Hadith – Do Not Curse Your Parents

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no mana Rahim. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam warned us that amongst the major sins is that a man curses? Or is foul to his parents? He said mean al Qaeda at shad Murad Rooney Wiley they. So the Sahaba and this is sort of the natural response is how would a person you know, be foul be abusive curses parents is not normal that a person would behave like this. However, unfortunately today in modern times, you might see normal you know, societies, children have no respect for their parents as before, but in that time, and that is the natural way that a person should respect their parents. So it would be very silly, stupid nonsense for a person to curse their parents it doesn't

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make sense. So they say the Rasul Allah widely assumed bow or Raju wildly, they How would a person you know curse or, or or abuse their parents, it's almost like unheard of to the prophesies, LM explained. And he explained that by a very important reality, which is looking at the consequence of actions, he said that a person would curse the father of somebody else. So they get into an argument, they get into some sort of dispute, he curses the father of the other person. As a result, that person curses the other the first person's father, and he curses his mother, so he curses his mother. And so you get a mutual retaliation, what you curse my father, I'm gonna curse my father. So

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the prophesy son named this kind of act as you cursing your own parents, because you lead to this act. And so it's very important for us to understand from this hadith, not only are we understanding that it is

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major sin to curse your parents, and to be foul to your parents, but also that you have to look at the consequences of reaction. This is an example but there's a bigger, wider things always look at your actions, what are their consequences, if they're going to lead to more harm, then in one way you are causing that harm? You know, if you're bringing about problems by your actions, you have to review your actions and make sure that you do not do those. And Allah Subhana Allah knows best