Abdur-Raheem McCarthy – Iman – More Than Just Belief

Abdur-Raheem McCarthy
AI: Summary © The importance of faith and staying firm on email in Islam is discussed, as the Prophet has directed people to reflect on their actions to see if they are doing good deeds. The success of Islam in shaping one's actions and offers advice for those who believe in Islam. Representatives of actions are emphasized, and individuals are encouraged to act upon their partner's actions and be a good believer and person. The importance of protecting one's private property and learning from others is also emphasized. It is emphasized that individuals need to be careful in protecting themselves and that one should learn from others and remember their actions in order to achieve blessings from Allah.
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one that will be lagging in Shoreham fusina woman See, the

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May young

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woman you believe Deanna was shut down well

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Why shadow number hamedan after

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a while, he was swiping was sending them into steam and Miss either you will

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the Nova boom

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those are Lima.

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what will be that

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the law will see

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by the brothers and sisters in Islam

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and today's

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we're going to remind ourselves

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of the greatest blessing

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Allah has blessed us with. And that is the blessing of our man.

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The blessing of our faith in our belief in Allah subhanho wa Taala

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and how it guides us to all that is good. All that is beneficial for us as Muslims.

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When may you

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and whoever believes Allah, Allah will guide his hearts.

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He ordered us to focus on our mind.

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And to believe in Him subhana wa Tada. And he told us that we will be successful with regard to that, which is good throughout

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the G Bo D, well, you know,

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so they should answer to me ourselves. And they should believe in me, perhaps they will be guided to that which is righteous because of the importance of email,

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and staying firm on email. And staying away from that which is pleasing all those kind of words either. And now, which contradicts our email. The Prophet said, he was telling I'm used to saying is Do I

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have the email, he was a co

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worker he

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he, he would say I

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make the email beloved to us. And unify it in our hearts and make us something that we hate something that we despise the core for the display, and the facade

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which is that which is displeasing and disobedient to a loss of Colorado, and make us from the Roshi from the doors of good.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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one of the companions came to him.

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And he wanted a piece of advice.

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And a few words,

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he came and we pay attention to the fifth of the Sahaba the understanding of the Sahaba how they look at things. It's a reminder to us how we should be as Muslims, when they came when he came to the province of the law while he was sending them

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came to the province that alone while he was still him, and he said yo sudo la bullyville Islam, Conan la so

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he said to me in Islam, something that I get from you that I will need to ask anybody else after you should be words of advice.

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He told him.

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He said, say I believe in a law firm must be upright.

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The Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam. He showed him this ID and just a few words.

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The most important thing for us as Muslims is first of all a mind

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and that is a man. It's not

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Something as people might think today, just something we say on our tongues, something's in our hearts. But it's something that shows in the actions. And that's why the process that Matthew said 70 he said, Thomas debate then be outright, because it's not enough for us Muslim to say that

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he was because I believe that there is not seen in your actions. It has to be seen in your actions as well. It's not just something that you say all the time, and you find in the heart, but it has to be in the actions. You have to reflect on your actions. Are you someone who's from the people on the Mount or not? Look at your actions. Do you really believe in Allah subhanho wa Taala, look at your actions.

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You say, You're an evil person outside would you say inside I'm good. I'm running my heart. If you have the mind, in your heart, it would show in your actions. And that's why I say muscley Rahim Allah. He's

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one of the many when

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he was

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in this segment of the of the great scholar of Islam, and

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he said that the man is not just something like you put on or something to say. And he said the theme is not something that is about hope. He said, but it's something that you say something is in your heart, and that the actions

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are proof once you actually have proof of what you say, when you know what you claim is in your hearts. This is the reality of the man. And that's what most of what's out

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in the world.

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He shows the great reward of those who believe and do good deeds in Melania.

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In the level, the

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the very those who believe and do good deeds, that they will not lose the war, those who are good in their deeds and their actions.

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As the cows in Islam mentioned, that when they read through the email,

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he said I've never read through the Quran, when I saw that Allah subhanho wa Taala praise those who believed

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and promised what he would give to them in the hereafter from the good good deeds are the rewards in the hereafter for the good deeds, except we mentioned the good deeds. He said I never read the Quran a lot praising those who believe and what he had promised for them in the hereafter except for he mentioned after the email, started doing good deeds with it

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shows us in melodien Avenue

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the ones who act upon this their email when

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I mentioned in store.

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the first is that fairly, the believers are the ones who are successful.

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What it also mentioned, what were their actions that made them successful. Pay attention to the verses that will come in verses one through 11 after verse one of the honeymoon, and you know, even before she wrote the first thing, that they are humbler, their prayers, they are focused in their prayers. Whether the domani love way more alone, the hills speech, they turn away from it, you don't find a true believer, somebody who was cursing somebody who listens to the little speech, acts upon your speech, what led you to whom is the catify on the third thing, the ones who are giving us the cat,

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when you know whom a Fujian have the Lord. The fourth thing, those who protect their private parts by putting them into the, to the Xena or that which has been made, how long

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they don't fall into the home, in the

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home I

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mean fermentable

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and then our continuous the next person to show about except for when it comes to being with your wife that was your right hand.

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And whoever transgressive on that. And there they are the transgressors. And then a lot continues by saying what are the

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five and six and the characteristics, the ones who have promises, those who have been entrusted that they fulfill what they've been entrusted, they fulfill their promises, when they no matter.

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Alone, and those who protect and coast guard their prayers,

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seven characteristics, they will go back to the first time.

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He mentioned the seven characteristics, their characteristics, the ones who are successful, not the ones who say, I believe in my heart and my tongue. Will you see the actions that allow us to kind of what's on it tells us

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hula hoop Don't worry, too, that these are the inheritors.

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What are they going to hear it

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continues, and let me know you're in tune and those of whom we have for you, the ones who inherit the agenda, the highest part of the agenda.

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The ones who believe and you see it in their actions. Those are the ones who are successful, but

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the moment who are successful are the ones who see it in their actions.

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The true believers are the ones who are affected when they hear the remembrance of Allah subhanho wa Taala, when they hear a last name, when they hear the verses of the last.

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These are the true believers pay attention to the Quran, which came to train with the Muslim

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pay attention

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says to you, when he said in

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boo boo, we have to do is to

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pay attention to this first, when it also says to us that fairly. The believers are the ones with the lawyers Remember, the hearts change can frighten you remember, lots of kind of got a focus on those.

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And when they hear the version of the law of increasing their ego, and they're relying on the Lord's, look at the feet of the floor, once again,

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continues. Now you see they remember the law, they heard the law, they heard his versus their demand increase, their hearts change, they focus they were humbled in front of Allah subhana wa Tada. And also potara continue saying, and you know, you'll be more no scholar woman. Now.

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Once again, it means those who establish the prayer, and for what we have here in them in money, they get it and the fact of Allah subhanho wa Taala. But beyond this, the God of giving

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action deeds, that is in the heart, as people say today, I'm good in my heart, inside, outside.

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I'll also funnel data contained in the project even clearer to us, he said,

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he told me to not have four.

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These are the true believers. But when I remember most of the heart changes, they become humbled in front of the remembrance of the law, when they hear the verse of the law of increasing them.

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And they establish the prayer they give the act upon them to act upon the man who

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made for very these are the true believers.

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And look at the

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what they get in return these true believers,

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they have levels with their Lord,

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they will have higher levels, one mouthfeel and forgiveness from the Lord. And good provision respond cutting from the loss of

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the true believers from their characteristic is that their email, their love of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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is greater than anything greater than anybody.

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Even though the machine those who associate partners and also kind of wattana they claim into the action that they love, that things they worship just as much as they would love a lot.

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When they join partners with

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those who worship Allah Allah, Allah, Allah says about them in one minute nassima

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When do

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you live

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is in front of people that they take other than a law and make them equal to a law. And then he says about those who truly believe when they're in a ship, vanilla and those who believe they love a lot more than anything.

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When it comes to the actions they put in front of them, is this pleasing to Allah or not? Is this Hello? Is this

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Mr. Please Hello maximum I just presented

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stronger than anything almost

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promised us that if we hold firm have already been. We follow what he's told us to do that he will make us firm and this life in the next year.

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Although we'll keep firm, those who believe with the phony stabbings, the firm statement, the statement is different from point in this life and then the next one he's about to die because they've grown up on that and I know what he's putting in his brain

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because he was from the true believers in this new

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The true believers

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are not affected

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by anything that happens to them in this life, because they know the reality of it is all from Allah subhanho wa Taala is all from the test, because they live by the true believers, when most of our data tells us what to do one email, follow up with jewelry went up

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with them on the read, that is going to test us sometimes for something from fear and hunger, not have enough money, and even losing the loved ones and other provisions and give glad tidings to those of the slavery the patient ones for the neighbors. They know everything that calamities happen. It's all from the last panel. And they know that I'm most proud of what Tom is the one who will protect the true believers for all that is evil. Even if it's after a test eventually that he will make it easy for them okay that it

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took me a long time. He will say the believers barakallahu li was sooner wonderful. Anyway

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Bismillah Salatu was Salam ala

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by the brothers and sisters in Islam,

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Allah subhana wa tada focus is on the man all

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in order to remind us

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that there's no way to be successful, except to worry man. And he reminds us and he promises us

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about what we will get into here after if we hold firm to our image in this life. What are the

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minutes into this verse? Why the law, a law has promised the believing men and women

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gentlemen to God, exactly Helena

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gardens and the paradise with which many rivers flow, the first products for your Avon, for your African upon your imagine this light,

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quality interfere

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eternally certainly will be in that agenda.

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what must be done that in the good society, the place where you live, and the agenda

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and what is graded, all those three things are also part of what's out there shows us what we gained during all these great things in general is rewards.

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You know, law

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and pleasure from Allah subhanaw taala a lot a

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prayer that all of that,

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this is the great attainment, the great victory is what

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the greatest thing you can have is your remind my dear brothers in Islam, there's nothing greater. There's no greater blessing the man and I believe in the struggle of the ummah. He reminds us of that. He said, Oh, man, it's a very, very beautiful statement. And pay attention just because sometimes we reflect, we see that people are disobedient, so law that was given them from the union, pay attention to you. He said in no law, Tyler, you're the man, half woman.

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Very award gives the money, the wealth

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to those who he loves and those who he doesn't love whenever you're the man.

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And he does not give the man except for to who he loves. So if you haven't given the man,

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be thankful

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of what's out I love you.

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But be careful because just because most of the planet loves you and has given you this email. It's a testament

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to see what you're going to do with this. What you're going to do with this blessing from Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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And that's it I mentioned. And to see

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those who struggle with the love and loss of power, and how he loves them, the ones who strive for him when he told us the ones who not just do their compulsory actions that will just make fun upon him. But they strive to get to the next level by doing that, which is no one that uses the voluntary actions, whether it be from prayer from getting sucked up or whatever it is, given our quality with the good and forbidding evil, and most of the time without a surgeon to see any of the

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middle of the

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He says My servant has not become closer to me.

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Except for with that which I made compulsory upon you when

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he said my servant will continue to become closer to me with his actions until I love him.

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My dear brothers and sisters in Islam

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as we go on today from today's football, we need to reflect they're asking ourselves, what do we take home from this football? What is the main message you want to take home from this football? Obviously, this should be done and the importance of our event

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and the importance of protecting

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the importance of active body armor. But we need to go home need to reflect when you reflect on the characteristics the see part of the people are demanding and

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some of which we mentioned in this book, but they reflect what our actions or actions for the people or the man

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or the people of Shere Khan

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will reflect upon this when we go

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we reflect on our characteristics and our actions

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are they from the people or the man or from the people who have shaped

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our actions from the actions which please Allah tala or from the action rupees of Shere Khan?

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Or we from the people who acted upon this great blessing Allah has given to us we are from the believers in laws as one without doing any parties with him. We are from the followers of the greatest man to ever walk the face of the earth the problem

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what do we see in our actions?

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With reflecting on my dear brothers and sisters in Islam, and remind ourselves of the

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chief of

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them, some of the actual

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