Zakir Naik – Is it Permissible to take Pension after one Retired from a Government Job

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © A caller from United Kingdom asks about pension and whether the UK has any problems receiving it. The speaker explains that most pensions involve interest and rubber, and that interest is a major sin. They also mention a book about the goddess statement that those who give up on interest take notice of alliances and avoid causing conflict. The speaker suggests calculating the principal amount for pension based on interest and rebar, and mentions a retirement program for those who take out the principal amount.
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The next question is from Todd Hazleton.

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from United Kingdom

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it allowed to have pension after one has retired from a government job.

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As far as pension is concerned, there is nothing wrong

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in receiving pension, whether you're doing a government job or from a private company, but the only point to be noted is that most of the pensions that are given whether by the government or whether by private companies, they involve

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interest and rubber, because most of the company the government,

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when the pension is deducted from the salary of the employee, along with a percentage given by the employer, this money is kept in fixed deposit and banks are money instruments which earn interest. And later on after you retire, you start getting benefit from this, as we know very well, that interest is haram. And Allah clearly mentioned that the goddess Quran in surah baqarah chapter number two was to 278 and 279 that those who give up not the demands of Riba of interest, take notice of all from alliances and sole interest is a major sin. Not only is it a major sin, the Quran says aligned to the fool will wage a war against you. And in the book, The Cabal had two major sins,

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Mr. Madhavi lists interest as the 12th major sin and the Prophet peace be upon him said as mentioned had the most of the Al Hakim that

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the lowest level of Riba is like doing xinova chamada. So, because of this, if that pension amount that you receive involves rubber, then we should try and

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take out that element of rebar because you may not be involving yourself in rebar, but your employer may be. So, if someone is forcing it upon you, what you can do is you can calculate what is a principal amount which is from your salary, what is the principal amount which your employer has put and what is the element of rebar. So, when you get this pension after you calculate, if you get rid of this element of rebar, calculate the percentage it may be 10% 20% 30% whatever the percentages give this away in charity to the poor people for some noble cause, because this Riba has come in voluntary to you voluntary taking grip and giving charity that is haram, but in voluntary, somebody

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forcing you it is your money. It is your right that the employers giving you benefit, but if it's involving with the principal amount, the Quran says you can keep the principal amount and give away the rebar. So that rebar

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portion percentage from the pension if it is involving the interest should be given to charity. But the question would be if the pension is from Islamic source in the Islamic country that are following the Islamic Sharia they put it in takaful which is an Islamic based insurance or an Islamic based Sharia compliant pension fund in which everything is valid. So if it's based on Sharia principles, you can keep the complete amount of pension. If it's involving Riba you get rid of that percentage and inshallah you can utilize the percentage which is free from rubber

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