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What do we learn from Ramadan – Part 1

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The speakers discuss the importance of worship and the use of the "we" in life, emphasizing the importance of staying on the side of the bed to wake up and not allowing multiple alarms. They also touch on the loss of money and the importance of belief in worship, as well as the impact of social media on people's behavior and opportunities for growth. The speakers stress the importance of not giving up on opportunities and sharing information to avoid false origin.

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For him humbly laying off in alameen wa salatu salam ala rasulillah father Eddie he was like me as my old phrase and thinks belongs to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, and may the the peace and blessing of a lot be upon his seventh and final messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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still follows by the respect of others in Islam.

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To Kampala love them in now income could live in Ananda hide Allah subhana wa tada accept from us all. And this is the first chess we had to offer our congratulations 518 for we did

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Charlotte Allah in a few minutes, I wanted to share with you.

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What can we learn from Milan since we finished on

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what they are now a person knows in his worldly life whenever you finish a worldly task, or anytime a person finishes a task in life, he learns a lot from it. Whether it was something to do with business, or was something or to do at work, whatever it is, in life, generally when people finish a task, they look back at the task, and they learn a lot from it. For our matters of worship, are more important than our worldly matters. matters of worship are more important than locally matters. And as a result, when one finishes a worship, a matter of worship, is supposed to ask himself the question, what did he learn from it? Because that now we know in our matters of worship are supposed

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to increasingly grow and grow spiritually closer and closer to a larger origin. And the only way you'll be able to do that is if you consistently were monitoring your worship, that it gets better and better every time. So this is why it's very important for you and I to ask the question, what did we learn from Ramadan? What lessons did the Ramadan teach us? What life lessons did the Ramadan teachers? And how is it going to bring us closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala. For info points below the line that I will share this lesson. And the first one of them. And this is the biggest lesson that from avant brought us these 30 days in these 30 nights. The biggest thing you're supposed to

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come out from lavon and learn was that a lot move on teaches us worship is a way of life, that worship is actually a way of life. And it's not limited to 30 days and 30 nights. That's what worship is it's a way of life.

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And you saw in these days, 30 days of fasting, continuous fasting non stop, you will never do that. Any other other than Ramadan. Other than if someone had to make up for something and expiation

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and 30 days of praying the night you had to enter from an aid until now How many times have you prayed after television? And if you ask yourself, we're not going to judge anyone. But the idea is that in Ramadan, there is so much effort put other than any other month, which is fine. It's normal. This is what is required.

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But you're supposed to learn that Ramadan was teaching us with all this worship during the day and during the night. That worship is actually a way of life and it is not limited to a few days in your life. Where Alisha Lavanya when she described the niece of Allahu alayhi wa sallam during the last 10 lines of law, she said, Can a law show that when the last 10 nights of Ramadan would commence?

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He would bring his knife to life. How does he bring his knife to life meaning the light is dead? How did he bring it to life he brought it to life by worship. So he remained awake the entire night, worshipping Allah azza wa jal by a celebrity used to perform the operation of the law on his word in this hadith which is the secret is

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used to bring his life to life with worship, any without worship a person is dead. Without worship a person's day and night is dead.

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Why shall obey Allah in another interesting Hadith? She explains and describes in the vessel along while he or synonyms first moment of the day and last moment of the day, what did he use to wake up upon and what did he used to sleep upon? So you can understand what put these two important points in the life of lasuna muscle alarm while he or

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she says it or he

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can either phone or WhatsApp the muscle along Why don't you send up when he used to wake up during the first moment of the day when he would open his eyes

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He's description he she described him by saying what's up? Yeah and he he jumped out of bed. He sprung out of bed can either Kamata the word what's up is heavy, used to quickly jump out of bed.

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Young like today someone was wake up, rub his eyes for a few minutes. Maybe then sit on the side of the bed. Maybe then nearly and it's become an attitude, check the phone before he even gets up. And then by the time he pulls himself out of bed and drags his foot to the bathroom to make horrible headaches he woke up. can either Kamata be jumped out Why? Why never saw supervisee jumping out of bed and springs out of bed in this attitude, didn't know the one who wants to reach more soprano who

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would realize that he doesn't have a second choice for the use of the law, he will sell them immediately as soon as his eyes opens up. And the first thing you would begin with is a swag. And he would say Alhamdulillah he loves it.

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But our demo data will lie hidden. That's the first moment in my life and for sort of muscle alone, while he wasn't sure how many worships did he do? He jumped out of bed. He started with a civic. And he began by saying that humbly led to Alhamdulillah when we say it humbly let it's when we acknowledge and recognize a favor of laws or shall upon us usually most of the times, we think a lot of zone for favors upon us.

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laws or shall give you something a lot of social alleviates a problem in your life. Muscle pattern horadada blesses you with a child. Long story short, makes your marriage easy. methylamine these blessings in life he said hamdulillah. And the reason I say that what he's saying and humbly left for me as soon as he opened his eyes, what's the gift that he has been given for him to say at hamdulillah for it's the gift of living another day.

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It's the gift of living another day and having another chance to worship amongst origin for the Messiah cell and recognize that this is a gift that I don't necessarily deserve. What did anyone guarantee that you deserve to live one more day? Anyone among us can say I deserve to live one more day. One more second, one more moment. And no one is entitled to anything that can allow us or God gives, for no reason, the more while he was in the mood rush to say it humbly lead and live the ohana

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The one who gave us life after he had caused death upon us.

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And this is the first moment in the day of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam recognizing a loss fever appalling. So he rushes to thank a lot by establishing worship. So he began with a swag and then he would pray like at night press as much as allows origin has allowed him to pray.

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This is him thanking Allah subhanho wa Taala for the blessing of time.

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And the last moment in the day of law school most of the law while he will send them a shot of a loved one and she says that just before

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his eyes, he would say to

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him now you need an M one A and M b.

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He says oh I shut my eyes. They sleep they take her so close with a demo can be at my heart doesn't sleep. That's the last moment in the day of consumer science and then he doesn't sleep. Well this is me. Yeah. And he meaning his heart. How can it sleep? When it's connected with a large surgeon, Alonzo Hill keeps it alive, alive. So he keeps it awake, keeps it connected. And the reason the mama

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sleeps upon good intention. He sleeps upon the intention of waking up to worship allows origin he sleeps upon the love of God to know he resides there before he sleeps. And he plans what he will do at night. And unfortunately today situation is different. People today not only their eyes close of the heart sleeps as well with them and maybe the heart is closed before the eyes. And then you wonder why a person struggles to wake up at night struggles to wake up for Salatin Fisher moody landed at the heart is sleeping.

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Back in the past, there were no alarms on the phone. alarms did not wake people up for like prayers or for solid friendship. Their heart would wake them up. No alarms no times the hell do you wake up colossal Asian wakes them up landed in the heart is pure, each sleeping upon a pure sincere intention allowing set up today unfortunately, one alarm. Never allow multiple alarms snooze, all of that.

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He's still sleeping under the hood is sleeping. It's got nothing to do with alarms. Waking up for selected frigerator has nothing to do with alarms whatsoever.

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It's about the person's relationship with a lawsuit. What did you sleep upon? Did you sleep upon us and see it over in his sleep upon a sincere intention to wake up. And then if a law social accepted from him, you don't need anything. A lot of sources would wake this person up. The attitude has changed in how we wake up, and how we wake up for either bomb a bomb, the first of its lessons, it's teaching us that worship is a way of life. And that was also the loss of a lot of money or synonyms. These are nights in Ramadan and outside the Ramadan. I shall be alone as Hadith when she described the first moment of the day last month of the day that we just went through was an only limited form

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of art. This was every day of the either telcos sola llamada you

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need to understand my brothers in Islam.

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For people that are alive as origin has given so much

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something is expected in return.

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We're speaking about our situation he people in the Muslim people that allows origin has given us so much of his blessings. A lot of soil he says in the soul of the Toba freedom devilman probably listen to the earth and understand what's happening in the air for the dog. Fernanda devilman, public, speaking about people that he gave so much and so much from his from, from his gifts and blessings and bounties. He gave us health, he gave us time. He gave us a place to live, where there is security and safety. You come to the budget and you go the way you want to not worry that anyone around you, bothering you.

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You eat what you want from an island or loss origin is provided for you. Shield everyone knows these data. Because we became so used to it. We think now it's something that we deserve. We think it's something that we deserve a lot. So he'll give it to you today. Tomorrow he can take everything away from you was the same for them at their home in public. When he gave them so much so much. He said but he loopy. They became stingy.

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They became stingy What does it mean to become stingy? Yeah, and for every blessing, they became stingy. And one of the biggest blessings Allah gave us time and health. So in other words, it will be one of its meanings is they became stingy in their time for a loss or

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they became stingy and miserly with their time for a loss aversion when a lot of social would call them to brain and I didn't have time

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but a lot of social would call them to worship I didn't have time

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when an email or when to do I would explain to the people the importance of reading the letter we understood better than half time when there's a lesson organized Come sit down attend learn something about a lot learn something about God more than half time clips of what he did every time

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we did you find the two hours that he had water every day the two hours went together for

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one hour on Facebook scrolling

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Where did you get it from that one hour

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two hours on TV watching and asking for more I wish the show didn't end with the at this time from these hours when they get up

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and then when you're caught the worship just come just pray half an hour and 15 minutes ago I didn't have time I didn't have time

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problem but you know be Do not be stingy in your time for a loss or yell

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if allows or should want you to

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be there it's not a matter of it's an obligation so neither should I go like a problem it's not that

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it's it's the attitude of being grateful to a large version for blessings he's given you but he will be they became stingy next step what the one low house bit by bit they turned away while home Waterloo and they're not interested anymore. I don't know what Mario turned away from the worship altogether. Now he assumes it's however he wants to worship he worships Scott is a mind of his own. Today we want to read tomorrow we don't tomorrow bring the machine tomorrow either. I'll take it easy my own my own way.

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What will happen team eventually in the next day I says a lot of sorgente says

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for acaba whom nifa confy boo boo him

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for acaba, whom he happens to be in LA oh me and Conan will be now. Now I do have the Mac and we actually bought whatever we learned and became immigrants. A lot of social he he cast it inside of their hearts nifa.

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Now there's two meanings for for October.

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What are the what's the thing that gave them hypocrisy? They said it is allowed so who made hypocrisy and

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Their hearts and other rollover said it is the fact that they became stingy with a lot of this stinginess, give them hypocrisy in their heart. stinginess with a lot of social results in hypocrisy in the heart. And in the VA. The American were actually born because of what they used to lie the lies they used to make when you were when you used to say I didn't have time for a law you might you know you knew yourself best and you mind a lot of social wanted from you something in return for these blessings is given you

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more always a problem it's a problem the attitude of worship is supposed to be an open attitude. This is time for a model there's no such thing as enough time for a change the attitude alone sheer diversity you come you come running a lot of stores and once you fall on that and he's telling you the one who comes early it says though he's given a camel feasibility let you come early, spend that time feel solid

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he was Allah

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Allah wants you to engage with the client and keep that continuous connection for

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the greed give that time doesn't matter doesn't matter if the time time demand Allah give you time give it to Allah social

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Annalisa mama you know suddenly he says so you can understand why we're supposed to keep in contact with worship.

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He says in an email a lot of V jiofi I had a Coca Cola phone How do you say let me so I sent them he says that he man

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in a person's head player luck your luck meaning it wears any tears and it weekends.

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Fees your fee to come inside one of you

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just like a dress with wear and tear get in the business send them in this hadith is comparing email address you a human at the disaster is this that if I was to wear this other hair if I was to wear it for the next year straight everyday, what happens? It's gonna get ripped from here discoloring from here down the bottom.

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Let's say I never washed the

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bottom is going to rip surely that's not doing to stay in the same fashion it will be and they will. By the end of the it's gone. People would look at you know what an embarrassment? Did they are still wearing the same clothes to change them.

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Let me know if you're saying that lie man. The same thing happens to the same thing that happens to clothing that's worn very exactly is what is happening with email. But you know where the disaster is. Never saw send them selfies yo.

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It was in tears inside of one of you. Even you cannot see it with your eyes. If people can see it, at least they would have warned you. If you can see it outside at least you would have known that your email is dying, that your email is weakening. You're supposed to do something about it. Taking masiva that disaster is inside it weakens inside.

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Nobody's going to point it out to you. You're the only one that's going to know about it. What's the solution? Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says at the end of the Hadith. First Allah and Lucia didn't even have to be go ask the last question that he renews that he replenishes this email inside of you

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ask a lot of social that he renews it. Now what does that mean?

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It means you're constantly supposed to be monitoring an email and looking for ways in how you're going to renew an email.

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You only once a week memorize an A of the

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email and then the last version he says what

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are the two heavy matter in development and lead

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an increase in event it renews and refreshes event there is one person one avenue how many out Have you memorized? Since from Oban finished during Ramadan

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is not only for scholars that go overseas and study or people that go to season study had that wrong understanding the Quran is for all of us. Memorize

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memories of a new intention that alone would renew this emotion that is beginning to weaken and wear and tear in the heart.

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Memorize that initial intention and

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give a solid pre something of the night during the week and avoid singling out Friday night slander. There's a hadith against this, which is our Thursday night.

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Attend the lesson. Attend a lesson A week later. The lessons the

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Do they actually reduce the man in the heart? Danny and how do you allow him once he was in a gathering of knowledge? He was giving a lesson. And there were three people. One of them, he saw the lesson. So he came in, he sat in the circle and he attended the lesson. The other person, he looked at the circle,

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he became shiny. So he sat on the side deck on the corner. And the third person he walked, he didn't seem to be interested or you didn't have time, and he walked off. For Nabi sallallahu, alayhi wa sallam he said to the people, shall I inform you about these three people initially informed me about their relationship with a law surgeon,

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a man or woman as for the first person for Illinois law,

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law, as for the first person, he sought protection with a law,

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yet indivisible narmala usnm describes the lesson the gathering, as a place in which a person seeks a loss protection.

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The lesson the lesson, it gives you a loss protection, it protects human freedom that are outside alone, when a person sits in a lesson and listens at ease and understands, learns how V for two and a oh two, he walks out stronger than what he came in with. Linda, the heart has been charged with an air

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he's protected benefits that are outside the Northeast in that day, or that week for Navy science and medicine for the first person

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in a law, he came to see protection with a long

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journey, these lessons I like I like military training camps. This is what they like, they train you how to deal with the outside world for what's the result for this person.

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I'm gonna give him the protection.

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I'm gonna give him that prediction gave him the increase in email, renewed his email for it. And as for the second person,

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he stopped here for study of law homie. He was shy, he was shy to get into the gathering. So you sell on the site. So as a result, a lot of became shy from him. What does it mean if a light is shining from someone, meaning his job becomes accepted, meaning that person that sell on the site is that was accepted. Sharif, Minh Baraka attending a lesson is that the data is accepted as a member get the data does from the bar gap of attaining,

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sitting in knowledge, and in circles of knowledge is that a person's data is accepted. If that's the person that set on the side is not is accepted. Imagine the one who rushed to the lesson and came close, you know, like she bled out of your setup, when he entered upon muscle loss or someone to ask him questions, he came close to a point where he put his knees to the knees of lawsuit or muscle alarm or

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what have you, you have the reward of the person who attempts to lead the human

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Then, he then he came close to the man and he did not fidget and he did not talk. Then his reward was only for every step that he took to the budget allows origin root for him one year of fasting all the days and one year of praying the nights for that holy but they can one of the conditions was he came close. coming close in the lesson is something that's required by get from a loss or shall descend upon a circle of knowledge. For that's the second person is for the third person.

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What happened to the third person the dangers of the third person? What am a 34 for Otto.

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As for the third person he decided to turn away, not interested but didn't have time. So much turned away from him.

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A more turned away from him.

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Speaking about a companion,

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we're speaking about a companion that lived in the time of Osama Salah.

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Is there something more important than bringing you closer to love every moment in your life that you have to be brought closer to law learn something from his Deen seize that moment, seize that opportunity, not only in Ramadan, in every day of your life, and that was the biggest lesson in law. That's what God was teaching us.

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So we need to understand that from time to time, we're supposed to be looking at effective ways in how we're going to renew an email in our house, then it's going to start dropping, wearing and tearing out and weakening and no one can do anything for you. And everyone's on his own. Everyone is on his own journey. The maximum we can provide for each other is to remind each other that's maximum.

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After that, and action and worship and sincere intention always for you

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No one's gonna control that.

00:25:02--> 00:25:08

with each other, we can share a reminder, we can share the importance of this stuff. That's about it.

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Taking the rest is upon you.

00:25:12--> 00:25:17

To renew our event, we asked him to panda data to renew this event in our heart. Now

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this is there's three more points, but I'm not going to share the three more points. We'll take them bit by bit. So we can Danny, can you relax and understand what we're supposed to learn and move on?

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Yeah, now not intended to share for lack in, I'm not going to do that. Once enough, take one digested, understand when shall mattala when we meet next, we'll share the second lesson that we learned in blah, blah, blah, and how we're supposed to continue with this lesson. Until next honorable by the these lessons enable my anna and i believe these lessons of Ramadan are supposed to be shared every week of the year until next October. That's how much we need. The people forget what lonely people forget. Now I'll finish today we go. People have already forgotten what we said.

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And people have already done it. Maybe you had an intention. Now. Maybe you had an intention now that we're going to start praying the nights. And I'm going to do the six days of show where you give it one hour, two hours Max, the effect is gone.

00:26:26--> 00:26:50

It's gone. like Indiana This is why there's no need to rush in sharing information. More important than sharing information is acting upon this information. Ask las panatela to give us the ability to do so then the false origin doesn't give us the ability to do so. You will not be able to do anything Who else can also handle data to accept from us all. The love of cinema regardless of you know how much water led us IV as money