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Jealousy Is Like Drinking Poison And Expecting The Next Person To Die

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Sulaiman Moola

Channel: Sulaiman Moola

Episode Notes

Episode Transcript

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Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim. If a person was to enumerate all evil trades, fellbach Lucia Roja, then the worst of them all is miserliness. But Imam lasagna Rahmatullah. Allah says that there is a particular miser who is more wicked than the regular miser. And by saying regular I don't trivialize the condition of mice in because it is severe, but just to indicate that this condition is more hideous than the regular form of maizing, who is a miser and let the yerba hollow be mafia de he withholds his possessions and then Mm hmm. Sorry Rahmatullah speaks about the jealous person and he defines his evil quality as yerba hollow be Murphy has any law that he actually tries to withhold

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the treasures of Allah. Of course he doesn't have control over it, but he wishes he can limit and restrict the distribution from the almighty to people who he feels deserves it and deny people who he feels do not deserve it. And then he goes on to say, well household who will more or less your home, he is the only afflicted person. He is the only person in pain for whom there is no sympathy and empathy. While is no fear either been done, amen. Leanna Dani alerta Hello, and helping Catherine mean up Ronnie. Hey, Mr. Halimi, man, and I'm Allahu Allah him Berryman O'Malley in Ojai hin, and this person is in perpetual misery, because the world will never be free from people who

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have more than you. Understand this, your contemporaries, your peers, your friends, they always will be people from amongst them, whom Allah has blessed more than you. So such a person will remain in misery till the end. And you know, what's the most painful thing my brother and my sister will adopt will occur at a shop, the punishment of Arthur is much more intense. So where to from your? Well mm as it says, assess your heart and you if you discover that you harbor jealousy for someone, then your priority should not be for istilah Luca butala. Bill Magnus anila hallak aha moment is the laliga been awarded in February We're in milho sumati then you should not give priority to try and

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master the Arabic language or go into the intricacies of juristic law or case law, but rather you need to lead yourself of that jealousy. Someone said he beautifully in the English language. Jealousy is a disease Get well soon.