Zakir Naik – Is Kosher Meat, Meat Slaughtered by Jews, Halaal

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the restriction of eating non Serbs and non- race foods in the United States, including honor foods like burgers and pork. They explain that the Bible has stated that death is prohibited, but blood and pork are allowed. The speaker also mentions that eating non Serbs and race foods is not allowed, and that eating non Serbs is not a healthy practice.
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By Sol cuffley, Manchester UK is kosher meat halal.

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kosher meat is the meat which is slaughtered by the Jews, and are others to Orthodox Jews. Is it halal?

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As far as the Quran clearly mentioned? lymphoedema chapter five

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was number five, that lawful for you lawful for the Muslims is the food of delicata. So all food of ellika was lawful, but natural, the difference of opinion, as far as if a Christian gives food, there are many scholars, many Arab scholars who say that if Christian for the 40, with non Serbia, it is a lot of room it's not a lot, because they are not following the rules of the Bible.

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Then ask them the question if they have they said, No. So the scholarship of Boko Haram in the Bible, now they may not be that much well versed with the comparative religion, that's not the field, combat religion, my field. So if we analyze the Bible, according to the Bible, also slaughter it should be done. Unfortunately, most of the Christian don't follow but the Jews follow, as Allah says in the Quran, in no less than four different places in Surah Baqarah chapter number two was the 173 in sort of my the chapter number five was number three. And so the announcer passage was number 145. And so, chapter number 16 was 115 huruma alaikum momento toward the moolah mill can see my

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gorilla be forbidden for you for fouda, dead meat, blood, the flesh of swine, and any food on which any name besides Allah name is invoked. So all the Muslim know very well that these four food are private, dead meat, blood, the flesh of swine, and any food on which any name besides Allah name has been taken, and the full food also private into the Bible. That's a different thing that the Christian don't follow, but they do follow. If you read the Bible, Bible prohibits dead meat. That meat is prohibited in the Bible time will not permit to describe in detail I just mentioned that a friend says it's mentioned in the Book of Leviticus chapter number 17, verse, verse number 15. And

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the book of Deuteronomy, chapter number 14, verse number 21, that dead meat is prohibited. Even blood is prohibited in the Bible in no less than five different places. It's mentioned the book of Genesis chapter number nine was number four. In the book of Leviticus, number 17, was number 14, in the book of Deuteronomy, chapter number 12, verse number 16, in the first time which up number 14, verse number 33, and the book of Acts chapter number one, he was number 29, that blood is prohibited. Even pork is prohibited in the Bible, in the book of Leviticus, chapter number 11, verse number seven in it. In the book of Deuteronomy, chapter 14, verse number eight, and the book of

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Isaiah chapter number 65, was number two to five.

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Any meat on which any name besides Allah is a mistaken or disordered on an idol it is prohibited in the Bible in the book of Acts, step number 15 was on the train and the book of Revelation chapter number two was no 14. So based on this, when the Quran says food of the LA Kitab is permitted according to me, even dead meat is prohibited even blood is prohibited pocus permit any name on which any name besides Allah, they may take it in the private ID. So the species are not strict and they they sell meat which is non Zambia, which is totally wrong, which is non kosher, totally wrong, but the Jews which orthodox they do in the way the Bible has commanded, which is the same as the

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Islamic method almost same. I remember in the late 80s or the early 90s, when as to travel there was nothing like halal food in the flights. But there was the option of kosher food for the Jews are very particular and they are more particular than the Muslim so when asked to travel Estrada question for a Muslim, if halal meat meat is available, that is the best to have. But in the most meat. If this kosher meat you can safely have it. It's permitted but don't have the non Serbian meat. It is haram for you.

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