Mohammed Hijab – Hasanat Responds to the Allegations

Mohammed Hijab
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Salam aleikum, wa Taala to now following Omar Abdullah's and Sarah statements. I can tell you all that it is true that at certain points of my life, I was actually an agnostic. And I did push them Abdullah towards that as well. Now with regards to Sarah, she has never been an agnostic. In fact, when we went through those phases, Sara helped us overcome our doubts and problems on numerous occasions. So with regards the rest allegations, I should be addressing them very shortly inshallah Baraka love. salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah what I can't. So we just heard this man's

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confession. And how the villa I did not really

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I'm lost for words that people in this oma or that claim to be Muslim, can actually

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can actually do that can actually go out and pretend to be Muslims, to scam Muslims take their money. And I've, we've seen a living example of this, of these

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disingenuous individuals doing that. And from this, I think the case has been closed on this now. We can miss the final chapter in the book. There's no more

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plot, the plot won't thinking anymore or mature.

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The story ends here. But there's some lessons we can learn from this. And I just wanna highlight two.

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One of them is hooter alone.

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Because Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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He, he tells us, so you're also Latina, and I'm telling him and sort of

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the path of those who you have got it. And the last panel Thailand, another part of the Quran,

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it says, Well, miyota Allah Rasul

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Allah, Allah Dena and I'm Allahu Allah human and never you know, Cindy Aquino, sure that was solid was not really a cut off.

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So the path of those who you have favored

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as a part of those historical figures, who have come and gone and passed the test the fitna and whose example we can follow, and whose

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son nephew like their way has been legitimized by Allah subhanho wa Taala himself. So Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the Quran, in contrast to a boon of life, only, you haven't broken the law. If you love Allah and follow me.

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ie the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam I love and love you.

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Following the path, Islam is following the path of the prophets, Prophet Abraham millet, Ibrahim, Prophet Jesus as

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Moses, and of course Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who is the final messenger.

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And then after that, you have this a hub, you have the companions, and the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam told us haidakhan corny, sama, Latina, Molina, the best generation is my generation, then those who follow them, and then those who follow them.

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And so the first thing we have to learn from that is that if you're going to attach your Eman your faith with any person or any people, then that should be with the prophets of Islam. prophets like Noah, Abraham, Moses and Jesus, who all came to proclaim, to hate the oneness of Allah subhanho wa Taala don't rely on me, him or her or whoever else is alive and who can swerve at any time in any day.

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So that's, that's lesson one.

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lesson two is is actually directed to these two individuals or these group of individuals all of which have deceived the public. And my question is was it with lost paradise? Isn't the client listen to this? in reverse, which is very well known?

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Allah subhanaw taala says

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yeah, I you

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don't walk I mean, me Kelly Kenny. Allah de la Kaka so far either like, fee is

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our Kabak gullible to Cali una de

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la, la ha feeling killer on

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Yeah, I live

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El salona I oh my god d n,

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b or Eb

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amo de

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Gama I own

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yo mala eco enough soon enough

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last panelist on a Cessna from

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Oh human being what has deceived you about your lawn

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the most generous

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The one who created you let the Hala Kaka for so worker and apportion proportion Do you father like

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unbalanced you literally

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feel like fine tuned you

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feel a useful rotten mesh Erakovic in whatever image you wanted to. He put you together.

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He composed you. He

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put you together

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Bella Bella Bella to Kaduna with Dean that may you

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belie the religion, the way of life IE Islam.

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And you have have a when

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have you been here are the angels that are writing what you do? Yeah, Allah Mona mata falloon they know what they what you do.

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That surely abrar left you name. The good people are going to be in heaven, waiting for joella fija him and the ones who are bad will be now your slow nyama Dean, they will go into the Hellfire on the day of judgment or mahoma and have your heartbeat and they will never be absent from that day from the health I ever again.

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Oh my god and what do you what would make you know what the Day of Judgment is? some amount that I can make? And what again would make you know what the day after yom last time lucquin absolutely nothing shape, the day when no one will

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possess anything over Anyone else? Well, amaru Yama is in the law. And that day, the command will be for Allah.

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Wherever you are doing your club life,

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doing this that the other, what did what did they even give you? What can the world offer us?

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What kind of world offers nothing? ally, we have to think about

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the purpose of life.

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Think about the purpose of life, why are we here. We can all come back. We can all go back to the purpose of life. And this guy, the chapters closed on him.

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And he still has a chance to repent

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and closes account as I'm sure he's going to do now of humiliation. But for the rest of us. For the rest of us we need to go back to the path and rely on a lion His messengers and rely upon the companions who came after the messengers and follow the true guidance. And by that we'll be realizing

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human basic basic human function, our purpose of life, so monochromatic

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