Quranic Reflections Episode 6 Forgive and forget

Abdur-Raheem McCarthy


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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the issue of grudges and hatred towards Muslims. The solution is to forgive others and not focus on who they have done, as it is the way to forget them. The speaker also mentions a Prophet who talks about forgiveness and parting words, but does not specify what he means.
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People are always complaining that they don't feel good inside. And they're looking for the reason why I try to understand why do I feel like this? It's the panel I one of the main reasons is the fact that they have grudges that they hold against others, they have hatred and animosity towards others. And the solution for this is actually quite clear and very easy. It's mentioned in the Quran when Allah subhanho wa Taala commands us a command. And then he asked us a question. Allah commands this will yaffle will yes for who? Let them forgive and forget. Let them part in let them overlook and then allow ask us the question aloud to a bone at a young federal law, welcome. Do you not love

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that Allah forgives you? If we want Allah to forgive us? We have to empty our hearts and we have to forgive others. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned to the Sahaba that a man from the people of gender will enter into the Masjid. When they looked into this man's actions. They didn't see he read more Quran. He fasted more, but when they asked him, What is it that you do? What is the action you do? He said that I don't sleep at night, until I fried my heart of anything against any other Muslim