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Asim Khan
AI: Summary © The importance of purifying people, recounting stories of shyness and shyness in Islam, and avoiding regretting behavior is emphasized. The use of "monster" to describe behavior and actions is also discussed, along with the importance of avoiding regretting one's behavior. The segment emphasizes the need to be mindful of one's behavior and embracing one's faith, as well as the importance of not being influenced by media. The speakers stress the need to be mindful of one's actions and not let media portray them.
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Hamedan sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, or Shavon Ohmori Masha DESA to have a Colombo that in vida, Aquila Baghdad in Bala, Aquila dolla, Cynefin now, I'm bad. My dearest brothers, sisters and in particular youngsters.

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One of the main goals of the mission of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was to purify people, to purify their hearts and to make them into people of purity, such that they will be worthy of the Mercy of Allah and His acceptance.

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Allah the Almighty says, who will lead the birth of will Amina Rasool Amin, whom yet through our Allah him, yet he will use a key him while you are Ali Muhammad Al Kitab al Hikmah, were in can hoomin Abbulu, Laffy abahlali mobian He is the one who sent to an unlettered people, a messenger from amongst them, who would recite to them the verses, and who would purify them

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and who would teach them the Book and given the Wisdom and before that they were clearly misguided.

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purifying the means to purify their hearts and their minds, of corrupt ideologies,

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of things that take the soul, things that make a person impure and indecent. And that is why the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he celebrated shyness. He celebrated decency, he said, the man who made urn was a Varun.

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He said that faith comprises of more than 70 branches will hire.

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Sure, but Amina Iman. And shyness is a branch of Eman is a branch of being a believing person. And what is shyness? Shyness is to have a sense of inhibition. You have a sense of control over your emotions and temptations and not to do things just because you feel like doing them.

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In another authentic hadith, you said Al Hyah. Hi, Ron Kulu. That shyness, through and through is something good. It is something that we should all aspire to have.

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I'm calling this hotbar Muslim pride, for obvious reasons.

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The Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, he then spoke about the opposite. People who have no shyness, people who have no shame. And he said, one of the great wine sayings of those before me is what either test actually, first namah shit. If you don't have any shyness, if you don't feel any shame, do whatever you want.

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Meeting meaning that if you stop

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the feeling of shame and embarrassment and you say I'm going to do what ever I feel like doing I don't care what anyone thinks or what anyone says, you will end up doing anything. You will end up doing the things that disrespect your own soul and the body that Allah gave you.

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And what is amazing is that Islam teaches us not that we should be celibate, and we should remain chaste and not indulge in our desires. Now Islam teaches us we should enjoy our desires or we should fulfill them in the halal way.

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The Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said and Nikka Herman's sunnah tea for millennia and will be so naughty Felisa mini marriages from my tradition.

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And whoever turns away from it is not from is not from me. Meaning that it is so important that a human being fulfills the desires that Allah has placed within them, but in a halal way. He would also say Yama, Asha Shabaab many so far I mean, come on data failure to zone watch youngsters

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whoever is able to get married without great difficulty, go ahead and get married. Because this is us and little Farage, this is the best way to protect your chastity.

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Now when people go away from these teachings, of trying to be a decent, pure person, a person of shyness, a person of hate,

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then all types of illnesses and sicknesses and desires become rampant, which not only corrupts the person but it also brings out the worst in society as well.

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And we know this from history

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because Allah

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While the Almighty in his wisdom, shared with us an account of a people who are known as a perished nation, a people that Allah subhanaw taala punished in possibly the worst way historically speaking.

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This is the people of the Prophet loot Ali Salam.

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This takes us back in history all the way to Ibrahim Alayhi. Salam 1000s of years. With this man He came as a prophet of Allah and he spoke to his people I will recite to you the verses from the book of Allah. Please pay attention because they are not meant to be a historical story. Allah says, well, Lutron is PA and he called me to shut up Massa can be heard when I heard him mean Allah Allah mean. And remember, when lat low to Allah Islam scolded the men of his people saying, Do you commit a shameful D that no man has ever done before?

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The word use fascia means something shameful, something obscene, something indecent. We know that those people they used to be guilty of criminal activities such as armed robbery.

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But what was lot referring to? Was it those crimes? Or was it something else? Allah would explain to us?

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Lord says to them in a calm letter, tuner Regera shahada min dawn in Nisa, but unto Allman, most of the phone,

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you lust after men instead of women. You are certainly transgressors.

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He highlighted one particular sin of the act of homosexuality, of *.

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And he said, This is what you do. This is the thing that no one has heard of someone doing before this time.

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And he said, uncommon mostly phone, you are people who are being extravagant. When we think of the word is Seraph, we think of money people spending recklessly. But the root meaning of a Seraph is actually to go beyond the limits, it is to go beyond the boundaries. And so Lord is saying,

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you are exploring your sexuality, quote, unquote, in a manner that is going beyond the limits, that a human being should go

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by and to almost have the phone.

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He tried his best to advise his people spending much time with them in their company in their presence, educating them, advising them, warning them, even the Quran says that he said,

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If you really want to do something to fulfill your desires,

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what did you consider my own daughters? Allah the Almighty tells us Allah, how old are you but it in quantum theory? These, these are my daughters. If you really want to do something meaning in the proper way, why don't you have my daughters. Now many scholars say Lu Talisa was not offering his daughters to these people in marriage, but rather he was making a point. And the point is, you have a choice.

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You have a choice to do something in the right way, and you have a choice to do it in the wrong way.

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No one should turn around and say I am forced to be this way. I am forced to do the things that Allah has prohibited. Think about that. Allah will not create us, bless us with a body and a life and a world. And then tell us don't do this thing, which you are incapable of doing. Which you are incapable of staying away from, which is part of your nature to do? Of course not. But Allah would test you. Allah may place that temptation in your heart, but ultimately, this world is full of tests. And so Lord said you have a choice to be like this, or to do the right thing. What do these people do?

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They mocked him. They made fun of him. They said in a home owner so yeah, Tata Haroon, look at these people speaking about load and the believers they said these are a people Yeah, Tata Haroon that want to be pure.

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They were not praising them. They were in fact mocking them saying that these people look at them. They want to be straight as we would say today. These people they want to be chaste.

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What a silly thing. What a bag

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Good thing.

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Now Subhan Allah, look at the wording that they are using. Look at the way the Quran is telling us word for word what they said, Why?

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Because Allah is demonstrating to us how far down the road of misguidance they have gone. You see in the beginning, my brothers and sisters, please pay attention to this, somebody does something wrong.

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They recognize it as wrong. They feel embarrassment, if you will shyness, they feel as though you know what I shouldn't. And even if I did it, I would not tell anyone about it.

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And I would wish

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that no one would find out about my indiscretions. This is the beginning.

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If a person doesn't regret does not turn back to Allah, they will then go to the next stage

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where the person will say,

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it's not that big a deal. Everyone does it.

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Why should I feel bad for what I feel? Why should I feel bad about what I do?

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This is now going further down the road of misguidance. And then the next stage is when the person would say, it is not wrong at all. There is nothing wrong with this is completely fine.

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I shouldn't feel as though I'm doing something wrong. At this point they have made the Haram become halal.

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See before this, when they had the temptations, even if they were doing it in secret or in private, they were at worst a sinner and we are all sinners SubhanAllah. But when you get to the stage of saying it is not wrong it is in fact right. Now you have left the realm of a sinner and you have entered the realm of what somebody somebody who's Islam now is in jeopardy, somebody whose faith has become compromised.

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And then the final stage is when a person doesn't say this is not wrong, it is okay. Is there look at people on the other side who disagree with them and say you guys are wrong.

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You people who are telling us that our lifestyle is wrong and impure and unnatural. You are the people that are wrong. And look at what the people have loads said in our home owners Sonia Tata Harun you people, our profit loads and your believing followers, you are wrong.

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And this is the worst state because now Chopin has got you exactly where he wants, you are proud

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of doing what is prohibited. You are proud of celebrating the things that Islam has told us is impure and wrong. And that which Allah does not love. We ask Allah has protection from that. We ask Allah's forgiveness from that.

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That is why Allah says yeah, you will Adina Abdullah W Jota YT shaytaan believers don't follow the footsteps of shaitan the shaytaan lead you slowly down that road every step worse than the previous one. Until you end up in a place you can't see right from wrong.

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So my dear brothers, what happened to these people who mocked luthiery Salaam and for what they did was right when in fact it was wrong. Allah told us the other two most say how to Moshe the team. So the mighty blast overtook them at sunrise for Jehan earlier serve you the ha, well, I'm Tirana, Ali him che Jr at the Minsi Jean. And we turn the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah upside down and rained upon them stones of baked clay are all to be learned in Dalek. May Allah protect us from that.

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What does it mean that we turned the highest place into the lowest place? The scholars they say they had built for them fancy homes,

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tall structures, and Allah sent either a quake or some form of punishment that made the ceilings begin to collapse upon their heads.

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And as they saw buildings collapsing upon them, they ran outside to get safety, but at that time I'm gonna lay him she died at a Min Soo Ji Allah rained upon them. These baked clay stones essentially gunfire from the skies.

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Coming down,

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to destroy these people.

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And Subhan Allah, Allah the Almighty after telling us the fate of these people says, Enough, either early killer

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little motor was seeming, surely in this are Signs for those who contemplate and the word use will contemplate. Al mutawa see mean very interesting when it comes to the root word Watson, which means to mark something, or to have a symbol for something. Allah is saying that people who read about this story, they should be seeing the hallmarks that can become present, not just in history, but in their times and in the future. They can see the clues in history, I can see the manifest in their daily lives. And as such, they take a lesson.

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They take warning, they take heat, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us from the Moto wasI mean people who take lessons from history.

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And as such, my brothers and sisters,

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it is no secret that in Islam, as well as made many other major religions up until today anyway,

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that the act of homosexuality is prohibited. In fact, it is prohibited in every single sect of Islam despite the fact that there are so many differences of opinion and so many Messiah. On this one issue, the scholars have unanimously agreed that this act is something prohibited by Allah subhanaw taala

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We ask Allah subhanaw taala for understanding we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us realize and prioritize that which is correct and understand it according to the Quran and Sunnah wa who polyhedra was tough for a lady welcome resign was infested through inner who who will afford her halal.

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Similar Rhonda Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala should have an Ambien was Celine, Divina Mohamed Anwar early or saphenous vein and then

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there is brothers and sisters, there are so many things to mention. But because of time, I'll conclude with one point.

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And that is when we look internally, inwardly to ourselves and our communities we must recognize Allah has placed us here on a mission with a role. Allah the Almighty says, going to hire our own machine operator to the nurse, you are the best community taken from humanity. What makes us the best? What is our role? That moron or Bill Murphy? What and how can I learn curry what taught me Nona biller? Allah then says it is because the fact that you champion what is right. And you forbid what is wrong. And you believe in Allah that makes us the best.

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And this is very profound, because when you live in this time where there's so much propaganda wherever you go, we see messaging

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to do with sexuality and sexual orientation, even in our schools, for our children.

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You start to think to yourself, I am being influenced whether I like it or not, my children are being influenced whether I like it or not. And you feel as though you may be coming drowned in all of this propaganda

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that this is the answer.

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Because either in this world, you live as an influencer, somebody championing the teachings of Islam, or you live as an influenced person or someone being influenced. And that is why the prophets of Allah Allah sent him said, menorah Amin C'mon Karim fan Ewha yet who Beardy, whoever see something wrong, should try to change it with their hands. And if you can't, then with his tongue, and if you cannot, then at least to dislike that in their heart, why? Because if you're not actively trying to go against these things, that you are being taken away by the time we ask ALLAH SubhanA has protection from that. We ask Allah does they'll feel to be of those who can stand strong.

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And what is beautiful my brothers and sisters is that people of other faiths and have no faith. They are looking at Islam and the Muslims quietly with

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respect and admiration. Do you know why? Because they see that Islam and the Muslims are the last religion that refuse to bend to the will of society.

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They are the final bastions of sticking to their principles and their beliefs, no matter what people say, no matter what people do, and as such, many of them are embracing Islam.

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They are embracing Islam, because Muslims say no we refuse to accept the status quo we what we believe in come from the heavens, and we will not change it no matter what. We will be proud of what we believe.

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And this is the way we should live. People who are proud of the guidance of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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A man came to the Prophet SAW Selim,

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the Arasu Rasulullah, give me a piece of advice. The process of said call em and to biller for Mr. Kim, say, you believe in Allah, and then be steadfast. This is what we need to be people who are steadfast people who hold on to the teachings of the Prophet sallallahu ala said no matter what.

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And yes, that happens with wisdom.

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And somebody may listen to this quote by and say, This is a person preaching hate. This is a person who is extreme.

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I remind them Subhanallah that what we are preaching here comes from the Quran and the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu, the son of a man who lived for 13 years amongst people who try to undermine

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him had beliefs completely opposite to him.

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Who tried to destroy him. And yet,

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did he resort to violence?

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Did he discriminate against them? Did he insult them and disrespect them? No, the Prophet Muhammad Allah, Allah says life is clear for everyone to read in Makkah. He lived amongst those people trying to educate them, preaching to them, advising them.

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And he never called for violence against them.

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He never called for discrimination against them. Even though the disrespected him he did not disrespect them back. But what he didn't do was stand up for his beliefs. And that is what we call for. And that is what we are preaching. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us strong on this.

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End with the Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam.

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He said

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yeah, T Ara nurse, he's a man.

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A time will come.

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Or sabe roofie Hemara DD, the person who is going to be steadfast in their religion can also be the Al Jamal

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will be like a person trying to hold on to hot burning coal.

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That is what it feels like today. Just trying to be a normal Muslim.

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Just trying to live by the basic normative teachings of Islam has become so difficult

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that we remember this saying of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. Because in holding on to that coal, comes great reward in holding on to that coal comes victory in holding on to that coal comes a legacy. Because after we die, our children will be here. What are we leaving them with?

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Are we leaving them with a reinterpret reinterpreted version of Islam? Are we leaving them with half of the truth? What will then they leave their kids? We ask Allah Subhana Allah Allah to grant us victory. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to make a steadfast we ask ALLAH SubhanA to make us from the side within Allama mean urbanna alumna and for sunnah we'd love to fill in our hymnal, hakuna Maha serene Robin Allah to the Peruvian Avada and had eaten our habra, Milan Kurama in a candle Wahab have been a tuna for dunya hasna wellfield Fiera de hacer una walking out of enough walking

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