Zakir Naik – I convey to Hindus from Upanishad and Yajurveda that God is only one and has no ldols or Images

Zakir Naik
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The next question posed by Nadia Ahmed, from Bangladesh, Sir, I am 20 years old, and clearly inspired by you in the field of Dawa when I tried to convey the message of Allah to the Hindus, using the references of yoga and cetera cetera Punisher, and you deal with that, that God is only one, he has got no idols, no images, etc, some induce contact me by saying that they believe God is one. But God has come to earth in different forms and different ways from age to age, like Shiva, Brahma, Vishnu, etc. But we worship all the forms. How can I reply to them logically, there was there was a question that when he tries to convince the Hindus, about the oneness of Allah subhanaw

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taala, regarding monotheism, they agree that God is one, but they say that God has come in different forms, like in the form of Shiva, Brahma Vishnu, how do I reply to them? What they are referring to is

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lindos believe that Almighty God has come down on the face of the earth, in the form of Alta, so what is the meaning of the word OTA? OTA is coming from Sanskrit word out and third, meaning to descend down.

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And, according to Sanskrit grammar, it means that some position of Allah descending now some

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thing possessed by God, it cannot be God Himself. So anyone who says that our time is God Himself coming down is totally wrong. It is against the rules of Sanskrit. It means Allah has sent down someone. So in the real context, what they're talking about messenger.

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That's what we believe that Allah subhana wa Taala has sent 124,000 prophets on the face of the earth,

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by name 25, our mission in the Quran, and Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, may peace be upon them all. But a beloved prophet masala Salim said that Allah subhana wa Taala has sent down 124,000 prophets on the face of the earth.

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these people Ram Krishna,

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they will profits of what maybe

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though the name is not mentioned, I cannot say rahmanir salam, but maybe their profit, but even if they were prophets of God, they were sent only for those people and that time, because all the messengers and prophets that came before the last and final messenger, Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, they were sent only for those people and for that time,

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Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him because he was the last and final messenger, he was sent for the whole of humanity. So what we have to understand that the author they're talking about is the same concept as the messengers as prophets what we Muslims believe, so we have no objection that maybe ROM was a prophet, maybe Krishna, the prophet, ma Brahma, the prophet, we have no problem, but they were prophets of God, and they were not God themselves. Because the Vedas clearly mentioned that in the ledger with chapter number two was number three, and fifth asset or Punisher chapter number four, was symmetry named that naturopathy master of that God, there is no prathima Fatima in

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Sanskrit means an image, a photograph, a painting, a sculpture, a statue, and I will so not test it but the master of that God, there is no prathima there is no painting, there is no photograph, there is no ID, there is no sculpture, there is no image.

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So we have no problem in believing that these are messengers, but surely they want to Almighty God to explain the concept of that inshallah you'd be able to get them closer to Islam.

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