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In this aforesaid lecture, Shaykh Yasir attempts to provide explicit details on the topic that is marked with controversy – the expulsion of Banu Nadheer which was in actuality, an event that led to the Battle of Ahzab as this tribe was chiefly if not solely responsible for the Battle.

The Banu Nadheer were owners of massive lands filled with date palm trees and their fortresses. Huyayy ibn Akhtab was the chieftain of Banu Nadheer whose daughter is Safiyah who will be the future wife of the Prophet ﷺ. Whenever the tribe saw the Prophet ﷺ and the sahabah, their chiefs would get very happy and welcome the Prophet ﷺ. but the harsh reality was their bad intention, which was to assassinate the Prophet SAW. Of course, their evil intentions never bore success due to the help of various factors as can be heard in the lecture. Surah Ma’idah is complete with details on the treachery of the Banu Nadheer.

Many issues transpired with the Banu Nadheer that weakened them immensely of which was their self destruction of their huge fortresses and acres of date palms when being asked by the Prophet ﷺ to leave Madinah. Only the converts to Islam were asked to remain with their houses and other property.

Next in the discussion is the Tafseer of Surah Hashr and we realise why this Surah is called Hashr with reference to the tribe of Banu Nadheer.


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Mohammed hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah He was the one who Allah Hi My bad. So I promised you a quick pop quiz so Asif quickly.

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Number one. Mahajan, momineen listener memorize them all together. Number one,

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Khadija number two

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Okay, number two soda number three Asia with the consummation happened later on so then the guy took place at this time number four

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number four how sir? So actually I shouldn't have sold actually, in the order that we know I shouldn't have right number five. Zane I've been to hoceima right. And then I've been to Jose Ma. What is the main thing about the we need to know the most important thing

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she passed away. She passed away within within a few months of marriage. That's why we hardly have any details right this is a bit to Hosea. And then we said one of the tidbits of I was in a bit of Jose was that her half sister eventually also became the wife of the Prophet similar sentiment that is made more with more love into the habit and we'll talk about that in a while and then number six is

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homeless element number six is Ole Miss Anima Hindi Binti RB omega ullmark zamia. And so as of yet, the only non oroshi wife is Zane have been to cuisine as of yet they will become more later on as of yet. So the first six wives of the Prophet so seldom, only one of them was non Karachi, the rest were all from the Quran. Of course, later on, this is going to change now, we now move on today. And today we're going to do another of the controversial topics. And that is the expulsion of the ban will not lead to the expulsion of the bundle, normally, and this is a precursor to the Battle of a zap. So the expulsion of the wounded is a direct precursor to the Battle of zap, why the bundle now

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there are the main goal, the main guilty party are the culprits of the Battle of zap, the main people who actually instigated and planned and prodded people to do it. They're the balloon audience, right. So that is why, in fact, this story links directly to the App Store, even though today we're not going to get to the I seven. In fact, there's a very big issue that took place in between that we're also going to spend maybe two days on maybe even three, we'll see a shallow data. Now, when did this happen? So the bundle will be a

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bit of a controversy when it took place. For now, let us assume that it took place after the incidents of arogya and morona, arogya and morona, which took place and suffered in the fourth year of the hedgerow and suffer in the fourth year of the hedgerow. And if you recall, one of the Sahaba, who had been spared from the massacre, I'm going to be omiya. On the way back, he met two people from the very tribe that had done the massacre, you remember the story, right? Remember, the story is there it's a bit of a complicated story. And that's because obviously, as usual, the details are sparse, you need to piece it together. But piecing it together to refresh your memory. It was the

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tribe of Bahamas, there was somewhat of a not a civil war. That's a big issue, but somewhat of a big clash between the Bahamas. You had the main elder who had promised the profitsystem Don't worry, all Muslims are safe. Right? And then you had his nephew, who was struggling for power, and who disobeyed his uncle. And who then committed the massacres in particular have in particular have a bit of Marana in particular the Bill and Melinda massacre, he completely ignored what his uncle had done, and massacred all of the Muslims. So therefore, we can say the bundle Ahmed was kind of divided. Some of them were supporting the bulk and the elder and that is the main person who gave

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the the man who gave the treaty to the Prophet system. And some of them were supporting the younger nephew, and the one who had committed the massacre. So these two people that were killed, they were not known the Sahabi. I'm gonna be Romania. He did not know the whole story. He assumed the entire tribe had committed treason, right? He assumed the whole tribe had committed treason. So basically, it's self defense, and also, frankly, vengeance both. It's self defense that look if they find out I'm a Muslim, they'll kill me. And then there's also vengeance, they killed all of us, we need to now go back and attack he didn't know the whole story. He didn't know all of that. So this is an

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innocent life that has been taken in fact to innocent lives. So we said the Prophet sallallahu Sallam promised to pay the blood money. The Blood Money is a massive amount. 100 camels

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There's no joke multiplied by two gives you 200 camels. This is a fortune. And according to the Constitution, the Treaty of Medina, anytime there's an affair that afflicts the whole city, everybody must join together and help out. And this makes it easier because when you have 3000 4000 people all paying for 200 camels, this will work out to something that's very affordable for every person right now, footnote to your paws here. Islamic law. Many of you don't know this is very interesting Islamic law stipulates that in cases of accidental manslaughter,

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the blood money will be paid by the entire tribe,

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not just by the one person now in case of murder, then the punishment is on the murder case of accidental manslaughter, then, in fact, the entire tribe will chip in to help the tribesmen and this is one of those issues were in modern fifth, we have no idea what to do we need to rethink any modern age that needs to be done. Because you cannot afford 100 camels right 100 camels is simply too much for one person to afford. So what would the the tribe do? The tribe would have a fund this is pre Islam and also post Islam. The tribe would have a general fund that every member of the tribe would give to the general fund. This is now the treasury of the tribe. Right? So if one of the

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members of the tribe might accidental manslaughter accidental manslaughter in our times you drive a car accidentally you kill somebody This is accidental manslaughter, right. Manslaughter by definition generally is accidental. So Islamic fit stipulates you have to pay blood money and fast two months correct. Now fast two months is on yourself paying blood money. The The books are Filkin also is in their Hadith state that the tribe will help out the Muslim your tribe will help out and what is the ratio of you and the tribe this will be decided amongst yourselves? No doubt the one who does the client has to pay the big percentage, but the tribe will see okay, what is your status, if

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you're a multimillionaire, then maybe you pay the whole if you're not that rich, then you pay 10% and 90% divided on all of us. So if there are 2000 people, then everybody pays $10 $20 and Mashallah to about a cola, all of it will, will be put together. So this is actually fifth Islamic Phil has it to this date. Now getting back to our story. So we have a lot of money. So we have to collect it from everybody in the city. And one of the largest tribes and one of the wealthiest tribes is the who the tribe with the vulnerabilities. Hence, we get to the story of the bundle Nadia, how did the process of end up in banana leave, because he wants help in paying the blood money for something

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that is common for the entire city of Medina. Now, this is not the first time we're hearing of the balloon, the balloon and Odeon have played minor roles in the past. And this is now they're coming up again and again, there have been previous troubles with them. The first of these troubles, in fact, we did not mention in this particular class. And that's because it is an isolated incident that does not involve the whole tribe. But it does involve a segment of them. And we learned from one of the books of Hadith and that is the Masada abdulrazaq, we learned that the binondo did some of them. They conspired to murder literally in cold blood, some of the Muslim end of the sofa, the

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people of the end, you can call them the rolana. Basically, these are the ones who are an authority and respect right. And they were only discovered Allah wielded, of course that one of them. Yanni, they shared the plot with somebody who then told the Muslims so it's a long story, but basically eventually Allah expose their blog, no harm was done. No harm was done. But the plot of murder was concocted by a group of them, but not the whole tribe. So they were not punished as a group. Now we also learn from one of the early pseudo authorities Muslim in Europa. He says that the bundle Nabila helped the Quraysh in the Battle of a herd with logistics and with the lay of the land geography and

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this makes a lot of sense because how would the kurush know where to camp and where to have the best place to meet the Muslims? So here we learn from Musa Europa is one of the early authorities in the second century along with inside than others he's of the classical authorities of the Sierra Musab Nicobar says it was the balloon aldea who was helping the kurush in the Battle of offroad. So this is very recent is fresh, how did they help them by guide by telling them where to camp and what to do? Right so they know the lay of the land the police don't know that they have the land. So who did becomes the guide of the orange now, yet another point that is adding to the whole tension with

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Bonanno did the entire incident of gab even a shut off? Remember cabinet shut off right, God even Ashraf remember what was his lineage who can remind me

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half Arab half yahoodi father's side and see his a very unique and a very you

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unique position. The Arabs considered him Arab. The hoody considered him yahoodi. Why? Because his mother was from the Bonanno lead.

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And his father was from the pure Arabs. So he had basically the best of both worlds and he was good as we said he was considered to be very handsome, flatteringly handsome. And he had a big ego, because when he when his that's how they killed him, wasn't it? Right, that they praised his good looks and his hair and whatnot. And he just called us he fell for it. Because he had that exotic if you'd like mix, he was also the poet. He was also one of the richest businessmen he had his private fortress. He didn't live with the rest. He had his private fortress, because the hood had their fortresses. They didn't live like the Arabs live, they have even a different architecture. And

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somebody should research this up. This is not my speciality, perhaps somebody who's listening or somebody who's expert in architecture. This is an interesting question, which will shed light on what is the origin of the hood? Where do they come from? Where did they learn how to build fortresses? This is not something the Arabs would do. This is something coming from elsewhere. Right? So this is a question beyond my expertise. People who are experts in history of architecture should discover because there's still a big question, Where did these people come from? We still don't know. Remember, I gave a whole three, four or five theories remember, so many months ago, and

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this is one of those factors we can use to narrow it down? Was it Yemen? Was it Syria was it was it, you know, wherever it was, this is one of the questions that could be used. In any case, cabinet minister of the whole situation of gab is linked to the balloon, because they consider him one of their chieftains one of their elite, even though he's not the big guy. He's not the chieftain per se, but he's one of the elite. And he's one of the most respected of the bundle deal. So by eliminating him, the bundle deal automatically are feeling tension and obviously anger and whatnot. So there's quite a lot of minor incidents that are working up to something big. So there was tension

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amongst the Muslims about walking to the vulnerability and asking for the blood money. Nonetheless, the Prophet says I'm boubakeur, Omar, and some of the core Sahaba. One day they decided to basically walk through the burden of lead and the burden of the lived south of Medina. So they made a day trip down to their, their their plantations and the bonadio, as was the case of the hood that were involved in agriculture. They had massive lands of date, groves, and date palm trees, and in the middle of these date palm trees, they would build these special fortresses. And every mini tribe would have their fortress, right, every mini tribe would have their fortress. And this was something

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unique for the hood, they would have clay but had it as well. And the WHO THE Vsat have had it as well. And other yahood has it as well. And as I said, that's a separate question, which How are they all linked together? So when they saw the Profit System and the Sahaba, the the leaders amongst them, welcome them, and they were very, they showed a lot of happiness. And one of them said, It is about time, you came to us for our help, meaning we're doing a favor to you now, it's about time you came to us and asked us because we're the ones who we should be helping you out, basically. And so they put him outside of the fortress. And I said, wait till that is going to figure out what we're

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going to do. And it is said that the process of sat down with the Sahaba and the fortresses above them. And when they entered back in, they began disputing amongst themselves. One of them said, this is our opportunity. Let's take it he's sitting right under the wall of the fortress. Let us go to the top. And we can and that's how they protect fortresses. They have their big items, right? They have their rocks, although this is prepared, because that's what you do with the fortress, right? And we can throw a rock on him and call us our problems are eliminated with the elimination of the leadership. What will the Muslims be able to do after that? And another said, No, this is gonna

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cause a lot of obviously, backlash and whatnot. Eventually, the plan was enacted that yes, let us simply go to the top of the turret, go to the top of the of the fortress and call us we have it ready right there. We're going to lower directly onto the Profit System we're talking about in a matter of minutes now, because this is all prepared. That's what a fortress is. Right? So immediately, and the Sahaba were not understanding why the process of them stood up and just walked away immediately. And later on, he informed them that Jubilee had had come and told him, right, but outwardly, the Sahaba had no idea what is going on. The process of them simply stood up and walked

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away and returned to Medina without even saying one word, because jabril had said stand up right now and just leave. So he's going to obey Allah subhanho wa Taala to the jury, he literally stood up and walked away without even uttering one word about where he went. The Sahaba waited, waited, waited, they had no clue. They're waiting for him to return as well. And so eventually,

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they didn't do anything because the processing was not there. So the Sahaba returned back to Medina and Allah subhana wa Tada. I mean, he informed the Sahaba that Allah azza wa jal had told him that they had a plan to

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To kill him they had a plan to kill him. So this is the famous incident that we all hear about that the who'd wanted to throw a rock on him. This is the balloon. This is when it takes place the vulnerable did when he was sitting under their fortress, ostensibly according to one report, they said okay, yeah great you're here you know we're gonna prepare a massive feast. Just wait let us do the the work for you. Let us basically welcome you. Obviously, you don't have secretaries coming in arranging this and those days you just walk and you do it right. So the process of them comes unexpected. So actually, it's understood that it's going to be a little bit of okay wait, let us

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prepare the place for you. Right But is prepared the fortress let us throw a feast for you. So there's nothing fishy per se, for having him solo sit and wait outside while they prepare and they get a feast and they sacrifice an animal. This is understood. So this is as we said, how they took advantage of the protocol that it makes complete sense for them to do what they're doing. And they tried to assassinate the prophets of Salaam and Allah subhana wa Tada. Later on many years later, he revealed suited ma EDA and

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pseudo tilma is of course it was one of the last suitors revealed and Allah subhana wa tada referenced in one ayah just in passing this incident and then he moved on to talk about more fresh incidents right. So to begin the story of the treachery of that entire group, Allah subhanho wa Taala began so within my diverse 11 that Yeah, you will already know Amma Ruth Kuru. Narita la hora de como un yep so to la comida home for cafe dia home and come that oh you who believe remember the blessings of Allah subhanho wa Taala on you. When a group from amongst you desire to reach you to kill you is Hama Coleman and Yep, so today's video, where did Allah Subhana Allah *a ada omenka

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Allah stop their hands from reaching you, Allah stop their hands from reaching you. So Allah knows the Sultan ma is all about the treachery of this group and what they have done. This is like the very first reference, this happened and then this happened, then this happened. So the whole story goes on. So this is something sort of in my head that came down, perhaps four years after this incident. Right? So Allah mentions remember when that happened was guru remember when that happened? And that reference according to Ibn Abbas, he said, this is one who did attempt to to eliminate the Prophet salallahu idea he was setting them. So the Prophet system then returned back and he told us

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to have a buck Rama waited. When he didn't return, they realize something is up and he's there. They're seeing him walk away. So they went back to Medina. And he told them the whole story. And then he sent a messenger through Mohammed animus Lama to back to the bundle novia to tell them in detail, this is what you said this is what you did. And so he's exposing the plot, I know exactly what happened, this is what you said to him, he said this to that. And because of this, I have given you the the the only option that you have is to leave in 10 days to leave in 10 days. And if I see any of you have if we see any of the bundle delete after this, then this will be the death penalty

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for them. You have 10 days to leave. And initially when they heard this, obviously they were caught by surprise. They knew exactly they were at fault. So they tried to argue with Mohammed didn't Muslim and Mohammed Muslim was a friend of theirs in the days of jelenia. And he said How could you be doing this to us? Mohammed even a Muslim I said Islam has come and changed everything. My friendship is now with those who have Islam Islam has come and change everything. The weather and Bara are the loyalties and friendships all of this is now in relation to Allah subhana wa tada and His Messenger so they were late literally caught red handed so they agreed. And they said okay,

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we'll leave. When news of this spread in Medina, Abdullah of New Haven saloon, the head of the hypocrites could not believe that his friends and his allies and his entourage who didn't know he was friendly with all of the yahoodi tribes, all of them and especially the banana lead and Calvin Ashraf was a personal friend of his so Abdullah of nobody been salute could not believe that they would be expelled. And so he sent them a message. And that message was extremely Frank and extremely harsh, that he said that no matter what happens, they're not going to leave Medina he will take care of them and he will guarantee their protection and he is not going to listen to anyone who tries to

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kick them out. Meaning the Profit System and if need be he will fight with them against any who fights meaning the Profit System and worst case scenario he said if you are expelled, I will be with you walking away from Medina as self exile Hollis. Right. So look at this. He is one of the leaders of pre Islamic yesterday. In fact, as we said many times he is the senior most leader from that generation. And he is telling the balloon they'll do so many outs and possums is

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swearing by Allah subhanho wa Taala he is not going to obey anyone against them, he will fight for them he will defend he will he will. And so, obviously when the when the and he also says I forgot to mention, he says I have called my allies from the Hata fan, which is one of the larger tribes of North I have called my allies from the Hata fan, they will come 2000 strong and the together the both of us, me and then we will defend you against any who seeks to harm you. Now, when you have

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Abdullah new wave and salute telling you all of these things, I mean,

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if you don't have a mount, you will be persuaded you will be persuaded this noble chieftain of Jay Z. He is saying his own self imposed exile mean What more do you want? Like if you are exiled? Don't worry, I'm going to be exiled with you right now Allah subhanaw taala expose this in the Quran will mention this later on.

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That Allah says even if you you know, Allah azza wa jal will know Yeshua in the home. Look at the boon Allah testifies that he's a liar. Even as he says this, he has no intention of fighting with you. Right? That if you are fought, he is not going to defend you. And if you are exiled, he's not going to leave with you. This isn't a quote on it we'll come to this in a while. So Allah subhana wa tada expose the plot of Abdullah no baby salute, but the burden LD you don't believe in the Quran in the first place. So it's a vicious loop here, nonetheless. So Abdullah newbay assured them that we will fight with you we will as we said, stay with you to the end. And while our nuclear bomb I had

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an Abba, this is no Quran, we will not obey anybody against you. Meaning the prophets so what are naughty roofie Kuma had an Aveda never ever Are we going to obey anybody against you? And Allah says will love Yeshua in the home look at the boon Allah is testifying This is this person is a is a liar. So when this came back,

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the hood began the balloon leader began amongst themselves what to be done, what is to be done, and their chief and amongst them who a even top and creative and Bob, his daughter is Sophia and Sophia is to become one of the almohads. And when were the final moments, this is after the Battle of labor. Right now we're talking about bonanova the Battle of clay but is still three years away. So this is still time left for that. But this is the father of Sofia Binti who Yeah, this is pretty creative and was one of the main chieftains of the balloon audience. So hurry up. And we know about him that he and his brother, his name was yesterday as well. So yes, there are two brothers. And

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Sophia herself tells us the story, Sophia, she flipped around from her previous religion and she became one of the one of the Omaha didn't want me, Nina, she was a believer in Islam, obviously. And so she tells us the reality of her father and her uncle, that she says that, when the process of them first came to Medina, that my father and uncle, were somewhat excited that maybe this is the person, maybe this is the one, right? And we learned from many other books. And we know this for a fact that

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they were expecting someone to come and revive their religion. And we said this many times, is mentioned in the Quran as well. And they were threatening the Arabs that when we get this person call us, we will overcome you. So they had some premonition it might be, it might be the one, but at the same time, they didn't expect this person to be from other than them. So they want to find out Is it him or not? Sophia herself tells us the story that Sophia says I was a young girl five, six years ago at the time, and I was the Beloved of my father and my uncle, they would always play with me and, you know, cherish me. So when I saw them coming back from Edina, I ran out to meet them

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happy jumping for joy. And they didn't even pay any attention to me. Completely gloomy, sad. They get the completely ignored me. And so I listen to them, what are they saying? And so, my uncle yesterday said to

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her father, who is he the one? What is your opinion now? And he responded back glumly And sadly, that he will law Who? That by Allah He is the one. So her uncle said what do you what is your position? What are you going to do? So he responded to be his enemy as long as I live. I can't expect anybody. I can't accept anybody who's not from basically my, my, you know, ethnicity or tribe or whatnot. I will not accept anybody from outside of my group, so to be his enemy as long as I live, and this is one of the reasons that Sophia herself was willing to embrace Islam because she realized that her people were in misguidance. In any case, in the Battle of the bundle Nollywood or

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in the issue of the photo not so creative and off top. He decided to take a stand and he

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He believed the promises are absolute nobody even salute. And so there was some tension between his own people. And Allah mentions in the Quran we're going to talk about these is that said boom Jimmy and Roku boom shatta you think they're one group, all Muslims, you think they're one group to several boom Jimmy when will Hulu, boom shatter, but amongst themselves they have so many different groups, they have so many different their hearts are not reconciled. So he wanted to fight many of the other year who did not want to fight and they had a mini not a fight but you know, verbal if you like altercation, if you like inside of their fortress, finally, who yay wins over so they decide

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they're going to fight. So they send a messenger back to Medina. Initially they've agreed to leave. When I build over, nobody convinces them now they're going to stay. So they send the messenger back to Medina. And the messenger goes to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and says, oh, Mohammed Salim, we have decided to stay. So do whatever you want blatant threat. Do whatever you want, if I'm a better luck, to the height of arrogance, you know, call us do whatever you can. It's like, you know, you threaten somebody, right? Do whatever you want. And as soon as the profitsystem heard this, he exclaimed Allahu Akbar, meaning habla de la, right, Allahu Akbar. And this habit, when they

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heard this, they started making tequila as well, because they realized that this is going to turn out for their positive not for their negative is going to turn out for the positive, and we will see what a big positive it was. So they began to arm themselves. And immediately the same day, the Profit System took a large group, some say around 700 or so. And he within the day, he reached their fortresses, and he began laying siege to them. And even they were shocked. They were shocked at how fast the processor mobilized an army and was there basically instantaneously like they were expecting to three days a week, the same day, like literally, within a few hours mobilization was

00:27:04--> 00:27:53

done the Sahaba there, and he was there at the gates. So now they're waiting for Abdullah of new base if Mr. Lose promise, now they're waiting, you promised us. And guess what? Absolutely nothing. Abdullah have no, they did not lift a finger. He didn't do anything. After all of these promises that he told them, no help came, he himself did not go and fight against the Muslims. Nor did he do anything in the exile. And so as the days clearly demonstrated that nobody was not going to do anything, some say, the hisar or the the siege lasted for a week, some say 10 days, but there was no fighting, because they were waiting for external help to come. There's no way that this group can

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fight the entire people of Medina, and during this time to demonstrate for you how confident the Muslims are in the process of in particular word. So we've already said that after birth, the benoquin acquire was expelled, we talked about their story. So now we have the bundle knowledge, and then we sorry, not the bundle knowledge. And then we have the bundle paraiba. Right. So these are the three main groups are at the bundle. Final part, we've already done that the bundle Nadia, we're doing it now the bundle or a BA. And that's the really controversial because that ended in a in a execution for all of the males, adult males amongst them. Now, to show us the confidence of the

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Muslims. The Prophet system left the balloon, older students, each with a group obviously still still, you know, outside the fortress, and he along with the majority of the Sahaba went to the new Corolla, the third of them, right. And the reason he did this was to rejuvenate and renew the contract of Medina and the Constitution of Medina and to make them give outs again, that they are with us or not. And this is very important because a lot of people view Korea by isolation by North Korea, they don't get confused now I know these names are but North Korea is gonna happen in a year and a half the bundle Korea,

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the bundle karela is the execution right? That's perhaps the biggest smear that is done upon the honor of our Prophet system and by those who are not sympathetic to Islam, they say the issue of the bundle corridor is perhaps the biggest smear that is done because it resulted in the execution of hundreds of adult males. People do not realize that there's a whole history going on here. And just right now in this incident about only the profitsystem goes to them again it says look and this is already after the bundle peignoir The both of the tribes the bedroom elite and the bundle coryza affirmed Okay, no, no, we're gonna uphold the treaty. Don't worry. Once again, the process of them

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is going and saying are you going to uphold or not if you want to go then break it don't don't betray and the final part

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agree for the third time. Right? Sorry, but no coryza no correlation for the third time with solemn oath to renew the promise. Right? So, when, when that happens, and they betrayed the Muslims the worst betrayal imaginable, then honestly, we need to look at the whole context. Right? Even the balloon idea right now did not betray even a fraction as much the bundle, the carotid even a fraction, because the bundle karela we jumping the gun here, but you all know the story, the 10,000 people surrounded the entire city of Medina. And now within there's a fifth column, at the most, at the most difficult and the most awkward time now, within the borough corridor flip around, right.

00:30:50--> 00:31:27

And the Muslims are scared for their own women and children now because they cannot protect the city and their wives at the same time. You're either at the gates of the city, or you're in your house, you can't be both. And this is what Allah Subhana Allah says, your hearts were in this in the Quran, your hearts were in your chests, right? Your hearts were in your chest, we even have an expression in English, right? And you began thinking thoughts of a low with a vulnerable, Luna, even the Sahaba, their email was tested who now they come to the moon, right was Rosie louzada. We're jumping the gun here. But I'm putting this into perspective, what happened to them happened not because of

00:31:27--> 00:32:10

their religion, not because of their ethnicity, but because of their actions. And because they broke solemn oath multiple times. And this is the last time they're going to swear a new solemn oath, that we will uphold the Constitution that we will not betray you. So the process of then left the blue corridor, and then return back to the brunotti. Right. So look at the confidence he himself had now, because we also realized that there was a threat, that de Bono karela might help the vulnerability during this time, there was a threat that the tool join up. So he says, he goes there as well to make sure you're not going to join up to show them the strength of arms as well. The bulk of the

00:32:10--> 00:32:45

army actually left the balloon only just a small contingent remain outside, and they marched to the other side to go to the barrel Kaurava. Right. And this also shows you how helpless the balloon will do to work. When the bulk of the Muslims, they still can't do anything because they don't, they're just completely cut off. So when they realize this one more thing happened, which completely demoralized them. And this is a bit of a controversy, but frankly, I don't see much of a controversy. As usual. As you know, my methodology is to be frank here and not to sugarcoat and you want to be frank. You see there's reasons to everything that happens in our Syrah. So one more issue

00:32:47--> 00:33:28

that really demoralized them. The Vanunu prided themselves in their orchards in their date palms and their groves. And they had massive lands, Hector's lots of lands full of date pumps. And it as you, you know, realize it's not easy to maintain, it's not easy to grow. They have it all done in nicely, you know, in the agricultural, if you like, they have the rows of water, and they have all of the amenities that are needed to have a garden, they have it all planted nicely. And most importantly, the trees are now ripe, which takes on average date, palm would take between five to eight years to get to that size that is needed, right? This is just the beginning. So for the first basically eight

00:33:28--> 00:33:45

to nine years, you're not going to get anything, you're just putting in the effort. Then when the tree is up, now it will last and hamdulillah decade or two, right? So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam burnt down groups of the data pumps, and they are watching from

00:33:47--> 00:34:29

from the fortress now what's going to happen? Right? This was too much for them. Like this is the this isn't just money. This is effort. This is this is the price, this is everything, right? And they began lamenting, and they began wailing and crying. And some of them even said that you are calling for peace. What type of peace is this, that you're destroying? You know, the agricultural products? And this actually caused some of the people to question well, should we destroy or not? And Allah revealed in the Quran, and we'll talk about this, you know, what Eliza was revealed in the Quran. And when they saw this, and they saw no help was coming, and the days turned into probably a

00:34:29--> 00:34:59

week, maximum 10 days were between seven to 10 days, and they realized a lot. There's no exit strategy, what not, so they agreed to basically unconditionally surrender. Right. And, frankly, the processor was very generous with them, very generous with them, after they have attempted to assassinate him. And this is something that chieftains have done not some, some some, you know, guy on the street. This is like by Shula between them and they officially decided to basically assassinate him

00:35:00--> 00:35:11

He forgives them, their lives, their properties, their women and children. And as much as their camels can carry,

00:35:12--> 00:35:13

just leave.

00:35:15--> 00:35:19

And frankly, many would say this is very generous. Just leave, get out of here.

00:35:20--> 00:35:49

exile and take whatever you can. That's pretty generous. Just one condition, don't take weapons, it's very fair. Don't take weapons, right. So frankly, nobody can really have anything to say about the balloon. The balloon Iliad demonstrates, if anything, the generosity of the prophets are seldom that he did not impose any type of major financial, if you like, taxation on them or anything other than obviously, what can you not take when you leave?

00:35:52--> 00:36:04

agriculture's right, that was the main issue, right? And they had to confiscate that they had to basically not cover the Muslims confiscated it because of their treachery, and therefore,

00:36:05--> 00:36:20

the bundle, nobody pack their belongings as much as they could, so much. And they realized that the Muslims would then, you know, take over their fortresses in their houses. And so out of sheer

00:36:21--> 00:36:27

spite, really, they took access to their own houses.

00:36:28--> 00:36:42

And they hacked down these beautiful treasures. Now, it is well known in the Sierra that and as I said, this is a whole different tangent that I'm not qualified to even get into their architecture was much more advanced in the Arab architecture.

00:36:43--> 00:37:25

And they knew how to construct in a way that the Arabs did not know. Right. And they pride themselves and this is why it was so difficult to banano the year. And then the hiber is much more difficult as we're going to come to they add the most massive fortresses in the entire Arabian peninsula was in Haifa. Right. So what's happening now by Nollywood, they destroyed their own fortresses and palaces. And they took an axe to their own every person to his own house. And this was a punishment, that alarm meted out at them. Imagine how painful it is, for a person to imagine breaking down his own house, frankly, that he himself built, we don't build our own houses, they

00:37:25--> 00:37:45

build their own houses, they have lived in it, their children have been born, their grandchildren have been well, this is their prized possession, and Allah subhana wa tada for that go above and below him, they tasted the penalty of what they themselves have done, right. And what is happening in the next is even more as Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions and so

00:37:46--> 00:38:27

and even his heart mentioned that as they went, you know, out in the 22 exile, the people of Medina gathered to see their the procession leave. And it was an amazing sight. He said, the amount of wealth that they had hidden in these fortresses are not hidden is probably not protected or accumulated over the centuries, the treasures and the fabrics and the brocades. And the jewels that the the the Sahaba were simply amazed how much wealth they had allocated, and the camels almost dying with stuff on their back, because they're not going to leave one thing you know this right, they're not going to take one they're not going to leave a single thing for anybody to take, they

00:38:27--> 00:38:53

will take any everything they possibly can. And so everybody's walking, even the kids are walking because they want the camels to carry the goods. Right. So every Campbell is creaking with stuff idled to the very top, and they're making their way through and the Sahaba are simply just shocked to see how much wealth was actually stored. And many of them said they even took their doors because the door and those days, the door was the most

00:38:55--> 00:39:29

prized, if you like, you know, craftsmanship and architecture, you're going to carve it out and whatnot, they're putting the door on top of the camel, right? They don't even want to leave the door, leave, just take everything as you can. And so they they were allowed to leave. And it just said that two or two or three of them accepted Islam. And so they were allowed to remain with their with their possessions and somehow look at the fairness of the religion that anybody who accepts Islam policy instantaneously you protect yourself and your family in your possession. So the few who converted, they were allowed to keep their goods and remain in whatever lands they had. And the rest

00:39:29--> 00:39:59

of it the rest of it. Some of the Sahaba began a discussion what is to be done with it and Allah subhana wa tada revealed in the Quran, this is not vanilla, this is another term called fate. And fate is a whole different chapter and fifth, and fate is that which is captured without any war and without any fighting and without any bloodshed. And the rules of fate are very different than the rules of aneema. Now, before I move on, let me just say also

00:40:00--> 00:40:39

These rules frankly, in modern times, they really hardly apply at all, for many reasons, not just because there's no any hardly any or no real Jihad going on. But also because these rules were meant for an army of volunteers, a paid Muslim army, suppose you in an ideal Islamic land that has an army, this army is getting a salary. These rules don't apply instantaneous, because these rules don't apply the whole rules of vanilla and Fein, all of these things, they apply to the situation of those times, when you had to basically volunteer, you're not you have no idea what's going to happen. You're using your own horse using your own weapons, right? hold different, there was no paid

00:40:39--> 00:41:18

army in early Islam. So when I say these rules, one needs to understand these rules are nice to know, you know, from the books of fiction, whatnot. But we have to be realistic here, that these rules are not applicable for multiple reasons in our times. Nonetheless, fate is different than as aneema. Why? Because there's no fighting done. Fate is something that is captured without any threat of fight without any physical blood being shed. And this is what happened, that the Muslims clearly outnumbered the bonavia. Not a single gun, not a gun, not a single bow and arrows fight on a single sword is drawn, and therefore this is fate. So a lot of reveal rules about fate. And basically any

00:41:18--> 00:41:46

No no, no reason to go into all of the minutiae when it's not relevant to us. But a portion of the fate is given to the state, a portion is given to the Prophet system specifically. And then there's an act that act as a go to his, the debate or not. And, you know, for example, the Shia group, they basically say this, one fifth they give to the debate, and then anybody who takes their place, so and so therefore, the the

00:41:47--> 00:42:22

the mortgagee or whatever, they have the these people they take the one fifth, and that's how they understand this now, from our fifth perspective, that one fifth, indeed it goes, you know, to the process of them. And as for the debate, and who qualifies, there's obviously a setup between the two of us, but yes, it does go to the elevated percentage even and suddenly 50. Yes, it goes a percentage, but that's if you qualify as elevate, which means you have a lineage in ashara, then yes, you will get a percentage of this. So a portion goes to the Profit System, a portion to the state, and the rest the immediate or the halifa. In this case, the processor can do as he pleases.

00:42:22--> 00:42:31

So what did he do all of these acres and acres of land he distributed amongst the Mahajan rune, who didn't have any land.

00:42:32--> 00:43:14

And this is a beautiful reward. That will help the economy of the unsought and the Mahajan. Because up until this time, the unsolved we're supporting them Mahajan. And as you know, they would have their lands and done this and that now that we acquire the Muslim state acquires acres and acres of land. All of the Mahajan own who had no land they don't they don't own any land. They now take this land and they distribute it amongst the Mahajan. So now the mohanan salt are a little bit more equal. And it is also mentioned in the admin as Hawk that three of the unsolved who had no land and had participated in a number of battles, they also got part of the so the process was being fair

00:43:14--> 00:43:53

here that those who don't have any they will now get this part of the land. And a lot of panel data revealed Sula, tell hash of the entire solar telescope was revealed. Because of bonanova. Right? So this is a very important sutra to understand. And because it is such a short sutra, and one of the things I'm very eager to do is to link the Quran with the Sierra, I will in fact go over certain hashes very quickly, so that we understand the entire incident abundant albeit in light of sudo l hash, salted hash and by the way, even Abbas refuse to call the sudo hatchery said no, it's not suited hash. It's similar to one another

00:43:54--> 00:44:02

are similar to bunny notice. He refused to cause rooted hazard. Why? Because he didn't want now how should What does that mean? You should all know?

00:44:03--> 00:44:08

The Gathering. Now when a law uses Hesher usually what does it refer to

00:44:09--> 00:44:13

the AMA, whereas in this surah, it doesn't refer to piano.

00:44:15--> 00:44:47

Okay, in this sort of, it doesn't refer to piano. That's why even abus felt strongly that it should not be called hashey goes No, don't call it a should call it pseudo, pseudo pseudo polynomial, right? Because it's pseudo to one another. And the entire sutra was revealed right after Bernardi. So reading the surah, in light of what happened in binondo. Do we understand every single ayah and the whole sort of takes on a whole different meaning so let us go over it very quickly. And it's a small surah just three, three and a half pages. Allah says

00:44:48--> 00:44:59

similar amount of him separately paheli lahemaa is semi wajima for only work well as usual, hachimura is one of the sutras It begins with so badly that all praise be to a lot all that is the heavens and earth it praises Allah subhana wa

00:45:00--> 00:45:29

Tada and He is Allah Z's and Hakeem, who will lead the Raja Lena Kapha room in a lil Kitab. He is the one who has expelled the disbelievers from the allocator Bruno de Castro rumina Nikita min dare him from their houses and their fortresses. Leo Wahl hasher for the very first question, what does this mean for the very first question? So, there's a number of interpretations here, all of them are valid.

00:45:30--> 00:45:35

When I say the first question, what's the first thing that comes to your mind? The first implication

00:45:38--> 00:45:40

there's, there's gonna be other headshots.

00:45:42--> 00:45:47

Right, there's gonna be other hashers. Right. And so there were other headshots.

00:45:48--> 00:46:30

There was the headshot, in one sense of the bundle paraiba there was also the headshot of high bar, the same borrow no deal. We're in hyper now, we're gonna get there kind of should have said this. Where did they go? majority of them went to hyper. What what's going to happen at hyper, another catastrophe for them. So this is a what it shows that a lot is hinting to where you were going to deal with you again. Right? There's an implied meaning here. And then of course, let us never forget the ultimate hash that is also implied. Right? The ultimate hash, you will also have the ultimate hash that you're going to have to deal with and that is your multi armed. So beautiful verse here,

00:46:30--> 00:46:34

that Allah subhanaw taala is threatening them. Just wait, your time is complete.

00:46:35--> 00:46:40

This is just the first right then Allah Subhana Allah says Mount Vernon and yaku

00:46:42--> 00:46:46

some, some people said, this is a this is a

00:46:47--> 00:46:53

address to the Sahaba you didn't think they would be expelled, but the stronger opinion is a lot is speaking directly to them.

00:46:54--> 00:47:24

A lot of speaking to the bundle Nadia Malvern Antonia, you never thought that you could be expelled. Some have interpreted this to mean Allah is speaking to the Sahaba you never thought that they would leave. But in fact the stronger position Allah is speaking to the balloon obeah directly, right? That you never assumed that this is going to happen. So Allah is speaking to them. And then Allah removes to the third person we talked about this many times is default which is the change of pronouns

00:47:25--> 00:47:35

Well, one new unknown man yeah too soon Oh, who made a law and they assumed that you who assumed that their fortresses would protect them against a law

00:47:36--> 00:47:59

a fortress is going to protect you against the law How foolish Can you be? Well then No, no man as soon as the law he for Adele como la hoomin Hato them yet se boo but a la came to them from a place they could never expect? A la came to them for me, they could never have expected that the Muslims will gather so quickly that will they cease to them. Every one of their allies will be cut off a lot as the region arranged it

00:48:00--> 00:48:41

will cause a particular behavior more rock and a lot through terror into their hearts. They were scared of the Muslims and what's going to happen you have a boo boo to whom they destroyed their own houses the ad with their own hands they destroyed their houses. What a deal meaning and the hands of the believers fact Abuja wouldn't absorb. So take a heat learn some benefits or people a vision and wisdom. Look at these arrogant people they built their houses they thought it would last forever. They ended up destroying their own houses with their own hands pay heed or people of intelligence fact Abuja will absorb while Lola and cuttable LaGuardia who magetta had it not been that a law had

00:48:41--> 00:49:18

already decreed that they would be evacuated or exiled that never home for dunia. This would have been a worst punishment now. Actually, you're getting off easy now and Allah had decreed you'll get off easy that you're only going to be exempt. As I said, frankly, the processing was generous in allowing them to take whatever they wanted to take as much as their camels could possess, go ahead and do it. So Allah is saying, yes, this I allowed it for you. I allowed it for you 100 accurate yada now, but they have that punishment waiting for them in the hereafter. That is because they oppose the line as messenger and whoever opposes Allah subhana wa Tada. Then Allah is severe in

00:49:18--> 00:49:59

penalty. And Allah Subhana Allah says ma to milene at an OTA Dr. Muhammad Allah, Allah Sudha for the evening La Jolla hotel faster pain, this is a reference to the cutting off of the trees. So there was even a dispute amongst the Sahaba dispute meaning should we have should we not have what was the right thing to do? And Allah subhana wa tada revealed, whatever you cut down of the palm trees, or those that you left standing, whichever of these two, both of them were done by the permission of Allah, and in order to disgrace the fasciae clean. So Allah is allowing this and this therefore shows us and there's enough marks to form a diet but the bulk of them for the legitimate Islamic

00:49:59--> 00:50:00

army. They are

00:50:00--> 00:50:39

Allow this type of destruction. now realize this is problematic at the time because the Muslims felt, why are we destroying that which we will benefit from? You see the problem here, right is that these trees are going to come to us and yet we're destroying them. So there was some back and forth like it doesn't make sense for us to destroy it. They realize they're going to inherit this. Why should we destroy it? So Allah revealed in the Quran, this was a tactic and it made them basically resign and it made them humiliated and then Allah reveals the issue of fate fate Matt warmer effect Allahu Allah Suleyman home and whatever Allah subhanho wa Taala alpha which means to give back or to

00:50:39--> 00:51:07

restore to his messenger from them from our Oh Jeff to modern human hailing, what are the cab you did not spur your horses and horses and your camels? Meaning, this is the point to you didn't fight for it. You did not fight this is not honeymoon This is fate. And therefore when I can no longer you sell it to do sudo vida Manisha, but Allah gives His messengers power over whomever He wills and Allah is capable of all things. So Allah is

00:51:09--> 00:51:49

mentioning here, you didn't fight for all of this land. It was simply a law's gift that he gifted, you didn't have to, you know, adjust or animate it under the cap. You didn't spur your horses on. Right, it was a calm issue, you knew you're gonna win, there was never any fear from your side. And Allah gifted all of these lands, and therefore not a lot of other or pseudo human Ll Cora, whatever Allah restored to his messenger from the people of the Quran, meaning the bundle Nadia, then ferula, he will have Assouline. Now this is now the fate rulings, it belongs to a law and to the messenger. And what is the quarterback? Most say little code by means a little bit. And this is also the Sunni

00:51:49--> 00:52:09

interpretation, as we said, right? Well, the uttama the orphans, while masakan, poor people Wabi Sabi, and the wayfare, right, Kayla akuna, do that. And Bain and alvernia even come in order that this money. Now this is a very deep verse, which has a lot to do with capitalism has a lot to do with

00:52:10--> 00:52:21

the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. And this has a whole other tangent, which we don't have time to get into now, but a lot rather than saying all of this wealth should be given to the orphans, the poor, the wayfare, the urbanicity. Why,

00:52:23--> 00:53:16

so that it doesn't go round amongst the elite? Have you realized these four words are of the most powerful verses of Islamic economics? And it destroys many versions of modern capitalism? The 1% versus the 99% and whatnot. Right? The 1% owns 40% of this land. Think about that. Well, lucky it is, is just a number. Think about that. The wealth of the 1% is almost half and I have a very strong premonition. It's only a matter of time it will be more than a half. It's only a matter of time, it will be more than a half right? Where that one elite 1% will own what all of the rest of the people own like literally half half right? And Allah says in the Quran, one of the primary wisdoms of the

00:53:16--> 00:53:57

laws of the Shetty that money the Kayleigh gonna do let him do that is Johnny to go around, right binal Alinea income money should not just go around between the rich and elite amongst you should filter down to the fukada and utama and masakan. Right? So Allah Subhan Allah This is related directly to the bonell deeded property. But obviously, we base our Islamic economics on this idea, right. One of the goals Mikasa the Sharia is that wealth should not just make the wealthier, wealthy wealth should trickle down to society. So the public policies need to be done that enact this type of vision. And then when my Atacama rasuluh Hamada Hackman who Fanta, who this is one of the most

00:53:57--> 00:54:03

exquisite verses that you have to obey the Prophet system, it was revealed for the fate of Brunello di,

00:54:04--> 00:54:43

it was revealed for the fate of the bonadio whatever the process of them gives you take whatever he stops from you, then, don't be greedy for it. And we can extrapolate this for everything that he says a lot while he was selling everything that he tells you to do it. Everything he starts from you don't do it. What does the law in the law should do the bob have Taqwa of Allah? Indeed, Allah is Severe in punishment. Then Allah mentions the blessings of the Mahajan and the unsought Lil fukada Mahajan. As for the poor immigrants who were expelled from their houses, and they were expelled from their monies, and they only wanted a loss pleasure. Yep, the owner found them in the law who

00:54:43--> 00:54:59

wouldn't wanna weigh on ser una la hora Sula, and they're helping Allah and His messenger. These are the truth for people, meaning they will get this fate that we just talked about, and that's what happened. Right? They gave up everything in Makkah, so they're going to get this now.

00:55:00--> 00:55:38

They'll and we give stories remember, literally they had to literally abandon their whole house not get a penny for their house, and a lot of rewarded them with much more in brunotti, right. And when you give up anything for a lot of low we'll give you back more than that. And then a lot praise the unsought This is the wisdom of Allah. The answer might have felt something in their hearts that how come the Mahajan are getting it right? So Allah gave them such a praise that this ayah became one of the most beloved if not the most beloved add on saw that a lot praises them in a way that is simply unbelievable. When the inevitable what would doubt or when a man amicably him and there is another

00:55:38--> 00:56:22

group as well. And they prepared z. The Tao is Medina, which is the city and the land. And they prepared before the population before the Mahajan came, you hit bounnam and hedgerow la him. They loved those who did the hedgerow the unsolved love them. Oh Ha Joon Walla, you do refuse to do to him harder to mimic. And they didn't feel anything in their hearts when they gave to them Mahajan, whatever they gave, you know, every one of us when we give shaitaan comes, why did you give so much you should have cut back a little and a lot praises them. When they gave they gave selflessly. They didn't feel anything in their heart. Well, you see Runa and Fujimoto cannot be him kasasa. They want

00:56:22--> 00:57:03

to prefer them more hydrogen over themselves, even if they are poor, even if they're hungry, even if they have less. They want to prefer somebody else. Una eco homophily hoon, these are the righteous and the successful. So Allah praise the onsolve through their Eman. So the verse before says you're going to get the land, but then the unsought are praised. You are the muffler when you have one. You have fella because you have been so generous. And then there's even hope for all of us. We're next. We're next insha Allah Tada. Right, well Edina gentlemen back to him and asked for those who come after them. And we are after them. We are after them shallow. The other one let me jump back to him.

00:57:03--> 00:57:44

yakun they say Rob Bernal Phil and I were the one in the Linnaeus of accountability man. So they didn't get the blessings of those two, but inshallah they'll get some blessings and Allah gave us hope here. This is out for us here, right? Those who came after them. They make dua for those who have gone before they think good of them, right? And they say, Oh ALLAH forgive our brethren who have come before us. And what are a few proven as a Latina amanu do not put in our hearts any resentment towards those who have believed in nikka are all for Rahim You are the most current and the Most Merciful. And so anybody who has any hatred for the Sahaba this verse has been deprived of

00:57:44--> 00:58:30

him. And I'm Tara Isla Latina Navajo. Now Allah subhanho wa Taala talks about the issue of Abdullah newbay and the burden of the year. And I'm Tara elated enough Oh, look at those who have nifa Abdullah newbie, una Lee Juana. himolla. vena cava do, they say to their brothers in Kufa so then we'll also covered but this is Monique. And this is yahudi. Right, Mina Haddad kita the government of Nikita. So this is this this is that, but they're both the same in the rejection of Islam. What is the law say about Abdullah? Abdullah? His message was secret, obviously. I mean, I didn't mention that but it's understood. He didn't go tell the Muslims What do you say obviously, a lot exposes it.

00:58:31--> 00:59:17

A lot exposes it. And Allah subhanho wa Taala says, what is what is he say? Latin origin Lana? regenda Markham if you are expelled, we will go with you. What are naughty roofie Kuma hadden Avada we will never ever there's an emphasis your I had an Abba, there's an emphasis in Arabic right? In English, we'd say we'd never ever listen to anybody who tries to go against you. We're in a hotel tonight on sarana COMM And if you are fought, we will be the ones who will defend you. We will fight against you for you will law who yes had you in the home locker the Boone Allah is testifying these people are liars. They know who you live in America. If they are expelled, they will not walk with

00:59:17--> 00:59:37

you. They didn't he didn't go right. What I what I encourage you to do and if they are fought lion surana home they're not going to help. They will didn't help right. And then Allah says one in sorrow. Suppose they even did help theoretically right? Lay you will lose a job bar. They would be so cowards. They were turned back and runaway.

00:59:38--> 00:59:50

They did that it offered. Do you think they're going to do anything different now right somebody who's going to help them after them learn to shut Dora button fuse to duty him in a law you meaning the believers

00:59:51--> 00:59:59

are more feared within their hearts than even a law meaning they are more scared of you than they are of a law.

01:00:00--> 01:00:39

Subhan Allah Allah, Allah is telling us something that only he can know. Right? That they have rejected me to such a level that they are more scared of you than they are of Allah subhana wa Tada, the Ultima shudra the fundamental law that he gave it in a moment if they don't think they have no understanding. They're actually scared of humans more than they're scared of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. Then Allah describes their cowardice law you are to Luna come Jamia, they will never fight all of you. They're never going to do this in Luffy hora, Maha sonatine except from behind those fortresses. They're not going to come to you in battle. They could have come to battle they're not

01:00:39--> 01:01:13

going to do that right? Oh man, what are Judo or from behind their walls? Right? Then Allah says, but soon bainer home shadid their violence between them is severe to go home, Jimmy, you might think they're one group, while Hulu boom shatta but their hearts amongst themselves. They are completely disunited that it could be in Hong Kong. Well, if they don't that's because they don't understand. Then Allah gives two examples and then we will end because the end of salted hash as you all know it is the verses of Alyssa fact. Allah saves attributes. Then Allah gives two examples.

01:01:14--> 01:01:33

The first example is for the balloon albeit The second example is for the one after all, okay, so if you're making notes over this main verse 15 is what the balloon Iliad, verse 16, is for the one asked for the balloon of the car method in leadin. I mean, probably him parivar didn't they see the example of the one right before them?

01:01:35--> 01:01:35

A new car.

01:01:37--> 01:02:10

A new car? Didn't they see what happened? Don't they learn from a lesson right come methodology, no problem kariba la quwata Umbra him they tasted the bad consequences of their actions, whatever might have been earlier, and they're gonna have a severe punishment. In other words, if you're not going to learn from Allah's revelation, learn from history. If you're not going to learn from the Quran, learn from history come nothing linear about him. And him then Allah gives an example of them will not come into the shape on the example of women African is like shape one, when he tells incentive,

01:02:12--> 01:02:56

reject a lot. Then when insan does reject a law shape and says I didn't tell you I have nothing to do with you. Meaning you understand the relevancy of the living obey promises a million promises. When it comes to fulfill those promises, he disappears. I don't have to do with it right. So Allah azza wa jal is comparing. Abdullah Ave obey to shaytaan literally, literally committed a shaper. He is like shavon when he does all the damage, then he says, whoa, I didn't do anything. Were you coming to me for? Right for the macabre call anybody? omenka I have nothing to do with you in the awful lot. But I mean, I'm scared of Allah azza wa jal. So Allah saying for can Atiba Tahoma The

01:02:56--> 01:03:37

both of their ends, who are the both the Manasa cone and the balloon? Oh dear. Right? meaning all types of Kufa sakana Atiba, Huma, Huma, the both of them fanatee are in the now holiday nifi her again, duality, right holiday in if you had the boater with the firewall, and that is whether the cages are overly mean. And that will be the end of those who do a boom. And then Allah azza wa jal finishes with and has showed you all those little hash of that beautiful ending of Allah names and attributes. So without understanding by No, no, there's incident. So total Hashem is you don't understand, right? And this shows us, one of the main purposes of Sierra is to understand the Quran.

01:03:37--> 01:04:12

Now that you have understood bonavia Well, law historical hatchard is as if everything is being painted in front of you every incident right. And this is one of the main benefits of studying the Sierra. And that's also one of the goals of my classes, you can see that I always try to link the CLR and the Quran. One final point of controversy and then a shallow dive that we will come back next next Wednesday. There will be a class next Wednesday I made a mistake a few days ago next Wednesday, we have a zero to Wednesdays from now, I will have to pause I have been invited to Sweden so I will be going for a trip, but only for one week and then we'll be back in shallow data. So next

01:04:12--> 01:04:25

Wednesday, we have zero. So one final point. There is somewhat of a controversy in the classical books. When did this incident take place the bundle deal and some of the biggest names of the Syrah

01:04:26--> 01:04:32

in the first few generations of Islam. They said the bonavia expulsion took place after butter.

01:04:33--> 01:04:42

And this is the opinion of ignition, Missouri and urbanism obeyed. And the both of them are the most famous scholars of Sierra of the tabernacle.

01:04:43--> 01:04:59

They said it took place after butter. However, later scholars corrected this and they said either this is a genuine mistake or they're confusing with the bundle counterpart because and this is the position of a walker the end of inside and even his heart

01:05:00--> 01:05:05

When this occurs, the latest color of the next generation, right? English episode is teacher.

01:05:06--> 01:05:24

English, I was just one generation before even this half, right? So later on, and this shows us how much has been left for later scholars to come and re sift through and piece it together. Right? They said it can't be after better. How so? Because the blood money only took place after offered.

01:05:25--> 01:05:31

Remember, how did we begin the story? Why was the process I'm in the bundle? Not in the first place? Right?

01:05:32--> 01:06:15

Because of the the blood money of the owner, right? So with this key fact, instantaneously, you have to piece it together and say no, it couldn't have been after butter, because there was no blood money until the bitter morona for the banana. And it says the barometer the blood money for the bundle. I mean, this took place clearly after we heard and therefore the strongest position this entire incident. It takes place, basically in the show, while really of the fourth year of the hedgerow, right, this entire incident, the strongest opinion show while of the fourth year of the hedgerow, and with this inshallah Tada, you have two, three minutes of questions. And then

01:06:17--> 01:06:23

No, I said software was the software was built in Marana.

01:06:24--> 01:06:32

So it took a while to basically do all of this right suffered was beard, marijuana, and then Armand and then show one of the fourth to the right. Yes.

01:06:49--> 01:06:50

Like I myself will have to look up

01:06:51--> 01:06:56

on myself, we'll have to look up. But at the same time, generally speaking there.

01:06:57--> 01:06:59

In terms of the

01:07:02--> 01:07:04

What do you mean by who performed?

01:07:05--> 01:07:49

No, no, hold on, hold on. There's a cultural element that we need to understand. Okay, I didn't understand your question. Let me let me rephrase the question that I can explain it to you. So the question is, who performed the nigga of the prophets of Allah while he was setting them, we need to understand there is a common myths that we have this a cultural myth, and that is somebody has to perform then. And that's why the COVID caught me off guard to come out and say, nobody needs to perform the nicca. We are not like the Christians who believe that marriage is one of the seven sacraments that a priest has to bless the union. And until the priest blesses the union, there is no

01:07:49--> 01:08:36

marriage, no, we have no such equivalent. A marriage is a contract between the Wali and the groom. And like any contract, like any contract, you don't need the presence of anybody other than basically, the two people and the witnesses, the conditions need to be met. Right. So culturally speaking, we usually get an Imam or a chef to perform the nikka because we want to make sure everything is done properly. And because we want to give a good hot button nikka great, but islamically speaking, there is absolutely no shutter a requirement for there to be any mom or a chef or a hoppers or molana present.

01:08:37--> 01:09:05

Okay, so all you need is the worry of the girl, the girls approval, obviously, the groom, the two witnesses and call us that's all you need. The job and caboodle is done and the conditions of nicaea are met. So there is nobody that needs to do the nigga so I don't understand your question now that you say there's nobody that needs to do the nigga have the Profit System. But yes, for every single scenario, there was a woody for the group.

01:09:07--> 01:09:30

Issue obviously helps, obviously, the others had their worries, and the few that didn't. The Prophet system, he became they're worried because and it is allowed even in Islamic law, that sometimes it so happens that a person will become the what it is sort of genocide, the first Ayat of Surah Nisa, right that if she agrees, and this is for your Tama

01:09:31--> 01:10:00

from Atlanta to the demo, thank you for staying with it. So offensive to Allah talks with affiliate I'ma go into a tangent here, but in any case, it is allowed. Now this is another quirk that people are going to raise their eyebrows like what but if the woman is headed for you to marry and you are still her wedding, for example, your second cousin's daughter, she became an orphan and you you basically become her wedding, right? Something like this, right? So your second cousin's daughter, even your firstborn

01:10:00--> 01:10:38

or even your first cousin is headed for you. And it could happen it was common back then, that a girl would not have anybody to take care of her, except somebody who technically is not a Muharram. And yet he becomes your body. So to be your Well, you don't have to be a man. Okay? So when the girl comes older, she's comfortable. she's marrying somebody that she knows will take care of her and her money. Remember, we have to look at it from back then she doesn't might not want to marry a stranger. She's more than comfortable. You know, this person has taken care of me. And now I'm a teenager and I want to get married. I'm more than happy. Right? So the Wali, in this case,

01:10:39--> 01:11:20

can do the nica as long as the two witnesses and the girl have proofs, right. And this is something that in a few occasions, the prophet system, so for example, maimunah, and others who were Melaka to mean, so he has the authority over them, because they are medicating me in the right hand positions. Right. So he says, I will free you, and your freedom will be your method for marriage. They agreed. Sophia and my mother, both of them, they agreed, right. Sophie had been to Hawaii and others. So she was freed. And she doesn't need a worry because right now she's mad at me and she's milking me. Right and welcome in the valley is basically the owner or the Islamic Khalifa in this case or the

01:11:20--> 01:11:34

process of in this case, and therefore, this issue of who performed the knuckleheaded process is a question rooted in cultural sensitivities and it does not have any shadow a need for that. One final question from the Do we need to

01:11:37--> 01:11:48

we have no idea well, like a lot of these details are simply lost in this era. We have no idea but we can obviously assume that would be the case. We can obviously assume that we do case, inshallah. We have to