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In Alhamdulillah,

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lush Meadow

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01 or Rue de la Himanshu Rory and fusina woman z, Tiana Lena mania de la hufa moolah, wanna you boo fella Haji Allah?

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Allah Isla in La la la sharika What should I do Anna Mohammedan Abu Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi woman Toby. Sonny Mila Yomi Diem yeah I you held it in an otaku? La haka Ducati. wanna move

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on to mostly moon? Yeah, you Hannah sutopo rock documentary holla cocoon FC wahida masala caminhada Westerman. humare jalin Cathy young when he said, What Taku la Hilaire de de una de Waal or harm in aloha Corona honeycomb rocky era

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Yeah, you hella Dina man otaku la kulu Colin said EDA, useless.

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When you're a

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woman you have Rasulullah, who, circa 1000.

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After the death of the Prophet sallallahu, alayhi wasallam.

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The Sahaba the companions.

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They took this Deen of Islam

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and spread it

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across the world.

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When the companions reached

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the outskirts of the Persian Empire,

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the Persians

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ask them to send an envoy

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to come and talk to them to negotiate with them.

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And so the Sahaba sent

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a group under the leadership of rebury Burnham, neurobiol Walkman.

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And so when Raven hammer arrived at the court of the Persian leader,

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he found that it was decorated,

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all the luxuries of the dounia were there before his eyes.

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But none of that distracted him.

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And so he entered

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and the guards, they asked him to remove his weapons.

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But he said, No.

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It is not me who came on myself. I didn't come here on my own accord, but rather you are the ones who sent me. You are the ones who asked for us to come. So either leave me as I as I am or I will leave.

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And then the Persians. They asked,

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they asked, what is it that brings you to us?

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And so really we have been Amira, viola who

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he replied, We have not come on our own accord. We haven't come

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ourselves, but rather, Allah subhanahu wa taala has sent us to remove whom He wills, from the slavery of man to the slavery of Allah.

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From the narrowness of the dounia, to its vastness, from the injustice of religion,

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to the justice, of a race.

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And then he said, Allah subhanho wa Taala sent us with this religion, to invite and call mankind to it.

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Whoever accepts it, we will acknowledge it, and leave them alone. But whoever rejects it, we will fight them until we attain the promise of Allah Subhana who.

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And so the long story short,

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the long story the dialogue continues,

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until finally, the Persians decide to reject the proposal.

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And as a result,

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history recorded one of the greatest battles ever, in which

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a small number

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defeated and brought down a huge empire. In those days, the only two powers in the world were the Roman Empire and the Persian Empire. This event

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The Battle of an odyssey saw the end of the Persian Empire.

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My dear brothers and sisters, one of the lessons that we learned from this story

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is how the Sahaba

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they cherished, and they valued

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this religion of Islam.

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They took pride in it.

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It was not something that they felt shy about. It was not something that they felt that we have to hide it, that we have to conceal our Islamic identities, know, they cherished it so much that they were willing to take it that far, where the odds are against them.

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And yet,

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they took it to their opponents, calling them to the religion of Islam,

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even though the consequences were great, my dear brothers and sisters, why is it that we don't find this same spirit

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among us Muslims?

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Come 1400 years later, and we find

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a 180 degree change. Instead of Muslims

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taking pride in their religion, instead of Muslims, feeling proud about what we have,

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valuing what we have cherishing gifts, you find

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that we want to hide it.

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We don't want to share it with others. We don't want even people to know what we have.

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Why is it that so many Muslims today have this defeatist mentality and are afraid to show their Islamic identity?

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There's one reason and one reason only. And that is because they don't value it.

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Yes, we don't value this Deen of Allah Islam. It has no value in our hearts, because if it did, we wouldn't be in a state that we are.

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Among the causes behind why we don't value this religion of Islam, like that first generation of Muslims did is first and foremost, because of our heedlessness

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because we have forgotten about the purpose of why we are here in this dunya we are heedless

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of why we're here. And we're we're heading to

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this Deen of Allah Islam is something that was passed on to us and not something

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that we had to find on our own.

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And thirdly,

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we have become disconnected

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our glorious past

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and we are stuck on our present condition thinking

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that the only pride and the only source of glory and honor for us

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is in other dental is

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barakallahu li walakum wa when one of our annual er can leave the MFI he made it was declared Hakeem aku matters marone are still federal law. Howdy welcome Melissa. You didn't see me. Let me know. Crystal Pharaoh who in who can have a pharaoh or two who want to lie in who can

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Alhamdulillah he

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was shockula who Allah tau v one Tina. Worship Allah. Allah Allah wa hula Sheree Keller who tell him Alicia wash had one no Mohammed Abu Rasulullah

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alayhi wa

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he was Elana Omen sarah g Ji, waka Rahu Illa Yomi Diem, and nabad for de la vida de la he were all people who care when najwa au hella Dena Taku

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but definitely what what de la la la hobby room Bheema tomorrow,

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my dear brothers and sisters, how is it that we

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can get ourselves

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value and cherish Islam, like our predecessors,

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the Sahaba they cherished it and they valued it.

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First and foremost, realize the purpose of why we are here in this dunya and wake up from your heedlessness, remind yourself, of why we're here and where we're heading to, and give preference to the pleasure of Allah over your own pleasure. And remember,

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that when the time comes, it will be too late to go back and change things.

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When the appointed term of a law comes,

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and he sends the angel of death, it will be too late

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to go back

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and change

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and give preference to what Allah loves and is pleased with over our own pleasure. When you are clear Allahu nefs and Elijah Juha

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Allah subhanho wa Taala will not delay a person for even a moment for even a split second

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when his appointed term comes, secondly, most of us had been gifted with this Deen of Islam

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because it was passed on to us by our parents. And so we don't value it because it was not something

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that we struggle to find.

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It was not something

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that we had to spend years on end to find.

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But rather it was simply passed on to us. And so most of us, we take it for granted. And the reality is that you only value something

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after you never used to have it before.

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And so ask those who spent years looking for Islam,

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and you find how much they cherish and they value Islam. Unlike us, we were ready to give it up.

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over the very small issues. And yet they if they were put to the test, they would not give it up for even the biggest of tests.

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And this is what we find among the companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. For they were also gifted this Deen of Islam, but they were gifted it by coming across it and accepting it.

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And so Abu Dhabi, Allahu Han,

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when he accepted Islam in Mecca,

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he was told

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as an outsider, he was told of the hostile environment in Macau.

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He was told not to declare his Islam publicly.

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But he took too much pride in Islam. He valued it so much this gift, this treasure that he had found

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that he couldn't control himself.

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And so he went to the Kava, and declared his Shahada openly.

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And so the leaders of courage they came.

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And they asked him, Are you a fool? What are you doing?

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And they beat him and beat him until he went unconscious.

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many of us are disconnected from our glorious past. And we only see our current, humiliating situation. But what will make you to value Islam is by connecting yourself to your glorious past, from the time of the Sahaba read their stories, read the life of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and read the history of Islam. And then you will realize that the only way for us to attain any glory

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to attain any

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esteem any honor in this life is by following in their footsteps. And so

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when the Muslims they defeated the

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to conquer vital Noctis Jerusalem.

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The keys of the city were handed over to the leader of the Muslims,

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who was the leader of the Muslims.

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And so the Sahaba they wanted their leader to enter into the city in style

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like a conqueror does, in lavish clothes.

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In the finest of horses,

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he refused.

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Instead, he had his donkey.

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And even then he got off of his donkey.

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And with his donkey in his hand,

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he walked barefoot

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into the city

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and made his famous statement that will be recorded until

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he said to his companions, in

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the locker room in the varizen, Allahu bil Islam, Furman

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He said,

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that we used to be the most humiliated of people, meaning we Arabs, were the most humiliated of civilization.

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And then

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Allah raised our status, Allah elevated us

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and brought us to where we are today. through what, through Islam.

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So no matter how much we try to seek honor, and glory, and elevation through other than it through other than Islam,

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then Allah will humiliate us, Allah will degrade us, and bring us back down.

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And so read history. And this is what you find

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that whenever we Muslims turned to other than Islam, and turn to the dounia, we were degraded. We were humiliated. As we find our condition today.

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We Muslims on an individual basis, and on the communal level.

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We are seeking elevation through other than Islam. And so we will never rise from our state until

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we make Islam our source

00:17:53--> 00:17:57

of elevation, and our source of glory.

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And so my dear brothers and sisters,

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uphold your Islam.

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Take pride in your Islam value it, cherish it, never give it up. Do not hide it in the face of ridicule in the face of mockery. Many Muslims today, they feel ashamed to show their Islam and their Islamic identity. Why? Because they say that people will laugh at us. People will make fun of us.

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But remind yourself

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of your predecessor.

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Look at what happened

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to new Halley's Salaam

00:18:45--> 00:18:49

when Allah subhanho wa Taala commanded him to build the ark the ship.

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Whilst not only Furukawa Kula Murali mela comi Sophie Roman in

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Allah commanded him to build a ship.

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And so he started to build it, him and the believers. Allah says, whenever a group of the chiefs of the leaders would come by and see what they're doing, they would mock them, they would make fun of them. So when Harry Sam said call into score room in the in NASCAR room, he can come at us Harun

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if you are making fun of us today,

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then we will be making fun of you tomorrow.

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And that will be on the Day of Judgment.

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In alladhina duramo can Amina lady Rahman we have hakuin

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the criminals these to laugh at the believers

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what he dama Ruby him yet Obama's own way Don't call her boo le him in Colorado very lucky him. What either Oh whom call in the house.

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La Isla de la lune they would wink at one another when they would see the believers they would make fun of them. When they would go back to their families, they would rejoice at what they did.

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Leo melody

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ii kiambu has the weeble co founder.

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And so on this day meaning on the Day of Judgment, the believers will be laughing at the disbelievers upon elevated cultures.

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Having the disbelievers been given the recompense of what they used to do.

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We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to keep it steadfast upon this Deen to make us devaluate to make us to cherish it. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to make us devalue it and cherish it until the day that we meet him alone no feelings see me you know what I'm gonna see Matt. When meaning you know what I mean? Not

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in the curse me. Cory Boone moochie without

00:21:13--> 00:21:18

Islam we must we mean what are the last shirakawago mushrikeen Madame

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Lagarde along

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with Zilla zero Amina was defeated Navarre Amina baton

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chrome Rob traffic Jr. has an affiliate sera de hacer una joaquina

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in the La Jolla

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we don't have an infection, you will mean can you Will you come to the karoun first guru law v Min gelila is korakuen mush guru and he has it well as a crow la de la jolla alum