Bad Parents, Teachers, Family – Blame Islam

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The speaker discusses the importance of balancing one's parents' styles and values in schools. He emphasizes the need for parents to have a strong heart and balance their own values. He also mentions that some parents may be blaming their parents for their behavior and that the manual is perfect, but not perfect.

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and children, guys children is to me now.

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You guys are born in a world. You didn't choose your parents. You didn't get to say yeah, I want that one as my daddy on that one as a mummy.

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You have no choice when you come to this earth you have no choice. Your dad could be that you could have been born to be a brilliant scientific minded dad

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or you could have been born to some dad that you think that I don't know how you pass the school exam.

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I don't know what's happening. You could

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you could be born to a mother that has a heart like you know some some golden trophy that you would you want to give to some some Chinese. Or you could have a mom that has a heart that is hard inside there are moms like that. Have a hard heart inside. You have all sorts of imbalances within parents understand that kids, I want you to understand, we do not disrespect our parents. But as you grow older, you have to get your own balance right. But you'll start seeing how and where your own parents were slightly imbalanced. Were some of you teachers might be slightly in balance. And there's a reason why I'm saying this to young children listening and even some of you who have grown

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up with some styles that you know, you know, is still hurting from those days. You know, I'm trying to say like, yeah, so some of you now it might make sense. Look.

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When you see some teacher or some parent, not living up to what Islam said. Sometimes you find it sometimes you find parents sometimes you find your mom or your dad or older brother or someone or a teacher that didn't really live to the Quran what it said or didn't live according to the Sunnah. What was what was what was left behind?

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Should you blame the religion?

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Because if you're blaming the religion, you're blaming the man. You're blaming Rasul Allah.

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Now as I said to you, is the manual perfect or not perfect and which one?

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Is the manual perfect?

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Is Rasulullah sallallahu isn't perfect? Yes, that's what it is.

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Okay, if your staff did something wrong,

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if your dad did something wrong, your mom did. You always sit in someone did something wrong. They are in question with their balancing

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is not the religion