If Idol Worship is the biggest Sin Which Allah will Never Forgive

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Then What is the Fault of those Who are Born in Hindu Families?

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Good evening, Dr. Knight. My question to you this evening is with all due respect to Islam. You said that idol worship is the greatest sin in Islam and Allah does not forgive an idol worshiper for this. But what about people who have been born into families of religions other than Islam? For example, in India, most of the population is Hindu, and lifelong, they may not have had exposure to Islam, or somebody else who may have educated them about that. What is the fault of those people? Will they never reach paradise? Will Allah never let these people enter paradise? What is their fault if they believe what is being taught to them since the day they were born? does Allah not have

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mercy on them? Thank you, sister. That's a very good question, a very logical question. What about those human beings are born in non Muslim families? And the parents are doing idol worship. So who's to blame? How can Allah punish them? And that's a very good question that there isn't a beloved prophet masala Sallam said that every child is born in the universe with every child is born as a Muslim, irrespective of who is born in a Jewish family, or a Christian family or a Hindu family or a Muslim family. He is born as a Muslim. Muslim, as I told earlier, by definition means a person who submits to Almighty God. So every child when he's born, he submits a will to Almighty God. Later on,

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he is influenced by his elders, by his parents, by his teachers, then he may start doing idol worship, he may start doing fair worship, and he may go to the wrong path that there isn't whenever a non Muslim accepts Islam, the more appropriate word is revert. It's not convert, convert with going from one phase to another faith. revert means a person was on the right faith, went to a wrong faith and came back to the right faith. So the more appropriate word system is revert. Now coming to your question, how can Allah hold responsible a person if he's born in a non Muslim family, that is the reason if a child is born in non Muslim family, before he gains majority, if he dies, he will go

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to Jannah inshallah, why every child submits a will to Almighty God, he's a Muslim, he may have a Hindu name or a Christian name john Brahma, it doesn't make a difference. But as long as he is a child, and if he died as a child sister, that child would go to Jana irrespective whether is born in a Muslim family or non Muslim family.

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Later on, when a child grows up, and it becomes an adult, then it is his responsibility. What he does.

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That is the reason if a child commits a crime, the court is lenient. When it becomes an adult, then you cannot say that my father taught me to rob the firm robbing

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if a child grows up at the age of 22, and if the police catches him after robbing, he cannot say that my father taught me to rob the farm robbing village, let him go. If he's a child at the age of five that may say, Fine, he's a child, he has been attained maturity, but once he becomes an adult, and then if that adult tells the judge that I am robbing because my father taught me to rob he will not be excused, everyone responsible for his or her own team. Now, once a person becomes an adult, it is the duty of that adult to find the truth. It is the duty of all Muslims to convey the message to the non Muslim.

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But irrespective whether a person gets a message or not, if a human being is let free, there were two tribes, which did not come in contact with modern civilization, till as late as 1951 tribe was a couple of good tribe as a second was astir. In Aborigines, these two tribe did not come in contact with modern civilization, till as late as 1950. And many searchers went and tried to find out what was their way of life.

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It was nothing but Islam. But they didn't call themselves Muslims. They believed in one God, they believed that God had got no images, he had no idols, they trusted him and they worship God. It was everything of Islam but in name.

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So, if a child is not given any external influence, he submits his will to Almighty God and remains on that path. Now, once a person becomes an adult, it is the duty of us Muslims to convey the message of Islam, if we do not convey Allah will hold us responsible.

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He responsible but irrespective whether we do the job or not, will be held responsible. But Allah says in the Quran, and Sunnah for Silla, chapter number 41 was number 53 sunnery Maya Tina Fey lavake Buffy unfussy him Hatha Yoga by Jenna nada, that soon we shall show them over signs in the furtherest region of the horizons and into the soul, until it is clear to them that this is the truth, Allah has taken upon himself that he will directly convey this message to every human being himself.

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So if a Muslim does his job or not, whether there are good examples of bad example, Allah will directly put in the heart of every human being whether Muslim or not

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Muslim about the truth about one God. So once the message comes, that human being may follow may not follow, he may not follow thinking that if I accept Islam, I may have to give up the thing which are like me have to give up Malakal ism I may have to give up dating and dancing and, you know, whatever thing which is haram in Islam, he may not accept the message then he's responsible. Similarly, if the father teaching them something wrong to rob, it's his duty to realize that robbing is haram. It's a sin is the thing which is wrong. He cannot go and tell the judge that because my father taught, therefore I'm Robin, similarly urban Allah directly puts a message into the heart of every

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human being about the heart about the oneness of God. And the idea of worship is prohibited. Yet if the individual continues, he or she is responsible. So on the Day of Judgment, therefore, Allah says, that no non Muslim will ever object to the justice of Allah.

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Because your organs will give witness about you, your eyes, your hands, will speak about you. So on the Day of Judgment, even those people will be put in hell, they will never object to the justice of Allah subhanho wa Taala. What they will say, Please give us one more chance and Allah will say too late. There are many choices given in this world, but we live only once in this world. So on the Day of Judgment, no non Muslim, no human being, even if it's put in hell will ever object to the justice of Allah. He will only say that please forgive me and it will be too late. Whatever is there in this world? This world as Allah says in Surah mu chapter 16, verse number two is a test of the hereafter.

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Hope now the question system