Zakir Naik – Is it Permissible to Worship a Good Muslim Jinn who Grants our Wishes by asking from Allah?

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © A caller asks about the issue of worshiping any man besides Almighty God. The representative explains that while it is common in their religious beliefs, it is not true that any man should worship the same person. They also mention that worshiping any man is prohibited in their religious beliefs, and that any man who wants to worship Prophet Muhammad cannot do so.
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The next question is from Prashant Kumar, India.

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I am an 18 year old law student,

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honorable doctors arcade night as you may have also heard, that the people who worship idols actually worship the gins. What if the gin is good and the man and the guns are wishes by asking from Allah in our favor is still wrong.

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The question of Prashant Kumar is that people do idol worship do do to idol worship that truly worshipping gins and some of them are good James. So is it okay if you do idol worship, and the good gins they let our prayer come through basking Almighty God.

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Regarding worshiping anyone besides Almighty God is a thin is a major thing in Hinduism, as well as in Islam.

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It's clearly mentioned

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in the Quran, Allah mentioned in my earlier answer, incidentally, Sai chapter four verse 40. And through an entire chapter forced 116 that Allah may forgive anything but the sin of Sheikh hearing or forgive associating partners with Almighty God worshiping anyone besides Almighty God is prohibited. Furthermore, law says in the Quran, in Surah Daria chapter number 51, was done 50 feet or more color to deny our inside Alia to do that Allah created Jinns and the men not but to worship him. Similarly, in the Hindu scriptures, he clearly mentioned in Hindu scriptures inserta Cetara, Phoenician chapter number fours number 19 not tested Fatima st of that God there is no prathima

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prathima is a Sanskrit word which means

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an image X

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prathima When photograph painting portrait, it also means a sculpture and I will attach you it says not the same as the of that God, there is no prathima there is no image there is no photograph, there is no portrait, there is no painting, there is no statue, there is no idea there is no sculpture. So doing idol worship is privately Hinduism. And it's clearly mentioned in the channel your permission, chapter number six, section number two was number one. It says it comes with the theme. God is only one without a second. So according to Hinduism, and according to Islam, worshipping idols is prohibited regarding even if it's jinn are good, then you cannot worship Even

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good people. There are many good human beings, you can't even worship the messengers. All the messenger said that you should not worship me but with Allah worship Allah, not Beaverbrook, with my Lord and your Lord. If any Muslims say that he wants to worship Prophet Mama knows bill I will not say that if he says that there's not a lot. The best example human being in the world is Prophet Rama Salah Salem.

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Because the Prophet said worship only Almighty God. So what about the genie within the genie is good, you cannot worship worship. The Buddha is only due to Allah. So it's very clear cut that no human being whether Hindu whether Muslim with any human being any normal slim, they should not worship anyone but our Creator Allah Subhan Allah

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