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wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Mallanna v Avada

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am I gonna do for

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him further koroni Guru comm watch guru Li foru Sara Kala blossom,

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respected elders and brothers.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala has favored us with innumerable favors. Allah says in the Quran, when in doubt do Amata la de la sua. If you try and count the fevers upon you, of Allah speed was upon you, you will be unable to do so. Allah Allah created us from amongst Ashraful mclucas, the best of Allah goddess creation, the coconut milk in Santa Fe, Sunny Dupuis, I created with the best of moles amongst the best of humankind, the best of endless creation. Allah tala then created us amongst the believers in manana alikhan assalamu colada manohara nuwara here is lahmacun by de la jolla mundo la comme la his favorite you and

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Eva, he gave you Hidayat upon him on and last favors. Now all of that Allah tala has granted us without being entitled to it. It's not as if you and I have got a certificate that Allah is obliged to have made as human beings. Allah was compulsory upon us to grant us a man it is nothing but Allah subhanho wa Taala favors Allah tala Kemper, beta Harsha Nia Motorhead actually a full

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demand Santa Rosa yahama sub b mangudya essanay Allah tala Coppola's into gamma min Allah subhanahu wa taala has favours upon us then Allah subhana wa Taala created the necessary means for our survival in this world. Every aspect Allah tala that we needed in this world, Allah subhanho wa Taala granted us Allah tala granted us every aspect. Let me give an example. The eyes we use a lateral assays Roger comb nimbu Tony Omaha tikamgarh monisha you came into this world from the wombs of your mother's letter Allah Muna. Shia you knew nothing. cochinita was Allah como Sam, I gave you the faculty of URI. I gave you the faculty of what how bizarre to see, when the faculty of

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understanding I gave you all of that. This I it blinks every six seconds.

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In an average lifespan.

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Keeping this ratio in mind, a person will blink 415 million times never have to go and give you know hyssop or never have to go and make it any type of service that you have to do so the eye can see. 8 million shades of color.

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what's the what's the deluxe color card? Or what's a plus con color card? This particular hike in see 8 million shades of colors was a very famous blind woman who passed on and she was not a believer, but not a Muslim. Right. So she Helen Keller, she wasn't a Muslim, but she wrote her autobiography after becoming blind. So in that autobiography, she wrote an amazing thing she said she became blind at the age of 19 months due to scarlet fever. So she said once before that I saw a tree before the age of 19 months. He said every time someone used to describe a tree, I used to take solace that I saw three before the age of 19 months it used to sustain me. But you and I we see

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Alice favours so many times. So many things that we see are not the favors that you're not supposed to see we say the support favors you are supposed to see. Look at Allah subhanho wa Taala how many when when do we ever thank Allah tala for all of this? and autonomy hamara Genie Kalia dunamis pub pedicure,

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oncology chair second man or chess second matchup there

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are all sides in the demon Charles openra million merkaba

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Chip chip chip chip chip chip patera hinga

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Allah subhanho wa Taala favors, million reindexing

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Allah subhanho wa Taala savers and let Allah granted as the food supply. Now you and I we take it for granted a piece of bread comes onto our table. We don't even say sometimes Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem

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we don't even say Bismillah Bismillah R Rahman Rahim To start off, but that particular Braidwood could not have come on to your table without so many forces of Allah subhanho wa Taala systems. Allah tala in the Holy Quran says you put the seed into the ground with regard to wheat and corn. In the love follicle have Allah tala split the seed without the splitting of the seed, nothing would have been able to come on to nothing would have been able to grow and not Allah brought the water down. Allah tala granted the moon, the moon light gives gives the the food and the fruits color and end the taste the sunlight, how many people needed to transport that particular bread and through

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the whole chain of distribution eventually comes onto your table and you find it difficult to say Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem before you eat. Allah subhanho wa Taala has granted us so many favors. Allah tala we breathe. We breathe 12 breaths a minute. In a day. A person will breathe 17,280 breaths.

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A minute, ma'am. Bara sans letterhead didn't miss cetera Hazara says yada yada I'm sans lingo.

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Therefore Allah subhanho wa Taala after granting us all these favors, unless you've had what Allah demands upon us, and now expects upon us that we must be grateful to Almighty Allah further qurani

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remember, Allah Allah will remember you wish to truly be grateful to Almighty Allah 100 food and do not be ungrateful to Almighty.

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ln shocker.

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If you are grateful to Almighty Allah, Allah will grant you more sugar.

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It doesn't mean you must make sugar on your wife and I will give you the second way as a checker to see that if you make sugar Allah subhanaw taala will grant you more. sama

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sama I gave you all the faculties of all this. Why did I give it to you come to school that you must be grateful and learning idea and economic candy. Allah has given us the faculty of hearing the faculty of thought all of this the faculty of speech, Allah sees the reason why I have given it to you.

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That you are grateful to Almighty Allah, I wonder questions comes How are we supposed to be grateful to Almighty Allah? I'm sure

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many people say alright, we know Allah tala has told us to be made sugar, how do we make sugar? How are we grateful to Almighty Allah? Let me give you certain processes with regard to making sugar. The first thing is for you to have a conscious decision, that while I am obliged to make sugar

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I will never ever be sufficiently grateful to Almighty Allah.

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We must make sugar but we know we will never ever be able to be sufficiently grateful to Almighty Allah mentioned is made about as a doubter, Li salat wa salam. One day he made what Almighty Allah Allah commanded us to make sugar and to be grateful. But even if we were to lift our tongue to show gratefulness, that also is your favor. How are we going to thank you for that?

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Then anatella Center,

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gotcha curtain, O'Dowd, now we have got an aspect of gratefulness. So the first thing you do is that we are obliged to make sugar but we will never ever be sufficiently grateful. So you know, in one household, the parents had taught the children after every at the beginning of every meal, you must allow miracle hamdulillah cashew our nothing today we thank you Allah, Allah We thank you. So one day the parent and the mother made some vegetable, Indian vegetable nowadays today the children don't like that. So the style child said you know told the parent and told her mother would Allah know if I'm lying for Allah know if I'm lying. For the first thing we have to make sugar for

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everything we make sugar even if we know we will not be able to be sufficiently grateful. Sugar Kesari subsea Pele hum sugar

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yummy liquid sugar to Karnataka. The second thing

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is the most important thing. acknowledgement of the gift that it comes from Allah.

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Everything every gift that we got, it's not our doing. It comes from Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala and that is the main aspect with regard to sugar Shipley Rama Talalay used to say that to turn the attention to the giver rather than the gift. Now all of us today we turn our attention to the gift near moto.

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Allah gives us wealth Allah gave us this Allah gave us that no one looks at the one who has given it. So what is sugar? Don't look at the gift. Look at the one who has given you. So the second aspect Allah tala ko Jana Jana Dini wala

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na ki Jo de agua, the second aspect with regard to it, and this is a you know, this is the main the main difference between a person who is grateful and who is humble, and one who is ungrateful and who's proud and arrogant. Therefore, line the Quran in surah have made mention of that proud person who was wealthy and there was his friend who was a humble person and he was a neat person. And he told me many gave him one advice in the CELTA, Janata, Kakuta, Masha Allah, why didn't you when you enter into your garden say this is what Allah gave me not what I had done. Why didn't you when you go into your profession, why didn't you when you go into your business every day say Masha Allah

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This is what Allah tala granted me not what I get. So the second aspect is to remember that you look at the one who gave not at the favor. The third thing is, as I made mentioned, you are not entitled to it. Allah has given you without you being entitled to it. When do we feel that Allah tala was entitled to give us anything? Whatever Allah has given us, it is it is purely his gift in his favor.

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There was was very great poet said Nafisa, Shah sobre, la la, the halifa was at Mana bukata I put him to lolly What a beautiful, you know, he had this whole most beautiful poem, where he makes mention of all the various papers of Allah, and then he always ended it with his word hum to his caminata sugar as budaya metal is carbon data to nap Nagar bhulaiyaa metal is COVID netta. You brought me into this house of Allah, Oh Allah, I was not worth you have it. The third thing is for you to remember you are not entitled to it, whatever law gives you. It is an aspect of his favor, not that he was obliged to give you the fourth thing What am I say? Now you use your tongue to thank

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Allah. Allah, Allah Allah hamdulillah Kashuk that must become that must become the mantra of our day. Every every aspect, eating drinking Allahumma Alhamdulillah cashew after we eat Alhamdulillah Hilary uttanasana to thank Allah was our tongue consciously and constantly Allahu Allah Al hamdu karma and Dara O Allah all praises due to you all all gratefulness in is all due to you come and Tara the way it is according to your status. Hello Malik al hamdu Komiyama de Jalali YG Kawashima photonic Allah, all praises due to you according to your status, Your Majesty Your greatness. Allah can

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help issue savani sugar to thank Allah with your tongue. The fourth thing that what am I have made mentioned is to show that gratefulness through the means of your family

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through the means of your deeds to show and now you are thankful for the famous Allah subhanho wa Taala has granted you and this is to sugar Miss Appleby, sugar family sugar. Emily Alicia Khurana here Zindagi se terrassa or is Ahmed ko Allah tala kipushi kimata because that is the main thing with even the smallest favor from Almighty Allah subhana wa Taala comes the moral responsibility to use that blessing. And that favor is it was intended to be used by Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah gave you wealth. Now you it's a moral responsibility to use that wealth as Allah subhanho wa Taala wants you to use it.

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Now I'm Alicia Can I give you an example of this as an Sharia law one day complaint and to be a cream sauce alum, Yasser Allah, Allah is granted to such a great status. Allah has elevated you Allah has made you the best of all creation, and now has guaranteed you Jenna, Allah is granted to that you will be the first to enter into Jenna. But why is it that you interact should you spend such great amount of time that your feet is swelling, these blisters appearing on your feet? What it may be occurring so seldom see respected brothers? I want you to listen to the answer.

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Other than shakoora

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Why should I not be grateful to Allah when he has granted me that? So what did he say sugar? That tattooed praise he referred to it as a means of making sugar.

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Now one of the things that many people say, Okay, what about the difficulties you and I we face in this world? So how are we supposed to make sure when we face difficulties have a perspective?

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muskie Lachman Yamato muscala or Nia moto Kawasaki, we must have a perspective as an Uber is salatu wa salam O Allah gave him many favors. He was a nephew of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And Allah granted him wealth Allah tala granted him children, he lived a very what we will call today a prosperous life. He became sick. And then that sickness lasted for seven years. And that sickness was that his entire body was falling away, the muscles were falling away. One day his wife told him, Hey, you know, we have a law. You are beautiful. Now why don't you ask Allah to grant you, Shiva from the illness that you have? You know what he replied? He said, I feel a shame. So why do you feel a

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shame? He said 70 years Allah gave me good. only seven years he tests me

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only seven years he tested me 70 years ago.

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So, when we have difficulty, let us let us balance the aspect with regard to what is the difficulty and ways the situation with regard to it. So this is some of the aspects that I said how we are supposed to make sugar. One easy way I will tell you with regard to how we can attain sugar and be grateful, is by Don't ever look at the people who have got more than you materially.

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Only look at those who are more pious than you spiritually look at those people who are who are better than you who make better salaries than you who's got better conduct than you who's got you know, feel a lot more than you. But as far as material things is concerned, don't look at those who are better than you. If you are going to start looking at those who are better than you you are going to become ungrateful. Look at those who got less than you. Then you will see inshallah you will become and by the respective others. One of the great aspects with regard to you know, sugar is the opposite. And that is the warning which Allah subhana wa Taala has sounded with regard to those

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who are not sugar. Those who are ungrateful to Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala. Allah subhana wa Taala warns us with regard to this, whether in cafardo if it's amazing thing is, you know, normally we will say gratefulness and gratefulness

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a person who is a person who is grateful and a person who is ungrateful. Do you know what you would allow users for now? shoukry in the Holy Quran? Do you know what word Allah uses for those who do not who are ungrateful? Allah uses the word who for

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not once many times in the Holy Quran, lane Shakur, Toma has eaten the kumala in Khartoum, if you are ungrateful, all that tafsir makes mention of this is what I refer to but the word is used

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because a person who is a disbeliever is the one who denies the image of Allah, if you are ungrateful, you are denying the famous of Allah tala upon you. And Allah says my my punishment will be very, very severe. And part of the punishment is Allah tala can take away that fever. Now look at the words of the Holy Quran.

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My father in law will be either become in Chicago tomorrow, man, what does Allah gay cane by punishing you if you are grateful? Well, am I right? This mean this verse means if Allah gave you a name, but what does Allah gain by taking it away from you?

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What does Allah gain? If Allah gave you something? What does Allah gain by taking it away from you? But Allah will only take it away from you if you are ungrateful.

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If Allah gave you a favor and it's taken away from you, then it is because of ungratefulness.

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Therefore Allah subhanho wa Taala warns us in the Holy Quran, Allah Sankara to incarnate Amanita Mahatma inna Yachty

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in Colima, Kerala gives an example of a city getting rich from all quarters

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Yachty aresko Raja min Colima can in fact, be anomala they, they were ungrateful of Alice pavers upon them for that the hula hula bustle. He will have Allah tala change peaceful conditions into one of fear. Allah subhanho wa Taala change prosperous conditions into one of anger. Why? Look at the words of the Quran for the anomala because they were ungrateful, and they did not make sufficient sugar to the famous

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Allah granted them. Brothers You and I, unfortunately we are not sufficiently Allah Allah in the Holy Quran in Abuja, I don't have the time If only I could have told you how Allah in the surah has given the example of a horse that does so much for his master goes into the midst of the battle, and all of that, and after making mention of what the horse does for its master, and the master keeps it only a little bit of grass, Allah says in in Santa Clara de la karoon human being is very ungrateful to Allah subhanho wa Taala human being is very, as a matter of the allow our kukula this O'Meara de la to one day, so a person he was making do I in the heart of Allah how much I live in alkylene

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Allah, Allah Allah, Allah make me among the very few Allah make me among the very few Omar said, You are making a do I've never seen anyone making such a dua. What do you see? He said, Omar Allah in the Quran says workarea luminae buddy.

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Very few people are grateful.

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Making dua Oh Allah make me amongst those who are grateful. Make me amongst those of the very few who are grateful. For others Allah challenges us that you are normally inclined towards ungratefulness Let us therefore become grateful to Almighty Allah, that Allah subhanho wa Taala can bless us