A Life With Allah #01 Why Names Matter

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AI: Summary © The segment discusses the impact of Jesus' name on the perception of man and women, as well as the causes of love like German beauty and contemplating the names of Allah. The importance of being involved in the spiritual process and the potential for conflict to lead to conflict is emphasized. The speaker also discusses the importance of being aware of the spiritual process and the potential for conflict to lead to conflict.
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tradesmen look at buildings differently.

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Depending on the trade they represent.

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You'll find the carpenter casting an eye on the woodwork, the bricklayer, looking at the brickwork, and the painter finds his gaze shifting to the walls and the ceilings.

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Likewise, the greater a person's perception of Allah's names, the greater his alertness and understanding of life's swings and roundabouts. Nothing passes them without thoughts. Everything becomes a trigger for deep contemplation.

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When they see a display of mercy, they automatically and naturally reflect on the names of Allah or Rahim, the Most Merciful or woof, the pitying and what do the affectionate when they sense might, and or in any turn of life, they're overcome with the names of Jabbar, the Compeller Elmo talkin the Avenger, alcohol, the subdued, Allah's ease, the mighty, eventually the reach a station where every scene that unfolds any sin which presents itself to them, or any opportunity that drifts

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generates the remembrance of Allah Almighty in their life and a retreat to him. And it's achieving that exact goal is precisely the objective of the series.

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I don't think it would be an exaggeration in any way to make the claim that the universe in its enormity was created with the intention for us to realize the names and attributes of Allah.

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Allah Almighty said Allah who led the Halacha Saba SML to I mean, a lot of the Mithila Han it is Allah who created seven heavens and of the Earth, the lack of them yet and resolute Amaroo Boehner home his command descends between them. Why was all of this created? Listen to the second part of the eye, he said, Lita Alamo, so that you may know and Allah Allah cliche in Korea that Allah is most capable of everything.

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And Allah aka how to be coalition in ima, and that Allah has encompassed all things in knowledge.

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It's as if he is saying that this wondrous and formidable structure around you was put there, so that you look at it and realize that Allah exists, and that Allah is capable, and that Allah has encompassed all things in knowledge to know His names and his attributes.

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The one was Sunil Osmani. He said that if a person wants to accept someone's offer for marriage, or offer himself for marriage, or wants to deal with a person in any way, he would first request his name, nickname, family name, and would ask about both the important and unimportant matters. And then he said, so Allah Who created us and provided for us, the one whom we hope for His mercy and fear His punishment is worthy of us knowing His names and understanding that

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your Eman is closely linked to your level of knowledge of Allah. And seeing that you and I will never see Allah in the life of this world. We're left with the names of Allah. And there are effects that can be seen and felt around us today. So we can conclude that one of the greatest ways of fostering Eman to levels where you can almost taste it is by way of contemplating the names of Allah and noticing their effects in life. And there are signs and their signatures in the universe and within your very self.

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And this is because love has causes. One of them is German beauty, beautiful matters by virtue of their splendor, their loved, the heart has a natural affinity towards all of those things are pleasing to the eye. And since all beauty in existence is from Allah subhanho wa Taala we can ask the question, Who is more beautiful than him?

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And of course the true answer to this question will only be realized on the day when the veil between Allah and righteous servants is finally removed when their eyes will gape. And their minds will wander in all.

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And that's for the second cause of love. After Jamal beauty is Ehsaan good treatment. Those who bring benefit to people and treat them well our loved

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us ask for the favours of Allah upon man. Subhana Allah, they predate his existence. A law provided him all what he needed from within the womb of his mother. He then released

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him into a world that has already been fully furnished with all what He requires.

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It's all there.

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And that's why Prophet Ibrahim said I love you holla Khalifa jolla Hadid He is the One who created me and guides me. Well, lady who are you to me anyway your screen and it is he who feeds me and gives me a drink. Were either married to the Hawaii machine and when I am ill, it is he who cures me.

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What about the favors of Allah, Allah is good treatment of his creation is such that your role in acquiring the things you need is only a minute phase in the middle. And as for the levels before it, and the levels after it, they were taken care of entirely by Allah. Let me explain. When you make your way to buy bread, just remember that you weren't the one who brought down its rain, and allowed it to seep into the soil nor nor were you the causer of its wheat to grow. Nor were you the planter of those seeds.

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Nor were you the harvest, nor were you the supplier of the grain to the companies. Nor were you the grinder of those grains, nor the mixture of ingredients. No that neither of the dough, nor the baker of that red. nor its packager nor its seller,

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you're in involvement was simply to pull it off the shelf in its ready baked format.

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Then after you swallow the food, again, you play no role in the phases after it.

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You didn't inspire the esophagus to push the food down to your stomach, you didn't inspire the mechanisms of preventing it from returning upwards.

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Nor were you involved in the process of enzyme release for digestion nor in the churning of the stomach to break down the food. Nor in the complex and harmonious processes which involve

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a tight coordination between the liver and gallbladder and the pancreas and other organs. You weren't involved in eventual transfer of the molecules into the bloodstream.

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And then the proportional distribution of energy from that food to every part of the body, a portion goes to the nails, a portion of your hair, your face, your tears, your veins, your blood, the whites of your eye, your sweat, your flesh, your nerves, your muscles, tendons, bones,

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each gets a share. He didn't play anything, you didn't play any role in that you didn't play a role in the excretion of what the body doesn't require from that brand. Your involvement is purely a short role in the middle to take the bread off the shelf.

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Whilst all of those difficult processes before it and after it, they don't involve you in the least.

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This is just one example pretending to brand while the about the rest of Allah's favor,

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the apparent ones and the hidden ones, and both those that you're aware of and those that you're not and even those that you will never know about.

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So when you look at both of these reasons for love, Gemma and beauty, and Hassan kindness favors, you notice that they are captured perfectly by His names and his attributes.

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The deeper you explore them, the deeper you realize just how perfect and beautiful and infinitely kind Allah has always been. This in turn leads to the immediate rebuilding of Eman and the experience of the sweetness of a bad washer.

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But you see,

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not only does knowledge of Allah's names pull you closer to the doorstep of worship. It also pushes you farther away from sins. It's an amazing study.

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A man once found himself alone with an Arab Bedouin woman, and he tried seducing her. She refused his invitation. She said to him a secular mocha Malika Xiao Jian min Quran and Allah Khanna Hindi What is wrong with you? Where's your honor? Where's your religion? And he responded to her jokingly he said Nayana Enlil ko Aki, why are you panicking, no one can see us but the planets.

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She said to him for a number Kalki, Maha, whereas is the one who put those planets in their place, Allahu Akbar. We're going to come across in the series, many similar examples of this type of story. Because this is precisely the objective behind the choosing of this topic, that the next time a sin presents itself to you saying here I am. No one is looking. We develop this ability to say what about Allah? What about a semi eye the hearing Allah see the seeing?

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What about a rocky but the observing? What about an ally in the knowing and Khadija capable

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and I love the words of Imam Abdul Karim, who summarizes the fruits of journeying through the names of Allah Almighty. He said if a person ascends into

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To the realm of realisation, where he can almost see the perfect traits of Allah and His majestic descriptions, his soul will feel the special type of nearness, where it will experience the removal of veils that stand between one's heart and soul and its lord, that veil is the neffs the self. So if Allah allows that veil to be removed his heart and soul will make their way to Allah, causing a person to worship Allah as though he can see him. So join us as we try to achieve just that. In a series we've named a life with Allah