I Believe in Allah

Zakir Naik


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Now we have

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the rooster neck delivering a song, slamming song. I believe in Allah

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assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. I stand in line and pray and I pay I fashion Ramadan. Because I believe in Allah. I'm nice to my fellow man. I'm kind to my parents, my elders, I respect. Gods. I believe in Allah watching over me all things a lot I can see. I want to be sure he's happy with my deeds. He answers me in prayer. When I call he's always there. He helps me through the day. Yes, I believe in Allah. I love to your dear dad. I love my Deen Islam. I hope to go to Makkah. Because I believe in Allah. I believe I believe. I believe in Allah. I believe I believe Yes. I believe in Allah.