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AI: Summary © The Muslim celebrate their Islam holiday and the Dean deity is a popular spot in Chicago. The Dean gives a sermon to her community, which is a good example of her desire to be a good ambassador to Islam. The importance of social media and hate speech is discussed, along with the use of hate speech to convey the message of Islam. The conversation also touches on the concept of Islam and its various pillars, including belief, acceptance, and submission to human beings. The segment discusses misconceptions about Islam, including the belief that only one God exists and the " race of God" being the only God, and the " race of Christ" being the only God. The segment also promotes a YouTube deen show and a free copy of the Quran.
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As Salam aleikum, which is a greetings of Peace I'm here at the Muslim community center in Chicago we have a wonderful group of people coming in to learn about Islam and Muslims we're going to help answer their questions clear up the misconceptions. Come with us and enjoy

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up oh

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you guys like that?

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Peaceful, highest beautiful. I have no doubt that it will be a successful projects in sha Allah. I've had the blessing of knowing brother Eddie since he started the deen show and he's one of the most sincere and most dedicated people to the data that I have ever met. So please do support the deen center does Zack Malachite on?

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It was great to see that you guys were like tight community and everything really like that? Would you recommend others to come? Or I wouldn't recommend that. There. There was a time when I think our

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our students will be worried about the fact they're coming. Did they be coming here and they're not now they're they're prepared. And they're looking forward to that we've learned a lot. I enjoyed it a lot. Yeah, it was fun getting to see new religion and stuff like that.

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Experiencing stuff, very enriching

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definitely changes your opinion on things instead of seeing the news every day.

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I didn't know that the the angel Gabriel was considered to be something different a Holy Spirit, so to so to speak. I just heard that he was when he gave the give the message to Muhammad. But that was all I knew about that. We learned a lot.

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I mean, a lot of things that were touched about, like the angel Gabriel and like the I didn't know a lot about that. And like the sacraments and stuff. So

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I actually had been to a mosque in Israel before. And so like, kind of experiencing like an American style was like, It's very casual. And

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I really enjoyed it a lot. Would you? Would you? Would you recommend others? Absolutely. I definitely I was telling the students at the table, they were asking about young people. And I was sharing that, look, when we were here in November, there were four or five teenage guys, the end of the row

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seemed to be sort of doing things that every group of teenage use on a youth group anyplace bang into each other. But then they get serious. And it was it was just really cool. And I started to investigate all the different religions. And I came to conclude that Islam provided me with all the evidence, and all the proof that it was indeed a way of life that I wanted to live by that it was the truth. And then there was all these different things associated with Islam, terrorism, oppression of women, and the list goes on. But then I was seeing that Islam was promoting peace, justice, mercy and love. And I was like, hold on. Am I gonna let Fox News Sean Hannity and all these

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other people speak up for the Muslims, or I'm gonna go ahead and be a good ambassador to Islam. So then we started a program called the Dean show that you guys if you have the Facebook, YouTube and go ahead and look it up, it's called the Dean shell. And we do a weekly program here on can TV 36 In Chicago, but if you subscribe, you can go ahead and see our shows weekly, and is dedicated to clearing the many misconceptions that are out there about Islam and Muslims is the first time visiting a mosque, how many were kind of nervous?

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Not too many. I had an opportunity to travel to Colorado not too long ago and I met up with the pastor and I was finished giving the what they call the sermon to talk to HIPAA, and then the cert the pastor came up to me, and he introduced himself and I asked him the same question. And he said the first time he came in, he was

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terrified, he was terrified. I said, How do you feel now I see if he says I feel at home, and he just comes to hang out.

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So I'm glad you guys are here. But what that reminded me of is the reality of the propaganda that's out there that's helping to foster fear, misunderstanding, and how much this work is important of us conveying the true message of Islam. And you guys also hopefully, going from here with a better understanding. And then when you're at the dinner table, or you at school, and then you hear somebody else, you guys will be the ambassador's, also a piece to help stop the lies and the false information. Because here you will actually learn about Muslims in Islam from the source. Now from the hate machine. Now, back in 1976, Time Magazine did an article.

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And they had conveyed the reality over a span of 150 years, from 1800 to 1950. That over 60,000 books were written against Islam, these this is before Facebook, this is for social media. So there were 60,000 anti Islam books written against Islam. So you can imagine the propagandist started way before now. So that's one book a day. So those are the books that many people are still reading to this day. Now add on top of that, add on top of that. Now what we have of social media, and how easily a lie can spread from here to China in a matter of minutes, seconds.

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How many of you have heard the word jihad?

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So how many of you know what the word jihad means?

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Holy, see, okay, that's one. Good job. Next one. Anybody else?

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Okay, so we got holy war. We got pilgrimage, we'll go one more. Anybody else?

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Want to give it a try?

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I put them on the spot.

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That's good. Okay, so imagine hearing look, now because many Muslims named their kids jihad, many, most of you guys actually how many? How many of you guys struggle? I mean, to get up in the morning?

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How many to get to school?

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What if I told you, you actually do jihad every day maybe to struggle and strive because that's what it literally means to struggle and strive against evil. One of the greatest yards now is to struggle and strive now to be a good decent morally upright human being. How's that sound?

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What I'd be lying if I said, Jesus, did you have what I sister know?

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Our sister now many, many the attack. That's awesome sisters. And let me just go on a tangent here. Anybody know what a Muslim means? What does it mean Islam and Muslim? Let's give it a try. Let's see anybody at this time? Can you raise a hand? What is Islam mean? Because I'm going to be using these words. And now I really clear because I can see a word and then you might have all these different connotations ascribed to it. So that's kind of an a picture. That's a false picture. So let's go ahead and put everything in the right context. Anybody? Islam, what's in me, what's it

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about Muslim? What does it mean?

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How important

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is how many have heard that? You've obviously heard the word Islam, right, everybody, you've heard the word Islam.

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But let's be honest, what can't we we got to be honest with each other. Okay, we're going to move forward, we got to start a relationship, right. So it's good to have a good relationship based on honesty are so I'll be honest with you. Good, good. Okay. Now,

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if we're going to start off this relationship, we'll start it off, right. And now if we have this word, Islam that's constantly in the media, what to you? Usually what comes to mind? This is an easy one. I know you're gonna get this. When you hear Islam, what comes to mind? Right next to it. What's the word? I'll give you a hint? T begins with a T.

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Ah, how about Muslim Muslim? What comes along with that usually?

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Anybody? Come on, don't be afraid now.

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Muslim, and I'll give you another one tea.

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You guys, sigh ha.

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That Muslim is one who has chosen to freely, consciously submit his or her will to the Creator of the heavens and earth. This is what a Muslim is, and Islam is to do that submission. So Islam peace acquired by submitting your will, to the will of who to do

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it Allah, and Allah equals

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the God the God, like in the Lord's prayer or Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come, thy will be done, thy will be done, we will say this is Islam to submit your will to the will of the Creator of the heavens and earth, to worship the one God and to be morally upright. This is what Islam means this is it. Isn't that a better picture?

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Okay, good. Amen.

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All right, so we got, we got those two words, Muslim one who submits to the will of God doing Islam submitting his or her will, because every day you're tempted to maybe submit your desires to submit to a human being a lot of times you got to break the first item, which is with which is within yourself.

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So, a Muslims whole life is now doing jihad, not to submit anything to the corruption, a lot of times it's out there to be a good decent human being, according to whose game plan

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God's game plan.

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So now,

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we go ahead, and we define these words. And we talk about what Islam is, so that we can understand clearly what it isn't.

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Now, usually, before we even get to the six pillars, the six articles of faith, so there's six articles of faith in Islam. And then there's five pillars. But usually, before you even get to this, now, the human being is asking, or should be asking the question like, why am I here? What's the purpose of life? Why have I been created? You get past all the new Atheism beautiful,

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documented Turi that I really, really

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call everyone to watch is called expelled. No intelligence allowed. Has anybody watched this? I believe it's by some Christians who put it together. Possibly. It's called intelligence, no intelligence allowed or expelled? No intelligence allowed. It's actually a movie that has been created to really create this awareness. Because you guys, you guys are the universities now, right? college universities, and you will see attack, because you guys come from a Christian university, right? But you will see that many of the university you have the institution's set up to push suddenly, to make fun of, you know, I just heard a story of it was a arts class, and they had the

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teacher arts teacher that was showing Mary, the mother of Jesus, and Jesus, and then they were suddenly coming in saying, you know, because they were talking about how Jesus she marry the mother of Jesus, how she had Jesus without a father, just one of the miracles. And then the professor's here laughing about how can this happen? This is ridiculous. Whoever believes this and the Aiyana. And that's puts the doubt in you or do you go to the university? And on the wall? It's written here? No, God, God does not exist. And then usually what happens is, the professor asks, How many people believe in God, and there'll be some Christians? Maybe a couple Muslims, and they'll raise their

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hands? Has anybody had this happen to them? Have you heard of this? These are true stories. And then at the beginning, the majority raise their hands. And then they begin. And then the semester ends. Have you heard about the story, sister? And then what happens at the end, they now the professor, the philosophy professor says, How many now believe in God?

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And now it's like from a classroom, maybe 90%? raise their hands. And then at the end, maybe two?

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You see? So the person who's a true seeker asking these questions, like she did, like I did, like you guys are doing. You're asking what's the purpose of life? Why am I here? You start to think Aristotle and Plato they were ones who argued by design design indicates a designer, the cosmological argument you think okay, Nothing comes from nothing for something to exist, there has to be a cause. Nothing can just come from nothing.

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Isaac Newton, he argued the fine tuning argument.

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Like a fine tune clock, he compared the galette the universe. Amazing. So when we use this group

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is the common sense. But it's kind of a shame that common sense is not always common practice. But you use the common sense, they lead you

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to the conclusion that there has to be a creator. And then we have the morality argument, and all these other things. Now, you don't get sucked into the whole atheism and all this other thing that's out there. And now you start to look for the way of life that's based on proof and evidence. And now we find out hold on God Almighty over time, he sent messengers, and this now we get into the belief system, and the six articles of faith. Have you ever seen the Passion of the Christ? Have you seen The Passion of the Christ, Mel Gibson, he wanted to go back and make it as authentic as possible. And if you can go you just type in, you know, Passion of the Christ. And you'll see they have

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subtitles, when the one part of the scene where Jesus,

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he was, he was calling on God, he was saying, Allah ha. Sounds pretty similar. So Allah doesn't. So this is not a different god. This is not many people. Another misconception is among God. So this is the name for God, the God in the Arabic language. So in Aramaic, Allahu Allah, Hebrew, Elohim, Jehovah, this is the one God. So I want to go back to the first pillar, the first pillar of Islam, submission to the will of the Creator, not the creation. And I want because sometimes we can get inundated with a lot of information. But if you guys leave with anything, I really want you to remember this. The main message of Islam was the message that came with the first man Adam. He was

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called to submit his will to the One God, and then God Almighty out of his love. He's a God, Allah who wants to guide humanity, he loves humanity, For God so loved the world, that he sent prophets and messengers, and they all came with the same message, calling humanity to have a loving peaceful relationship with the One God to submit their will, to the One God to worship the Creator, not the creation, that was the crust of the message, and to be morally upright. And if you leave with anything, I want you guys to leave with this to remember this because Islam is easy to understand. So what did you learn about it? Well, they talked about worshipping one and only one God and being

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morally upright. That's the main message of Islam. So I really want you to watch this program I did with a Christian, his name is Owen Benjamin, I have him on the deen show. If you go into my channel, the D You can go to my YouTube channel. And there's a great talk I did with a Christian. We went back and forth, back and forth. Now this guy, have you guys ever heard of Joe Rogan?

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Of course, he's probably the most watched or most listened to watch podcast. He was on the Joe Rogan show. He was a Hollywood actor, comedian. And he was really infamous for spreading hate about Islam and Muslims. But then he had an epiphany start to really look into Islam. He started to what really fascinated him was every time the Muslims say Jesus, we say peace be upon him. He was like, why am I hating on these people, they elevate Jesus Peace be upon to such a high level. And they always say peace be upon him. And then he started to really look into it. And he changed his ways. And then we were talking about because he lives on the farm over there in Washington somewhere, you got some

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goats, whatnot, and we had a great conversation. I want you guys really to watch that his name is Owen Benjamin on the D show. Now going back to the first first

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pillar of Islam. So you imagine this line. And these messages, five of the great I've mentioned there, continue with their names, no same thing, calling humanity to have a loving, peaceful relationship, to acquire that peace that we all want that contentment, that solace by doing what God wants us to do submitting our will to the Creator, not the creation, obeying Him. If we make a mistake, we turn back to the all loving, the Most Merciful. And then we try not to go back to the sin or to what displeases God, but we keep striving forward. And then another messenger comes and it keeps going on and on. And on. Until the final messenger we say, Prophet, Muhammad, peace and

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blessings be upon him. Now, it's interesting as our sister talked about the shahada, if you were living during the time of Abraham, Abraham would come with a message. Because this chain was always linked together. And this was beautiful as when the chronological order when you can piece all this together, it just makes sense. So now, more Moses would come Abraham, and you couldn't bypass them. They were the way the truth and the light so you had to accept Abraham as a messenger, and then you would make the shahada La Ilaha illa Allah there is no god but one God there's nothing worthy away.

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Ship except the one that and Abraham is his messenger. Now we move on to the other ones, Noah same thing, La ilaha illa Allah, Musa rasool Allah. There's nothing worthy of worship except the career. And Moses is the messenger, same thing during the time of Jesus. And then during the time of Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him. So that's really a really interesting, interesting thing that really kind of puts some light on things and makes things kind of less confusing. And this is something that really if you guys leave with, remember this part, this first one that's so so important, so I'll open it up now, where we shared a lot. We got about how many five minutes until

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10 minutes? Does anybody have any questions or want to just jump into one thing? Because we heard the word terrorism, you know, Islam, anybody running around machete stabbing up people should know people, innocent people, he's actually doing a jihad for Satan. Did you know that you could do a jihad for Satan? Right. So now this has become something that's so so much on the minds of people thinking that before I come into mass, what is it a bomb making factory? Are these guys are department planning this, that and the other. But this is one thing. One of the probably the biggest misconceptions that people have about Muslims and Islam is this whole terrorism thing? How many? As

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I said earlier, I mentioned how many people watch the news and her have heard something linked back to this. Yeah.

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So my question usually is, how can someone have a loving, peaceful relationship with the Creator, if they're spreading hate tear in the world doesn't make sense. You know, there's a beautiful passage in the Quran where God Almighty is saying that killing one this is the meaning killing one innocent being is as if you kill the world, saving one innocent life is as if you save the world, you know, we started off the meeting with Peace be with you.

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So Muslims are people who try to spread peace, have peace with their Creator. And when that resonates in your heart, when you have that naturally, you can give what you have you have that yet that persona, that energy. So this is something that is so important that we kind of clear these things out of our minds. And we'll have some pamphlets also, that when you guys come out, you can go ahead and pick up some of these Jesus, a messenger of God, the crime and science on what I just covered Islam, on extremism, Islam, on women, all these different topics that we have. And then also if you guys are more visual, you can go on YouTube type in the deen show. I cannot leave without

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giving you a gift if you're not yet Muslim, and you tune in and see what these Muslims are talking about. And you'd like a free copy of the Quran. Go and visit the deen will take care of the postage and everything and get it delivered to you. And if you still have some questions about Islam, call us at 1-800-662-4752 We'll see you next time until then Peace be with you. As salam aleikum, we've been told that they're out to kill us all. So I'm gonna go brothers and sisters, we went to the streets to ask Americans about Islam. Here's what they said. Do you know anything about Islam? No. Do you know anything about Islam? No. Sadly, do you know anything about Islam? Not

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really. Do you know anything about Islam?

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No, sorry. You know what Islam means? Islam? No, we've been told that they're out to kill us all. That's what you've been told that Muslims are out to kill you all.

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Well, that's it. I say on TV. Anything. I know it's in the Middle East. Well, you're gonna have four wives, brothers and sisters. As you can see, there are so many Americans who don't know about Islam. We need your help to change that help us to build the deen center, the first Mega data center in America click the donate right now may God Almighty Allah reward all of you

This is what they had to say

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