Is it Permissible to Work in a Store where both Halaal & Haraam Foods are Sold

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The next question is from Shaheed, Dr. Zahid Canada. I'm working at a gas station

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where we have to sell and promote the lottery.

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Is it haram for me to promote?

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One of my friends is working at a grocery store where they sell halal and haram meat and foods is it okay for him to work there? Basically the question posed by the brother is that can we work in a place which has haram activities

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to make

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the answer more comprehensive

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as far as working in a business or working in a company, which has haram and halal activity, the ruling is that if the company

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the major activities or major earnings is haram, then you cannot work in any position. For example, you cannot work in a bank which is a conventional bank based on tubba on interest, it is haram, you cannot work on any position whether the accountant whether the manager whether the doorkeeper because the activity major by itself is haram, you cannot work in an alcoholic company, a company which makes alcohol because alcohol is a major sin, you cannot work in any position. But there are certain businesses which are mixed with haram and Allah. If the Haram portion is a small portion, as long as you do not get directly involved in it, it is permitted to work in such company. For

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example, if you're working in a five star hotel, and that five total is selling alcohol,

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you cannot work in the bar or the restaurant and serve alcohol yourself because serving alcohol is haram. But surely, you can work in the other departments like as a receptionist, like account manager of a hotel.

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As long as you're not directly involved in the Haram activity, and that haram activity earned a small percentage of profit not the major person teach, then you can work in that company or in that hotel. As long as you're not directly involved.

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Let me give you an example. Working in a land is good. You can work in the front desk, you can work in the office, but you cannot work as an air hostess.

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Because most of the airlines they serve alcohol. If you're working in an airline, which doesn't serve alcohol, it becomes permitted. There are very few airlines in the world. We don't serve alcohol like Saudi airlines, etc. So working there as a person or their hostess, where you don't have to solve the Haram like poke or alcohol then it's permitted. So basically a question regarding can you work in a gas station with Tesla to promote lottery lottery is gambling it is prohibited. If they force you to promote you cannot work but if they allow you excuse you what they You need not sell lottery you do not promote then it's permitted regarding a friend was working in a grocery

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which is serving both halal meat and non halal meat if he's made to serve or sell the Haram product, whether it be non halal meat, whether it be pork over the Dell calls, then he cannot serve it. But if you're working in a big grocery store and himself is not selling pork or the Haram food or alcohol, it is permitted. So you have to understand, look at the concept. This is the basic ruling that it should not serve anything which is haram and if it is not involved, you can work otherwise you cannot