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Hello James Miller manga Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen or salat wa salam ala trofimov, serene Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi. Germain, brothers and sisters in Islam and Sudan while they cannot afford a lawyer when it came to

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the past couple of weeks, we're talking about Santa Monica de Alon becoming a califa. And we discuss the issues of succession, some of the problems that were a confusion that occurred in terms of electing the new Khalifa. And as we mentioned, as we can see very clearly, from all the evidence, there's a have, I had no clue that the process of them, you know, could even pass away, this was something they didn't even consider. And that's why the shock, and the election of cinnabar collodion was very hasty. And immediately, as we said, we have to discuss some of those controversial issues. There was also the issue of FedEx, which is what what last week they needed

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sense of Fatima of Yolanda. And just to make this to to clarify this issue in further, it's a sensitive issue. It's a sensitive topic. And so today, some people raise this for no other reason than to, you know, push forward a certain agenda. But just to answer not to get too theological, to get into to, to a deep discussion. One of the hollyford has now if you know, if you do a little bit of Islamic history, after the age of the caliphs, after the Sahaba, after the age had come to an end, then we had a dynasty called the nomadic tiny kingdom. And then they were replaced with a new dynasty called the Abbasid dynasty. And that dynasty was very close with the, the those who called

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for the only way to rule you know what I mean, basically, so when the first Caliph of the Abbasid dynasty became the halifa, one of them stood up and said, Now that you're the halifa It's time that you rectify the injustice that abubaker did in denying Fatima and her descendants from having the shape of the narratives of the Muslim. Right. Do you understand what the same you another new halifa we supported you? Now you need to correct this thing that I'm working with this injustice. So the halifa, the new halifa? He says, Do you say abubaker was unjust, and he wrongfully took Fatima's inheritance. So he said yes. And then he said, Did Omar continue to screw me? I didn't give it back

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when you become a golfer. So the man said, of course, and watch man also. Yes. And what I would say nearly it became the holly for next, why did not return it to the family see the point? And then he kept quiet? You realize that this issue? Had it been that obaku stole those inheritance as some would say it's vanilla, if you studied anything about Oracle, you know, it's far from the truth. They say nalli of course, would have restored this when he became the halifa in his age, and he did not do that. So this is clearly shows that scenario, Ilan, agreed with signalbox, even though it was something upsetting for Fatima radula. And also another, you know, issue to mention here, in this

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this tension between that some highlight and the idea in reality, there is no tension between, say an ally and a worker of the island. It was a harbor as we said the United Ensign, it was very much part of of the campaign's report very much part of, of signalbox administration. You know, he was very involved in the administration, and to say that he was forced to give his oath of allegiance publicly by the sword. Now, if you know anything, I'll say no, you would never do that. He would never give his oath of allegiance, you know, out of fear out of duties. So this actually insulted him to say that abubaker took Fatima's inheritance that they took he's a likable halifa even though

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the Prophet had appointed him in fact, Allah had appointed him as califa and say now he accepted it because you're scared of the sword. If you know the man you know that behind Allah, every single inverted commas suicide mission in the in the Sierra scenario, he was the first to volunteer when the province of Southern Salaam had to leave mark on the hegira. And they were about to assassinate him. Say that. He said, let me sleep in your bed as a decoy when the Battle of buzzer came, and the very first battle first time, and they say look spew bring forward your champion. We said our champions say he's the first man and he's only a young man of 2023 every battle bother to change

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every time a champion of the enemies too straightforward. So now he's put forward first. So this man, you can't force him to tell a lie. And that's why it's very clear when he gave his oath of allegiance, which the Shia and the Sunni agree he publicly this man did it because he believes in a burqa was the legitimate Khalifa. Anyway, put that aside. So the internal fights in the house. Don't have time for this. Why? Because automatically from the news immediately the province Allah passes away in May, it's made. By June, we hear the entire

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Arabian peninsula has gone up in flames that across the board, you have widescale into that world that's people are postulating they reject Islam, different types of rejection, different types of rebellions. Now, if you were to picture I should put up a slide. If you look at the Arabian Peninsula, it looks like a like a booth basically, you know, like l going and out. The bottom you have Yemen and Oman. To the east you have Bahrain

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By Qatar,

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Kuwait beside on the western side by the Red Sea. This is a little stretch of land called the hedges, the hedges This is maka Medina Jetta. This little stretch of land is the hedges. It's very special land which Makkah and Medina falls in. But 500 kilometres long this area was in reality the only area that was still within Islam all over Arabia, which had been a difficult settlement, all of Arabia was under his control. Now, news is being reached all around, that people are rejecting Islam, they rebelling against the authority of Medina. So actually needs to be taken immediately. The Sahaba have a huge crisis on the hands. And what makes matters even worse we sit you know,

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contrary to everyone's advice, even saying, Yeah, now we are in the Avery way people are ganging up against us. Some of you might even march to Medina. This is the wrong time to seal our entire army out to the north to fight like the Romans. This is not the right time. And I'm worker Of course, we know last week he rejected everyone's opinion and he said that this was the wish of the Philippines last on the last day that he loved. He said Osama's army, I will not be the one that changes this and if none of you want to do it, I will go alone and fight this battle. I will do it myself. So Simon's army is also gone. So this is in May. And the end of May basically in Samaras army, which is

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the bulk of the Medina army this entire In fact, it says that they will no fighting camels, horses in the whole of Medina lift is all out of Medina, Medina is empty. And in the middle of June, already Muse reaches that false prophets have even emerged. So let's look at some of these people. That became what got some of the many tribes, many tribes, when simply back to Jackie Leah, they rebuilt the idols, they rejected Islam and they said, Look, we're going back to the way we used to worship in the past. So initially, they entered Islam to Islam was, of course the religion of their eyes. When Islam was successful. The problem was winning. They joined Islam because it was

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politically beneficial to them. It was fun and financially beneficial to them. So they only entered Islam for that reason, and not really embraced Islam. So they went back to Jehovah. So it's very clear to them with that, and we don't have any difference of opinion amongst the Sahaba these people are now Kufa and the fact that they've rebelled against Medina, this there are things that they should be fought, okay. The next group, which is even perhaps even more dangerous, you now had a number of false prophets, people that claim to be nice new newbies. And before that are coming up the prophet SAW Allah before Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, Arabia had not been a new the concept of a

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prophet, someone that is spoken to by Allah. This was not something that anyone claimed. But now that they show up, a prophet emerged, and he was very successful. It's a good business to be to replicate this business. So you had a number of fruits, the slicksters, let's say, we will, we are now prophets. And we mentioned some of the names. Four of them are very, very famous. One is called us what an NC NSC. And he actually was, he was in Yemen. And he used to wear something over his face all the time, like a mosque, either as an order to enough to create a hype around him or summer city was became so disfigured, almost from eating uglier and uglier as he, as he, you know, preach this

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thing. And he actually claimed Nobu, in the time of the roses was still alive in the last few days, he was still alive. This man in Yemen claimed to be an army. And he had a few followers and he killed the governor of Yemen. Now that time Yemen had embraced Islam. So he overthrew the Muslim governor. And he took the Muslim Governor's wife Forster as his own wife, and he declared himself the prophet and declared himself the ruler of Yemen. And this and so now this is a big problem in Yemen,

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as well and see, okay, so we'll deal How does he get dealt with

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in the center of Arabia, three names arise. The guy closest to whether one one false prophet, very close to Medina, his name was to lay ha, he was also a Muslim. He embraced Islam initially. And he was a well known fighter. He was a skilled fighter, and he strives to, you know, plays in quite a lot. And he believed he started to believe us praise and adoration mentioned that they were stuck in the middle of nowhere and they couldn't find water and his camel was able to find a SWAT which they dug and they found a well so he begin to feel I've got some Baraka in me. And when he when the hairdresser passed away, so he said, Now I am, I am a prophet so his name was to lay her and this

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guy was very close to Medina, human, his tribe about 100 kilometres outside of Medina, very close, very dangerous.

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Further eastwards just behind to lay her

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massive tribe, the volute I mean, this is in modern day area. This is central Arabia center of Arabia been with me. They had a prophetess authorities such as Lady Prophet, she was a Christian in

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She was very eloquent in her tribe and really put her on a pedestal. And they believed that a just like there was a male Prophet, they should be a female prophet. And they decreed that she is a prophet and some many had followed her. But the worst of them was a guy called Musa Yama also in this region, central Arabia, Musa Ilana, and he also had made the professor lamb in his lifetime cinema was educated men. He had lived Arabia as a young person studied philosophy and religions. He was something of a professor. And he was seen by his people as a very educated high, you know, a big, big guy. So when he heard that this inverted commas, unknown Qureshi man has become a prophet.

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He went to the army to go and see who is this Muhammad. And so he comes to Medina and he meets an abyssal Salam. And he says to the prophets of Salaam, I will accept you as an abbey. If you make me and I'll be with you. Tell Allah to make me an IV with you on I'll be a Muslim uncondition You make me an OB. So the problems will cease to him. Even if you were to ask me for the sticky bits of a stick. You want to be a Muslim and your condition is the stick. I won't give it to you. There is no Can you either accept Islam, we don't accept Islam. There is no you don't ask Allah for anything you embrace Islam. So this man lift, you didn't use lift, lifted, then we'll say NEMA. While the

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province of Mr. arrivee decides You know what, Muhammad won't upgrade me into a prophet upgrade myself into profit. So then he in the lifetime with Elisa Lam, said I'm Mallory. And you know I said this many times. He wrote the letter to he actually listened to the album and he said, the same one that made you unhappy has made me unhappy. And we have now we are two newbies. We need to share the world equally. You take off I take off of the world. But you Qureshi people are very greedy, you want all of it, you know what's wrong with you why you're so greedy. So the messenger of masala, right? The Messenger of the False Prophet, the guy who wrote the letter to the Nabisco Salaam, he,

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the Prophet says to him, you know, if it wasn't against the law, to execute an ambassador, just by you bringing this letter, and you know, this guy's a liar, I would have had you executed. But because of that, you can go safely. So the Prophet says, and then responds to Salah. And he says to say, Lama, that all of the world belongs to Allah, I don't own anything, you don't know anything. And he gives it to him, he once he gives it to him, he wants all these pious slaves. So within the lifetime of these two, these characters really begin to emerge. Now the problem someone passes away, can you imagine how many people would flock to these, these false identities? And it wasn't just

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that they you know, people believed them. Many of them actually knew they were liars. abubaker many years later, they would you know, Sahaba would ask some of them recite to us this Quran the Crusader ama has so tell us what is Hussein was what what revelation does he get? And in the books of history, it's still recorded. For example, He says, a diff Talmud diff Doc, like you know,

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what semiaquatic Omar aka methodic a deep dive is the frog and what is the frog and what will make you understand what the frog is like? It's it cooks and its bodies in its top is in the in the A and his bodies in the water? It's a suit of the suit of the frog, like the suit of the elephant, the suit of the frog? So I'm not gonna example when so have you heard the csudh musella? You know that I know you're a liar. We both know that you lying? And why are you making this whole facade this fakeness and something he's tried would say, we will rather follow a lie from our tribe, then a truthful profit from your tribe. It's tribalism is a tribalism, that we will rather follow our own

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men. Even though we know he's lying, even though what he's saying is garbage. So now, these this news reaches aboubaker and also have a crisis. To make matters worse, a third group emerges gemelos who became back to idol worship, those who said we are Muslims, but we have a new, a new we have new prophets. In fact, some of them still need Salah they would still have solder, but they have a new prophet now. Now a third group emerged. They said we still Muslim, but we don't want to play soccer. Soccer we stopped playing, we still make Salah we still recite the Quran. But soccer is only for the enemies who sell them and they use an ayah in the Quran where Allah says Allah says to the province

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of Manitoba, take from them the money we take from them the money is like a force they give you take it from them and make dua for them because your pay your da is a means of comfort for them to do our job by you making to offer them Allah will forgive them protect them. So now they said that is silica is only for Mohammed Salah. And he's the law is the only law that protects us you abubaker Yoda is a benefit to us, so we will keep our money for us.

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So now convenes, a war Council is sahabah remember the Army's out it's only a walk on so because the Army's ultimate husana and they deserve

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What to do? They agree obviously we need to find those who became with that and went back to idol worship, we need to find them and ask for the false prophets even worse, so we need to find them even we need to make sure we eliminate them. As for this group that is not things occur. What do we do about them? It appears that every single person besides abubaker says we can't we shouldn't fight these people, but they're still Muslim. Maybe they have confusion. Maybe they're just greedy. Maybe they're just lazy. They still identify as Muslims, but spacing the kalama and then making Salah so how can we fight them? abubaker is very clear. He says, We're gonna fight these people. We're going

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to make jihad against them also. Cinnamon says yeah, we know the Hadith The Prophet said, that I have been commanded to fight jihad.

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Until they say la ilaha illa Allah and if they say la ilaha illa then they are safe they can't there's no jihad against them except mean happier except if they do something and we have to take recommend a murder someone means like that side Nokia does this Hadeeth mean that we make jihad against everyone doesn't believe in Islam. Some people take it this is how you can say your prophet say i will i wage war the sword against anyone who doesn't say that, you know, what is understood here is that the fight not only the physical fight of fighting of jihad, we identify as Muslims and non Muslims based on the kaleena

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that once the Hadith the idea of his Hadith is the one who sees the kalama helaas he is part of the club of Islam is within the fold of Islam. If you don't say the Kadima you can't be part of Islam. So the the Sahaba attending say Knickerbocker. These people say the kalama and they make Sala they just don't play soccer. Can we really count them as outside of Islam, and abubaker. Now this is now one of the first theological questions that actually enters Islam. The first time we have a question who is a Muslim and a Muslim? Who's confident McAfee can stand this is a very serious thing that is actually occurring now and the time also Hagia someone very easy just as fight that guy. Don't fight

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that guy. They didn't ask too many questions they just followed. Now we have a theological problem. And just on a separate tangent one of the things that are working to be very short period two and a half years is halifa. Listening to an obvious the actions and steps he took. We get the benefit now if you like for Salah, you don't have to look what measure is this? Is this a which denomination? broadly, it's a measure, so long as it's not the sheer moseyed when a mid tempo machine is a machine. We don't have those many sects and groups, you know, whereas other religions you have to look at the Anglican church or Methodist Church, Catholic Church, serious theological differences,

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the action signalbox took now this is usually where religion splits where you find different forms of religion at the beginning when the founder dies, when Jesus left, that's when Christianity started to splinter. Islam was saved from that, due to this kind of action of obaku Leon and he's, he basically says to the Sahaba the Hadith says that we will not fight them if they say the kalama and so long as they adhere to the heart of it. They fulfill the obligation that you're going to say the Kadima and not do anything.

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They all agreed that if and this is a very important side note here there are Sahaba all agreed Look, if you don't make solder, then you kalama doesn't count that if you don't make solder, you can't be a Muslim. It's very interesting that they saw Sala as a as a defining thing between us and them. Is it like that? That the line between us and then belief and disbelief the hardest is the difference between Muslims and Sheldon Cooper is sola sola is at line from Antarctica in eastern Africa has left Islam. So the Sahaba said we all agree Salah is the thing that differentiates you between a Muslim man on the kalama and Salah. Why are you bringing zakka into the equation abubaker.

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Salva says

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we will fight anyone who separates between salah and zakka because how many is in the Quran? Well, Aki Masada watseka All of us know he doesn't have it. But we know that because unless we put them together in the Quran all the time, what do you akima sobre la to Sokka and established salah and paisa. So he says that whoever does not sit separates between the two of them is liable, is accountable and will fight them. Also, not every battle and I'm getting theological. Yeah, not every act of not every battle that the halifa army scenes is only full on the form of Cooper. If a group of people rebelled against the halifa politically, they start their own kingdom. But let's say in

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South Africa, we start a new kingdom here in Boca one of the South African army do

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right they will come in they will. You know we start if you start a new port you you you rebel against the political framework. You are able to

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Every country on earth will send an army to put you down because you can't oppose that authority.

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Even if we say that they were Muslims, but they were enabled. They didn't recognize the caliphate, or that they recognize the caliphate but they refuse to play soccer What if we all decide we're not going to play SOS

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and they can send letters to us well they're not seen the police eventually

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also does not come with with the police. And if you shoot that police What are they gonna do? Shoot back? This is exactly what the those people who rejected zecca obviously the abubaker encourage them or walk or inform them that is part of the deal. Okay, you have some misconceptions, but you have to pay soccer as the authority you have to pay soccer they refuse so now we will take arms against you not to play soccer This is a very serious issue so all the Sahaba says look, let's not fight this group but some things occur

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we will deal with him later we have bigger issues right now with too many enemies every we we have enemies and again one men alone since I even if they do not bring they bring one goat short man, man a very famous was over man man on a call and who is even short with one goat, I will make jihad against him.

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The guy we can't reason with this abubaker right, he this this I'm not gonna second I'm not gonna sit. I'm not gonna have a dean who is a cow is out of it. And will lie. Afterwards the Sahaba said we understood his wisdom because he allowed him to have to practice and Islam without Zakah we would have a sick now that doesn't play soccer. And whenever sick that's it. We'll say well, if soccer is optional, hygiene must be optional. And height is optional, but overall is optional hygiene. I think Amina Ramadan is optional, then Salah is optional. So he took a firm stance that there is no differences in these kind of fundamentals of Islam. This is what Islam is. And if you reject those

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things, then you're out of Islam. So now

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now the message is clear. And he was really, really harsh with a number in fact, he said to say no matter because they don't matter. Of course the right hand man trying to say normally is the one telling Okay, look, let's fight the false prophets and leave these guys for now. So he said to him, You are a tough guy in Jamelia. Are you a coward now in Islam? So the words will say no, right? So no one knew this guy is no more. I can't recall. You know, he's made up his mind. He's made up his mind. And Islam needed a man like this, whose faith was almost you say black not blind faith, but his conviction was absolute. Don't tell me about numbers. Don't tell me about strategy and

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reasoning. I have a very simple format, color law color assume even if I must go alone as you see them again. If you want me to fight this battle alone, I don't care. You either gonna fight with me I'm gonna fight alone. So now they understood this is the first decision.

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Osama's armies outside fighting in the north of Arabia almost into Palestine. And news reaches that to lay her hit the guy to the False Prophet closest to to Medina, they already arranging an army to strike Medina. They actually come in for Medina. So a buckler that gathers, scrapes together, whoever is able to fight the last batch of people amongst them is a nearly as interesting the bulk of us armies actually debate the brainwashing the family, the porcelain, makes a big portion of this and say that it is a commander in the army and say no, but Guardian is the overall leader. He himself leads this expedition. So the very first battle as we could see, after the death of Osama

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abacha, himself, is leading this army and the symbolism is very, very clear. Sonali, being general one third of Army was led by segnale. And they meet this was in a big battle was a skirmish, basically, and the Sahaba were able to repel this army, there was some back and forth because it mentions the animals they use for farm animals, they can have war animals, and those animals couldn't, you know, when they went into battle those animals that anyway, so they have to come back the next day and fight the battle again. But Alhamdulillah the Muslims have succeeded, the defense of Medina was secure. And they waited for the samurai army to finish its campaign. It was very

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successful. And we had done its job it returned now to Medina. Now, the Battle of the War of reader would begin so for the next few months, up to a year, we call this campaigns against of the vortex

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every way we see there was apostasy, false prophets. How did within one year Albuquerque harbor subdue, bring everyone back in line? How did you do this? So they had a meeting in August? I mean, look how quickly things are moving proxim passed away in May. Osama is fighting in June. And a worker is defending the Medina into in August, the campaign of the readers is beginning the strategy and say no buckle again. And swallow is known as a soft man. He's got a very ambitious plan very, you know dangerous

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Plant, he says, we're going to take on each and every one in every direction they are thrives in the north, in the middle of Arabia, east of Arabia, Yemen, Oman, we will send campaigns to all of them at the same time.

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We will not take them one by one, we're going to take them on altogether, again, a very dangerous plan. And his idea was, we're going to send small battalions to every tribe that has rebels to keep him occupied, while we have one major army and the Holodomor League, and he will go and pick them up one by one. So that's what he's doing. I'm keeping all I'm not gonna let these groups gang up together, we're gonna pin them down in the area. And then we'll see how to lead with the main bulk of the army as the commanding commander in chief, to take them off one by one to fight these false prophets. We'll see him against the false prophets. This is the campaign. So he left he left loose

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about 11 battalions 11% to into situ north of Arabia, one to two young men want to Oman went to Bahrain, to to Salama, to keep him occupied, and in hardened, what do you draw the line is going forward, as with the bulk of the army, so you understand now, the war already for about a year, this is what's going to keep the Muslims busy. This is what the Muslims are going to keep busy with. So let's talk about the end of some of these profits salad in and as well unseat the guy in Yemen, of the Hebrew proclaimed Prophet, we see he killed the governor and he forced his wife up he forced himself upon her. So she was the one she was sort of Muslim. She conspired a plot with one of the

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members of the of the generals was also a Muslim, that when masala goes to sleep, he was very paranoid, I'm going to say Lama is what very paranoid guy, obviously a man who is false prophet. He is very paranoid of being harmed, so he didn't allow weapons around him. So she said, I will smuggle weapons into the room. And you come in by certain dough, and together we will assassinate this guy, and they will be killing you. And then while they were killing this guy, he made up he was scheming obviously. And so he's tried rushes in and see what's happening to our profit. So as he said, Don't worry, he's just getting ye These are the sounds he makes when he sees the revelation from Allah,

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you know, while there was strangling him and then they killed him. And they gave that event in Yemen the first time in a month that they had event. And so these people you know, Yemen sort of got rid of Asheville NC today

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said he was a hobby, initially military commander, and he was the first person the first the first person that harlots Amina would attack because he was closest to Medina heart attack to lay her.

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Today he has about 15 16,000 men, Khalid has 6000 men, so the odds are very much in favor of to lay her before the battle.

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abubaker tried diplomatically. So remember, a lot of tribes join today.

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Some of them will have difficulty some of them were staunch followers. And through negotiations, I managed to secure about a few 1000 of them to come back to Islam through discussions and negotiations, a few 1000 of them come back to Islam. Now Holly's army is a lot stronger. And he fights against very highly defeat story. And today he flees away into Iraq. What's really interesting is to let her embrace Islam again, he becomes a Muslim again. And he's so ashamed of what he did of being a false prophet. He comes for hedge, the title Satan, a banker, but he avoid saying he hasn't seen a banker to see him. And

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so today, you have embraced Islam, we leave that message to Allah, no punishment on you, but you cannot join our army again. Even though he was a very good military commander, as we go to rehab, you cannot be part of the army too dangerous of a person say no more actually allows him to be in the army later on. And this man dies. natural effect color dye is a shade so intellect is defeated harlots army now progresses. Next on the list is this female lady properties this female property suggests and

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she, she becomes fearful. What should we do? How are we going to fight abubaker? Or, also she told me Look, I'm the only prophet so all these other false prophets around masala is also wrong. So Hussein amakusa Hussein amakusa come to come meet me. You're a prophet. I'm a prophet. Let's discuss this issue. We debate the issue. And army was actually bigger than Hussein Obama's army. So we'll say lemma says to his his followers, look, let us I have a plan of how we're going to get on our side. So he builds a pretty fancy tent. He says to her, let us meet one on one with us debaters as to profits. And so the books are history mentioned that they were together, and they discuss things

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and things became a bit out of hand, and they actually come with Xena. And in fact, they say call us we will both marry each other. So c'est la vie says, Sasha we've discussed this matter. So jack is a prophet and I'm a prophet. We are both prophets and

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Allah has commanded that the two prophets become married now so we're going to get married meaning we Joining Forces now has been dangerous for the Muslims right? This is a very bad news for us the good guys, and he says, so the suggest us you marry a prophet What? What? Are you going to give me what Muscovy Are you going to give me? The Prophet needs to get a very big female properties? It's a big dirty. So we'll say Allah gave the as we say the big the most goofer dowry in history there was a mystery. And remember what I told you, what was the dowdy

00:30:31--> 00:30:52

he sees me as the new prophet your old prophet forced you to make five solders my diary to suggest is you only need to make three fudger and shy is being cut out. We don't have to make budget any shy that's my salary to suggest to the whole Muslim Ummah, the dowry from Allah is you have to make budget Anisha very interesting. What is

00:30:53--> 00:31:33

the most difficult pray for the monastic is fudger Anisha so now so Johanna Salama have joined forces, and this army is a massive army. This is really this this group that Salva is about so EBITDA is now moving to Salah this battle that he would fight the battle of Yama against masala is really hardly vogelin becomes very well known. This is where he becomes very famous as civil law after this battle even really take his stature as the greatest commander of Islam. masala the liar he has this massive army and

00:31:34--> 00:31:47

what could cease to work and since two battalions two groups, one by the names of them in spawn la crema, the son of Abu Jamal, crema abou Johnson, he crema you with me

00:31:48--> 00:32:33

Abuja Santa Clara and basically Islam he was head of the one battalion he Karima Raja lon and on the other side was another Sahaba should have he should have been you don't find too many should have been seen this in this day and age if you've ever seen nice odd name shahabi is a nice interesting name of working since them you go and keep lucila in place but only engaging your job is just to stay in position. Wait for Holly to come wait for Holly to come. First things I don't know a lot. I'm how things happen. It reminds a bit gung ho but over ambitious, and he engages with a llama and he loses. Now psychologically, what is this tell you you the neutral person? the followers of

00:32:33--> 00:33:13

Muhammad and the followers of Hussein Obama, both claiming to be prophets are fighting each other who say llama wins, psychologically the numbers last minute because you didn't lose too many too many people. But the fact that he came a loss to Mozilla gave him this courage gave him the belief in the people allies with him. So I'm working is very upset with him. And he says to him, I just leave and join the others companions fighting in Bahrain you go and join them. He basically moves around, he tells shall have been you stay in place and wait for holiday. shahabi does the exact same mistake as the crema he also engages with a llama and he also loses so two Muslim armies are

00:33:13--> 00:33:57

defeated. Two Muslim armies are defeated. And now really, Hussein appears to be invincible. And he's his support base grows. And this is really a very critical point. This is a few months after the death of solum. And you have seen through Arabia, the biggest bulk of the Arab tribes have joined have joined was a llama. And that's why till today we know he's named Solomon false prophet of all the prophets, all the false prophets, perhaps of the minister Ghulam Ahmed, perhaps the most dangerous false prophet we had in Islam is this silence. And now harden will hardly there'll be a one off he had defeated to lay her off there defeated. Those who have stayed behind have have such

00:33:57--> 00:34:18

an army. He now faces off with new cinema and we come to the city this equaled yamamah was lm as armies at least in the range of 40,000 hertz armies about 10,010 against 14,000. But what was different between the numbers before the Muslims for numbers that were out of proportion? These guys are fighting with belief.

00:34:19--> 00:34:51

The previous people that they fought Why would they fight they fought for tribe they fought for money they fought for power, but to say that most people are fighting with each other in inverted commas false Eman, meaning they fighting to the day which was something which the Muslims the Muslims made the which distinguish the Muslims when the Muslims would fight battles. We didn't care about numbers. We fought because we fought with him and before always on our side, we say numbers army believes always on the side. Now this is really dangerous, meaning you fighting mean to the end to the bitter end you fighting these people. So Khalid rajala understands is a very serious, serious

00:34:51--> 00:34:59

issue, and he organizes his army. in a very similar way. The profit center will organize his army with a center

00:35:00--> 00:35:38

Middle laid by himself and you have two wings that has the cavalry and the cavalry will try and attack from the side. And the beginning stages are ongoing. There's a very long battle beginning stages will Salem actually wins and he succeeds in repelling the Muslim so badly that he even captures Hollins hate to call it obviously Oregon has a headquarters where he's, you know, he's basically his camp distinct with the generals would discuss. They overrun the camp, they take all his own personal positions. So this is very, very bad. And now and now the Muslims re strategize and Hardy gives a very powerful speech and he says to them, Look, this is not just any battle. This is

00:35:38--> 00:36:19

really a battle in terms of happen. But if we lose here, if we really lose here, this can be the end of Islam, we fighting that this man is claiming to be a prophet. Think of our Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam also in this in this army was a lot of roofers about 304 five and they said we want to form an elite Elite unit because this man says he has a quote other than our Quran we need this is serious you know it's not just any battle so the the zeal starts to build up a mini Sahaba little D and there are many that were even in butter some some very senior Sahaba in this battle and they speak about the the previous battles that you know the this is the first major battle after

00:36:19--> 00:36:47

Mohammed sauce on them. So now they face off again in round two. And this time, holography Alon is able to with the grace of Allah succeed and slowly push the offensive, but he realizes so long as you say that man is is on the field. As long as he's alive basically, then the people of his tribe will continue to fight. So he makes a plan that look we're gonna fight you say llama first. We're gonna try and get to him first. If I can get to him strategically.

00:36:49--> 00:37:24

Look, you're a prophet of Allah. Allah is with you. Why don't you fight me one on one. I come out just you and the fight will say to myself, no, I'm not gonna do that. I'm not I'm not stupid. I'm not gonna fight you one on one. How do you know maybe I can get to him so hard. He himself charges in but does not succeed in getting this a llama and lucila runs his group run into a garden, a fortified garden, and they protect themselves inside the army rushes inside this garden. So how they can come into the garden. They can't get in and they didn't have siege weapons or you need a catapult or something to break down a wall. So the Muslim armies outside will say that most armies

00:37:24--> 00:37:38

on the inside and they decide what are we going to do? What must we do? One man puts up his hands Bharat urban medic. Now side note, you remember nscp Malik. By now you should know guys who's unassumingly Malik. And as

00:37:39--> 00:38:17

an as the boy who was the servant of Nagisa Salaam, he's an S and he narrated many Hadith because he was a boy. When the Prophet passed away. He was 16. Now Anna's had a big brother, Bashar Al Bara. We don't know much about him, but what we know he was like a maniac when it came to battles. So now buckler sees this Khalid Bara is a great warrior but never even make him a leader in charge. Why? Because he will take that on that group with him to the death he said yeah, but he's a bit too reckless. So by law says we don't have a catapult we can't break inside throw me inside. Throw me over the wall. I will open on the inside. This is Yeah, this is like suicide. This is the way

00:38:17--> 00:38:50

inshallah, if Allah wants I'll be shaking. So they sleep over the wall and he's able to open the gate and the Muslims rush inside. And they're able to then sit until today, that area that city is called Heidecker to milk the garden of day still today. 1400 years later, the amount of battle I mean, Swan Lake you have like 20,000 of Musina, most people 10,000 harbor fighting in a small confined area. It's just you know, you know brutal killing No, nothing no one can get out. There's no way to defeat you fight to the day.

00:38:53--> 00:39:01

One guy that was in the Muslim army who had a you know who's made these job, he only came for one reason to kill masala.

00:39:02--> 00:39:05

So, Holly by the name of washy, washy,

00:39:06--> 00:39:44

washy the guy who killed Hamza in the Battle of offered that washi So, he embraced Islam of the killed Hamza. And obviously, we know the problem was very hurt by this thing, but embraced Islam and obviously Islam forgives your previous sins, but he never got rid of the guilt he always felt. I feel the prophets uncle. I was the one that caused him so much pain, and you keep that sphere that he killed Hamza, and this is the only way I can atone for this is to kill someone. Equally evil to as good as Hamza was if I can kill someone that's as bad as good as Hamza was in the opposite direction. And people will remember me not as the killer of Hamza, they will remember me as the

00:39:44--> 00:39:59

killer of of that person. So if you say llama, he's the right guy to kill. So he was in that battle with just one object. I'm going to kill him. And so it was she was able to get hit with a llama with a spear. Cinnamon wasn't quite dead yet.

00:40:00--> 00:40:02

Another Sahabi Abu Jana, again. You remember the Jana

00:40:04--> 00:40:46

bandana. Jana was the guy in banda rhodiola. And where you take off his clothes you just have a pants on and you put a red bandana like Rambo with a DVT. And he would say when the Prophet said, here's my sword who wants it? So I will just give it to me. I'll take it. And he said look at and he would scream. I'm Abu Jana. You see my red hat here. No one so you don't get confused by him. Anyone who wants me Come come for me, Abu Jana. So he he actually, you know, introduce a llama. But he also died in the battles a lot of a lot of serious big names died in that battle. But this was the end of muscle ama. And we wrote back when when Satan hardmode. He wrote back to America, we won the battle

00:40:46--> 00:41:02

the Salem is dead. When he when he lists the casualties of work, he was very upset. He was like, this was a part of the amount of life we lost fighting this, this person was irreplaceable. People have been so horrible that we weren't going to get back amongst the 500 to

00:41:03--> 00:41:22

five 500 to five died in the Battle of yamana. And it was because of that tragedy, that an emergency meeting was called by Satan Ahmed actually said, if we don't do something, we're going to lose the Quran. We will lose at that point. There was no written quran quran was memorized. We lost 500 kofod

00:41:23--> 00:41:59

the province is there for four people that if you want to learn the Quran, learn from them. One is one of them is called Salim rhodiola. And he also died in a battle Why didn't the Jebel not didn't die in the battle but one of the four major profile of the Quran died in that battle. So we had a big risk that the words of Allah would be lost. And so he called this meeting saying almost said we need to do something. Let's put the Quran in book form. Now you know, abubaker view on things, he doesn't like to change anything. Prophet need to put in a book form, I don't want to put in a book form, there's gonna be like a PDF or something. And so, but abubaker is gonna accept so inshallah

00:41:59--> 00:42:41

next week we'll talk about how the Quran was compiled. And why today, like we see, it was because of abubaker state's policies, fighting these rebels fighting these different sects, and putting the Quran in a book form as it really is two years. He kept the oma together by the grace of Allah abubaker is very, very bold, very dangerous decisions he took, kept the oma from splitting till today, we are blessed in so many nigrosine you go to China, you go to America, same Quran. In fact, even the Shia, even armies, even no matter how far out they are, they even have the same Quran as we have analog. It's because of a decision made at that time by saying about karate Alon in his

00:42:41--> 00:42:56

Council. So talk next week about how it was preserved. There was a methodology who was in charge of this process, and how are we sure how can we be sure that the Quran has not changed from the one who have mental asylum at sundown? Any questions before we conclude

00:42:59--> 00:43:07

Any questions? lots of lots of action will continue inshallah, next week cycle of fate or some law Salem Hamad. mousseline

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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh