Why are babies soo cute

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The speaker discusses the connection between mother and child, which is explained by Allah as a natural gift. The connection is seen in the way a baby is described in various sayings, including one where he compares it to the mercy of a mother. The speaker wonders why this is the case, but does not believe it is a coincidence.

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Immediately upon birth, a child needs help. If you weren't left and nobody actually

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took care of you,

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you and I would never survive. We needed those around us. In order for us to survive, someone needed to tend to us to feed us, to clothe us to ensure we were warm, to make sure that we were changed or cleansed, etc. And this is why Allah has automatically kept a love for babies in the hearts of the vast majority of humankind. When you see a little baby, in actual fact,

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I'm gonna say something you might not agree with, but I don't mind. Okay. You might not find the baby really to be so cute. But you have to say, Oh, so cute, right?

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And if you were to look carefully at that image and scrutinize it, you know, there's crumpled up and everything you just gonna say so cute because it's so small. The cuteness is perhaps in the size in the pettiness. It's Allah who created this automatic connection between adults and little babies. Do you know why? Because Allah wants you to be merciful. That's the reason so merciful. And the most love perhaps is that of a mother. It's described in several generations of the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. It's described when the almighty tells us through the blessing glimpse of the messenger peace be upon him how merciful he himself is. He compares it to the mercy

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of a mother and multiplies it so many fold.