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In this aforesaid lecture, Shaykh Yasir attempts to provide explicit details on the topic that is marked with controversy - the expulsion of Banu Nadheer which was in actuality, an event that led to the Battle of Ahzab as this tribe was chiefly if not solely responsible for the Battle.

The Banu Nadheer were owners of massive lands filled with date palm trees and their fortresses. Huyayy ibn Akhtab was the chieftain of Banu Nadheer whose daughter is Safiyah who will be the future wife of the Prophet ﷺ. Whenever the tribe saw the Prophet ﷺ and the sahabah, their chiefs would get very happy and welcome the Prophet ﷺ. but the harsh reality was their bad intention, which was to assassinate the Prophet SAW. Of course, their evil intentions never bore success due to the help of various factors as can be heard in the lecture. Surah Ma’idah is complete with details on the treachery of the Banu Nadheer.

Many issues transpired with the Banu Nadheer that weakened them immensely of which was their self destruction of their huge fortresses and acres of date palms when being asked by the Prophet ﷺ to leave Madinah. Only the converts to Islam were asked to remain with their houses and other property.

Next in the discussion is the Tafseer of Surah Hashr and we realise why this Surah is called Hashr with reference to the tribe of Banu Nadheer.


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