Al-Qalbul Maridh, The Sick Heart

Haifaa Younis


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The speaker discusses the concept of a sick heart and how it can affect one's behavior. They explain that the heart is not dead, but rather something that is present in a state and can be measured. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of recognizing the one's own external factors as a crucial factor in one's health.

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Bismillah Ar Rahman you're

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most of people have what they call

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a sicard. And what is the sick heart is the heart what it has in it. Two forces life and Enos good and bad. obedience and disobedience to horses.

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The best way to remember this is when you are waking up for federal for morning Salah or when you want to do an extra work for a loss pantalla there's always two forces here, do it. Don't do it. I cannot. Yes, you can. I'll do it tomorrow. No do it today

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to fighting opposite, each other, opposing each other.

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This is a sign that the heart is not dead. The heart is sick is not sound, but the heart is sick. Now the person with a sick heart doesn't mean this person is not good. But that person can be what they one day good and one day is not good, because it depends in that state, which force was dominant

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and what makes that force dominant or that force not dominant. It depends on many factors. Basically, what external influences I am exposing myself to