Common Errors in Salaah – Filling the Rows

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses errors in a file and the importance of filling in gaps in a file when entering a region. They explain that the actions of students and visitors are important in filling in gaps and that the student is the best person to read about. The speaker also mentions the importance of not sitting scatteredly and not waiting for a storm to start.
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In terms of errors in his file Salah is concerned. Yesterday we explained that

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the lowering of the upper garments the lowering of the upper garments below the ankles is something which is abhorred at any time for a Muslim and more so in the masjid and when you are performing salah and we should be careful in that regard, if it slips down, pull it up, they used to be a time when people they knew they were doing wrong by lowering the government but when they used to enter the method, they used to fold it up, they used to bend over and fold it out now even that is lacking I was mentioning yesterday nowadays Mashallah. We were the best Kuta and the best in my mind the best storm and everything. But our robes from the top are flowing believe the ankles and that is not

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correct. The massala that I want to discuss for today. Many very few people realize this but it is a son of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam and it is an advocate of a mistake. That when you enter the masjid even though the Salah has not commenced, you must fill in the sufu from the beginning. We know the masala in terms of surak we know that once the Salah is commenced, you fall in the first step, then the second step then, if there's a gap in the second step, you first fill in that gap before you move into the third. But it does not only apply for when the sun is commenced. If you have entered the masjid, waiting for the Salah to start, like we have entered now, the student of

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Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam is mentioned in their heartbeat explicitly and it's advocate of the mystic that we do not sit scattered yes if you reading as soon as someone else understood, but once that is done when we waiting for the Salah to commence, we should not wait with gaps in between in spaces in between, we should automatically come to the front and fill in the su phoof getting ready for Salah even on Friday. That's the ticket unless the person has a justified excuse to be on against the pillar against the wall. That is to come in if you're performing your students at the back because the talk has already commenced understood. But once you're done with that come to the

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front and fill in the sufu as the gaps exist so that the su phoof already formed. By the time the Sonata stands not only when the Imam stands up for the Salah milotic Hotel, I can understand the standings