Invited by State Government of Terengganu, Malaysia

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in June 2023 (7 Min)

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a pleasure for me to be invited by the Chief Minister of Telangana state.

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It is an honor and a pleasure for me to be invited by the Chief Minister of Telangana state

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we with a vision of a Ross who is

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the one that was strong

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and we cannot achieve our belief

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just because you're

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the one

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with the formula.

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this one

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like to

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the adolescent

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secession video for over 30 days or however much the wishes from however that's the idea was to make a loved one and do

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what is the best approach to slope to convince them slain to still expect and sustain extent restrict their Muslim to exercise their religious duty? The Federal Constitution restricts the Muslim to do certain duties of Islam in the country whether I disagree with you according to me, amongst all the marketing Muslim countries in the world, I say Malaysia is the best marketing Muslim country in the world.

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What is the best approach that you may suggest to deal with LGBTQ a problem as the human rights are getting preference, our freedom of speech? I tell the musician all the things that I have knowledge of the medical doctor, what is good, what is that for him? So while doing this, like when I'm treating a patient who's an alcoholic or has diabetes, or has some illness? So I as a doctor, I want to be friends with this to get him closer

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Do the right track that what is good for him for this dunya and what is good for him?

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oil, oil oil oil