The Eye of the Storm

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The importance of recognizing one's need for Allah as a means of faith and staying true to oneself is emphasized. The success of Islam in saving people's lives and creating "slobs" is also highlighted. The importance of patientism and praying is also emphasized. Representatives of Islam emphasize the need for people to be patient and collected in order to achieve their potential. Representatives of Islam emphasize the importance of faith and staying true to Islam, as it has created "slobs" and caused people to become upset.

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my brothers and sisters, Allah azza wa jal is and how you let Elijah moot He is the Eternally living that never dies, while the jinn and the human beings all die, and so quickly do we die passing creatures.

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And Allah azza wa jal is alcohol you will Mateen he is the all powerful the almighty the withstanding the enduring subhanahu wa taala. While we are the impatient, the fragile, the vulnerable, the weak and have the greatest benefits of why Allah does things for us calamities and stressors in our life, alongside them, purifying us from sins alongside them, sharpening our perspectives detaching us from our cleanliness to this temporary deceiving world of the greatest benefits of calamities is for us to recall our need for Allah as we pass through this life, knowing that he remains wherever college who robic remaining is the Face of your Lord only. The glorious the

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honorable and everything else parishes, recalling the minds of Allah when we feel our powerlessness subhanho wa Taala we feel that from him, this is a litmus test for your faith and the reviver for it at the same time, the person when he is faced with calamity after calamity, if he is not turning to Allah, then this is an indication of how critically low their faith is. And if a person turns to Allah in their calamities, then this is a sign of their faith being on the right track. And as a result of that, they implore Allah for strength and find strength with Allah, they will always find enough strength with him, because they're always seeking it from the right source, as one of the

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early Muslims says Kenzi IGC will deny your *ery my treasure chest is in recognizing my inability. Because if I think I'm able, I'm not gonna seek it from Allah, and I'm going to disappoint myself, while he nya *ery. And my riches are found in the fact that I recognize my poverty. If I feel free of need, then I'm always going to be short, I'm always going to be in need, I'm always going to be at a deficit. So recognizing our deficit through the events and circumstances of life are the greatest propeller forward in life and in faith.

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And Allah azza wa jal taught us exactly what to do, to remember this paradigm, remember this framework, so we're never held out on from his support, whereby she saw Biddy and give glad tidings to the patient who are the patients who are the perseverance when calamities come our way and levena Either I saw that Tomasi button Carlo in alila, those that when a tragedy a misfortune or calamity befalls them, they say we belong to Allah, this verbal exercise, verbal acts of worship, wildly neffs you're reminding yourself, I belong to Allah, meaning he owns me, I'm his property, he has the right to do whatever he wants. We're in LA, he Raja rune, and we are to him certainly returning,

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meaning we are all going to be compensated once we get back to him. And we are all him returning meaning whatever I lost in this world, I'm actually going to lose my whole world, I'm going to lose my life at one point. So whatever I lost of many losses on the way to losing it all, this is all part of the process. You didn't just lose some money, didn't just lose a loved one, we will lose our lives one day. And so when a person reminds themselves of this, I belong to Allah and to him I am actively currently returning. That's when the help comes that recognition brings you patience, Allah makes you patient Subhana, Allah to Allah, not just so you can withstand life's trials, but so that

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you don't fumble in these trials. What's more important than this whole world, which is your faith. You know, when when Musa alayhis salam is mother, and this is a profound lesson, a profound story. She had to give up her child into a basket, and give up that basket to a river. And then Allah out of his kindness and grace, sends them unknowingly to hire this woman to breastfeed Musa alayhis salam, right, so that she can at least see her child have visitation rights to her child, they don't even know this is her child. Allah says

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in care that led to be dB you see the initial trial sometimes you can withstand, but one stressor after another what you start withering, right, the first wave of COVID peels and Hamdulillah I got it better than other people haven't lost my job yet still have savings, whatever it may be, and until now we still have not faced with other people are faced with the live hand. But after a while, more and more of us

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You see it your your your patience is thinning the frustrations with the reinstated protocol here and the sickness there and the budget constrictions here. It thins the mother of Musa not at the initial moment when the soldiers came after she's there time and time again seeing them act like they own this lady. She almost admitted it was her child Allah said in gathered led to be dB.

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Lola and Robert. Allah called behalf had we not fastened her heart. Lita akuna minal meaning so that she would be of the faithful catch this, Allah azza wa jal is saying, We made her patient, Allah makes you patient, when you seek it from him. You don't do it, he does it. And then he didn't say so she doesn't get killed or so that her child doesn't get slaughtered? No, he mentioned what's more important than that, so that she remains of the believers. And so the believer is patient, but he gets his patience from Allah. And the number one reason he needs patience from Allah is to not stop being a believer, believer. So you implore Him to save you and save your faith. Save your here and

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now but more importantly, save your hereafter what is coming the next world the true life? Once you do that help comes help comes in amazing ways.

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You know, Ibrahim alayhis salam is in the middle of a fire, but things are alright. How does that work? That's what happens when Allah's help comes.

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You know, even until today that you don't want to storm becomes even more aggressive. They call it a tropical storm, it becomes even more, you know, aggressive, they call it a hurricane at a certain you know, mileage per hour edge. Even the most vicious violent storms, there is a peace that Allah created a calm in the middle of the storm in the eye of the storm, and Wallahi and that is a sign and that is a lesson in Allah's creation for every thoughtful, perceptive believer that there is an opportunity for you to be calm and collected and contain when the world around you is in mayhem is in anarchy is in chaos, the eye of the storm is possible. Allah gives you strength, Allah gives you

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more perspective when you are with him and reacting to him. You know, when people don't believe in Allah, they get caught up reacting to all the wrong factors. You know, you're so fixed on that drunk driver that took your relative's life. You're so fixed on, you know, this genetic disorder or this virus that is not containable, or this doctor who committed this mistake, you're so fixed on that. But when you realize that behind all of this, the ultimate reality is Allah destined all things. When it's Allah, it's different. You react differently. And why am I a slob? I mean, mostly but in iLab evening, Allah, no calamity happened except by His permission. When may you mean Billa here the

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caliber, the one who believes in Allah, that's the one who Allah guides their heart, they're hit with it, then they realize it's from Allah, they recall this. And so they find this peace in the eye of the storm, if you will. And the early Muslims were so good at this, that their ability to withstand the life's consecutive blows is so inspiring. It is amazing. You wonder like, these were people. This was flesh and blood. Is this story real, but there are so many of them that it's undeniable actually, it's undeniable. So many of these incidents, when Abdullah had not best, the Allahu Anhu was writing an animal and they catch up with him and say Your brother has just died out

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of the blue. They just shocked him with that news. Your brother's dead. He got off of the horse or the camel and he prayed to rock us for Salah got attaining photography he man he extended them a little bit he's you know spent a long time anchoring himself through these two rockers and then he finished and he got back on his mount and he said filename and Marana la Hui we did what Allah instructed us to do in these situations was that you know with somebody was salah, Allah said Seek strength through exercising patience, a worship of the heart and Salah and seek strength through the prayer. That's what Ibrahim alayhi salam did when a Nimrod the king the tyrant king abducted his

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wife, he had nothing to do, but the greatest thing he could do so he resorted to prayer,

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or an unwelcome Zubayr Rahima hola then if you have a shot of the hola Juana, the son of Abdullah Zubaydah, and I went up when the gangrene was spreading in his body and they had to cut off his limb. They said Here take this sedative. The problem was that it was musket, it was intoxicant, intoxicating. And so he said, I will not seek strength

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over what Allah destined gangrene using what Allah forbid and in toxic but he's reacting to Allah right? He sees it. He said they said okay, then just

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Wait, we're gonna go find enough people to hold you down. Because once we start cutting your legs so it doesn't spread to your heart that kill you, once we start cutting, we're gonna need people to hold you down. He said, No, you don't. Allah said, Seek strength through patients in prayer. You wait till I'm in Salah.

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And then when I'm in sujood, do your deed, go ahead and cut. And so he enters salah. And this is the highly authentic chain transmitting, transmitting this incident to us the same way we're confident in a hadith, this incident has been relayed to us in this fashion with this chain of command that they begin to pray and he goes into Jude and they move in and they begin to cut and they cut and he passes out. And after he wakes up he regains consciousness, he says that hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah Oh Allah, even though you've tried me, you've spared me on so many other occasions. And even though you've taken from me, meaning this limb, you've given me so many more. You know, sometimes also when

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Allah takes from you may Allah forbid, but if he does choose it, take away a child, take away a limb, take away something, the compensation could not just be that you get something instead of it, but you get better returns on what the remains like your children are not going to be righteous until this one went through that mishap, right? He compensates you in what remains sometimes is how it happens. So he said you've left so much more, and I'm more hopeful in your generosity than anything. He said hamdulillah you've spared me and you've tried me but you've spared me more you've given me and you've taken from me but you've given me so much more. A whole Nicola has our stuff

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from La Familia.

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Al hamdu Lillahi wa Salatu was Salam ala Milena Viva Chateau a la ilaha illallah wa ala Shadi Gala, or shadow a nun Muhammad Abdullah who want to be you who also do

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so Allah azza wa jal told us letter blue one Nick Combi che immunol hope he will Jewry one after Seminole Anwar Ali with Emirati will, men and while you will unfussy with Amara to Abashiri Sabreen we will continue to try you.

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Through decreases in wealth, in food in lives, whatever it may be, and give glad tidings to the patient, those who turn to Allah for patients, the help comes and that coolness of conviction is poured onto your heart and the support and the strength of Tibet comes in proportion to the difficulty you need to know this, that you may not think you can withstand it, but along with the difficulty if it gets greater and greater, and equal dose of steadfastness comes from the believer, and that is one of the many meanings of Allah's promise in my little story. Yusra with the difficulty comes ease, meaning along with the challenge comes the support for the challenge.

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And I'll mention to you one final incident that I'll close out that of Lolita. Now the medic, one of the Romanian Khalifa is one time he saw a man elderly man from the tribe of apps. And this man was blind but he had a certain scar on his face that this is not just blind by birth, like this is an injury. There was a wound there.

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And so he said to him, like what happened to you? He said, You will not believe what happened to me. I was sleeping at night and a torrential downpour happened in our town, you Mungus flood came and took my family took my horses took my camels took everything.

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And all that remained was my newborn child.

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And Bakun shall route a newborn camel That was wild, not tamed yet. And so the camel took off. And so I picked up my infant child and I began to chase the camel. Everything depended on camels for them, their their transportation, their food, their drink, their trade, their everything. And so he says I couldn't catch up with it. So I put the baby down on the safe place and I continue running. And I hear screaming, screaming, I turned back, my child was ravaged by a wolf torn apart. So I said I'm gonna tell Alfia and so he had no choice but to chase the camel. I could not do anything but be pragmatic here. He says I began to chase the camel and I caught it. And the moment I put my hands on

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it on the rope, it turned around and kicked me with its feet right in my face. And I fell unconscious and I woke up that evening with my vision gun. And I said to myself, How could this happen? Last night, I spent the night no one had more respect than me in my tribe, nor more kids than me in my tribe, nor more camels than me normal horses. And today it is the exact opposite. And then I said Alhamdulillah

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what it was that hamdulillah worth in the eyes of Allah azza wa jal What do you expect? You see it is not that on

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common for people believers, when you know you get this huge good news or treasure or a fortune or a newborn is saying hamdulillah Thank you Allah, you're so kind you're so good, you know, but who does it when things are pulled from you upon the withdrawal? That is why the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa salaam said there was a special house built for those in paradise called Bates with him the house of praise for those that praise him upon difficulty. Allah says to the angels, have you taken away his loved one? They said, Yes. Allah says and what did he say? Even though Allah knows what you say? But he wants to make an exhibition, a display of this man's virtue? said Yeah, Allah He said and

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hamdulillah did not complain. He said Al Hamdulillah He says build for him a whole a palace right and estate I mentioned called Batesville, Hammond

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and finally and with this I close this is as the stressors of life continue one after another, what you need to look for and ask Allah for to spare you from fumbling your faith and keeping you in the storms within it safe i within it safe quarters, you know of the shortest dua is made by the Prophet SAW Salem is Allahumma. India said oh, can I fear Oh, Allah grants me I fear, I fear roughly translated as usually health give me help give me good health. But I fear actually means to be spared. Spirit of sickness is health, but it's wider than that spirit of all evil. That's why some of the early Muslims because the Sunnah is you say this every morning and it's like it's asking for

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coffee every morning. They say, Do you know what I fear is? It is to not use your health, not use your tongue in a way that would compromise your relationship with Allah to complain of him to disobey Him and otherwise. And so you ask Allah for Alfia to spare you and if he destined something on you for him to spare you of ruining your relationship with him subhanho wa Taala to spare you of being of those who dropped their faith due to the hiccups of life. May Allah azza wa jal make us of those that always assume the best of him and rely firmly and strongly upon him. And may Allah subhana wa Tada spare us in our dunya and most importantly, spare us in our deen May Allah azza wa

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jal, makers of those with the coolness of conviction, putting our hearts to rest through the calamities may we be of His servants that he celebrates in front of the angels by praising him through difficult times and not just good times. May Allah azza wa jal grant us life so long as life is good for us, put us put us to death whenever he knows that death is better for us, teach us that which will benefit us and benefit us with that which He has taught us. protect us from knowledge that doesn't benefit

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me protect us from knowledge that doesn't benefit and a heart that is not humbled and from an appetite for this world that has never satisfied and from prayers that are not accepted. Allahumma Amin Illa who made it misdemeanor when Mr. De Metz when me and me not a lot Yeah, even Omar Hammond and what was Allah Allah Allah Allah Baraka b&m Muhammad wa ala early he was happy he married