Keep Praying – Your Silver Lining Is Coming Soon

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Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim, Allah subhanho wa Taala has blessed a believer with da. This is such a strong form of empowerment. Regardless of how feeble how we how defeated how depleted how exhausted, you are, financially, emotionally or otherwise, the option of prayer and two is open. And you know, what's the beauty of Dora my brother and my sister, not limited to any venue, you don't have to be in the masjid or on a prayer mat. And furthermore, if you are completely drained, you don't even have the strength to verbalize and articulated from your heart you whispering even that is a dog. In fact, I often mentioned that my most emotional doors are not necessarily in the masjid. It's more

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than often while I'm driving, and I'm alone on a long drive or I'm flying. And I will start off talking to my Creator conversing with my Creator, and then it progresses and then you just see the tears trickling down. And it's so soothing, so comforting and so cathartic. And you know, what's the best part of my brother and my sister, you can ask Allah something which outwardly is possible, or you can beg him for something which doesn't look remotely possible. My honorable dad often says to me and siblings, that as a child, he made many daughters to Allah, which at that time was not remotely possible. But with the passage of time, he witnessed the fruition of every prayer, and

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that's what I'm saying to you. You might be drained now financially depleted, emotionally exhausted, but keep the connection of DHA active and open. Let me share with you a reflection on from from the Quran. CHAPTER THREE Jews three, verse 38, say the naza Korea alayhis salam goes to the Chamber of Maria Maria lagana Kula das Allah Allah has the Korean Mahabharata darynda risca. He finds that she has fruit she has divine arrangements are Maria, where did you get this from? Allah provided for me. Zachary alayhi salatu salam makes dua to Allah. He is old, he is aged, he's in advanced age, his wife is barren, she is elderly, etc. And then he asks Allah for a child in biannual Quran, it is

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written and so Lal Musab bebe meenal s barbil Berry that the LA Unified will add about Lhasa Yama indica and Horace Houdini. We learn from this year that it is not contrary to advocate to ask Allah for something which is not looking remotely possible. When you look at the dynamics of the life of Zachary alehissalaam. His wife was barren when she was young, and now she's old and barren. He is in advanced age. Today doctors will tell you fertility experts will tell you that this is the best period This is the most healthy period for ovulation for fertility, etc. So outwardly apparently was not the right time. But he asked Allah and Allah blessed him with a child lemenager Allahu semiya,

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the likes of which no one has witnessed. So that's my message. Regardless of how drained and exhausted You are my brother and my sister, keep your connection with Dr. Open. It would be soon when you'll see that silver lining and those prayers will be answered in sha Allah.