CoronaVirus How to Protect Yourself as a Muslim – Stay Away from the Source

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This mean your Walkman you're walking

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it's happened in the time of Satan Omar actually, what he was going to shante was going to the talk shammas these days like Syria and Palestine and Jordan seemed normal was going there and in the way he met

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while Badal Java

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and he said yeah I'm you're on more money. There is a plague and sham. And we learned from our Swati salto Sarah, he said two things. If the place you are going has a plague Don't go. And if the place you are living in there is a plague don't leave.

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That's prevention. Panel loss. That's why those quarantines now. That's why you see, all Italy is locked.

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It's not exaggeration. That's my son. What's locked me people will not leave, and nobody will enter. So you you don't, so you can contain it. And if I am in that place, don't say I have to leave. Don't leave. That's my son. That's what our soiree thought was. taught him.