If Vedas are Most Authentic Hindu Scriptures, then why did you quote Kalki Purana for the Prophecy..

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the use of the term "Artuism" in the context of the term "Artuism." They argue that the term is not the right one to use in context of the term "Artuism." They argue that the term is not the right one to use in context of the term "Artuism."
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I am Rama Gupta from Bangalore. I'm an engineer but publishing a magazine called pseudo Shakti.

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I do agree with

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Dr. Jackknife

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as far as his thoughts are concerned as far as one God is concerned.

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But before most

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cow given stress on believing with us, not on Puranas if that is so, can we agree with colicky as an avatar? And second question, I will come come with another two questions. If querque Khurana and your version of kalki could bring peace with the two religions in India, all right, give a lot of publicity to eat and try to win over the people. Second thing is

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you said the Hindu is you quoted in Vedas. And a friend of mine also posted a question that in Vedas are not allowed to be read by all is the fact among Hindus. There are four webinars, you accept Brahmins. The other three webinars are not allowed to read, one leader trattorias and voices can hear but Shudras are never allowed to read with us. They had no access to eight US. So what is Hinduism?

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Therefore, you can you call? Sure, can you say that shooters are also Hindus? Whether you say Hindu is excuse me, brother belong to certain area. But please ask one question at a time the brother has to question and do agree with the second question I didn't answer not because I did not know the answer. I gave the first answer. Ask one question at a time. You can ask the second question. No problem. I'm here. My flight is 430 in the morning.

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One question at a time and I'll be my pleasure. If I don't tell, you know, the brother has to question and I give the first answer. And when I sat down I realize Oh, I forgot I'm a human being under a computer.

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So the second question after I sat down, I realized I didn't answer. Thank you for reminding your main question. First question. You said that the Hindu reformer said don't follow Puranas only follow with us. So why have I coded Kalki pura and if I leave it out, what will happen better? Towards the end of my talk, I told you very clearly that I have quoted Vedas as well as the other Hindu scriptures. Even if you remove from my talk all the condition of all the other scripture besides the Veda, my talk would be the same.

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I'm talking about the last and final messenger not only from the Puranas not only from colicky Parana I gave so many references from Vedas. I think we didn't do if you want to do me to repeat the great book number one, him number 13 was the three regrets was number one in them. It was the ninth grade book number 100.2 was number 310s and hundreds of petition only from ADA talking about Prophet Muhammad Salah Salem, I told you in my talk that even if removed Kalki Parana, remove Calcutta yet there is no shinza there is Cora ma there is a bamboo in Atharvaveda in some ways in Greek with all the formula you all 400% All four

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prophecies I mentioned my talk only few limited time. You understand whether so even if you remove Kalki Parana Calco Tyrion there'll be peace but only following with us this believes in Tala Vila calm within Saba embed Amina Come, come to common terms I have been asked and you I know many Hindus respect the Bhagavad Gita respect Khurana therefore I quoted Quran and Bhagavad Gita. Even if we remove Quran and Bhagavad Gita there is jihad even regulate this Jihad Enriquez. And there are many things so even if you called Wait, my talk would be majority would be the same. Hope that's the question. Now coming to your question with the other day the post that why in Hinduism, only certain

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people are allowed to read the Scripture, others aren't any right that Brahmins are allowed to read and shut they're allowed to listen and should rather not I should read Hindus

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offering according to Vedas, Almighty God, He created from his head, the Brahmins, the learned class, from his chest, the Chakra The warrior caste, from his thighs, the stomach, he created the base. Yes, the business class from the feet, he created the sutras. So this is a caste system, which is then Hinduism, which I don't agree with. Even the reformers, Rajaraman Roy, he disagrees with Justice Kennedy. He disagrees with it. What Allah says in the Quran in surah, chapter number 14 And verse number 13. Yeah, you are now so in Natalka now comienza in Monza Jana sho Baraka is Aleta and Nakamoto. In the lawyer Kaku in the law 11 copied all humankind. We have created you from a single

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pair of male and female and have divided Indonesia.

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and trades so that you shall recognize each other. Not that we shall despise each other and the most honor in the sight of Allah subhanho wa Taala is the person who has Taqwa the criteria for judgment is not cast. It is not color. It's not well, it's not sex, but it is taqwa It is God consciousness. It is righteousness, it is piety. Allah says in the Quran in surah, chapter number 17, verse number 70, while Akaka Rahmani Adama we have honored all the children of Adam. Whether you're born in a Hindu family or Christian family or Muslim family, if you are a bunny, Adam, if you are a human being you have been honored.

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In Islam, all human beings are equal. The only way you can be superior is by Taqwa. It's by God consciousness. It's by piety it by righteousness. So I disagree with this concept, what I believe and there are many scholars who say this has been cooperated so that the higher class the Brahmins could rule, what they came in the philosophy you Shudra you're a sutra Luca behave like a sutra. If you serve me better in the next life will become a good person, but this life you serve me. So this I believe, is not the word of Almighty God, that there isn't reformers of Hinduism, this book against this caste system against communism chatra ism. So point to me, if you analyze this caste

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system is wrong. And the religious scripture should be read by anyone, whether rich or poor, whether businessman whether warrior, whether King, because this is a book of the Creator, Almighty God, and everyone should know what our creator wants us to do hope that answers the question.