What If Your Shop Was Looted?

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the definition of a flock and how it relates to a personal experience. They also mention a message from the Bible and how it teaches a fundamental message about giving back to others. The speaker then talks about a loss that resulted in a family member being winded and offers employment to help them get back on their feet.
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Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim There is nothing more Dear beloved and sacred to the almighty than a flock and good character. The question is what is the definition of a flock? In essence, a broad definition of a flock is to move away from a selfish life to a selfless life. I do not represent myself here, but I selflessly represent the broader interests of others. Satan, Allah The Allahu anhu said in our heart, Kal Hartman can mark your true brother is one who rallies with you, woman yogoro nafsa, who Lee In fact, who takes pain upon himself to remove your pain woman, either labels The man is sad, direct shatter toughie, Shimla hooli edgemarc and when he observes that the trials

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and the afflictions of life have fragmented you, then he shatters himself to gather you Subhan Allah, may Allah bless us with that true character, those who know don't judge and those who judge you don't know, in essence, put yourself in the position of others. If I was in that position, what would be my expectations from society now that Allah has rescued you offer your brother the same as your expectations would have been from your brother? And that's the message we get from the Quran Chapter for Jews for verse number nine, Allah subhanho wa Taala addressing the guardian of the estate of a minor, so a father has passed away he left behind the return the alfen Allah says we

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only have shall Nadine Allahu taala comin holvi him lonely attendee alfen addressing the guardian and the executor of that estate, when you are winding up the estate, take good care of that minor child take good care of that orphan and give him the same care as you would have expected society to give your children if your estate was being winded up fee as soon as women men barbil allowed and no hola Yama Bali lady Hema, your body enough say the Quran teaches us a fundamental principle that just as you desire the best for yourself, give your brother the best if your shop was was looted if your shop was looted, and adjacent to you, your brother's shop was not looted. What expectations

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would you have from your brother, he has multiple shops. He did not suffer any loss like me. I suffered a total loss. I wish he can give me employment. I wish he can get me back on my feet. Now that Allah has saved you and rescued you give your brother the same as you would have expected him to offer you if you were in that position. May Allah bless us with three o'clock I mean your bladder me