Can I Enter The Bathroom With A Mushaf In My Bag

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Some of us at times carry a mushaf in the bag that we carry around. Whether it’s when traveling or you have the mushaf in your bag you use daily. The question comes up in regards to bringing the bag with you into the bathroom. It is difficult at times to leave the bag outside the bathroom. What must one do in this situation? Shaykh Mohammed Mana answers.

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Can I enter the bathroom with a must have in my bag.

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It would be disrespectful to take in the actual copy of the plan into the bathroom with you. So if possible, leave it outside of the bathroom in a safe and respected, elevated area. Now what if you're in a situation where there's no one to leave your bag with, or there's no safe place to leave your bag while you enter into the bathroom? This is why it's good to take advantage of technology and use these apps on our phones or laptops or tablets. So you can have the apple and saved in there as images as if you're reading from the last half, but you're not physically bringing in a copy of the Quran into the bathroom. Additionally, you can keep a translation in your backpack, which

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doesn't take the same rulings as the actual plan from beginning to end in Arabic