Is it Permissible to Use Credit Card

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Next question from no shot Ahmed

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Assalamualaikum, sir,

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is using credit card Hello.

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If you're talking about the conventional credit card

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where with the bank gives you permission, that you can utilize X amount of money depending upon the credit card with that is bronze level silver level gold level depending upon the amount some give you $2,000, some give $10,000, some $40,000 depending upon the level, and this money that you utilize you have to give within one or two months. And if you give that then there is no interest. If you get above that, then there is an exorbitant interest which goes to up to maybe 3% a month that is 36% anywhere from two to 3% a month. That is 24 to 36% a year, which is exorbitant.

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And I know there are some scholars who say that if you're using a credit card as long as you see to it you pay within the stipulated time within the one month or two month frame and no interested that's permitted. I disagree with it. It is totally Haram. The moment to take a credit card from a conventional bank, you are signing a document saying that if you do not pay it in time, you will give her by signing a document that you will pay by those who are

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a lender a full wage war against you. So even using a credit card with the intention that you will not take longer than the time permitted. I know majority of the Muslims living in western countries in America and European countries in UK have a credit card from a conventional bank majority. Unfortunately, I know there are scholars of the Western countries that need permission, it is 100% totally Haram, all the major scholars whether it be chocolate, I mean whether it be champion mass, majority have said even having a credit card of conventional bank is haram. Because you are finding and who can give guarantee that you will always be on time or you mean me. You can make a mistake if

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once also you forget to pay on time. It is

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a land of the three vijaywada needs to even if you pay on time regularly, only signing a document is haram. So using a credit card of a conventional bank, it's totally Haram. I'm aware there are some scholars again permission I disagree with them. What you can do is you can have a credit card from Islamic bank. If it is Islamic bank, you can advocate card the other word you can do is have a debit card or debit card mean the money is already in your account that you're not signing a document saying that you pay interest. So debit card in a conventional bank is permitted credit card in a conventional Mangabeira. However, credit card Islamic bank is permitted because it works on the

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Islamic principles on the Sharia basis. There is no reward involved in this. So the best option is have a credit card Islamic bank. The second option is have a debit card in a conventional bank, which does not attract any interest. But credit card in a conventional manner is haram. It's a major sin. It is equivalent to doing Zina with your mother.

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Therefore, a prophet said it is clearly mentioned in most of the car Hakim added number two to five nine that there are 73 levels of Riba the lowest level is doing dinner with your mother. And it's clearly mentioned in the Quran in surah baqarah chapter two was number 272 79. That if you give up not the demands of Riba take notice of all from Atlanta for soul, so I request all the Muslims in any part of the world. If you have a credit card from any of the conventional bank, please today itself. If not today, tomorrow, please

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discontinue it open an Islamic bank. If you don't have Islamic bank, convert it into a debit card. debit card is permissible when there's no rebind more of them.