Nouman Ali Khan – Surah Yusuf #71 – V107 False Sense of Security

Nouman Ali Khan
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the negative effects of distraction and false sense of safety that occur during hip elections. They emphasize the importance of following spiritual teachings and focusing on one's actions to avoid distraction and forgetting. They also discuss the concept of "hammarby loan" and its use in protecting oneself from evil behavior. The segment ends with a brief advertisement for a session on " Number One Away."
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Are all the below him in a show you thought I know what gene

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FM you know, and to whom huashi I mean, I've been

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to most about that.

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Michelle, suddenly we're silly Emily Rachael Dr. Tammy lasagna, Khalid hamdulillah salat wa salam ala rasulillah alihi wa sahbihi. Marin,

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in order to share some lessons for today's i a 107. I started talking about it yesterday, but I will talk to you a little bit more about it today, from sort of users. In order to do that, I've decided to engage in a strange experiment, so bear with me.

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I'm going to show you a video I'm gonna walk over and play that video for you on the screen, so that we can talk about it in a second. So I want your full attention. Those of you that are watching this, just completely focus on this one minute video, and do the best you can Okay, I'll be right back.

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Okay, I watched this, this is a test of selective attention.

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Count how many times the players wearing one pass the basketball?

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How many passes? Did you count?

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The correct answer is 15 acids. But did you see the gorilla?

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Okay. I know that was a weird video. But there was a point. And the point was that this psychological experiment was conducted several times. And for a huge majority of people that engaged in that experiment and tried to count how many times the ball was passed. They seem to miss the gorilla. So actually, I'd like to see in the comments later on. If all of you that did cat get the count, right? And get the gorilla catch the gorilla at the same time in this video. And there's a point to that. And before I finished making the point, I want to show you one more thing. Okay, so now bear with me one last time.

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Let's see.

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I think I'm gonna set this up. And when I'm done talking about it.

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This is

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right here.

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All right. You can actually put it on the share. Or go back to the Yard stream yard up top.

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Yep, and

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just add that screen.

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And it should be on that article.

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The NPR article up top, just open up that tab.

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That one Yeah.

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I'm done with it, you can just come back to it and remove it. Okay. So guys, this is a this is an actual scan. You know, this is an article on NPR News. It was a research paper. And I want you to pay attention to this picture. Because in this picture, you know, these are people that look at x rays all day, you know, radiologists that look at, you know, X ray and radio text, or look at x rays all day, and they look for abnormalities. And the experiment was are they going to be able to see the gorilla in the X ray. So you notice on the right side, up on top, there's a drawing a weird drawing of a gorilla inside the picture. And 83% of the time the people that are looking for the

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most minute abnormalities inside of this scan did not notice that there was a gorilla on their X ray, these experts, they didn't notice that there was a gorilla Okay, so now I'd like you to come back and remove the screen so I can talk to you about why I did this crazy. You know distraction from the LCS back on stream yard and then you can remove the screen. There you go.

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Left clicker. There you go, I'm back. Okay. So the reason I brought this up to you is because human beings psychologically have a tendency that won't be focused on one thing, then we can easily lose sight of other things. I talked to you about that, you know, in somewhat general passing yesterday, but there are even psychological studies on this stuff, right? That we can focus on something so much that we start losing sight on other things, and especially the the experiment of experts that are whose only job is to pay microscopic detail attention to an X ray, that's all their job is. And yet, they didn't notice the drawing a figure of a gorilla on the X ray. Why? Because they're so

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trained to look for one kind of thing, one kind of abnormality, a lesion somewhere, a larger gap, a bigger cluster of white, whatever it is, that's what they're trained to look for. And something that's actually abnormal, like a ridiculous drawing of a gorilla on top of the X ray, they didn't even care to notice, because their minds are so focused on one thing, and I wanted to, you know, preempt our discussion about iron number 107, which I did talk about, at some level yesterday, I wanted to talk about it today, and help you and I understand something about the reinforcement that Allah has mentioned, between iron number 105, and I am number 107. And I am number 105. Allah said

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that they work are you mean it? Somehow it will? Or the marina Allah, Oman? hamari? dawn, how many miraculous signs can there be that they pass by in the skies in the earth? How many countless signs are they passing over walking right past them, and they completely ignore them. And I wanted to show these videos in that ridiculous article to you. Because the point is, human beings can actually ignore something so glaring, psychologically, because their focus is somewhere else, when they're focused on something else, they can actually be so absorbed in it, that they lose sight of what they're actually supposed to be paying attention to, or something that's right in their face, and

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they just can't see it. Right. And the idea of the spiritual lesson from that, and it's actually a pretty scary concept, because, you know, as a student of the Quran, and as people that some of some people that may be engaged in religious studies, right, scriptural studies, they're studying, they're studying Tafseer, they're studying Hadith, they're studying arcada, they're studying the Islamic sciences, etc, right, you can be so focused on the technicalities of the religion, and what this quote was and what their grammatical analysis is, and that's pretty intricate, incredible knowledge, that you lose sight of something that is right there, and you should be addressing it and

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you're not addressing it at all. Right? The first time, I noticed that kind of a, a dissonance, a disconnect between reality. And what we're so focused on, even in terms of religion, is when I went to Hajj

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and I went to Hajj. The first time, I noticed that there were children, countless children that were begging in the streets, and many of them with, you know, missing arms and legs and things like that really difficult scene, right? And they're selling like, calendars for $1 to four, you know, and they're selling these calendars that have the Kaaba on it, and the, you know, machine nabawi on it, etc, to these tourists hajis, right, that would like these calendars, and they're trying to make a quick buck. And what a tragic see what a horribly tragic scene, right? And to get to the machines, where were the jobs are going to a machine, and they're going to get, they're going to pray longer

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there. And there is, you know, by right by Hitler, and

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they're going to get a small lecture about, you know, the hudge. And the shift that spoke to us, may Allah reward him, he spoke to us, he spoke to us about making sure that we do our rituals properly. And making sure that we, you know, don't forget some of the sunon of Hajj and make sure we don't introduce any bits inside of the etc. That was a that was the gist of the conversation. But I and I tried to focus on what he was saying, but I couldn't help keep looking out the window at those kids. And then I couldn't keep up looking up at the the cave, were so social and went and received the first revelation. And part of that revelation was, you know, or at LSE, you can see with Dean fatale

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Kala de, your earlier team. Have you seen the one who considers a religion a lie? And that's the one who pushes the orphan. And how many of these kids got pushed to the side because people were getting raped late for the Lord's Prayer. Right and that's not even a subject. That's not even a thing to talk about. You know what I'm saying? And the disconnect that I noticed in myself that I like nobody else has a problem with this he like, we're all okay with this. Everybody doesn't see that. This is a real thing. This is a serious thing. Because this is what the Quran This is one of the first things the Quran came to address. Right and this is the home. This is the this is the dinar

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Giro recipient city of the Quran.

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And you know, we're seeing that so this disconnect can be very real, even inside people that are observing religion, what more manifestation of observing the religion than coming to hudge? Like, what's a bigger act of dedication and devotion to the deen of Allah than someone leaving their family and exhausting their life savings to come out all the way to hedge? Right? But I'm not trying to criticize anybody, I'm not criticizing the society, or the the shape or the machine or the culture. I'm seeing all of us altogether, what what can what what's a tendency that can happen are so focused on one thing in Islam, that other things in Islam that are so powerful and valuable, are

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not part of the equation. Right. And this is exactly what happens when someone is so focused on correcting somebody, but all the Islam that is connected to manners and the way you should speak and the way you should carry yourself. And the way you should set an example. And the ethics behind correcting someone all of that last, because I need to just do this. So you're focused on one thing at the expense of all else. That's why I showed you that you can have incredible knowledge of the X ray. Well, how can you not see a gorilla, a second grader could look at that and see a gorilla. What How is it that you lost sight of that? I wanted to bring this to your attention. Because when that

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happens when someone ignores the signs of a large object, over and over, they ignore and this is I gave the example of within religious circles but even outside like, if somebody in their life, Allah sends them sign after sign after sign. Somebody in their family passes away, somebody in their family gets sick, they realize the mortality and the limited and the frailty of human life. Right. And yet they don't change their ways. They get their driving somewhere, they shouldn't be going and they get a text message about somebody passes away. And I say I'm so sorry to hear that. And they keep driving in the same. That was an idea that came from Allah. And it didn't stop you. Or maybe

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you're having a conversation, you're backbiting somebody, right? You're talking behind somebody's back and you're saying horrible things about them. And then all of a sudden you hear thunder in the sky. Right? And you think wow, the forecast is bad. But do you think that's all that is? You don't think who controls the thunder and who times the thunder with your conversation?

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Right? That that's actually a that right? Is that we have a lot it's actually a lot so just says that Thunder is you know the the clouds doing the test we have Allah declaring unless perfection. And when someone does backbiting or slander, then you're supposed to say so hon Allah

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you know, Madonna and Nicola, we haven't sold to *. So Hannah, you know, some Hanukkah, Milena and tequila we had so we should say some Hanukkah. But here's somebody backbiting in the sky sets of Hanukkah.

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That's not a reminder, we could just keep going, keep moving along. Right? The point is that we can become so lost in what we're doing so focused on ourselves, so focused in our, our activities, our life, our emotions, our feelings, our experience, whatever it is that we're so lost in immersed in, that we lose sight of what Allah is actually saying to us, the IRS, the IRS all around us and the IRS inside of his word. And when that happens, this is the last and I gave you those articles just to give you how powerful you know, limited focus can be right, limited focus can distract you from other realities, so just take you away from other blind you to them.

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Then the other example I want to give you is from my own personal experience as a teacher, and also at some point as a student. So in a class, you have some students that do all the homework on time, to all the assignments. Always looking ahead, the exam is next Friday, they start studying a week before, start reviewing a week before, right. And then there's students like me, I got time

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is due on Friday. Oh, the teacher accepts late homeworks until Monday. That means you're not going to do it on Friday. Not gonna do it on Saturday, not gonna do it on Sunday, you're gonna wake up before fudger that's your plan, and then do the homework before you have to hand it in on Monday. And then even then you're not you didn't get up before fudger. And now you're doing the homework while you're eating breakfast and your homework has cereal on it. And you do have it and you tell your teacher it was a really busy weekend and my family's moving and moving where are they moving from the living room to the bedroom? That's where they're moving? that's moving around. Right and

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you you procrastinate, procrastinate, progress? And then you have these kids, right? I'll give you an example. You have you have you know, some some students, they're preparing for the exam well in advance, right. And the teacher gives a whole schedule. This is the day when the exam is happening. This is when the term paper is due. There's a whole syllabus, right?

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Have you ever seen students that come into the class the day of the exam and the teachers handing the exam really don't

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Do we know what

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you didn't know? What are you talking about? You know why? You know how they got to that point? First, they missed homework assignments. First they told themselves, they got a lot of time. They were reminded, and they ignored it, and they ignored it. And they ignored it yes or no. And when they ignored it enough times, it stopped existing for them. It wasn't just I'll deal with it later. When you say I'll deal with it later enough times, then your mind says don't deal with it.

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Isn't that the case, not just in class, but in your own life? You say, Oh, I'm gonna I need to do this, this, this, I'm gonna make a to do list. Right? But I'll do this later. And then a year later, you open up your notes in your phone, and you see that same to do list you never got it done. When you say I'll do it later. If you say that enough times that becomes a never it disappears from your mind. Well, what is the law telling us first ignore all kinds of if and the number 107 Aminu and to whom Akashi atonement at the villa? Or do they feel a sense of security? Are they actually safe from the fact that a punishment a hovering punishment from within the kinds of punishments or luck and

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send the one that will hover over them, that kind of punishment will come in attack them to interesting language because it's almost personifying punishment, punishment coming to them. So here you are at home feeling safe, and a danger is headed towards you, right? And you're feeling a sense of safety as if nothing is coming towards you. I mean, and to whom Harsha tominaga Villa, I wanted to actually talk to you a little bit about the last year, and what it means and how to mean college and even Rashi and Arabic means when you are in encircled from every direction Akasha is something that hovers over you or surrounds you or envelops you from every direction. For example, what either

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Russia home majan caboodle when waves, hover over them, encompass them, like dark clouds, with a condom, a few colita Allah, Yoshi Leyland, ha ha. Like Allah says, Allah makes the night do the shower of the day, it covers over the whole thing and wraps over the whole thing. facilita la la, la la la Shia to defer to allottee to hit within us. Alaska is an incident is an occurrence that completely surrounds people envelops them without trouble you and me sooner had the hill Hadith. And the Arabs used to put the considered these kinds of overwhelming incidents, these kinds of occurrences. They used to consider them grammatically feminine notice it says she turned the

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skeleton or boot on it. Those of you that are doing Arabic with me that round it and make something feminine, right? So the classical purpose of making these kinds of words feminine, was major events like that they would make them feminine at the end. It's kind of a silly parallel. But nowadays, when you have major hurricanes and tornadoes in America, one one tornado will be called, you know, Sally, another one will be called Cal Trina one of those who call you know, Susan called Jennifer, like all these female names for you know, disasters that are coming, they'll give them these names, right? Well, the the Arabs for these disasters that would hit they would give them nicknames.

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They're not names of women, they're actually nicknames and what are the nicknames a Bama a saw her in the Quran apama to a saw how to adapt here to Elmo See, but you're not this was on the Coronel Karissa to well, hadiza Allah, Tia and haka all of these words in the Quran with our booth at the end of major events that are coming, each highlighting something else, but this particular word aloha Shia from Russia, something that envelops you in circles you casts over you would be a good way to put it cast over you. And I thought it's important to mention that unless as they feel safe from Akasha coming over them in the context of this surah because in the beginning of this surah you

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have grown men that are casting themselves over a small child and then those grown men are looking down have cast themselves over a small child as they put them inside of a well

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and then the you know use of Hi Sam has the the the the torture of prison casting over him. It's Akashi over him that he can't escape. It's hovering over him. And then on top of that, in the case of Rasulullah sallallahu, alayhi wasallam. You've got the Quraysh who feel they can overpower the messenger sallallahu Sallam because he doesn't have the kind of political economic social capital to be able to combat them. What force does he have to be able to combat their opposition against him so they feel like they can be overpowering above him and

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This idea of over, you know, this, this idea of something being over something else is actually kind of a, an imagery theme that's running inside of the surah. So even later, on Rafa Ababa, he allowed her ruler who saw Jordan, he raised his parents to the throne, they fell down in such that, right, they came down into such that. So the these images are important because now picking up on that imagery of someone overshadowing someone else, someone hovering over somebody else, somebody casting their authority over someone else, well, punishment fits the crime, do these people think they can do things like that, and ignore what Allah is saying, and ignore all the signs of Allah, and they

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still feel a sense of security? Where does that fit, I talk to you about that false sense of security yesterday, today, I add a new dimension to that, that I didn't talk about yesterday. And that is, when you are so lost in one in your delusion. When I am so lost in my delusion, that I lose sight of something that's coming.

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I forget all about it. And when I forget all about it, I feel like it's never gonna happen. Like the kid who thinks the exam has a million years away. And the day of the exam, he's like, where does this come from. And even if the punishment is right around the corner, like a gorilla passing through, is too focused on the ball being passed.

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You can't think about it, you're too distracted by something else. This is why Allah says,

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como Taka through the desire to want to get more and more the desire the competition for more and more. The desire for a better and better house, the desire for more and more clothes, more and more shoes, more and more purses, more and more cars better and better, you know, appearance, I want to be liked more than this person, I want to be followed more than this person, I want to be appreciated more than this person, I want to be able to show off that I have more than this person in education and career and money. And this more and more and more and more and more. at the cathode. He says that distracted you. You're so focused on takato other things that deserved your

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focus didn't get it, they just got ignored. And that's why he says what should have gotten your focus? There is a punishment coming from Allah. Am I on the wrong side of that punishment? Am I under its dark cloud? Or am I on the side in the safe zone? Where do I stand? am I standing somewhere that's in the disaster radius and the blast radius? Or am I outside of that? Right? If when people hear there's a hurricane coming, there's a storm storm coming. They find out that which area is going to be safe. How far do they have to go and city start evacuating? Right? And that's the idea of amino and tiong Garcia tominaga Bella a kind of punishment that over overshadows over

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cast from within the different kinds of punishments of Allah Oh or is it even the case to Masato or are they even feeling safe from the idea that the our meaning judgment they will come and get them

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like it's the last part of this is above certain means without warning and let me tell you something about this word without warning button. Well, doctor to fella tone min in Albuquerque, it's a muster mobile, meaning that dahmer Buta actually hyperbolized is a word if you don't know what hyperbolized is means that's okay. That's why you're learning Arabic hyperbole is to take a word and basically injected with steroids. That's what it is. So both means all of a sudden, and bolted on means immediately all of a sudden exclamation exclamation, bold, all caps. That's what honorable tech can do sometimes. Okay, well, who am I start? bug Bertha, who Unruh is an SLI v fudge, attend Min

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radiata, urban Walla Walla, who Russia by an owner we bought, the whole situation occurred to him, all of a sudden, he fell into a situation without warning without any anticipation without being informed without any signs that it's coming without any clues. All of a sudden without warning, the hour shall arrive. Yeah, fulfill both the manual Maji and radiation. So the word book has the meanings of something coming without giving you any sense that it's coming. Like a truck coming and hitting somebody out of nowhere, not even a honk. Now videos split second on they hear the sound and they're like, Nope, nothing. One second, everything's normal, the next second it's gone. A person's

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gone. Right. So like a like a sudden heart attack kind of thing. Right? Without warning, it just comes in a person dies. So that that kind of thing is called busta. Well who am on Toshiba alcohol, and wanted to read this grammatical piece to you because it has implications on the meaning and how we appreciate the wording here. Well, who am unpossible Anil has about 10 is NASA, his thing and it's not so because it's a holiday and I'll explain

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claim that in a second final Massara YuGiOh Harlan is a kind of our heroine that we know who bismil fairy or who are your body will muster the custom MOBA lava. How do I explain this? You can say for example, the the the state in which something happens they say, all you know the the punishment or the day of judgment will come to them all of a sudden, that's the rough translation button all of a sudden, right? But actually, because it's a muster, it's the infinitive form. It says if a lie is saying, the way in which it will come, you never knew what suddenness means, until you experienced this. Like the idea of suddenness has never actually been materialized in a way that it will be

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materialized by the coming of the hour. That's how sudden and unexpected it's going to be when it hits. Well, Himalaya, Sharon, and they are absolutely, they have no clue whatsoever. What I wanted to highlight in this ayah is the progression. There's a worldly punishment of last year tominaga Billa, a punishment that will hover over from within the punishments of Allah, that means worldly punishment can come to them. And that doesn't have to be fire from the sky, or the flood of new la Salaam, or an earthquake or something like that of last year domina de la can actually be punishment by way of what you can consider natural consequences. It can be a disease that hovers over somebody,

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it could be an economic situation that comes over somebody, it could be a family situation that takes over somebody. It could be, you know, an economic disaster or a political disaster. Any kind of tragedy can become a hardship from within the punishment of Allah. And Allah saying, for people who do check with him, people who ignore his signs, they have this false sense of safety that even if something does happen, it'll happen one day and judgment day, which is I don't know how many millions of years from now for now let me just have my fun. Allah says also You think I can't punish you right now?

00:26:58 --> 00:27:40

You think you can just do that and I won't. There's there's no form of punishment. And by the way, the punishment the day that that allows punishment will hover over everyone. And that less judgement will hover over everyone is called a little harsh with eyeliner. Yeah, hello, Dhaka howdy through Alaska for either for either Java or metal. Cobra us Ah, ha, ha, Ka, L, L, L L L. Here, you don't find out what do you find a lot here too. And there's no URL on it. It's not modified. not proper. It's common. It's Nikita. Right? Those of you that are in the air request feel good about yourself. Now, you know something about this i from what we did last few days. So hospital is not good. What

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does that mean? It's not the day the ultimate day of the covering? Because that's actually the name of it. The covering day. That's that's its name. Like, you know, sometimes we take words. It's gonna be a horrible example. But it's okay. It gets the point across. That's all I care about. Sometimes we we have generic words, right? We have words like

00:28:03 --> 00:28:47

a Punisher. Right. Punisher is someone who is giving punishment, but then there's a Marvel character named The Punisher. Why? Because it becomes this title. Right, actually, in ancient Arabic, the cover or the crusher, or, you know, the real, the materializer you know, and then the Thunderer, etc. These are the names of judgment a they're not just descriptions, they're like titles of it. So when someone says the crusher is coming, they're not thinking without a bulldozer. What is that? Like? You know, what is this? Is it a blending machine? What What, what's the crusher know is judgement day coming? It becomes its official name in a sense. So Alaska is the one of the official

00:28:47 --> 00:29:06

names of Judgment Day. But Allah says are they feeling safe that some Haha, not the last year? some harsh Yeah, from within the punishments have a lot meaning? are they feeling safe that some teaser from judgment day can come right now? They think that it won't come that it won't hit them.

00:29:07 --> 00:29:33

Allah is telling us that sometimes Allah gives us a glimpse of judgment day even in this life. Sometimes Alembic says taste the consequences of our deeds even in this life. He can do that. And unless particularly telling us in this ayah people who ignore his signs over and over again, people who commit ship along with it believing in Him those are the people that get a false sense of security as if those are the people alone might give them a taste. Right now.

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He says

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the hotel facade to Phil Barbary well back DB Mikasa but I didn't ask Leo Leo the home bar Bala de amico. He says that corruption came out in the in the in the land and in the seeds because of what people have done with their own hands. So he can make them taste some of what they've done. Some of what they've done.

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In other words, sometimes the world experiences disaster because of some of the things we've done, the day on which we will experience the disaster, that is the equivalent of everything we've done. That's called Judgment Day. All the other disasters are just a taste of some of what we've done. So let's telling people now, are you feeling safe that some of the things you did that you completely ignored that they were even wrong, that you get this false sense of security a level forgive a level forgive? Or you don't even think about a lot because you're too focused on something else. You're not even thinking about right and wrong, because you're focused on something else. You don't think I

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can get you right now.

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And more importantly, that you don't think that I can get you right now. Have you forgotten that even if you escaped any punishment in this life,

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even if you lived, lived it up? You partied your whole life? Your you stayed healthy, you had no money problems, you had no physical problems, no physical punishment, no torment of any kind from a law came to you at all in this life. If that happened, do you think you got away with it? I will tell it to Masato or the hour will come at them. And Allah didn't say the punishment of the afterlife. He said the hour. Why is that important? Because when that hour comes, it doesn't just include punishment. It includes me standing in front of Allah. It includes me being exposed completely before Allah. It includes all of my deeds listed out now you have zero sorry, rotten

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welaka below 10 a law and leaves nothing small, nothing big out except that it records it. We're gonna cry out looking at our own book and saying Molly hazard kita What is wrong with this book? What kind of book is this? We're gonna be looking at our own limbs and saying Lima Tonto, Elena. Nino.

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Liberty kodali Why are you talking against us?

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You know why, you know, and takana lady and coca cola? She's the one who made everything speak is making us speak today. Why are you wildomar? My hands testifying against me? Why is my belly testifying against me? Why is my tongue testifying against me? Why are my eyes testifying against me on Judgement Day? Are you feeling safe? that's never gonna happen. Is that is that how distracted you've become? That you've forgotten the ultimate reality? One of the names of judgment and how the ultimate reality? Whatever my reality is, right now, the pales in comparison to that ultimate reality. Whatever choices I have to make right now, if I choose to make the right choice, the wrong

00:32:27 --> 00:32:57

choice, I am in denial of the ultimate reality when I can stop at a red light. And my friend says just go through it. And I said, No, there's a camera up there. You kidding me? I'm gonna get I'm gonna get my license revoked. I've already made a few mistakes. They're gonna arrest me if they find me. You see that police officer over there. He's looking straight at me. He's pointing the speed thing at me. I can't speed right now. You know what that is? There's a reality dawning on you. It affects your actions, it affects my actions.

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Allah says these people feel safe that they can take whatever actions and that hour that's coming, that reality that's hitting them, it won't come. So what if you got away with it in this life? You think you can escape in the next life? Oh, do homosassa. So he mentioned both. He mentions both. And you know what that is? That's actually the level of distraction and the level of false sense of safety. These people feel. They feel like I lied, but no lightning struck my tongue.

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I spoke behind somebody's back, but my back is not broken.

00:33:34 --> 00:33:36

I stole but I didn't go bankrupt.

00:33:38 --> 00:33:44

I heard the testimony. I hid the truth. I falsely testified I slandered somebody but I haven't been humiliated.

00:33:45 --> 00:34:10

Seems like I got away with it. Seems like a Lowe's okay with it. Well, if I didn't get caught right now, that means I'm okay. This is a false sense of security. As if it won't come all of a sudden, you know, when a criminal some you know, they call it a pathway to larger and bigger and bigger crime, right? If some if a kid steals candy from a store, right, and he got away with it, he's gonna try it again.

00:34:11 --> 00:34:35

If he was stealing candy from the store, and he got caught the first time, and he got punished the first time he might stop, it might stop him from a trail of habits that will become something disastrous in his life. But if you got away with it, then he got away with it again, and he got away with and he won't stay at candy, will it? It's going to move on to shoes, it's going to move on to electronics, it's going to move on to robbery, it might even move on to murder. You don't know where this road is going to lead.

00:34:36 --> 00:34:45

But when someone doesn't feel the consequences of their actions, when they feel like the cameras are off. Then they become emboldened.

00:34:46 --> 00:34:59

And so what the law says is, they must be so blinded. It's like they have a cover over their eyes. And guess what the word for cover over their eyes in the Quran is what Allah I'm sorry, human visual.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:40

On their eyes have a shower on them. And guess what the punishment is? are they feeling safe? If they're so covered in their eyes? I'll show them cover. I'll send them molossia tominaga, Bella, Allaha tominaga Bella. And they feel like they can get away with it forever. No, I'll send them the hour and an hour, we'll come at them all of a sudden meaning a moment ago, they were in disobedience. and a moment later, they're like, well, how are we and how are we here? Remember, I finally Mark Kadena, who raised us from our graves, who raises for police asleep, while home law is ruined, and they in fact, will have no realization, even in this whole home lash room, which is the

00:35:40 --> 00:36:06

Joomla halia. It's a reinforcement, right? In 105. He said they ignore it. And here he says they don't even realize it. It's the same theme over again, Allah is reinforcing this idea that they're so distracted, that they're not thinking about it. They're ignoring it and not realizing it. But here he adds something that I should have mentioned even in the previous one, whoa, whoa, man, how much have you done, we'll look at the grammatical view of wahome and hammarby loan or home loan loan and make some observations about that. And I'll conclude today's those

00:36:08 --> 00:36:33

info home and Home Warranty loan actually, the the typical sentence in Arabic is while home Marley Luna Anna, the unhealed component, the gentleman's rule that prepositional phrase is as a standard supposed to be at the end. But it isn't the beginning. Well, home I'm Maha marleybone. Now that's called the theme it's pushed earlier. And the subject, the predicate of the sentence is pushed later.

00:36:34 --> 00:37:07

The purpose of doing that it can be several things. It can be TRG, dish week, Tokyo, Chicago, there's lots of reasons and invalid how we study those things. But for now, I want to share with you what could this mean here, well, whom I'm ha marleybone. It's as if Alo Singh, they pay attention to other things. But when it comes to the ayatollah, they ignore. It says if a last thing they're not, it's not like they're not capable of paying attention. They are. It's just that they choose not to pay attention to this, while other things get an amazing amount of attention from them.

00:37:09 --> 00:37:45

Other things get shares and views and addictive, you know, listening and viewership. And they remember they can memorize things they can, they can engross themselves in things they can obsess hours into things. They're very capable of paying attention except to the IRS have a law in the skies and in the earth that they pass by every single day. That's the only thing they're not able to pay attention to or they don't they choose not to pay attention to. And in it there's a commentary that allies saying this ignoring of yours is not because you're not capable of paying attention. It's because you are you just think this isn't worth your attention.

00:37:46 --> 00:38:23

Now coming to the site, well home liar Sharon. Actually the Joomla Hylia can be can be out to homosassa to build that and voila, Sharon. You don't have to add the dummy your home the pronoun home, which means they because the day is already embedded inside the verb Yes. ruin the Yamaha and the wild Gemma at the end. That means they anyway. So what's the home doing here? Well home Leia, Sharon, it's like the word v has been mentioned twice. It's as if what have they you know? It's batty, Allah hadal foreign. So what this is as a principle in Arabic, what this is saying is they're not the ones who realize it.

00:38:24 --> 00:38:37

The our will come at them all of a sudden, while they're not the ones who realize it. Let me give you that analogy from the classroom again. Remember those kids that all of a sudden when the day of exam comes in, like Oh, what? Today? What?

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But the kid next to them says Bro, I even texted you last week. Get ready. The teacher reminded us like every single day in the beginning of class and at the end of class, but you like to play video games while the teachers, you know, teaching or you like to leave cut out of the class early before he's even done talking. Whose fault is that? And even when he's talking, you're not paying attention. You're like, hey, look at this. Look at this. You're not paying attention. Whose fault is that? Everybody knew I knew. He knew he knew his blessing. The people who have a false sense of security. They're the ones who don't realize that the ultimate danger is coming. So the irony is

00:39:16 --> 00:39:25

being described. Here you are feeling the safest. And here you are in the most danger because you're the most unprepared for what's coming. Well home LaShawn

00:39:26 --> 00:39:59

AK Duna, homea shot, there's others other than them who do realize it. That will be the rest of us. May Allah make us of those who realize it will take to Masato Bolton or home LaShawn. So this is a commentary in the Quran about distraction, and how easily someone can think that they can get away with whatever they're doing. And they're not going to see consequences here, or in the next life and allies saying no, I'm not making you safe from the consequences in this life, nor in the next life. If you

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If you act in this way, I might make you taste some of it now. And that that's some of it isn't Garcia tone, and min, there's a very there, there's an akeelah. There, I might give you some taste of it now, but then there's the ultimate hour, then you get the full taste, I might give you the teaser the appetizer before the full course meal, I might as well do that. This is a warning from Allah to all human beings. And the reason is, this is important for us to think about that it's not just a warning to the kurush. It's not just a warning to the Jews. It's not just a warning to the Jews of Medina, it's a warning to you and me the believers. Why? Because in the story, the brothers

00:40:35 --> 00:40:36

of Yusuf were believers.

00:40:37 --> 00:41:22

They were Muslim, there was a sense of a prophet. And this applies to them. They felt like there are no consequences for their actions. Their actions reflected the kind of arrogance that no Quran other places described as described, and is characteristic of disbelievers. So you can be a believer, and you can still have qualities of others. Right? This is not to say that you are a disbeliever, or they are a disbeliever. But the thing in the Quran that's so subtle and beautiful is we might have some characteristics of people that are like disbelievers. I may have 1% of it on in me, I might have 5% of God owning me. Like Allah says about hypocrisy. The Prophet says Allah Allah sent out a

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baton mankind fee for one African four characteristics, whoever has them in them, then they are a hypocrite. And for if they have one of them, then I guess they have a quarter level of hypocrisy. If they have to, they got 50%, they got three, you got 75%. If they got all for a perfect score on hypocrisy, and each one of them, you can have degrees of it right? So you can have degrees of something. We can have degrees of symptoms of some of the things that luck criticizes, we can have some level of jealousy, some level of disbelief, some level of ingratitude, some level of hypocrisy, some level of deliberately ignoring the ayatollah, we have to identify in ourselves what we have.

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Nobody knows what we have inside except for us. You only you can answer the question. Did Allah send me signs that Allah sent me a reminder, and I ignored it anyway? Did Allah intervene in his own way and in my heart of hearts, I knew Ally's intervening right now. And I silenced that voice. Nobody can tell you that only you can tell you that. You will know when Allah reminded you, you'll know how Allah reminded you, you'll know you were about to do something wrong. And somebody called you and said, Hey, I need your help. Or your mom called you and said, I'm really proud of you. You're such a good son. Or somebody your phone went off and it's the time you're about to do something wrong and

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your phone goes off and it says Allahu Akbar, or you're like you're about to do something wrong and it allows greater, you're like, put that on mute. Let me finish what I'm doing. Did you ignore and I have a law that I ignore an eye of Allah Am I am i is that a glimpse of these people pass through the signs of the skies in the earth and they just ignore them. And they get a false sense of safety. I'll ask Allah for forgiveness later.

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Some people are so far gone, sometimes they'll pray. They're about to do something wrong. And they'll go pray. And then tell Allah Allah, I got to do what I got to do. Okay, but I'll ask forgiveness later. Even if they can't even get themselves to say such an obnoxious thing. It's in their head. It's in their head, how are you praying, and then define the same master you put your head in front of the ground, you put your head on the ground before him and then you walk and define him openly? And do such that to your own self. You just say is that your own greed, your own lust, your own your own emotion, your own impulse? How can you and I become like that? That's the kind of

00:43:48 --> 00:43:52

people that get a false sense of safety because they tell themselves at least I prayed

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at least every moment before I did that operation after to

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some good you're not i'm not

00:44:01 --> 00:44:09

we're not well, my you know, Excel and build a lahoma shikun I mean, when Tachyon lasciato Me neither Billa to homosassa Tabata

00:44:11 --> 00:44:52

they have no realization whatsoever, they won't know until it's too late. Okay, the irony, punishments coming from this way. And they are there have no idea that it's coming, no clue that it's coming. We have been given this word. So we always know that can come even towards us. And we have to be in the shade of Allah. Allah mercy allows you to protect you and me from all forms of evil. And we allow us to just not make us of those that he's talked about in these heavy heavy ions. I decided not to even touch our number one weight yet and just dedicated a session teenager to just 107 because 108 is one of the most beautiful, powerful I art in the Quran on the subject of

00:44:52 --> 00:44:59

conviction. So I just wanted to kind of take time separately away and talk about it number one a way to inshallah, we'll do that tomorrow, but a lovely Welcome to the

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I came when I finally what year? It was.

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Oh yeah, I gotta I gotta wait wait, wait, wait. Don't do it. Hold on

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