The ‘Most Moral Army in the World’

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Benjamin Netanyahu recently had this to say Mishima is La Srimad hyaline OBP Sherman comma Amano Shem hydrates the oath of a shaker

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joined by my fellow teapot musataha Zod what Sivan was serie Beutel Bolam. So let's examine this claim of the IDF being the most moral army in the world. In light of several articles and videos, in an article that was published in The Wall Street Journal on the 30th of December, in light of Israel's so called Moral approach to war, mentions how the warring that as the strip is generating destruction comparable in scale to the most devastating urban warfare in the modern record. By mid December, Israel had dropped 29,000 bombs, munitions and shells on the Strip. nearly 70% of hazardous 439,000 homes, and about half of its buildings have been damaged or destroyed.

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The bombing has damaged Byzantine churches in ancient mosques, factories and apartment buildings, shopping malls and luxury hotels, theaters and schools. Much of the water, electrical communications and healthcare infrastructure that made it as a function is beyond repair.

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Most of the strip's 36 hospitals are now shut down and only eight are accepting patients. citrus trees, olive groves and greenhouses have been obliterated. More than two thirds of its schools are damaged its bombs, artillery shells and soldiers have killed more than 21,000 Palestinians according to health officials in Gaza. The figure doesn't distinguish between civilians and militants, most of them are women and children. Those officials said the destruction resembles that left by the Allied bombing of German cities during World War Two. The word Gaza is going to go down in history along with Dresden and other famous cities that have been bombed, said Robert Pape, a political scientist

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at the University of Chicago and the author of a history of aerial bombing. What you're seeing in Gaza is in the top 25% of the most intense punishment campaigns in history. Three months ago, Gaza was a vibrant place. Despite decades of Israeli occupation, sieges and wars. Many Palestinians enjoyed living there beside the Mediterranean Sea where they gathered in cafes and seaside restaurants. Families played on the beach young men crowded around TVs in the evening to watch soccer. Today, Gaza is a landscape of crumpled concrete in northern as the focus of Israel's initial offensive. The few people who remain navigate rubble strewn streets past bombed out shops and

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apartment blocks, broken glass crunches underfoot. Israeli drones buzzed overhead in the south where more than a million displaced residents have fled Gazans sleeping on the street and then garbage to cook. Some 85% of districts 2.2 million people have fled their homes and are confined by Israeli evacuation orders to less than 1/3 of the strip. According to the UN. The Israeli military said it is targeting Hamas and taking steps to avoid killing civilians including by encouraging residents to leave areas it is attacking. The Israeli Air Force has said its bombing campaign is causing maximum damage. Israeli military spokesman Daniel Haggerty said in October that the emphasis is on damage

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and not on accuracy.

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According to analysis of satellite data by remote sensing experts at the City University of New York and Oregon State University, as many as 80% of the buildings in northern Gaza, where the bombing has been most severe or damaged or destroyed are higher percentage than in resident. He in an Assistant Professor of Geography at Kent State University in Ohio, estimated that 20% of US agricultural land has been damaged or destroyed. Winter wheat that should be sprouting around now isn't visible, he said, suggesting that it wasn't planted. A World Bank analysis concluded that by December 12 The war had damaged or destroyed 77% of health facilities 72% of municipal services, such as parks, courts

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and libraries, 68% of telecommunications infrastructure, and 76% of commercial sites including the almost complete destruction of the industrial zone in the north. More than half of all the roads the World Bank found have been damaged or destroyed. Some 342 schools have been damaged according to the UN, including 70 of its own schools. An assessment by the US Office of the Director of National Intelligence found that Israel dropped 29,000 weapons on Kazaa in little over two months, according to US officials. By comparison, the US military dropped 3678 munitions on Iraq from 2004 to 2010. According to the US Central Command

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The current war hasn't spared treasured historic sites. The great Almighty mosque an ancient building that was converted from a fifth century church to a Muslim place of worship has been destroyed. Its minaret toppled

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and Israeli airstrike in October hit the fifth century Church of St. Porphyrias, killing at least 16 Palestinians sheltering that. The exclusive remodeled neighborhood, with its broad boulevards and beauty salons was reduced to rubble in the opening days of the war. Israeli attacks have destroyed because there's main courthouse, Parliament building and central archives. It's not a livable city anymore, said el Wiseman, an Israeli British architect who studies Israel's approach to the built environment in the Palestinian territories. Any reconstruction he said, will require a whole system of underground infrastructure because when you attack the subsoil, everything that runs through the

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ground, the water the gas, the sewage is torn,

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and analysis by the shelter cluster, a coalition of aid groups led by the Norwegian Refugee Council concluded that after the current war, it will take at least a year just to clear the rubble, a task complicated by having to safely remove unexploded ordnance. Rebuilding the housing will take seven to 10 years. If financing is available, the group said it will cost some $3.5 billion it estimates not including the cost of providing temporary accommodation. In a best case scenario it's going to take decades. So Caroline Sanders, an expert in post conflict redevelopment at Kingston University. As Chris Hedges he said in an article titled let them eat cement. Israel has unleashed its four

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horsemen of the apocalypse, death, famine and war and conquest. It has given Gazans two choices leave Gaza or die. Israel's defense minister you have gallant toe troops preparing to enter as I have released all the restraints. Knesset member aerial counterpart of Benjamin Netanyahu has Likud party called on X formerly known as Twitter for a neck back meaning a disaster that will overshadow the knockabout of 1948. The Israeli army mobilized as Raya keen, a 95 year old Army veteran to apparently motivate the troops. Yaqeen was a member of the law he Zionist militia that carried out numerous massacres of Palestinian civilians, including the DRC massacre. On April 9 1948, were over

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100 Palestinian civilians, many women and children were slaughtered. Be triumphant, he said, and finish them off. And don't leave anyone behind. erase the memory of them. Yeah, Keane said, addressing the Israeli troops, erase them, their families, mothers and children. He went on, these animals can no longer live. Every Jew with the weapons should go out and kill them. He said, If you have an Arab neighbor, don't wait, go to his home and shoot him.

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Perhaps you've also wondered why so many of the dead children in hazhar have no visible injuries and aren't embedded with shrapnel or covered in blood? It looks like they're almost sleeping. An article published by the Financial Express provides an answer. The Israeli army is dropping on the Gazans, thermobaric bombs, or otherwise known as vacuum or pressure bombs. These bombs suck oxygen from the air to trigger high temperature explosions. He explosive pressure is so strong that it quite literally sucks the air out of the children's lungs and causes them to internally explode in a leaked video call. and Israeli soldier casually says we are looking for babies. But there are no

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babies left. He said maybe I killed the girl she was 12 but I'm looking for a baby who are looking for babies but there is no babies left.

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No, maybe I killed a girl. She was 12 but I'm looking for the baby.

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Welcome to the most moral army in the world.