The Benefits of Believing in Qiymah (the Afterlife)

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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of belief in life after death and the need for a strong belief in an era to achieve peace and happiness. They emphasize the importance of finding a sense of volume and justice in our lives and stress the need for a " Acura by De)" and "Art by Mobile" to bring these benefits. The segment also touches on the concept of "br brothers and sisters," where one believe in the same thing and the other thinks differently. The speakers stress the importance of belief in the Quranic theology and bringing comfort to our lives through it.
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In their hamdulillah nonmetal who want to study you know who want to sell a fiddle one oh the villa Himanshu Rudy unforeseen woman sejati are Marlena Mejia Hilda who further medulla woman you'll learn who Fela ha de Allah. Wa shadow Allah Illa Illa Allah Hua Honda Shetty kala wash Hello ana Muhammadan, Abu humara sudo. Johanna Deena I'm an otaku. Allah hopper to otter, Walter Moto, in one two Muslim moon, and my bad.

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One of the most important beliefs that the Quran came with, that completely destroyed pre Islamic beliefs. One of the most revolutionary beliefs that the Quran came with that was at odds with the mainstream theology of pre Islamic Arabia was the belief in life after death, the belief that after we die, we're actually going to begin our full and eternal life. In fact, in some ways, in some ways, this belief was the most radical concept for the people of Arabia. Why? Because they believed in Allah overall, they believed in Allah Subhana Allah, but they also believed in other gods, so belief in Allah was not novel, it wasn't new for them. And of course, belief in a prophet, yes, it

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was different and difficult for them. But it didn't cause them the amount of antagonism or grief that believing in a hereafter caused them. And therefore, if you open the Quran and read it, you will be hard pressed to find a single page in which this concept is not mentioned over and over again. In fact, it is the primary theme of the majority of makan Suris you will hardly find any makansutra Except that belief in life after death is one of the fundamental aspects of this surah I'm Maya Aluna. I didn't know but Alvim alivio V and waterleaf phone? What are they asking about? What are they deferring about? They're deferring about the grand event, which is the Day of

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Judgment. Allah says, either Hakuna to Robin or another few health and Judy, do you think once we are decayed, we're going to be resurrected. Allah says what are some will be law he had a mighty him lie about Allah Holman ye moot. They swore the most powerful oats, Allah is never going to resurrect the dead. Allah says, What call it Who in here, ILAHA tuna dunya number two under here, we only have one life to live, we're going to live we're going to die and nothing is going to cause us to be resurrected. They ridiculed the Day of Judgment. They questioned resurrection. They sarcastically asked, How can these feeble bones these decayed flesh? How can you bring it back to life? They

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challenged Allah to bring about the Day of Judgment right here and now matassa when is the day of judgment. And the Quran continuously addressed these challenges over and over again. In today's brief holds my brothers and sisters, I want to go back to this really basic pillar of our theology and to extract from the Quran. Five benefits. What happens when you believe in life after death? What happens when you believe in a Yama in Jannah, and now in bath in hasher in hisab? Because we have to ask ourselves, why is this concept so central to our religion? Why is this concept such a pillar of the Quran. And the response, as we're going to see today is that our beliefs in this

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aspect completely change our psyche, it completely impacts our actions, our philosophy of living our attitude, and this is why you hear the phrase that al Qaeda is important theology is important. Now inshallah today you will understand why theology is important, especially the fundamentals of Islamic theology. Because when you believe in life after death, when you believe in Qiyamah, in Jannah, in our in hisab, it will impact every facet of your existence, the way you will live, the way you will talk, the way you will act, your view on life, the way you view the world, everything will change. And that's why it's nice to go back to the basics. It's nice to refresh. Why do we

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believe what we believe? And what are some of the benefits of this type of belief? So today, because of time, we'll only mention five but of course, much more can be extrapolated. What are some of the benefits of believing in life after death? And by the way, FYI, the majority of religions don't believe in life after death. It's actually something that is in terms of religions on the rare side, all of the far eastern route

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legions, you know Hinduism and, and Buddhism and whatnot they don't believe in, you know, Qiyamah and life after death. Obviously, no pagan is religion believes in life after death, and even the modern, you know, Jewish trend and faith by and large, they don't really believe in His Sabbath, Yama the way that the rest of you know, religions do, really it's only two main fates, Christianity and Islam that believe in the types of resurrections that we are familiar with, of course, put together that makes more than 50% of mankind, but in terms of religions, it's really only the Abrahamic religions, and even amongst them for some reason, you know, the Jewish faith has kind of

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withdrawn from this and they are questioning whether there is there isn't it's not really in their main priority. So this is therefore even more important that when we talk about Islam preach Islam, we bring up this fundamental Quranic concept of life after death. What are some of the benefits the Thammarat the fruits of believing in life after death? Point number one.

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When you believe in life after death, all of a sudden, your life attains, meaning. There is a reason for you to live, there's a reason for you to accomplish there is a motivation for you to get up in the morning and do something. Can you imagine if there was no life after death? Can you imagine if there is no higher purpose to life? I mean, atheists who don't even believe in a god much less afterlife, there is no God there is no Koyama. What is the purpose of living for them, the entire existence is accidental. It is literally as if randomly a bunch of atoms have come together for a fleeting millisecond in the grand scale of things, only to be extinguished consciousness gone

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forever. Once you die. What is the meaning of life then? What is the purpose of living? And even if they want to live? Why accomplish something during your life if you don't believe in an afterlife? And that's why Allah subhanho wa Taala reminds us several Insano on youth raka Sudha Huseby tomb and nama hudec nakoma Bertha, did you think we created you for no reason? There's no akhira there's no gender and not did you think life was a joke? Allah subhana wa Tada says, Well, who already you will lead the Yep, that will help Kazuma you read who he created you the first time he's going to recreate you all over again. One of the most fundamental questions of life is why is there life? And

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if you don't have an answer to this question, if you don't answer this question, then the rest of your life becomes meaningless. And you have to discover a reason for life that is not fulfilling, it's not satisfying. But when you know why you are created, when you know that this life is a stepping stone to the next life. All of a sudden, you have a sense of higher purpose, a sense of nobility, a sense of motivation. Allah created me for a goal for a wisdom. Can you imagine not having this and every single human being without exception, at some point in their lives? They wonder what shall happen after death? What is going to happen to me when I'm no longer here?

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Everybody wonders about this question. It is only us who know with certainty what is going to happen after death. Nobody else can tell us this because nobody has come back from the dead to tell us only Allah can tell us and Allah azza wa jal has told us and that's why when you don't know the akhira, your life becomes difficult. Your life becomes trouble. And this is what Allah references in the Quran. Even with regards to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam what were Jeddah COBOL and for Heather, we found you not knowing everything, you weren't upon guidance, and we guided you. Allah says in the Quran, Mark Quinta de mal Kitab Wallen Eman. You didn't know what was believed, until

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Allah revealed the Quran, you see, logically, rationally you can deduce the existence of God, even rational you can deduce the existence of God. But rationally, you cannot deduce the Day of Judgment. Rationally, you cannot think about a life after death. This must be told to you from habeas from Iman Belhaj and that is why the Quran is so adamant. It wants to keep on telling you because the only way to know there's life after death is because the Creator of life and death has told you there's life after death. Otherwise, you would never know that there's life after death. So the Quran makes it a central pillar of its message, its theology to know the purpose of life. Point

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number two, when you believe in a sub, when you believe in Kiama, when you believe in life after death, all of a sudden, you will live a life of a better standard higher self discipline, your ethics, your interactions, your moral compass, your sense of accountability will be at an all time high. And that is because when you don't believe in a hereafter when you have no higher

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Purpose while then for how long? Will you be motivated to be righteous? For how long would you live ethical lives, the minute that you might do something that is unethical and get away with it for you, if you have no higher purpose, you will go ahead and do this. But when you believe in an era, when you believe that everything you do is going to come back to haunt you, when you believe your status in the hereafter is going to be judged by your status in this life, all of a sudden, your standard of ethical living your morality, your honesty, you're avoiding evils, you're avoiding injustice, you're living ethical lives, it will be at an all time high. And can you imagine if every

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human being remembered that I have to answer for what I do? How will society changed belief in an era actually brings about a reduction in the sins of society, belief in an era reduces many problems that are rampant in societies that don't believe in an era when you believe in an era generosity goes up, helping the poor goes up, crime should go down. All of this is causally related, because when you have to answer to Allah subhana wa taala, automatically, you have a personal internal conscience, when nobody's watching you, you know, Allah is going to call you to hisab so you live a pure and better life. And that's why we are constantly reminded that you're going to be asked about

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what you have done. Let us Aluna Yong Mei, then you're going to be asked about what you have done. Our Prophet Sall Allahu alayhi wa sallam said, every one of you is a shepherd, and every one of you is going to have to account for his flock, every one of us a shepherd, you're going to have to account for your flock, our Prophet says, and I'm saying, on the Day of Judgment, your two feet will not move, until you are asked about your time, your wealth, your health, what you did with what Allah has blessed you with, you know, there is a hisab, a person will have to have account. And that's why we call it ASAP. If you know the IRS is coming for you, you're going to make sure you do

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your taxes 100%, well, then we know Allah is going to have a hisab, we're going to make sure we live better lives. Therefore, one of the main benefits, one of the main perks of believing in an IRA is that automatically, the quality of your life in terms of morality, in terms of even societal standards is going to increase. The third benefit of believing in an IRA is that when you believe in life after death, it brings a sense of optimism in difficult times, it brings a sense of the light is at the end of the tunnel, no matter how dark the tunnel is, no matter how difficult life is today, tomorrow, it's going to be better. Because this world we all know, it is a world of pain, a

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world of suffering, a world of anxiety, a world of stress, a world of one loss after another one tragedy after another, you lose a loved one. And when there's no life in the hereafter when there's no Ophira How do you overcome the loss of a loved one whom you really loved? Well, then when you believe in an era, the pain doesn't go away. It's not as if you no longer feel any pain, but you get a sense of consolation that you know what this loss is temporary, whoever I've lost Inshallah, in the era, I'll be with them forever, whatever tragedy I've suffered, whatever pain, whatever, cancer, whatever sickness, whatever, you know, a financial loss. Inshallah, in the next life, there's going

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to be something better for me now, when you take away life in the hereafter, when you will no longer believe in an era, and this dunya becomes your only dunya. Well, then, when you don't get what you want, when pain and suffering comes, you have no mechanism to cope with that pain and suffering, and therefore, depression, suicide, all of this is going to be on the rise when you don't believe in an arc hero. And that's exactly what we see in the world around us. And this isn't just theology, it's not just something that I'm saying, as a theologian, this is something that is tangible, it is measurable. In fact, there's an article a landmark article that was published in the Journal of

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Nervous and Mental diseases under the title. This is the title of the journal article, belief in life after death and his relationship with mental health. And in this survey in this in this, you know, it's a proper academic article, a number of scientists, psychiatrists, sociologists studied the lives of over 1500 people in this country, over 1500 people were studied in surveyed correlation between a man and an era whether they're Muslim or Christian, and between quality of life. And this article concludes, it says and I quote, that they're going to measure six key aspects anxiety, depression, obsession, compulsion, paranoia phobia somatization, these six

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things they're gonna measure and correlate with emotion and accuracy. And they concluded, the results confirmed I'm quoting from the article, that belief in life after death was significantly associated with lower symptom levels on all six psychiatric symptom clusters and quote, all six of these aspects, paranoia, obsession, compulsion, depression, anxiety, phobia, all six of them. If you believed in the era, sociologists and psychiatrists have measured that it actually makes life easier to live Subhanallah we don't need them to prove this. But it's actually a fact that having a sense of full justice that inshallah in the next life, I will get what has been deprived of me, this is

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something that brings a sense of peace to us. And this leads me to my fourth point from this, and that is the sense of volume and injustice, that one of the problems of this world is that you don't get perfect justice. You don't get reckoning, it seems that sometimes unethical people live better lives than you and you who are trying to be ethical, honest, you who are trying to do good for some reason, maybe people take advantage of you. Maybe you have gotten the short end of the stick maybe the penal system in this country or any country does you wrong. Maybe there are people that are in jail, they shouldn't be in jail. Look at what is happening globally. So many you know lands and

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situations are Philistia brothers and sisters in Kashmir in the Burma Uighur we can go on and on. Where is their justice? How it doesn't seem to be fair, around the world even in our Muslim lands, you have tyrants in charge, and righteous scholars are jailed up simply for speaking truth to power simply for preaching morality. Good men and women innocent people are locked up simply for saying the Kadima where is their justice? If you didn't believe in an era Wallahi life would be depressing. If you didn't believe in yo ml hisab yo multi Yama, Yama, Yama, Deen, literally the day of resurrection and the Day of Recompense, how would you find peace in an otherwise very, very

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unpeaceful world? And this is why Allah azza wa jal literally links the akhira with justice. This is a key point of the Quran. Justice and lack of justice in this world, is one of the reasons why there must be an akhira otherwise, how would you possibly how could you not go crazy, especially when violence might be done on your people, on your family on yourself? What will give you the suburb and the patience? Allah says in the Quran? I'm not sure I almost see that it couldn't look at me. Do you think that we're going to make the righteous like the wicked? Milo concave comun? What is the matter with you? How are you judging? Allah says in the Quran? I'm not sure I do Latina Ahmed, who saw the

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article musi then if I'm not sure, California, do you think we're going to make them with Turkey like the father? Do you think we're going to make the one who does good? And the one who does evil the same? Mother can What's the matter with you? How can you believe this to be the case. So when you believe in Judgment Day, that is the day justice is going to be enacted? That is the day every tyrant Yo Ma Akbar volume or Allah your day, that is the day every Tyrant is going to regret the tyranny. And you know, in this world, even if you get partial justice, you will never get full justice. suppose suppose we find a tyrant and the United Nations Supreme Court, whatever it is, you

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know, they take this tyrant and they put him on jail, maybe even life centers maybe even execution. This tyrant has killed a million people in his own country. Let's say one example. A million people have been killed. So what if he goes to jail? So what if you execute him? How is that justice for that million people? You need an Acura you need Allah subhanho wa Taala you need Maliki yo mid Deen to bring about ultimate closure and ultimate sense of justice. And therefore this leads us to our fourth point that when you believe in an era, you can look forward to justice in the next life and it will bring peace in this life. The fifth and final point brothers and sisters, that also helps us

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to cope with this world. And by the way, all of these five blessings. I purposely chose blessings of this world of course, the aka there's going to be infinite blessings. But I wanted to demonstrate when you have true belief in Allah in the Quran, in the Sunnah your life becomes better to live and you're our hero will of course be better to live. Allah will give you this world and the next everything of our religion. Every aspect of our religion will make you happier in this life and also in the next life. The fifth and final point, when you believe in an Acura you believe in Jana, you believe in karma you believe in Allah's reward Weldon living in this dunya where you might not get

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everything that you want

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where you have to control your pleasures, where people might have things you want, and they might get them unethically. And there's no doubt if you don't believe in an alcohol, you're gonna get a sense of rage. Like how come I don't have that type of house, that type of car, how come you know she's so beautiful or he's so famous, it's not fair. I want to live that type of lifestyle, I want to have all of these luxuries. And when you don't believe in an era, life itself becomes full of jealousy, full of pettiness, full of the rat race, when you have no higher goal, your goal becomes the right here and now. And when it becomes the here and now you're never happy with what you have,

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because you always look at the bigger house or the bigger bank account or the more fame. But when you believe in the ark era, all of a sudden you realize you know what, this dunya is temporary anyway, what I have, I have what I don't have, I don't have and I have something to look forward to in the hereafter. Once again, Allah brings this point explicitly in the Quran, while some will deny Naika dilemma Medina because why German Hamza had the dunya, then of Tina home fee, while it is for a bigger, higher on what Abba, don't look at what we have given these people that you might be tempted by don't look at that. Allah is reward is better for you. Allah's reward is everlasting.

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Notice, Allah links, jealousies that might come greed that might come. Allah says, Don't be greedy. What I have ready for you is better than anything of this world. Can you imagine? If greed is eliminated, jealousy is eliminated. And so what you have you enjoy, what you have you're happy with, and what you don't have shall all get it in the Hereafter, this positive attitude 102 about the Rajasthan workboats of the Illa. Allah says in the era that will have bigger blessings than anything of this world. Allah literally links the pleasures of this world. Allah links the good food of this world, the good clothes of this world. Allah says it is hella I'm not saying this. How long Melissa?

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So then Allah says, but what is in the IRA is better what is in the Alhambra is permanent. And so when you have this philosophy, you're never going to be full of jealousy. You're never going to be full of pettiness. You're never going to get involved in the rat race, what you have is going to make you content. Can you imagine being content with what you have? That is the ultimate happiness? So brothers and sisters, all of these simple points tell us when you believe in Islamic theology, when you believe in the Quran, when you believe that the message of ALLAH SubhanA wa taala, life itself becomes meaningful, life itself becomes easier to live. You can cope with depression, you can

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cope with anger, you can cope with the injustice, not this is not to be fatalist. But inside of you, you realize, you know what, there is something going to take place in the hereafter that will bring about a sense of peace that I can never have now, brothers and sisters, it is mentioned that one of the leaders have the courage, some say it is oh my god and Hello, some say others names. They came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and they had the bone of a camel in front of them and that bone was crumbling, and they crumbled this bone and he said to the process of mocking him, he said, Do you really want me to believe that Allah subhanho wa Taala can resurrect this bone once it

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has become dust. So ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada revealed the ending of Surya seen that our mural Insano Anahata canal have been notified and for either who was a Momo been, don't doesn't man see that we created him from a mixture of fluids. And still when he is created, he becomes arrogant challenging us. And they argue with us when I see a halacha who even as they forget we created him, they argue with us and they say who is going to resurrect this decayed bone? Hold your he held that the word Amara respond your rasool Allah, the One who created the bone and nourished it the first time that one will bring it back again for indeed he has perfect knowledge of every creation, Allah the Giada

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koombana sheduled Abadi Nowra, the one who can bring from the green tree he can create fire for you Will you not reflect the One Who created the heavens and earth can he not resurrect these dead of course Bella and indeed he is the HELOC and the Aleem all Allah has to say is Khan and indeed it takes place. Brothers and sisters belief in the Quranic theology is a belief that brings comfort to our lives. It is a belief that changes our entire paradigm and it is a belief that will bring about salvation on the Day of Judgment. May Allah bless me and you within through the Quran and may make us of those who is VS and they understand and apply is halal and haram throughout our lifespan. I

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ask Allah's forgiveness you as well ask him for his love for food and the ramen

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