Waleed Basyouni – How To Get The Most Out of Shaban

Waleed Basyouni
AI: Summary © The upcoming month of July is a beautiful act of worship, with fasting being a beautiful act of worship. The importance of fasting during the month is discussed, as it is a beautiful act of worship. upcoming presentations of deeds, including one for the first time in the Christmas period, are also mentioned. The deeds of Islam's activities are also discussed, including cutting off others and reciting their deeds for those who have been cutting off others. The importance of forgiveness and remembering one's actions is also emphasized.
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In a hamdulillah Hina, Madhu and a stain on a study who are still Pharaoh, when I will do will I mean surely I'm pushing him and sejati I'm Melina Maria de la who Farah mobila woman you will further ahead Yahuwah shadow Allah Allah in the Allahu la sharika Kara wash I don't know Muhammad Abdul rasuluh Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salim Allahu Mehta, Sleeman kathira. And my bad or praise due to Allah and his prayers and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his family his companions and his followers until the day of judgment. I bear witness that Allah is the only one worthy of worship and

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Muhammad SAW solemn his last and final messenger My dear brothers and sisters, according to the signing of the moon today will be the completion of the month of Raja and inshallah data we're going to start the month off from chabanne next day. And Shawn ban is the eighth month and the Hijiri calendar Soumya chabanne mentorship, because it comes from lordship which means a valley either because it comes between the month of Ramadan and the month of project and these are two sacred month shahada eliminare ashore Maha Maha Maha Brahma and amla Maga and Allah very special month so it's like a valley between these two mountain two important months in the calendar or they said no

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they are abused to do during this month for Roku never shut up they used to go search for water and shy ban to prepare for Ramadan. So they collect a lot of water during this month. So they call that period of time shot ban because the spread all over the valleys in the

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around Makkah and Debbie is Allah Azza wa sallam said as Sam had been Zaid reported clinical to Rasul Allah Lima Urraca Tasuku shahada miniature Mathis Loulan Shabbat haven't seen you fast so many days in a month like the way you fast the month of Shabbat. Then in Ibiza, Salim said kala Delica Hello Nia are photo Nasaan This is a month what a lot of people don't pay attention to this month, it is between the month of project and the month of Ramadan. And it is a month where my the deeds will be presented before Allah subhanaw taala and I would like my deed when it's presented before Allah, I will be fasting and that time.

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This hadith which is an authentic hadith presented an essay shows us that it is highly recommended for people to fast during the month of Shabbat and to the extent that actually Allah Allah has said God model at Rasulillah Salam is tech Molossia mahshahr Mara itu who is tech melamine CME, Shari Siobhan, I have not seen any month that the porcelain will fast the whole entire month, like the way he does in sha ban. And she means by that, not that he fasted the 30 days straight because the only month you're allowed to fast 30 or 29 days straight is the month of Ramadan other than Allah you're not allowed but what she meant by that and some duration she said can I also Shabbat Ramadan he will

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fastball yeah and he can assume in a word he will also do he will fast in the beginning of the month in the middle of the month and toward the end of the month. Any most of the month of Shabbat will be covered by fasting.

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So that that works. You are the Allah on her meant. In another narration she said canaille Soma shadowbanned Kulu Illa kalila he would fast most of Shabbat except just few days. And the days and Chairman that you're not allowed to fast is the day before Ramadan. The one day before Ramadan, you're not allowed to fast. Man Samia Musha CHFA dasa Wilkerson, those who fast the last day of month of Shabbat have disobeyed the prophets Allah Azza wa sallam as a matter of NASA reported and

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when the Prophet sallallahu sallam said this is a month what a lot of people don't pay attention to it, don't pay attention to it. This is an interesting

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that shows you that Muslims should care about the time and the area where people don't be pay much attention to it and use this to increase their a badass so they became a special like when there is a time where that's why many of the self love to pray between Europe and Asia extra volunteer prayers and how to set up digital with UNICEF can use aluminium marble Asia, why between between urban Asia, it's a time when a lot of people don't pay much attention to it. short period of time people are eating you know, talking to the kids and relaxing. So a lot of silica early generation needs to increase the sun and are there a battle or their prayer during that time. Also the last

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third of the night, were people mostly sleeping. So if you will take advantage of a time where people don't

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much attention to Nevada and they do from the same logic. Abdullah Zubair on equal Mujahid da ne Mapa on him for fireball bait. It was flooded Mecca polyphaga Abdullah Abdullah happiness survey FAPA will BTC bhairahawa hectolitre Cal beta Maduro Hey people were you know everybody hiding from the flood of dilemmas Medwin to and he made pull off swimming around the Kaaba Kula Mahajan Heather Assad. La Paz Cabella Thermacell Massara will acmella Otto off he would dive to kiss the Blackstone then go up and he will continue yep all the heavy Rahim Allah what can Abdullah Lyra Baba min a boyband a bada, Rafa. anhu, Nurse electrical lava. Whenever he see people start abandoning something

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from the sinner or something from the religion, he will make sure that you will fulfill that area. So for example, if people don't much do certain acts of worship, he will make sure that you revival that's enough revive that practice.

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that shows you that when you do an act of worship in a time or an area where people don't pay much attention to it, how the last that means you have this is more sincere because it's not showing off people will not notice it. You know people don't know about it. It's more likely to be something that it has more sincerity and more sincerity means more rewarded for you. Also learn about him Allah said this fasting before Ramadan, who occurs sooner rottefella Salat any as though her prayer has to raka before you pray, vote and fork before we pray the modem has Sturrock afterwards Shabbat is the same thing is just one of the Sinan that you do before the ferry that comes which is the

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month of Ramadan, it's prepare you for that month. That's why it no matter how Allah said fasting Shabbat is more rewarding than fasting Moharram than fasting rather than fasting any one of the National Health there are others. It's one of the most highly recommended time for you to fast.

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Also, we see that the prophets of salaam said in this hadith gone in no tour Ferrovie enamorado Allah this is a month where the deeds will be presented before Allah subhanho wa Taala and I would like my deeds to be presented before Allah while I'm in a state of fasting. Why? Because fasting is such a beautiful act of worship, that Allah loves you so much. So more likely that Allah accept from you and reward you more and more. Okay, because of the state that you're in which is the state of Siam. And when the prophets Allah Salim said that the deeds would be presented before Allah, Allah, Allah Allah thrice among right as an admin and out of that Allah, there is three types of our deeds

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presented before Allah in three different ways or three different types who knock out the coulomb turn of Allah Jimmy ml Yvette Coolio Martin, Miranda Willingham, warmer in the UK. So in the beginning of the day, and the beginning of the night or the beginning of the day, or on the end of the day, so the deeds of every single human beings will be presented by before Allah subhanho wa Taala condemnable nibio sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you're following the Amaroo lainnya cobalamin in her Wymer in her Republic family lady, the action that people did during the daytime and during the nighttime will be presented before Allah twice every single day. So that's why the angels who

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carry these records they usually gather in the time of so that's why it's a lot of asanas are such beautiful prayer and Salatin Federer Carlin Abu Salah Salem yet out baboon a few Camilla ecotone belay Lumina ecoATM been her way wage Tim your own Effie Salatin, Fendrick masala terasa this angel gather in Salatin Federer and salata rasa. So from encounter Hina, even FIBA board eCola, who fear is p y marry, whoever starts his day or starts his night with something righteous, something good. Allah will bless this day, bless his night. That's why cannot biohack EMK of the hakobyan Musa him in Kibana, Mata Berrien can MKR here on our pole wala Hema Anthony Monrovia Imani bay de la aliem.

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He said I don't know tonight. By the end of the day he said now my deeds are before Allah. And I don't know what Allah will do with it. And he will be in tears just thinking about it this way. There is also another presentation who NACA

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Out of the Christmas boy. Another presentation for the deets, which is every week, every week twice, Monday and Thursday. Carlin nibio SallAllahu Sallam to Arrabal Armando NASCI Had Allah He fi couldn't do more, if you call us for Marathi, I feel it's Nene we all will homies it will be represented every week before Allah twice Monday and Thursday for your photo Nicola Abdi movement Illa abdom baina who obey nahi Shana for your con truco Haney Hatta your study her our Hatha Yoga efia That interview so Salim said that when these deeds will presented before Allah Monday and Thursday, it will be forgiven for those who have seek forgiveness among the believers except to

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believers to believers that there is among them hatred

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they cut off each other

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you know those people Allah was saying hold on to them hold the record no forgiveness yet until the soul the matter between themselves

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that call me twice every week for you to start to you know what? And that's so beautiful action it is so bad to live one person told me this shift and S I don't know if I should say that or not. But somebody don't share any isn't power possible for someone to live while he doesn't have any any enemy?

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Any hatred towards somebody or cutting off somebody

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when he told me that I was saying is it possible to have somebody live all his life while he has enemies and

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any last minute some inconvenient willingness and our power there is some people can imagine to live kiddo without you know, problem with people. That default is not our problem people literally shit yeah, that's I for me, that's what I think the norm.

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But there is some way some people think that they have to live with us. But that's not true. Learn how to forgive and to forget. And I always say if you can do both do one of them. Time. There is also another presentation of the deeds, which is every year, who knock out of the center we total Filomena Luffy Cooley center. Every year at one time, all the deeds will be presented before Allah, which is came in the prophets of Salaam, were who are showhome to refer ofii Hill in Allah. And that's during the month of the month of Shaban and that's why he loves on Monday and Thursday to be fasting while the deeds are presented before Allah. That's why he loves to fast on Thursday when the

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deeds are presented before Allah subhanho wa Taala kinda Brahim INYOpools Chief Keef. What these Hadith means to the early scholars Ibrahim in Ohio, so great scholars among the terrain, can you call them rhotic? Yo, yo homies a young family and Allah fell open. Hello for AMDA

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he is thinking by Thursday night he telling his wife today our deeds are before Allah Allah looking at our record see what we have done this week. That feeling in itself

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it's a great sense of of God of servitude to Allah

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that's in itself as something that the last words tremendously for it it is even more rewarding than any action that you might done during the week. Why why all these multiple times what exactly the deeds that it's the same one or others are searching category Allah knows we don't know that's belong to Him Coolio Minho official, this is belong to his business of Hana with Allah. He deals with it the way he sees fit. So ALLAH SubhanA wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad so this is the case of my brother and sisters. Choose for yourself. What's your record we're going to be look like the Shabbat when it comes to us with that, how's your year will be ended with How's every week your deeds will

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be represented before Allah subhanho wa Taala the month of Shabbat is an introductions for Ramadan to train you so you wouldn't Ramadan comes you hit the ground running as we say it's not difficult for you to fast it's not difficult for you to read Quran it's not difficult for you to make the MLA you're really training yourself and Shabbat and preparing yourself and that intention that you have to do all this during the month of Shabbat does something make you challah get the reward of everything that you planning to do Ramadan? Regardless if you're able to make it or not? Because Allah only knows what will happen a month from now. May Allah subhanaw taala accept from all of us

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our good deeds

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What am I Samento Mostofa Allah bestow Pharaoh

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Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Milena via by the Hobart can Abu Bakar and belty yaku Rahim Allah shahada Raja Shahar, Rosa

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shabu shabu shabu Sufi, well shahada Ramadan, Sharon Hussite.

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He used to say Raja is where do you put your seeds? chabanne When you water your plants and Ramadan when you collect

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when you harvest

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so basically that's how they look at this month. So he said if you don't see anything, put any seeds and he did not water your seeds, you're not going to get anything and Ramadan. In other words if you don't prepare yourself for Ramadan, Ramadan will come and pass like any other month.

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You will not get full advantage of it. Can we go through and kind of set up Yeppoon Kumbhakarna Raja Rahim Allah for the loving kindness a moon shot Shaban shadow Quran. Rajiv, we are so connected Yes, Ramadan is the month of Quran. But guess what also shadow ban the use of the month of recitation, the month of Kerala because of the amount of Kerala that they used to do. Also, so many of the scholars have taken the advantage of the month of Shaban to increase the SAT apart. Why? Because nothing can purify you from your sins and shortcoming. Nothing can purify you like sadhaka

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in the Bhagavad community, with mountain Elmo now

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with Matt and Helga, it just is such a beautiful way of purifications

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charity and fasting so doing this before on Avan make you so pure, so Ramadan will become an a full advantage for you taking full advantage for you. That's why I had the cathedra that earlier Mr. Rogers, aka fisherman, some scholar even talks specifically that it's highly recommended to do your zakat in Shabbat before Ramadan, but I didn't have the law it is easy. Finally, in the Bissell Allah Salem also mentioned that in the middle of Shabbat this night, just a lot of people make this middle Shabbat as a special night for a slaughter nerado There's, there's no it's wrong, by the way. Nobody knows. We don't know we don't have any

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any proof any proof

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about when and a solid Mirage In which month in which week in which day it was done

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when we know which year but we don't know know report of which month which day which week all these opinions that came based on very weak narration. Okay, so the date exactly nobody knows and the Sahaba never celebrated the process to celebrate some call. And it's about

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as as a as a celebration, okay as I eat or anything of that nature. But anyway, the middle of Shabbat that is a Hadith which is has an acceptable and this one is so important for me and I like to end with it. As we talk about purifying your relationship with Allah subhanaw taala before Ramadan comes in the middle of Shabbat Allah subhanaw taala He forgives to so many people that night in delimiter Shahinian except those who have hatred in their heart towards one another.

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This heavy teach us it is so important in order for you to maximize your benefit from any time of Nevada is to have an absolutely pure relationship between you and Allah and to also clear what is between you and people.

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It just cut all these negativity take out of your heart all these hatred and evil in V and bad jealousy and you know, anger and frustrations and duck just clear your heart. So when the month of Ramadan, you are ready to flourish, you're ready to thrive. I asked Allah subhanho data to help us to reach the month of Ramadan and to maximize our benefit from it alarming and so colorful and if you look at Buddha Arafa Felina went to university at UCLA and UC Santa Herman's aka long enzymatic raffia taco Mahabharata Kalyan every other mystery any other generic rom which I don't have to prove in our Filipino film hola they know and you know the reality liquefier Allah Who Lavinia Behati con

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haram eco Republic I mean see what Allah who made the general economy often on title then under allah metalphoto under all the nanometer funnel into all the unknown, right no one

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Apphia while you're in Seattle January Quran Allah who suddenly wa sallim wa barik ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salatu salam ala

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