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Al Hamdulillah Bellarmine sallahu wa salam ala kind of Unum Muhammad and while earlier so I have to sell them to Sleeman kathira. So my my bad. So tonight inshallah I'm going to keep you until February within Azusa.

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Because the Hadith that I have in front of my hand is about actually eight pages.

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But we're going to take it into sha Allah different sessions, so you're going to break it down to small sessions. But this hadith is one of the most beautiful stories you will ever hear about the love of the Sahaba or the Ultron. Home in regards to the principle of Toba. Anyone knows what hadith is I'm talking about what sort I'm referring to right now. The very famous story of October, there was mentioned in the Quran as well too. Which story is that? Who's Who's, who's the main character in that story? What is what was his name?

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I thought Alina Kalibo. The three companions who stayed behind when the Prophet says and called everybody to go out for the battle of the book right? And but who was that the main character, the name of the sahabi and that whole that story? What was his name?

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cab and Malika loved and Ola. Let's hear that story or a little bit from that story together and so we're gonna break the story but the love for the next few nights when Allah azza wa jal had it number 21. And the other side of hand, the book of Toba kala Wan Abdullah ibn Caprivi, Malik bacana chi, the cabin of the Allahu Anhu and in many hinami This is now the story that's been told by Abdullah the son of chi ibn Malik, he used to guide his father, he used to be his guide, after he became blind. Like in old age, capital Dylon, he lost his sight. So son Abdullah used to guide him to the masjid. So it says color similar to capital America, Allah and you had the to be Hadith he

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had a hell of an Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Because with the devil, because one time I heard the story from my father, I heard a story from my father, when he was speaking about his remaining behind, instead of joining the Messenger of Allah, Salah Salem, when he left for the battle of taboo, just to give to give context of the story of him. So the Battle of the book was the the last official Main Battle of the Prophet SAW Allah Salam participated in personally, the last official one, and it happened on the ninth Hijri year. And again, to give you the context of that, so after the, the whole Davia treaty between the prophets of Allah salaam, and the people of Makkah,

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now the Prophet saw some secured the southern border, from any kind of aggression or fighting or battles, because now we have a treaty. So what are the provinces and do he went north, he now secured the northern borders, and the closest one was hyper. Hyper was the home or the house of the many of the Jewish refugees who came who left Medina and went up north. So they stayed in Haifa. And they kept kind of like inciting against the Prophet sallallahu Sallam the tribes in the region, that area. And the Prophet says, and you want to make sure that they don't do this anymore. So they went and what we call the Battle of fiber. The Prophet says me when they're finished it, he kind of like,

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disperse them all over, and it took the city from them. So they secured the area. Now the closest town to hayver, from the north is actually the book. And the book is very close to the southern southern border of the Roman Empire. In that area, there were the Arab Christians. They have the Arab states, the Arab Christian, actually, who used to rule as a vassal state for the Romans in that region. So what happened there now the news is spreading, the news is already spreading in that region, that that small out of town is actually becoming strong, and now becoming stronger and stronger, obviously. So the Prophet SAW Selim, then he conquered Maccha when mica was conquered, and

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the Prophet unified almost Arabian peninsula under one banner, it became a new threat for them. So what did they do? They start trying to recruit now the Arab Christians, they tried to recruit their own people to try to attack in the South before the Prophet sallallahu sallam, actually, he builds a stronger community. So the Prophet says, Let's go there before they actually they make that attempt. He wants to say, let's be on the fence before they can be the steward. So the Prophet says, I'm told the Sahaba della Anhang, whoever is capable of riding the back of a camel should go with us. Anyone who was capable of doing doing that, don't stay behind come with us. And they would have three

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people, four people rotating on the back of one camera

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throughout the desert. What made it even worse? It was in the summer.

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It was in the summer. And the summer Arabian Peninsula is hot. You guys live in Texas, you know what I'm talking about? Right? So we had that summit in Dallas this year. Mashallah. But then

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since the summer as well, that's the time when they have their best harvest harvest.

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What the palm trees and the beautiful days and the sweet fruit and all that kind of stuff. It's the best season. And they hadn't they haven't had a season like this in years, because they've been battling and fighting for seven, eight years in Medina, with the people around them. And now suddenly, that is the probably the first most peaceful year for them, before they could start taking the harvest from that from the trees. Now that's the context. But now the Prophet says he says before they attack us, let's go and take the offense up there north. And the Prophet says whoever is capable of coming and joining us, you don't stay behind. Come and join me. So about 10,000 people

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joined the Prophet sallallahu sallam, some of them were from the hypocrites, and they didn't like it. So as they were going, they kind of like start

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slowing them sort of a little bit and then they disappeared at night and they go back again to Medina.

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And some people they even came to the Prophet Salah Salem

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and they give their excuses. Coverage Elon, he says color limit a hell of an Rasulullah. If you have gotten caught 11 years ago, he said I never stayed behind. I never left the Prophet sallallahu Sallam on the battlefield except on that battle. Taboo. That's the only one I missed with the Prophet sallallahu wasallam underneath the far left, that's what the better it goes. I wasn't there at better, but better was not mandatory. And it wasn't even supposed to be a battle to begin with. It was just pursuing a caravan. So no one was blamed for not joining but while I'm your item, I hadn't let me I had an elephant in the Maharajah Rasulullah his solo was one Muslim when you read

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una era Quraysh they were after the caravan so therefore no one was brave enough to attend. Called Gemma Allahu

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Allah will remain in bed. And then he says Kawada Shaheed tomorrow Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Leila De La Cava Hain at our southern and Islam he goes look, even though I missed the book, I missed better. But I'm honored to witness one single night with the Prophet sallallahu wasallam in Makkah in the darkness of the night. And when we gave the prophet that pledge for Islam Baotou acaba school, the village of Allah, which is the the ridge mountain ridge, where they were hiding and they make in the meeting with the professors and secretly during the HUD season, I thought, Well, Mr. Hibou and Nellie, they have my shutter button says, you know for me, that was dearer to me than

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witnessing weather itself. Because that moment was the beginning of everything. It was the beginning when the Prophet SAW Selim, he took the covenant from them and they said, We'll take care of your Salah we'll give you our word. Before even there was a Medina before there was even a society or community or even an army nothing. So they were kind of like with nothing we said we'll take it from here. He said that's why I'm proud of that carbon cap bedroom at Karafin nasionale. Although by the remember, it was all people remember the Battle of better more than remember that night? He said for me that night was more important.

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Then Bokhara Academy and February and I left to and Rasool Allah is Allah says what did the book and I'm open to Aqua Allah Isola mini Hinata left Donabedian Wallahi he says, unfortunately, for me, he says

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I've never been stronger, more prosperous, financially doing well. Then I wasn't that year. That was the best. I wasn't my best situation my best financial prosperity. My best you know, strengthen. Like, I couldn't find any better moment to be in and that's unfortunate. It says maybe that's why we came behind. Carla Wallahi magia moto Cobla Hara Hara and had Gemma to my feet as well. He says I never had in my life Two camels before that year, I had two cameras. I had no excuse.

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Like if I just said I've never had two cars to ride right? But that year mashallah haven't the driver have two rides? Mashallah, right? That's what he was saying. I have to write, I would have gone with the Prophet sallallahu sunnah. Call or whatever? Yeah, couldn't Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam you read who has gotten into what Robbie rhinorrhea had kind of taken care of as well. He said, The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He usually usually whenever he goes out to the battlefield, he would do he wouldn't give the exact direction or destination to the people keep it hidden. That's the strategy of war.

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Kind of like don't give them the right direction. Just tell them. Give them a vague answer. You got to accept this one, because he knew how far was this is going to be? How difficult is it going to be and you want the people to be prepared for it. So he told them we are going to the book. And then kind of Agatha Rasulullah has Salas and 300. And she did. It was extremely hard that you were stuck by yourself for under 1000 Women faster. And it was far for travel for destination and going through a lot of desert. I was very dangerous. Basically. God was stuck but other than cathedra and he had many

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Even with him, like he had a large number of people, what does that mean? You have to manage 10,000 people? How are you going to feed these people?

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And you're going to be going for a month in a desert going back and forth. How are you gonna be able to sustain all that gathering in the desert?

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For Karla flagella, the Muslim ina amerihome yet better husband, and he knew that the army that he was going to be facing also a lot of number. So he told the people look, we're going to be facing a large number of people there. And I need you to be prepared for the battle. And he says Khan, we're going to be going to the book well Muslim when Mr. Rasulullah he comes here, he says, and they were also in terms of the numbers they were many lie as mountain Kitab and Hatfield. They didn't back then have any kind of records to register who's on the on it was gonna be gone and the army, like there will be a 1000s of people. So the facility they would say my al Hadith, say there about 10,000

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people went out for the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that year and that there were so many there were so many. And then Carla, Carla Julian, you read the

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11 Ana delicacy if Allah Who millenniums in fee, Allah, because because of the number of people going out to the Prophet, Salah Salem, many people they thought if I don't if I don't go out, no one will notice.

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Because of too many. So no one knows if you're in or out. And because I had no record. They couldn't tell if you're aware if you're there, if you're missing, since unless the Prophet says and gets away from Allah subhanho wa Taala that's when this will be disclosed to him. Salawat Allah, wa salam ala, so him Rajala Tamada says called

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Gaza Rasulullah Hina Tabata steamer, and it was the time when everything was fruitful, and the fruits were ripe. And the weather is nice octave in Medina at least and it was good to stay home. Basically, it was good to stay home color for Anna iraya us or us out, they see that I'm looking at the fruits, I'm looking at the shade, kind of like

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so trying to stay a little bit longer enjoyed before I can leave

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it I will enjoy a little bit before I leave, though because he thought himself I'm young, I'm strong, I will make it I'll be able to make it and catch with the prophets of Allah Salam. And the Prophet keeps announcing We're leaving in such and such days. We're going to leave in a few days. We're going to leave tomorrow. And he kept saying and I was still thinking I have time I'll be able to catch up. Another Prophet Salah Salem, left Medina and cab stayed behind. What happened to God? We're going to talk about this in sha Allah Allah tomorrow but

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until then salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.