In Islam Men and Women are Equal but not Identical

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And a beloved Prophet said it's mentioned in, say body sable one of the collection of authentic sayings of the last and final messenger, Prophet Muhammad peace be upon. It's mentioned say body, volume number eight. In the book of manners, chapter number two, added number two, a man approaches the prophet and asked him that God deserves the maximum companionship and love in this world. Prophet said, Your mother, the man asked after that to the Prophet repeated your mother. The man asked after two. Again, the prophet said your mother, the man asked for the fourth time after the two, then the Prophet said your father. That means 75% three foot of the companionship goes to the

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mother 25% one foot goes to the Father. In short, the mother gets the gold medal, she gets the silver medal, as well as the bronze medal, the father has to be satisfied with a mere consolation prize.

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These are the teachings of Islam which we have to agree.

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And if we analyze Islam,

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gave economic rights to women 1300 years before the Western world

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40 odd years ago, Islam gave right to any adult Muslim woman to own or disown the property without the permission of anyone else. The first time the Western world gave right for a woman to own or disown property was in 1870s, under the married woman property Act, which said that a married woman adult can own or disown the property without the permission of the husband. And this act was later revised.

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Islam gave economic rights to men 1300 years before the Western world.

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And in Islam, we do not agree with the word housewife, which is used in English language, because we don't consider the woman to be married to the house to be called a housewife. We prefer calling her as homemaker, the person who makes the home the person who builds the home.

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Do we see that there are many misconceptions.

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And many people think that men and women in Islam are not equal. In fact, in Islam, men and women are equal. But equality does not mean identical at the equal, but they are not identical, depending upon the physiological makeup, the psychological makeup, the biological makeup, they have different roles. Overall, men and women are equal. In some aspects, the woman she may have a degree of advantage. In some aspects, the men may have a degree of advantage.

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Let me give an example. If there are two students in a class, A and B, both of them, they come out first, in examination, what get 80 out of 100? When we analyze the answer sheet, that 10 questions, which have 10 answers, each carrying 10 marks

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in answer to question number one, so then a gets nine out of 10. So then B get nine out of 10. In answers to question number two, two, then B gets nine out of 10. And then a he gets sign out of 10. In all the remaining eight answers, both get eight out of 10. If we add up, both get 80 or 200 equal, but in answer number one, the student has a degree of advantage. And answer number two shouldn't be as a degree of advantage in the other aspects, both equal and older are also the equal in the same way men and women in Islam are equal. In some aspects. The men have had great advantage and some aspects luminosity of advantage. For example, if a robber if a thief enters my house, I

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will not say I believe in woman liberalization. I have not asked my wife or my daughter to go and fight. Since God has given me more strength. It is my duty to fight. As the Quran says in Surah Nisa, chapter four verse 34, that God has given most tend to men, it is his duty to protect the woman. So in strength, the men have a degree of advantage. And the other example I gave earlier, that where companionship of the children is concern for the parents, the woman have three times more companionship as compared to men. The mother has three times more companionship as compared to father so you're the woman have a degree advantage. So as I said earlier, men and women in Islam are

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equal. In some aspects. The women have a degree advantage in some aspect, the advantage