Is a Woman Permitted to Taste the Food She is Cooking While She Fasts

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relates to a woman who's cooking during the past. Is she allowed to taste the food? As long as the person who's cooking the food, whether it be a gentle cook, or lady cook that didn't say Bukhari word number three, in the book of fasting, Chapter 25, it saved me a bus inherited that tasting food from the pots or meals, it does not break the fast. This is a mandala hadith of Bokhari, but it disconnected along with savory shaybah. And by hockey, and the chain goes on, it makes it so he and it says that in a bus, Miller pleases Him. He says that tasting vinegar and food while fasting. Salt is added proof that the while fasting a person can taste food, but you have to be careful, the food

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should not enter your throat, you should not swallow the food. And that is the reason the scholars say that if it is required, you should do it.

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Otherwise not. For example, Imam Amitabh number, he says that tasting food is macro, unless it's a necessity. Same with chicken with a Mia. He said that it is true unless it's a necessity. And while it's a necessity, if a woman is cooking food, she has to place the food on the tip of the tongue so that she realizes

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whether the food is sweet or salty, and then she would spit it out. She should not follow it. So that will not break a fast or if a mother wants to give food to the baby. And the only way she can give it by chewing it. So she's permitted to chew the food and then give it to the baby. But care should be taken that they should not follow any particular of the food. She should spell it out. So these are necessities where it's permissible to taste food, but unnecessary. Just because a feeling hungry and it tasted its Maru do not pick the first mushroom is discouraged. It will not pick the first but otherwise for a necessity. It can be done but care should be taken it does not go down the

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throat it should not be followed. after tasting the food should be spat out