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Lessons from the Life of Sh Muhammd Alshareef


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The speakers discuss the importance of finding one's capacity and strength to live without regret and achieve good things, and the need for faith and love to overcome depression and fear. They stress the importance of acceptance of Islam's guidance and commitment to it, as well as the need for individuals to practice hardening their body, mindset, and effort to achieve their goals. The importance of learning and trusting in Islam, especially in regards to the actions of the Prophet Muhammad, is emphasized, along with the need for consistency and humility in the message.

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Time will tell tough winner out the

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two some of those reasons. But anyway, now it's time for elections.

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We're going to continue our series of journey

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while you

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live your will okay, too. It's good to be back with you every Wednesday at home to be done.

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Good to see you shake. How are you feeling today? How are you today? Very well. It's a bright sunny day here in Perth in WA hopefully you get something similar back home childbirth.

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Thanks, Inshallah, while you know, it's a little bit warmer here than expected at this time of year. But we're not taking anything for granted. So we did still wear coats on unbeliever. But we're feeling fine, because we have you here talking to us about something very interesting. So just give us a little bit of background as to the topic today and how it's following on from last time. And have you been down or Salatu was Salam o allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we're back. Last time we met last week and Hamdulillah we spoke about one of the verses in salt and buffer. We highlighted where Allah subhanaw taala says yeah, you had massive impact on all mankind, submit yourself and

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worship to your Lord. Today I wanted to explore verse number 38 have also sought and Baba, verse number 38 comes after the section where Allah has described to us the fall of Adam, and he and his wife Hawa they disobeyed a loss of when I went to China, they gave into their inner desire of wanting to explore that which they were ordered not to come near. They were forbidden not just from eating the tree but from coming close to it. And that's an instruction from Allah subhanho wa Taala that is meant to be adhered to under all circumstances. Now the inner cravings of the soul the Halwa of a human being coupled with the whisperings and the temptation of the shaitan led them to that

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moment of self deception and being led astray. Allah subhanho wa Taala says in verse number 38 put in a bid to minha Jamia I said unto them Allah ordered descend out of this gender out of this paradise for in may get to your neck could meet me who the feminine Tada who Dahlia fella, hopefully, you can weather.

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Allah said descend out of this paradise they send out of the comfort of receiving without needing to ask descend out of not being obligated to work for the grace that you have been provided descend out of My Mercy and into the toil of the world but you and I still remain in today. Allah continues, then when guidance comes to you from me, when I send to you the messengers when the Verses are recited upon when truth is made manifest over falsehood, when right is made clear from wrong when the Sunnah is made evident and vigor is seen as condensable when things become clear to you, and you know, the right way from the wrong way. For many Deborah avu de the one who follows that the one who

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sticks to it, the one who becomes acquainted with what's right and chooses to adhere to it and to hold on to it fell out often and again, they will be the ones who live fearlessly, who will have no fear we didn't well at home, yes, no. Nor will they suffer grief. Such a powerful verse when we unpack it. And I want to jump on the next few minutes to give you an eye and insight from this particular area. This section of the verse about how to live fearlessly and how to live without regret, how to find within ourselves, the capacity, the strength, the courage to live at times through some of the most difficult experiences that we can encounter written for us, fated for us

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predestined for us by Allah subhanho wa taala, but still within ourself, fear none but Allah grieved for nothing except our own regrettable scenes and errors, and the callousness of our misbehavior. That is something that is what we fear and greed but we have been given the guidance that helps us repeal it, undo it, and remove ourselves from that which is angry Allah subhanho wa Taala and is susceptible for his wrath to descend upon us.

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There are two human emotions that all of us experience at one point or another. There's that moment where adrenaline shot shuts a part of your mind

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parts of your system that you feel captive by a moment to fear that you almost stand still, Time stands still, you feel that there is something that I'm incapable of doing. I felt pegged to where I was standing. All of us at one point or another, we will be brought at times, even to our knees from something that we are grieving for and sorrow. May Allah protect us and alleviate all depression and harm. All of us as human beings are knowing that Allah Subhana Allah, Allah did not make a promise that all that we will receive from him is goodness and love. There's this false context in some of the other understandings of faith, that God is simply love, and you will get nothing but good from

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Allah. That of course brings about the problem of evil. Well, if God is all love, God is all happiness. God is all contentment, God is all mercy. Why is there cancer inflicting that poor one month old child? Why is it necessary for a child to be born into a war torn country where their parents have been bombed to death, and they're left to fend for themselves? How can there be goodness from the one who you say is only good only giving a good and evil can exist? Now that is in a problem for us as Muslim theologic because Allah is the one who says, when an ugly one, I will definitely test you. I will remove from you the things you love, I will challenge you in your life,

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to find and to be able to live fearlessly, even though all around you may be wanting to cause you fear. One of the aims of the shaitan is the Agile Alladhina amanu. He seeks to put a grief and sorrow and the depressive state within our hearts, that we lament our losses and we are unable to celebrate our successes and wins. Allah subhanho wa Taala gives us the cure and the remedy feminie Tobacco Day, the one who follows what they have accepted as being guidance. Now, this doesn't mean you have to know everything about faith. One of the false understandings is that a person thinks that I have to know the whole Quran to be a good Muslim, that I have to know every Hadith and every

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Sunnah the prophets I sell them to become a better Muslim. And the answer is no. Allah subhanaw taala says, for men in May at tn nicomachea. Buddha, there is going to come from me sections of guidance, moments of guidance, glimpses of things you will recognize as the truth. The test isn't how much of the truth I know. But the moment I recognize the truth, I am of those who say submit and that will apply now I hear and I bend to it. I hear and I adopt it, I am of those who will follow and commit to it. There's a very similar verse In surah Taha, the 20th chapter of the Quran, where Allah Subhana Allah to Allah warns that those who turn blind from the guidance sent for in the net

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will Magnesia from dumb cat, that they will live a life that seems to be full of hardship and sorrow, fear and insecurity.

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Weight when actual human reality on account of turning a blind eye to that which they recognized and saw the truth, on the Day of Judgment when they returned to me, they will be unable to see and perceive they will be in the darkness of the Day of Judgment. Call they don't really matter. Shelton, IANA, we're going to about 300 My Lord they will check out call out why do I find myself unable to see and perceive in this moment, when in my worldly life I had clear sight. Allah Subhana Allah to Allah entered call academic Attica a tuna, phenol, Sita, whatever you can do to insert, it is because the worldly like you live, our verses were displayed you were passed on G you saw the

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truth. And you were made to forget them in your heart and your practice in your action in your calling. So today, you are made forgotten, you are unable to be seen and unable to proceed. The cure to many of our ills in life is to simply come closer to what we know and recognize as being the truth with a commitment of enacting it, putting ourselves into a mode of heart, mind and effort. That what I know, I'm going to commit to it. I know about the five daily prayers I'm going to venture in my life to not miss another solder. I'm going to begin with the random entries. It's for this reason that the prophets Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam said that a small act that is done

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consistently is of greater value of greater worth for you and your development is more accepted by Allah than for you to do the one off good deed. I leave you with this to contemplate ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. Once you and I to be of those who are habitual in our prayers in our fasting in our DECA now we're solidifying our commitment, if you were to commit to say, an eight hour workout session, we'll do your body. Well. If you decide to do just eight hours all in one day, eventually, that will not have the same power of change for your physique for your health for your output. If you had done 20 minutes, that equals eight hours over the course of a month, two or three times a week, 20

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minutes each and every time will be a far greater worth. Such is the guidance of Allah. Allah has given us so much opportunity, so many things to glean so many things to practice. It's upon us, for many Tibetans who day, the one who has the disposition, the mindset, the growth within them, to adopt as much and take on board as much of the guidance as they accept as the truth. They will be the ones who do not suffer fear, who do not suffer the remorse of grief, that whenever life's challenges batter us, we are standing tall, because Allah is holding us up with our salah, shaping us with our charity, comforting us with our fasting and letting us know that we are part of the

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Ummah of Muhammad Sallallahu.

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That's really amazing. And as you said, it's something that is continuous as well. It's not that it's like, like, as she said, when you do exercise you could do on fast, energetic about, is it actually going to do you much good. Maybe in the short term, but long term, not unless that are Islamic knowledge as well learning Quran, and looking at the center reading about the summer learning about the Prophet, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam, it's over a long period of time, and we can then reflect on it we can really take in, and it becomes then a part of us

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that way as well, you then start as Jake, you were saying, beginning is that about not fearing, and not regretting? as well. And the more we learn, feel less.

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I think, for me, there's so many gems in there, as always, I cannot coach it for, as always sharing these these taken us through this journey. Because it really is a journey every week.

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You know, learning, learning for our viewers, but also for us. Definitely, I think for me, what was one of the main points as well was when you mentioned, but basically kind of a lot of us, you know, coming to as as rebirth as a rebirth, especially I think, you know, coming to terms with the color of the law not committed to really come into the understanding of Yes, accepting or loss cutter is something that I think people do. You know, they do toss and especially when

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when we first became Muslim, we're told about it, and we think we understand it. But but really, it's a learning process, isn't it? What does that actually mean? And it's almost like trust, you're not going to suddenly just trust anybody straightaway. And even when you're learning about Islam as shouldn't be too often. Because that trust comes over time, we trust in our we trust as well in that kind of that it really is there. And that, as you said, it's not easy to comprehend, at the beginning and essential elements. The essential element as it relates to our belief in cover, is to know that no harm and no gain except that it's in the knowledge of Allah subhanaw taala that

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everything he keytab everything is in the record, everything is known that there is an ultimate power there is a decisive force. And I'm not the one who has caused what has happened. I'm not the one who's to blame for anything that seemingly has gone wrong. And perhaps that the moment where I see tragedy in this circumstance, it's actually triumph in the days that are to come. If you were to stand with the prophets on a Sanlam in the smoky battle of bed, where fires have been lit, the Sahaba had been martyred. His uncle has been slain and and his body has been desecrated. If you were to be one of those Sahaba were to look around at that vessel

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that moment, and you were to just take a snapshot of that day and decide the rest of your life based on it, you would find yourself in misery in grief and sorrow. But it's these verses that let you know that the guidance of Allah will see you through that if you do remain firm to the path if your forehead continues to touch your prayer mat, if you're a person who is humbled enough to say, oh, Allah helped me before asking of help from others or looking within yourself as being your only source of solution. If you can humble yourself to the magnificence of Allah, who is Allahu Akbar, the greater than all greater than your problems and worries and circumstance and past and present,

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and greater than anything into the future. Then you live as Allah described, further, hopefully, they are the ones who feel no fear, and they are the ones who have no ultimate sense of grief. Because everything is in the hands of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, and that gives a steadfastness that is, if people could feel it, if people could sense that steadfastness of fate, they would seek to steal it from us Subhanallah you know, people, if people knew what, what it was, what it was to possess fate, they would contest it, they would say I want that from you give it up to me, and and hamdulillah for the Eman in Allah and for the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu. It was.

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I think that that humbleness that he mentioned, Sheikh is really, really important, we must remain humble in everything that we do. Even if we have something amazing happened in our life, or we receive something of greatness of such richness or something, we still want to keep humbled at the same time, knowing that we matter that we are important in our size, and everything that we do is also important to Allah. And that consistency that you mentioned, and towards the end as well is important because the more we are consistent, the small deeds or doing something,

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a piece of an activity bad for a small time, but more often, you know, this is the kind of thing that is going to increase our certainty and increase us Ignite.

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You know, get us in that position will do come to terms with and understand the law. And if it comes natural to you, because we will immediately understand that everything is in Alice hands, you know, we won't have to question that. We'll just know it. And that's as he said, Because of consistency. 100

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That's amazing. And amazing. Second, as usual, we love your words of wisdom. Alhamdulillah please come back and tell us more. I hope everything's okay there in Australia with you. And yes, we can't wait to see and hear what else you'd have for us next time. Chava thank you so much

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for having me. I'll continue with the Islam q&a at the top of the hour inshallah. Does that

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match well.

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Now that we are full of knowledge of Hamdulillah we can mull it over in our mind