Ali Hammuda – Conformity to The Prophetic Way

Ali Hammuda
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of marriage in marriage and how it is used to protect personal information. They also mention a woman who was married but did not want to get married because she was afraid of failure and would not let her partner know. The speaker emphasizes that marriage is not a complete lack of freedom but rather a way to protect personal information.
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Number two, we set conformity to the prophetic way. And that is why the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, when he came to hear of three men who decided that they will worship Allah in a different way, one of them said, I will pray all night, and I will not sleep and the second set I will fast and I will never break it. And the third said, I do not marry women. And when the Prophet alayhi salatu salam heard of this bid, this innovation he summoned them he said unto Medina called Tomb Katha Qaeda were you the ones who said such and such he said No, Allah He Nila Akshaya Camilla, he was at Columbia I swear by Allah no one fears Allah Almighty more than me with a kidney also Lee what could also move

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water floodwaters of value and Nisha from the Rocky Mountains when that event is I mean, he said, As for me, I pray and I sleep and I fast and I break it and I also marry women. So whoever turns away from my way is not to consider himself from one of us. So it DEVAR conformity to the prophetic way is found in the institution of marriage. I want to amaro the Allahu Anhu noticed that there was a man who was refusing to get married, he said, Man, I am now in that alpha job, I will, I will I will fulfill he said, Why are you not married? What's preventing you from marrying is either sin or a deficiency or weakness, and we sit number 310 Skia the purification of the soul and perhaps this is

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the most obvious and this is found very obviously in marriage as well how marriage without you know, in the low closes many of the traps of Shavon and filled as the heart from its void and allows the mind to concentrate on other matters of life with the help of a wife or a husband. And that is why Bukhari and Muslim right on your authority have enormous route the famous Hadith where the prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam said Yeah, mashallah Shabaab Oh young men. Oh young people many stuff ah, I'm in Como zone which whoever of you was able to get married must get married for him now who are Abdullah Sorry, what? axonal Farge because it will help you lower your gaze and it will help you

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protect your private parts for men lemmya stopped after Ali he sold me for in a hula hula Weijia and whoever is unable to get married then this person should fast ie a lot of fasting because this will be his shield. So Subhanallah the three most important bits of luggage in your life don't hate and conformity do the Sunnah and this gear purification of the soul are all captured in the institution of marriage. Therefore no surprise that the Prophet alayhi salatu salam said in the Hadith which is by Hatena writes men has Elwha fuckery stick men and this for Dini failure tequila have in this will bowtie Whoever marries has completed half of his face and so let him fear Allah with respect to the

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other half

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