Yasir Qadhi – Does The Triple Talaq End A Marriage Or Count As One Talaq? Ask Shaykh YQ #210

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The segment discusses various views on the topic of divorce, including the "vanilla" stance, which is nonsensical and harmful, and the "hamder" stance, which is a man seeking a "hamder" in a situation. The importance of apologizing for past mistakes and criticizing actions is also emphasized. The segment also touches on the topic of marriage and divorce, as well as the need for people to take their husbands back.
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Our next question is actually a very long one, but I will give you the short answer today. And maybe another time we'll give a longer answer brother Nawaz emails and asks about the very, very contentious issue of the triple talaq does a triple doc count as the triple? And so effectively the marriage is over? Or does it count as one pile up? One

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out of seven, me Kobe league in Reja? No, hey, la him first.

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Now, this is a very hotly debated question. And

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one day, maybe maybe one day, I will give a much more longer answer in which I go with the evidences and who said what and the development of this question. But that's another day. This is the rapid q&a. And so I'm going to give the short quick and easy one. It is my adamant opinion, his opinion that, you know, I try my best to be forceful, you know, I try my best to be gentle and many opinions. But in this issue, and in some issues, I really do take a bit of a hardline stance and it's a really this should be the position. And of course, I respect all the roula who hold their views, I respect them. But still, I forcefully say that the other view is dangerous and harmful,

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generally speaking, if two views are there, and they don't harm anybody, no big deal, okay. Bismillah. But sometimes the view is actually harmful to people and the view that a triple talaq effectively finishes the marriage permanently. And the children will be raised without a father and the wife will not have a husband

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is something that really has to be spoken out against a triple talaq does not constitute a final ending of the marriage. it constitutes one divorce. Now, before I say more than this, I should point out that the Triple Threat off by unanimous consensus of all dilemma is a sin. And it is an innovation and it is how long and a person should repent to Allah subhanho wa Taala a triple talaq Of course, for those of you who are unaware, it means that a husband says in one occasion, he says i divorce you or divorce or divorce you or I divorce you three times he says it like that. We're not talking about the clock, and then reconciliation and then after a few months another and then after

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a few months. No, we're not talking about that. We're talking about in one occasion, you know, the man intends to do the triple divorce write that in there, I divorce you, I divorce your divorce you and he means he wants to divorce three times or he says i divorce you three times that this type of talaq is a

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type of making fun of the Shetty of Allah subhanho wa Taala, even though the man does not intend to make fun of but it is effectively a type of Sofia. And that type of instance, of the religion of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Anybody who does this much repent for doing something that is foolish, and something that is harmful. Now, again, much can be said this is the rapid q&a. The opinion that we've been Tamia and a number of filth councils of our times is that this type of triple paluch is nonsensical and meaningless for a triple it is actually one divorce. And this is based on the famous hadith of Ibn Abbas is a Muslim, which is an authentic hadith, that divorce in the time of the

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and at the time of Omar sorry, Abu Bakar. In the first two years of our model, the loved one, a triple divorce was counted as one, this is an authentic statement of admin above. And so I Muslim kalapatthar das was counted as wahida this is explicit that if somebody said I divorced you, I divorce you, I divorce you in this manner, that this would constitute one product, then Rama hotdog became angry at this. And he said that I'm going to translate effectively not verbatim and the students of knowledge notice that he did very well that we studied in a lot of detail when we studied the books of token added or whatever, Bob said that

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people have become lacks in an issue where, you know, they could have you know, they could have taken advantage of the concession of the city, but they have shown a moral laxity. They have done something they have not done. So we should penalize them by holding them to account for what they say. So, I'm going to be saying, you guys are making fun of the shitty I'm not gonna let you do this. I'm going to hold you to account. You're going to say for laughter laughter laugh, you know what I'm going to consider it to

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autolock just to make you guys understand you don't play games by this religion, so I'm gonna have a hotdog had a way of wanting to curb triple products by inducing fear in the people do not play games with the shitty out of a love. And so he legislated as an act of law not as the sharing of the profits of the law I said it because the ruler can find you the ruler Can you know do certain things back and forth the shady remains the same, but the ruler has siesta, the ruler has the right to do various things for time, temporary time periods. So herbal photography law one decided to make this the law of the land and because of course he is a model of the law one and because he is the halifa

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and because it was the timeframe, so it became the dominant position and opinion and the form as I have adopted the fatwa of a number of authority law one because they said hey, if he did it, who are we to oppose. But you see the times of Oman were different and the amount of the people of Omar's time and their taqwa and the way they perceive this was different. And so they were frightened. Okay, we better not triple talaq, what has happened in our culture, and especially in the culture, I am from our in Pakistani Bengali culture, that unfortunately, people don't even know how to give that up. And so they will say, a lotta lotta luck, and they intend to triple and they say to the

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state of anger, and then when they Calm down, you know, the kids are crying, the wife is like, what have you done? And he says, Oh, my God, what am I going to do now? And they go here, and they're looking for photos. And the Times have changed and ignorance has increased and demand has gone down. Why ruin a family for the foolishness and stupidity of one man. And it is foolishness and I will not mince my words. And it is stupidity. And I will not mince my words. Any man who does this will lie he has not understood that the sanctity of marriage, you don't play games. Nonetheless, he was foolish. He has to repent to Allah. His foolishness should not be penalized. You know, his children

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should not be penalized for his foolishness. The marriage should not be jeopardized because of his idiocy. And I'm being very blunt here and a bit harsh here. Because again, you know, men, Allah has given you responsibility. If you fail to live up to that responsibility. You have fallen short and you have to answer to Allah subhana wa Tada. Bottom line. This is rapid q&a, I have gone too long. And perhaps one day, I'll give a longer answer in this regard, but it is my

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position that I stand firm on that we should not break marriages. And we should not bring about a sense of children without fathers and husbands and wives being broken apart because of a 10 second foolish phrase that the husband utters if a man utters triple talaq, this constitutes one divorce one divorce and he should repent to Allah subhana wa tada and if he wants to take his wife back, take his wife back, and then inshallah the marriage will continue. And this is the position of many of the modern councils and it is the position of the Mufti of Saudi Arabia and his position before him even 10. We have no claim and many greater odema Allah who tied up on him

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Vito, he can

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