lives. We have to call others to our brothers and sisters. Because shaytaan is dupes of calling people to violence or calling people there are civilian immunity

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of civilians being immune from indiscriminate killing. This is a Quranic vision

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rather than voice.

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Then as in the there the cat cat Termina. Benny is suraj in and no human other than Lipson ad Lipson oh four four Alpha said and Phil Faker and cottolin NASA Jamia women I hear her phone number I hear NASA Jenny

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Weatherford J Ed who

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build v net Etham neck Ethier Amin embody daddy caffeine Abdulla mostly phone

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Prophetic guidance

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for that murder

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of the eldest son of Adam, marrying his younger brother, younger brother, were ordained for the children of Israel and by extension all human beings thereafter.

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There whoever takes her life for other than retribution for murder, or spreading murderous corruption in the earth

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brigandage that results in the death of innocent human beings.

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It says if they've killed all of humanity

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so Allah tide has conferred upon a single human life, the sanctity of the collective being of humanity.

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And whoever saves a life, it says if staked all of humanity

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and we have sent Our Messengers with clear instruction.

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And even after that, you will find many of them working of going to accesses in the earth

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so the key the prophetic guidance will call whether Khadija at home or at home who Sulu that will be net.

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Ramadan is for the month of Quran, shahada, Ramadan and Lady Ooh, Zilla Thiele who feel Quran, who their Linetti will be in a minute who their will for con.

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What is this telling us? There is a Quranic vision, who then the nurse and a Quranic worldview that includes the sanctity of life then includes human immunity, civilian immunity,

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and this is inscribed by legal manuals will be in that minute Who that so there is a war too. And as Muslims, we embrace a worldview, we see the world and a particular way we see the relationship between human beings and the environment be you beings, human beings in themselves and a particular way between human beings and their Lord in a particular way. Who then the NASCI what be nursing minute Houda, the scholar said was being at imminent Hoda and explicating that guidance in the form of a law to have a vision.

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And then we have law

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to give structure and direction to that vision will form a con and then they'll confer con or criterion for distinguishing right from wrong. And then we have an ethical system.

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A system of morality a system that tells us what is right and what is wrong. Continue higher on the tin or three that's the next

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move for the best of communities where is that to serve humanity? You continue enjoy what is right

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What 10 How can I and you forbid what is wrong?

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Well, totally normal and biller and you believe in Allah.

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This is this is our own

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will not morality.

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When it shaytaan shaytaan and the vision the satanic vision is was stripped of any morality.

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We mentioned and Ramadan. shaytaan when He claims he's better than Adam on a salary, he makes no no claim

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them and I can test you that is a moral to corner and

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what prevented you from prostrating yourself to Adam when I commanded you to do so? He said I'm better than him. Why? Because I never realize

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because I serve the poor

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because I have the weak he may no more claim collected in the Neretva halacha woman pain he broke he said is better because of his physical composition.

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No more claim.

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And so for the physical reasons, say turn raises dips

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to wage war for a reason there for physical reasons.

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Hide suffering

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To see

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claims to land Earth

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the claims rooted in physical differences that Allah doesn't consider in the law now yolu in the edge Sammy come.

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He loves to worry COMM

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And when he can, these physical things both physical appearance mean nothing to Allah, well that can young Kulu become why nearly come to terms with the law, those things that are associated with morality. He looks at your hearts and he looks at your deeds are your deeds right? Is your heart right?

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Woman I am for men.

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In lemon Atala, the oven saline, we're heading for day no amount of physical things, man.

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well, children, physical things are no benefit. You're a young man who whenever known at Allah, lemon at Allah has convinced him the only one benefited will be one who comes before Allah with the rectified heart.

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And this is the vision we have to bring to men Oh, no go to the cycles, because we're not doing our job. We see these cycles repeating themselves and repeating themselves.

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Say something happens to preserve as a pretext. A political crisis happens in Israel,

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the political leaders take advantage of that, and bomb the Palestinians killing 2000 This operation or the the Iron Dome, or the lead fist or the for the other. And then everyone gets agitated, and protesting and demonstrating.

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Then there's a ceasefire. But the structure, both the strategic and the moral structure that facilitated the atrocities in the first place is left in place. And then everyone goes back to sleep does nothing.

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And because we do nothing, then it happens again, five or six years later,

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and we repeat the cycle get agitated, we demonstrate we protest, then there's a ceasefire. And the structure that facilitated the whole thing stays in place. And then we go back to sleep and we do nothing again. It's time for us as Muslim to start doing something. But something that's rooted in the unique qualities of our religion, it's time for us to present an alternative vision that will not allow for the massacre of human innocent human beings, they will not unlock with them the justification for mass murder, they will not allow for the development of weapons of mass destruction. We have to have a strategic vision.

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They say the biblical prophet said where there is no vision the people perish.

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And because we have no vision, no strategic vision, the people perish. If we had a strategic vision, you would have seen these things repeating themselves in exactly the same way.

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Even if they repeated themselves, it will look totally different than like next time from the last time. But because there's no in our responses will be totally different. But because there is no no vision, and there is no strategic vision, things just keep repeating themselves.

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And we're gonna have to say enough is enough. And once the ceasefire is signed, that's when we really get busy.

00:24:13 --> 00:24:19

Oh, we just sit back and let it happen again and again and get demoralized

00:24:21 --> 00:24:27

and depressed and frustrated. Thinking there's nothing we can do

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if you're Muslim,

00:24:33 --> 00:24:35

we've been given a program.

00:24:37 --> 00:24:42

We've been given a vision, but it's up to us to operationalize it.

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Or otherwise we'll end up like everyone else depressed and frustrated and angry for a little while, until it new leads the new cycle. Then the anger will die down and will go back to normal until it floods

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As up again, this is not acceptable brothers and sisters, may Allah give us healthy. May Allah give us a seer. Allah bless all the Muslims everywhere. Now Allah bless us they do our part to help alleviate their suffering and the hardship that they're encountering. Be they Sunni Sunnis in Palestine or sheary in Afghanistan like those girls. One of the reason no one really, really cares. Oh, there see, so we shouldn't get too upset. They're innocent little girls who didn't do anything to anybody. We should be outraged. Now Allah give us Tofik and tayseer Hakuna totally had was stopped for Allah Lee. When will he say even meaning your comments stop through law.

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam. Ala say you didn't we're sitting in Sayidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam in Allahu Ala Moana, your character who you saw Lunarlon a bit? Yeah, you handed in who said Wiley he was sending Teslin Allah mostly was selling my bad colors even Mohammed Ali he or Saudi he was selling a lot. Bless us loved us our families may Allah Allah protect us. May Allah Allah bless us to realize the great blessings we enjoy but the importance of doing everything in our power within our circumstances to help to share those blessings and extend those blessings to others. May Allah subhanho wa Taala bless us to

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maintain the good habits we developed in Ramadan to continue to read the Quran continue to pray some prayers at night, continue to fast and Mondays on Monday and Thursday or the white days amo breed the full moon days in the middle of the month. And the other occasions that come up as we were filming the ledger will actually so the first 10 days of the ledger and other occasions, tests to our Ashura and other occasions to FastMail Lord bless us to continue to VAs continue to turn to the Quran, continue to pray. And then a lot of talent bless us to continue to do our best in our various capacities to make this world a place that reflects the Quranic vision


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