Zakir Naik – Is Medical Health Insurance Permissible for Poor Muslims

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © A caller asks about insurance for those who are permanently sick and how they can use it for those who cannot. The representative explains that insurance is allowed for those who cannot pay the hospital bills and that interest only applies to those who take it out of their bank account. They also discuss the benefits of taking take a medical insurance policy for those who have a high deductible and the potential for hospitalization.
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The next question is from

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Hassan Yusuf

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from can Kennedy mangalorean

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throw the last two questions.

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Is it allowed to make health insurance for the people who are permanently sick, especially in countries like India have a poor Muslim then sometimes even middle class Muslims cannot afford to pay the hospital bills.

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The second part is can a Muslim person uses bank interest amount to make health insurance for the very needy Muslims in India?

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Brother son has asked his two questions. Number one is that can you make medical insurance for the poor people or the middle class people who cannot pay the hospital bills and can use the interest money for this

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as far as medical insurance If confirmed, any insurance whether it be medical insurance, whether it be health insurance, whether the insurance of the car insurance per se is permitted. But since most of the insurance, whether it be life insurance or health insurance or car insurance, most of the insurance in the world today are related or involved with Riba interest that insurance become. So any insurance whether life insurance, or medical insurance, or car insurance, or insurance of any property, if it is linked with rubber, that you have to give a premium and they collect premium from hundreds and 1000s of people, they put that money in an interest based investment or a bank and they

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get the interest money and then they collect the interest money and whoever goes in laws they paid if it is involving interest or rebar, that type of insurance is haram. The other alternative that you have if the Islamic insurance called as takaful

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so if you're doing takaful whether for life insurance or for medical insurance, or for insurance of your property, this is permitted for takaful in the kafir, what they do is they take your money and they invest in a Sharia compliant business or a Sharia compliant instrument which is Riba free it's not involving in whatever extra money they get, they see to it that they spend it on the policies of the insurance or wherever from having an accident or whoever dies or was last period so takaful is permitted. Islamic medical insurance is permitted Islamic life insurance is permitted Islamic insurance of the car is permitted of the property is permitted but rebab based insurance medical

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insurance life insurance is haram.

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Come to the second question that can I use my interest money for buying insurance for the poor people. As I said earlier, if you are using interest money and keeping in the bank continuously, and then giving that money to charity or buying medical insurance, it is haram because to buy medical insurance from that interest money or to take interest first. As I mentioned earlier, giving interest and taking interest both is haram. Allah says in the Quran in surah baqarah chapter two was to 278 and 279. That if you give up not your demand of Riba of interest, take notice of a war from online. So if you want to keep in the bank, and every year take interest and giving charity or

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buying insurance for the poor people, it's Haram, you're doing a bigger major sin than them. But if you came to know today that interest is haram. And now if you have that money, interest money, then very well you can give in charity, you can even buy insurance for the poor people, but continuously keeping the money in the robot based bank is haram. If you stop that account and now you have that money, what to do with it, yes, you can utilize it for the poor people for building toilets for giving the debts or even for buying medical insurance for them. Let me give you one additional information regarding medical insurance. Now when you have medical insurance, most of the medical

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insurance, insure you for your hospital bills, not for your normal day to day checkup with the doctor. So only if you are admitted in hospital with the insurance company pay the bills. But if you have a normal if you are sick, and if you go to a nominal doctor in outpatient department, they will not take care of your medical bills. They'll only take care of your medical bills if he admitted but not sure they will not take care if he admitted for pregnancy. It doesn't come in the policy Normally, if you're admitted for certain things which are common or cataract they've not come to the policy, it only takes place you know mainly an accident or other diseases which are not common. So

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you have to be very careful when you read the contract of the medical insurance. So if you are taking care only of hospital bills, the chances you will be hospitalized is a very small percentage. that the reason you pay a small percentage of the policy if the policy gave that they will take care of 100,000 rupees of hospital bill you have to pay a small percentage but will never take care of your day to day visit to the doctor.

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I had consulted one of the takaful companies in Malaysia. And Manisha is very advanced in Islamic banking and hamdulillah. One of the few countries which is advanced Islamic banking in Malaysia, the Islamic full fledged bank also, or most of the conventional bank also have Islamic window. I prefer a full fledged Islamic bank than a conventional bank with Islamic window.

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I consulted one takaful company in Malaysia. And as I said that they give insurance but only for admitted how many of the people admitted to hospital when I was trying to fee for the insurance option for the staff

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and asked them that what for the cover 100% medical billing, if they go for normal checkup, then the policy was so expensive it for more than 50% about 60% of the expenses that you're claiming you'll have to pay every year that is too much. That means if you're asking for a policy of over 10,000 ringgit, that is 1.7 lakh rupees, then the asking for 60% 6000 ringgit a year

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for 1.7 lakh you have to pay more than one lakh rupee, what is the use of the policy, to be very careful that for the medical insurance that only certain types of diseases and when you are admitted to the hospital, certain level of disease not covered, have to be careful, read very carefully, it may be helpful may not be helpful. It's mainly helpful that if a government has a policy that employees should be insured, then it's helpful, but otherwise, many a time it doesn't take care of your normal medical expenses. Only in critical condition were admitted to the hospital. It takes care of that. Hope that answers your question.

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